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Taylor Swift: Nashville New Year's!

Taylor Swift: Nashville New Year's!

Taylor Swift strolls through the streets with a gal pal and her bodyguard while out and about on Wednesday (December 29) in Nashville, Tenn.

The 21-year-old singer stopped into Pei Wei Asian restaurant for a quiet bite to eat in the early evening.

Taylor has reason to celebrate this week. Her album Speak Now will end the year on top of the charts for yet another week at number one!

Speak Now has sold an incredible 2.9 million copies in just over two months. Congrats Taylor!

FYI: Taylor is wearing a Billy Reid scarf.

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  • Music2daSoul

    i like her boots

  • chichi

    she looks sick

  • jack

    girls looking a little rough!

  • Babi

    Why she is so sadness?
    Were’s Jake boyfriend?

  • yaz

    taylor looks sad :(

  • Sasha

    Seriously how many of us look hot without any makeup.

  • Mon

    no Jake mention? I’m kinda shocked I gotta say…

  • jillianne

    Ok where’s Jake? Aren’t lovers supposed to be together for New Years so they can kiss and all.

  • Speak Now

    I wish the paps would leave her alone in Nashville. :( Give her a break!

  • Walt

    Maybe she traded in Jake for a gal pal.

  • sea

    She does have makeup :)
    Sick? She’s just serious

  • Monique

    @Speak Now: Taylor doesn’t freak out about the paps like some stars.

  • Brianna

    I think she wants to get back with Taylor L.
    She probably misses him.

  • Jonathan

    Jake you better not have been a dick to her. I love Taylor and if you hurt her man you should have somebody kick your butt.

  • jen

    She looks really cute. <3

  • UGH!!

    I seriously hope she and Jake have not broken up. Jake was the first boyfriend that I have preferred her with. Even though I don’t live her life, I have always felt that she needed to date an older guy. Taylor Lautner is a little boy and just plain ugly. Jake is a man who would treat her right. If they broke up, I am sure Taylor did something stupid to make Jake run in the opposite direction. Taylor wants to grow her audience and pertain more to adult crowds and she isn’t going to gain the acceptance of an adult performer until she grows up and stays away from people associated with Disney and Twilight.

  • Kait

    Why does she look so sad? :(

  • emily

    her bodyguard is stylish!

  • It’s Raining!

    Taylor would look like a complete idiot if she goes from Jake Gyllenhaal (man) to Taylor Lautner (little boy). She would seriously need to have her head examined. Does she have Daddy issues or something? She dates way to many boys.

  • carrie

    she looks sad…and tired..maybe the paps are annoying her shes only human maybe shes just like us and shes having a bad day. she doesnt look cute here like she always does but shes only human none of us look our best at all times. give her a break people BE NICE

  • mommy32

    Seriously people, Jake G. is a known pothead. Taylor will not go for that. She is not is druggie like some of these girls.

  • gossipguest

    oh shut up about Jake! They are not dating thank god!
    They are friends only
    I don’t think Jake is her type anyway

  • gossipguest

    @It’s Raining!:

    taylor is a little girl. she needs lautner or nobody at all

  • Marty

    @It’s Raining!: You contradicted yourself. If she has daddy issues she is dating a lot older guys like John and Jake not the boys.

  • LOL

    @gossipguest: Yeah I don’t think Jake was ever really a bf maybe more like a pal.

  • Sarah

    @gossipguest: Jake is an awesome guy. He is known for being one of the nicest celebs in Hollywood. He loves his family and isn’t a stuck up. He would treat Taylor right. I think it is funny how people think she needs to be with the Lautner boy. Didn’t he have to bulk up for his role in twilight because he was too little. He also looks like a pig. Jake is a man and Lautner is a little boy. Taylor is trying to grow in the music business and who will take her seriously when she is dating little boys.

  • huh

    Maybe it’s her time of the month

    For real do you smile all day long and everyday?

    She looks normal to me.

    I agree with gossipguest. Jake was a pal not bf dummy

  • gossipguest


    We don’t know Jake. You are only believing what you “hear” If he is so great then what the heck is taking him so long to find the right person???

    Taylor doesn’t need a man or boy to help her grown in her career. She is doing great as she is. And jake doesn’t need a 21 yr old girl with no experience in life.

  • K.

    The paps don’t belong in Nashville.

  • MontyMarcum

    I think truth be told all these guys were more her pals and that’s ok because she really doesn’t have time for a serious relationship now anyway.

  • huh

    She should be single and have fun! Enjoy your life without a bossy dude

  • Lizzy

    Taylor needs to concentrate on her career. Jake needs to find an older person if he is really that serious about settling down. Maybe he’s just a player. Who knows…

  • Michelle

    I like her with Jake. He is gorgeous and I have actually met him. He was by far one of the nicest celebs I have ever met. I met him 2 years ago at a restaurant in LA and he couldn’t have been any nicer to a friend and I. He is a sweet guy and he reminds me a little of Taylor.

  • Michelle

    @gossipguest: I am entitled to my opinion and I like Taylor with Jake. Get over it!

  • Johnny

    Wow you people are so hostile. Never thought Taylor or Jake would bring so much of that.

  • Ditto

    @Michelle: Do you know Taylor? How do you know he’s like her?? And if that’s true maybe they are TOO much alike. You know the old saying that opposites attract?

  • Robin

    @Michelle: Oh big whoop you meet a guy once and you know all about him? What a dumb comment. We don’t know what any of these people do in their private lives. get a grip.

  • Ashley

    I kind of liked her with Taylor. They were a cute couple. I don’t like Jake G. he seems kind of to old and creepy for her. One of his eyes is way bigger and makes him look so weird.

  • gh

    @UGH!!: jakes ugly and i bet you are too

  • Crazy Delicious!!

    Jake actually said in an interview earlier this year that he liked Taylor Swift’s music. If they break up and Taylor writes a song about him, Jake would probably sing along to it. From the way he was talking in the interview he would probably feel honored. LOL!

  • UGH!

    @gh: From your message I gather you are a teeny bopper with very little education. Grow up! I am entitled to my opinion and you must be blind if you think Jake is not good looking. Have you seen his Sexiest People Magazine photo?? You obviously do not know what sexy means or what it would look like if it presented itself to you. Freak!

  • Julia

    MO is I don’t dislike Mr. Gyllenhaal but I don’t think he’s all that. He’s kind of what I’d call unique looking. Some think he’s handsome and some ugly so I think my view is kind of right on…Unique. He’s an ok actor but not really great. I guess if Taylor likes him enough to date him that’s her business I just think she’s going to be too busy is all.

  • nashvillian

    Why does she need a bodyguard? No one in Nashville bothers the country stars, including her.

  • sheba

    I hope she stays single for awhile. Girl needs to give this guy hopping a rest.

  • eatyourheartout

    Sad to see her sad/serious. I wanna see her smiling. :( I hope you have a beautiful New Years Eve, Taylor!

  • eatyourheartout

    That sadness in her eyes better not have something to do with you Jake.

  • Eli

    There is crime, etc. in Nashville like anywhere else. Or are celebs exempt from being mugged, etc. I could see having a bodyguard just for that lone let alone for over zealous fans or paparazzi. Darn. I never seem to see anyone when I am in that part of Nashville.

  • Sasha

    There’s a lot of celebs who don’t have bodyguards with them 24/7 it’s a matter of choice.
    But I can see why some would need one at all times.

  • Gloryia

    She doesn’t look sad to me maybe just a little tired. Geez does everything always have to do with some guy???

  • Bodyguard

    Her bodyguard is stylish looks like he could karate chop someone in half. I wouldn’t mine having him tag along with me.