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Demi Moore: Bikini Boat Ride with Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore: Bikini Boat Ride with Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore shows off her toned tummy in a bikini while soaking up the sun with husband Ashton Kutcher on Friday (December 31) in St. Barts.

The 48-year-old actress relaxed and had lunch on a yacht, while Ashton, 32, smoked a cigarette.

The day before, the couple went on another boat ride in the French West Indies.

Demi‘s daughter, Rumer, meanwhile has been vacationing on exclusive Turks & Caicos island Parrot Cay with her dad Bruce Willis.

Rumer even spun records at one late-night party at the resort bar, the New York Post reports.

FYI: Demi is wearing a Missoni bikini from the Resort 2011 Mare Collection.

10+ pictures inside of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher on a yacht…

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demi moore ashton kutcher yacht 02
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Photos: Flynet
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  • Music2daSoul

    Wow i cant believe Demi Moore is 48 years old.

    She looks amazing


    Poor thing, she looks good thanks to plastic surgery but she’s soooo desperate not to lose her toy-boy it is embarrassing. One day for sure, he will consider having kids of his own and there will be no magazine to wipe her tears with a stupid article on how trendy “cougars” are.
    Honestly Demi, break-up before you become more pathetic and above all QUIT TWITTER !!! (if you still have some dignity).

  • annie

    Surgery or no surgery I hope when I am her age I look half as good as she does…

  • Wisdom

    When a woman gets old, she has to choose between her body or her face. Plump up to fill in the face, but have a fat body. Exercise and stay thin but have a wrinkly and saggy face. Or do surgery, botox and have cosmetic enhancements to get both. If you can afford it, why not. Just don’t go overboard and look like an alien.

  • Millie

    I didn’t know he smoked. Now I like him even less than I did before.

  • WOW

    @FANTOMAS: What a jealous tool. She looks amazing whatever methods she used.

    You could only dream to look that good at any age. They make one sexy couple. Maybe you should focus on your self esteem it SCREAMS LOW.


    Eh, Wisdom, that’s not always true. Genetics and healthy/unhealthy behaviors are the primary determiners of age/appearance, along with cosmetics use, etc. You have to admit, most stars have to “fix” years of self-abuse with cosmetic surgery.
    Last year I got carded for alcohol at a bar, and I was 40 then. I credit clean living, vampire-like avoidance of the sun, exercise and diet, and my mother’s genes. (-:

  • Dieter

    Nice butt on Demi’s. Totally love that there are having a smoke once in a while. Way to less responsible celebrity smokers out there !!!!



    Who are you ?
    A middle-aged woman to whom Demi Moore is an icon ?
    I didn’t want to crash your hopes and dreams.
    Maybe one day, you too will catch the eye of a young fella who could be your son. Good luck.

  • Wisdom

    Good for you. But you will start showing your age sooner or later. Your elasticity won’t hold up even with genetics on your side. Slowing the aging process by gaining weight is an easy trick. All women will have to choose sooner or later. Some sooner, some later, depending on the factors you listed above and more.

  • ace11

    both are super hot

  • Bruce


  • Abby

    Jared you do realize that report from the New York Post is wrong right? Zac’s been in NYC filming that new movie “New Years Eve.” He isn’t nor ever was in T&C.

  • WOW


  • EvitaLuisa

    Demi’s got the bangin’est body in Hollywood and in the world….next to Madonna. All the h8ters weighin’ in are the most insecure little knaves on the planet, frantically typing away at their anger, resentment, and jealousy of a gorgeous woman who puts girls 1/2 her age to shame….and always will.

    What some of ya’ don’t get is that beauty ….. just IS! Some have it, some don’t and NO amount of plastic can make a person beautiful. You either have it or ya don’t and it looks like…. you haters are feeling the need to tear down Demi for her beauty. Money canNOT buy the class and beauty she possesses.

  • oh

    Hey Evita stop clamoring about the narcissistic ways of Demi and Hollywood! We get it! We’re all supposed to envy and coo over a 48 year old woman! *rolls eyes* Keep drinking the Kool Aid. If it’s keeping you this busy, it must be working. ;)

    Nevermind her “beauty”, how many years has it been since she actually starred in a movie?

