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Avril Lavigne: 'What the Hell' Song Premiere!

Avril Lavigne: 'What the Hell' Song Premiere!

Avril Lavigne‘s new single “What the Hell,” off her upcoming album Goodbye, Lullaby, has finally debuted!

The 26-year-old singer performed the song last night (December 31) during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

“What the Hell” is co-written by Max Martin, who is the man behind such hits as Britney Spears‘ “…Baby One More Time,” Kelly Clarkson‘s “Since U Been Gone,” and Pink‘s “So What.”

Listen to the song below…

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# 1

I’m floored by how immature and tweeny this song is. It literally sounds like something Miranda Cosgrove or Miley Cyrus might release.

# 2

Avril, 3 advices, since ure 26, not 16. Either u take music seriously, either do smth else and do it good, either stop it all. It hurts to say but ure not relevant. Anymore. And when u were, it didnt last too long.

# 3

So………..basically the same old s.hit, at the age of 26 no less.

# 4

She’s amazing… No matter what they say.

# 5

It was her bosses who told her to write this kind of songs because the rest of the album wasn’t the kind of music they can use for the radio stations. This is why we had to wait so long for the album, it’s been ready for months but they told her to write a couple of more songs that could be used on radio stations. Anyway, I don’t care what some of you guys say, I like this song, it’s cool, at least she has her own style, she doesn’t need to steal anything from Madonna or David Bowie unlike someone else…

# 6

I bet that Max Martin wrote practically the whole song and they introduced Avril’s name for marketing stuff. Anyways I like Max Martin’s songs they always remind me of myself. So typical yes.

# 7

Why do you twerps think RCA shelved it for over a year? Or why she was slamming them in November? She made an album that was introspective, very acoustic and piano driven, one might even label it as indie but she’s a mainstream pop artist – those songs wouldn’t have gone far. She needs to release commercial singles to compete on the charts and remain on top. It’s not hard to figure out.
She herself said she didn’t focus on radio-friendly commercial songs before the label delayed it the first time but that’s what’s important to RCA – having that good pop hit that will make them money.
Do your homework, kids.
This song will do good things for her but the downside is it doesn’t truthfully reflect what the new album really sounds like.

# 8

@Hmm: The whole thing is a joke

# 9

Haven’t we all moved on from this Crap??I didn’t think she could do any worst than Skater Boy..Boy was I wrong.

This is a song Pink would have done when she was 8.LOL!!!

This song is complete shi t , i thought Avril was 26 not 12.
GO AWAY Avril you are done

This sng is simply AWESOMEE. Everybody here know iit, they just don’t want to admit it. AVRIL, ROCK OON ♥

Britney Spears fans are boring lol

What the hell kind of god awful song is this??????

I miss songs like ‘I’m With You’, ‘Complicate’or ‘Don’t Tell Me ‘… good times … =/

@jess: okay this doesnt just go out to you, but to everyone who makes these types of comments….she herself said that the other songs on her album were piano/acoustic driven, and had a lot of personal meaning to them, but those wouldnt fly well on the radio, so she and max had to come up with something pop/rock to put on the radio. thats why the album is taking so long. duh. why dont you people actually research something or listen to what avril has to say before u go judging like that?


Wow, you’re good… you opened my eyes.

What a bunch of whiney *******. I agree with the others, she said herself that this is the only pop song on her whole album. Besides, how old was Gwen Stefani when “Holla Back Girl” came out? Give me a break. It’s a fun radio release. Avril rocks! I can’t wait for her new album! :)

Woooow…. Not in a good way though… I really don’t know what to say. I mean the song not bad I just think it don’t fit her age

****** pop crap


Justify this. What is amazing about her?

alexandre @ 01/01/2011 at 2:03 pm

VERY VERY VERY GOOD SONG !! like Girlfriend :)

alexandre @ 01/01/2011 at 2:04 pm

all and u r a **** :) so shut up if you dont like her

y’all stfu! Avril rock! if u hate her or trying to spam why are u still comment? whats y’all problem? is a 26 years old girl singing a punk song a problem? dont be jealous! you all must be afraid of her major came back

Really? Katy Perry’s song I kissed A girl and California Girls came out and she is 26 or something, same age as Avril and had whip cream and fireworks shooting out of her boobs. You twats think that is mature? Britney Spears couldn’t sing out of a wet paper bag and if you like Ke$ha then you’re all just upset because you know What The Hell is better than any of that trashy white girls songs. Avril had so many fights with her label to release the album she wanted. Read the effing blog shee wrote on how this is the least personal song on the album, she made it to please the label and to get her cd released. God, some people are so stupid.

Very catchy song,but I also think it’s very immature for her age.


Please note what Hmm said. It’s not Avril’s fault her label won’t let her publish the music she wants to publish. Don’t hate on Avril because of the crap the music industry puts good musicians through these days.
I love Avril Lavigne, and I’m sure the album is going to be good. So calm down musician haters. Turn your anger and resentment towards the music industry and the big record labels, and make a difference that way. Bi*ching and moaning about the artists isn’t going to get anything done.

