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Kim Kardashian: New Year's Eve at Tao!

Kim Kardashian: New Year's Eve at Tao!

Kim Kardashian hosts a New Year’s Eve bash at Tao Nightclub at The Venetian hotel on Friday (December 31) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The day before, the 30-year-old reality starlet sported cornrow braids while leaving the gym.

It turns out that the hairdo was for her upcoming music video featuring Kanye West. Kim tweeted a screencap of the video, saying “rockin’ my Bo Derek braids!”

Check out the screencaps from Kim‘s video inside…

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kim kardashian new years tao 01
kim kardashian new years tao 02
kim kardashian new years tao 03
kim kardashian new years tao 04
kim kardashian new years tao 05
kim kardashian new years tao 06
kim kardashian new years tao 07
kim kardashian new years tao 08

Credit: Denise Truscello; Photos: WireImage, Twitter
Posted to: Kim Kardashian

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    I don’t like that dress. It’s way too revealing. I don’t like those Louboutin’s with the dress, either. There is just something off about them with this particular dress. Her hair and eye lashes look great. Too much foundation, though.

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