  • tomas

    she looks like a 40 something woman in a bikini so i don’t get what the big deal is, i live in on the beach in los angeles and that’s what they look like here. granted, she’s had alot of work done but it’s still nothing unusual for los angeles.

  • jojo

    Unfortunately for Demi, Ashton looks a lot younger than he is making him look more like her son than her husband….

  • Pam

    Did she forget that she has kids, 2 which are still living at home she and Ashton are always going on vacation leavening the kids at home; but I guess it would be no fun for her kids to have to babysit their mother and son husband both Demi and Ashton act younger then Scout LaRue and Tallulah Belle. Demi needs to grow up and stop acting like a preteen with her crazy twitter and photos, when Demi married Ashton those kids didn’t gain a new dad they gain two younger sibling

  • Kate

    She looks hot as hell, but that ass is unfortunate.

  • Eli

    Demi looks ok. It’s not just her age. A lot of these Hollywood women’s bodies leave much to be desired. I don’t know why they are considered great. Her butt looks funny, maybe ass implants. Jennifer Aniston’s and Halle Berry’s bodies look a lot better and they are 40-plus. Halle has had a kid.

  • Eli

    I do give Demi a little kudo because she has had 3 children, even with plastic surgery she does at least look fit.

  • Nina

    Demi looks fit and much better than other 48yr olds but she looked better when she had more meat on her bones, she looked beautiful in Indecent Proposal.

  • Tippi

    She had enough time AND money for her beauty …

  • Lucy

    I always tell my husband, if he wants me to look that good, just give me about $300,000.00 and it would be no problem! Personal trainer, personal chef, new boobs, eye job, face lift, hair extensions, etc.

  • longchamp

    hot bikini body, wow

  • LoriLori

    She looks great for her age but she should cover that saggy flat butt.
    She needs a good movie and STOP TWITTERING
    Kutcher can’t act.

  • Jokergurl

    Demi Moore has had TONS of plastic surgery through the years and I still think she’s too old for Ashton. Nothing against older women, I used to like Demi Moore when she was married to Bruce Willis now not as much. Ashton doesn’t seem mature enough for Demi anyway.

  • Muma

    Sure Demi looks great, but her looks can’t replace the baby she won’t be able to have when Ashton is finally ready to be a father.

    It’s too bad because otherwise they’re good together.

  • Vlaie

    I am naturally thin, and I HATE the fact that women insult me by thinking that I starve myself, diet or exercise to be this way..all of which I do not do!!!! Demi looks great and so many men have married and dated women 20+ years younger and no one made this big of a deal about it. Demi looks better then most 25 year olds.. so appreciate it and stop the hate. Not everyone wants children!!! I am sure she has frozen her eggs anyway.

  • Tash

    Vlaie@ Vlaie: Myself my older sister and my mother are all naturally thin and I see were your coming from but Demi dose starve herself, with her ten day master cleanse liquid diet she prepare , using a simple recipe of water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup if you don’t believe me check out her twitter she talks about using it all the time. So what might be natural for some is not that natural for her that she has to cleanse and get plastic surgery to make herself look like that.

  • France

    Why would Demi froze her eggs? That’s a lot of invasive surgery. She already has a bunch of kids with Willis and she is getting on in years. It’s not like she never had kids before. Pregnancy might also wreck her body that she spent $$$ to achieve.

  • Cora

    Note to Demi Moore regarding Picture 4: You have a nice body for a 48 year old, but please, your skin is starting to sag. NO ONE wants to see a sagging but, so for the love of God but on a cover-up.

  • Cheryl

    SMOKING is so UNATTRACTIVE regardless of how “hot” you might be – YUCK.

  • Plus size female

    Demi has no hips, thin legs, decent chest and a super flat tummy. I guess if I had her money and time I might look as good. I do think she must be rather insecure about her figure to have so much work done. Her body is nice but I still think her face is kinda witchy, pointed chin, nose and long dark (black) hair. It’s time for Demi to get a new look already! Maybe a new hair style. Just sayin’…..

  • birdiegirl

    She looks disgusting!! Like an old lady trying too hard to look young again. Old and haggered!!! Run Ashton, run!!

  • hami