Oh come on..Avril you are so much better than this song..I didnt like it when I heard a little clip a while ago. What happened to the maturity of when your gone or alice?

She writes majority of the songs on the previous albums whats going on with this one?

This is crap – I thought that she was 26 and supposed to be a little more mature.
As for RCA forcing her to do it, I thought part of her whole schtick was that she was “different” and “independent” and “her own person”. If that’s the case, why does she let her record label force her to do sh*t like this?

Immature, pureile crap, marketed as “fun” pop music. Absolute rubbish.

you only live once. And people should live to the full. If this is how avril wants to live this way she should . i like this ………. i like everything she’s done and it never hurts to be different.


I hear this song and do not see any musical evolution its sounds like a song from miley cirus and that is not good
where is the avril form “complicated” or “im with you” this is not cachy is boring honestly I expected more from her

Não gostei. Avril para mim virou mais uma cantora pop \o/

@elisa: Read the Hmm and Anthony comments and you’ll understand the genesis of this song and why it’s Avril’s lead single.I’m pretty sure you’ll find the Avril stuff you’re looking for makes up the bulk of this album.She knows we expect more from her.Have a little faith.

You know what? I like this song. So what she’s 26? She can write her songs however she pleases. Yeah she’s not sixteen anymore- you know she can’t stay sixteen forever. Obviously if you don’t like this song- you don’t like this kind of music so just shut up and go away. Nobody’s forcing you to listen to it- you did so that’s your fault. Half the super famous celebrities out there are older than her yet you’re in love with them! Please tell me how you’re going to trash her and yet be brainwashed by them.
Avril can do whatever she wants to do cause you know what?
She’s 26.

EVERYONE comments like she’s 26 and she needs to grow up don’t really make any sense… Katy Perry is like 25 and you aren’t saying the same things about her. At age 26 i think and hope we can still have fun!

its doesnt matter if she is 16 or 26 the song SUCKS !!!
and by the way all katty perry songs are way better that this one
i liked better “Girlfriend”

This song will be a surefire big hit, no doubt about it.

i´m sad to say but this is another bad song like other today. i love her first and second albums. third album was still ok. Singles of these albums were very good but if this song is single i´m really courios how bad this album will be. i hope i´m wrong.

tequila shots @ 01/01/2011 at 8:04 pm

HAHA, Everyone needs to chill the faack out. Avril said herself: “This song is the least personal song to me off this album, it’s a fun and funny anthem. It has a broad message about personal freedom.”
So what’s with all the negativity? She told you straight up what to expect so stop acting so surprised. I think it’s a great party song, I already have it on repeat AND on my “ooh baby party” playlist. THAT’S RIGHT. This song’s better than half the other **** other artists are putting out these days, & you all know it’s gonna be a big hit, so stop hating. You know i’m right. Plus if you’re freaking out about “how her musics soo different from when she first came out” it’s this little thing called GROWING UP. That usully tends to happen *insert sarcasm & ***** face here*. Obviously she’s not gonna stick to the same music she did when she was 16, common guys be serious here. If you were real fans you’d stop judging her. Her albums NEVER disappoint, they’re always top notch material, ALWAYS. So please, save all the BS to yourselves. LOVE YOU AVRIL, soo stoked for your new album, have been waiting for too long.

AvrilBackToRock @ 01/01/2011 at 9:04 pm

Ok, can someone threw Max Martin out of my country! Is this the best they come up with 2 weeks in Sweden? Avril when you gonna write and record your own songs (if you can)?
The song is catchy as anyone else that Max Martin (Cherion) have made. If Avril wrote this song (as she didn´t) she would hang herself as bad as the lyrics is. Congrat AVRIL you now is a Britney who doesn´t get deserve respect as REAL musician.

Although im looking more forward to hearing her self-penned acoustic songs this is a really fun catchy song thats great to dance to and I love her vocals. She actually didn’t want to make these type of songs but she compromised so she could have the record she wanted (for the most part) released.

AvrilBackToRock @ 01/01/2011 at 9:13 pm

@Addie do you know what!! That Max Martin doesn´t write with the artist or record something the artist have wrote their self. He ONLY records his only stuff created in his camp. So this son have no Avril son writers credit in real, of course they gonna put name anyway on the song.

It’s not that catchy to me anyway and the ending truly sucks!!! (La, La, La, La) Any true artist can bang out a commercial hit thats true to them self this is just awful. I saw the performance on tv it was imbarasing like cringe worthy.

@Anthony: u r absolutely r8 mate!!!….. avril rocks!!!… shes d best!!!…

dig the organs.nice,nice,nice-avril.

dig the organs.nice,nice,-avril.

Stop acting so pressed when we all know you’re dancing to the song in ur bedroom. It’s damn catchy and fun. It’s not like every song on the album will be like this. LOOSEN UP PEOPLE.

i like~

avril , just be yourself!

great song :)

Yeah, i hate her songs , but I’d still eat her poo poo. ………what?

was avril's fan @ 01/02/2011 at 10:23 am

what happened to you??!
where did “fall to pieces” or “i don’t give a damn” go???
pretty shallow for someone who used to sing these songs

@was avril’s fan: You just don’t get it do you?Another ignoramus crawls out of a cave to spew it’s 2 cents worth of nonsense.

Negative comments mean one thing. You’re trying too hard. Just have fun. The song is catchy and you know it makes you feel good so just stop taking yourself too seriously. We know you aren’t listening to Arcade Fire with the blinds drawn. You’re dancing to this and hoping the video of it doesn’t end up on YouTube.

Only imature people are you, that listen to a song of an artist that you not even like… This is why the world is so unhappy, because of unhappy people like you. If you all like Katy Perry, Kesha, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, and a lot of other, you NEVER should’ve speak about Avril’s lyrics. This is only the most Pop and commercial song on her new album, Goodbye Lullaby, and this is why it’s her new single. Before saying some stupid things like that, why don’t you wait the album come out and listen to it? Think about it! Bye, bye, loosers.

Oh my gosh come on now she said that this was the only pop single from her album her lable is genius i have a ear for music and this is going straight to number 1 the lables putting out a great single like this one to get more attention and shine on her album its going to be great the song is relatable to everybody and extremely catchy so you can feed into your thoughts and think her most personal album yet is pop like this and if it was so what bottom line is that this is basically a buzz single..AVRILS BACK

@AvrilBackToRock: Avril has write or cowrite all of her songs.

It´s a really good song and way better than the childish songs by people like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Kesha or Lady Gaga.

@AvrilBackToRock: Avril co-wrote or why would she make the effort of flying out to sweden and how does working with a producer whos wrked with Britney make her like Britney? They both used the Matrix as producers but i’m sure your not going to say that Im with you is like Britney. Your clearly delusional and ignorant


let’s just have fun! can’t wait to hear her new album!

First place in which I see hate on the song! EVERYONE LOVE IT
it was what we expect, it has a great production by Max Martin and I just hope the song really smash on charts

honestly I want THIS to be the most overrated song ever!!!

AVRIL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Man people, get a life! Yea ill admit this isnt one of her best songs ever.. every artist has a few songs that fans dont like! but she said that this song was the pop song of her new album so just because one is like this dosnt mean they will all be!

While I understand the “immaturity” statements on here, I also don’t entirely think that this song came out of nowhere. Perhaps it is sincere? She broke up with her husband and apparently immediately went into party mode. Perhaps she had to grow up too fast with the responsibilities of her career and now she’s feeling a little rebellious. Immature? Probably. Entirely fabricated? Perhaps not.


I love how you’ve taken it upon yourself to label anything ‘different’ as ‘indie’. That said, when the CD comes out and is still mainstream, are you going to say that pop is now ‘indie’?

If she really had that rough of a time getting what SHE wanted produced and promoted, she should have just waited out her contract and found a company that would support her goals. If that wasn’t feasible, she has outs available to her in her artist contract with them.

Whether I like her as an artist or this song as a single doesn’t matter. The fact that she’s personally going out of her way to ‘blame’ the song on RCA shows that she hasn’t learned her way around this industry yet. If this song is really that different from the rest of the album, I’m afraid she might not have a lot longer in the business to develop the sense she currently lacks.

That being said, I wish her all the luck. I hope she stands by her work and doesn’t find other excuses down the line if it fails.

she’s ace ! if she wanna do this then she will. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE SO DO IT YOUR OWN WAY

Christina @ 01/06/2011 at 8:27 pm


Why don’t you just SHUT UP cuz you suck and Avril Rocks so LEAVE aVRIL ALONE IDIOT

what the hell? she is awesome! =]

This deserve to be #1 next week and not Britney for many reasons.

shes a little too old or this, but i guess if you dont factor that in she LOOKS the part and the song is catchy.
she knows what her market it is and she’s going after it, the fans will flock.

thats the point. shes not trying to appease her old fans because they grew older as SHE grew older. shes trying to bring in new ones this is definitely a new approach for people who started as kid singers in the industry.

i think your song is amazing love

i think your song is amazing love

I love this song and it makes me remind me of my boyfriend. :( :( :(

I love this song and it makes me remind me of my boyfriend. :( :( :(

Avril is amazing not all songs r Gr8 for use who dont agree u try singing like her or making a video and see how many ppl like yours!!! i dare you lol

دوست دارم آوریل میفهمی؟؟ I Love you AVRIL Anderstand??

my name is sheila @ 03/26/2011 at 4:49 am

avril is such a good singer i love all her songs and the one who says that she is not good is the biggest fool of this world

What the Hell is an excellent song. I’m 47 years old and I love it. Not sure why it isn’t #1. Totally refreshing.. give it time.

i love this song. it is very beautiful rocks……..

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