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Robert Pattison: New Year's Eve with Kristen Stewart!

Robert Pattison: New Year's Eve with Kristen Stewart!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart pose with a fan on Friday (December 31) on the Isle of Wight, England.

Hattie Bury posted the pic on her Facebook page after spotting the couple with some pals.

“My friend went up and spoke to Kristen who seemed shocked,” she wrote. “Probably because they seem to have grabbed no attention what-so-ever so a couple of overly grinning fans wasn’t the first wish she had for New Year.”

Last year, the Twilight stars also rang in the New Year on the island, which is off the south coast of England and about 80 miles from Rob‘s family home in London.

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117 Responses to “Robert Pattison: New Year's Eve with Kristen Stewart!”

  1. 1
    Jasmine Says:

    2 years in a row same place. Thats cute!

  2. 2
    laurie n Says:

    aww, i really like them.

  3. 3
    NatPortmanFan Says:

    Lucky fan and nice of them to pose for a pic

    I think they are quite cute together

  4. 4
    Jubee Says:

    Kristen is pathetic! Could she not smile once for a picture? WTF???

  5. 5
    Selena Says:

    I love when celebs stop for fan photos and awesome that they did it while on private holiday. LOL at their matching smirks

  6. 6
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    They cute and good ^_^

  7. 7
    joj Says:


    because Rob was smiling ,right?….oh i can totally see his teeth.

  8. 8
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Ugh! Couldn’t she smile – why did she agree to the picture if she wasn’t going to smile.

  9. 9
    Anne Says:

    They ugly

  10. 10
    Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!! Says:

    Haa ha Cute

  11. 11
    Rab Says:

    Robert looking fugly

  12. 12
    Jubee Says:

    @joj: he still looks more friendly then her. but im not a huge fan of either.

  13. 13
    Linda Says:


  14. 14
    Katy Says:

    Hondsome robert

  15. 15
    Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!! Says:

    She‏’‏s smiling always and her mouth closed

  16. 16
    Just call me cute Says:

    Kristen like a reall man

  17. 17
    megan Says:

    I LOVE THEM!!!!!

  18. 18
    Wierad Says:

    @Just call me cute: i agree

  19. 19
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    They really wonderfull

  20. 20
    Robert Says:

    Lol kristen not like man just like normaly girl

  21. 21
    Gtuhu Says:

    They are so cute

  22. 22
    Zzz Says:

    Cute robert

  23. 23
    emma Says:

    They’re both smiling and they’re both adorable. I don’t think there is anyone is hollywood I love more than these two. They are so devoted to each other and I’m guessing this is now a “family” tradition. I hope they had a wonderful time and a happy new year. Young love!

  24. 24
    Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!! Says:

    She’s sweet

  25. 25
    bells Says:

    just a lovely couple! ♥

  26. 26
    emma Says:

    Also, Robert looks gorgeous!

  27. 27
    mj Says:

    Wow jelous *****…don’t you think this pic is a little intrusive that she might been a little hesitant bec this fan will post the pic and she don’t want every1 know that she is spending her NYE w/ her bf…So grow up *****..:

  28. 28
    Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!! Says:

    Agree she like normally girl

  29. 29
    Lol Says:

    Kristen Eye wierd lolll

  30. 30
    Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!! Says:

    i think mouth

  31. 31
    Rob Says:

    @bells: they not couple

  32. 32
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    She’s oky

  33. 33
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    Cute smile

  34. 34
    bee Says:

    Love them!

  35. 35
    tash Says:

    They’re hot together. Who cares if they don’t smile. It’s new Years, they’re probs tired, a fan asks for a photo, they have one with her and people give them hell cause they don’t smile? Please….

  36. 36
    Taylor Says:

    @Robert: are you young boy? You don’t know to distinguish between good people or bad

  37. 37
    Taylor Says:

    Say All people good looking

  38. 38
    Grace Says:

    OMG They are so cute! A wonderfull couple! How can they still deny??

  39. 39
    Lizz Says:

    so happy to see them! they make a great couple! they fit each other so well!
    and give me a break those who say oh she doesn;t smile! ( i don’t think rob is smiling either) anyway it’s an obligation to smile in a picture? you have to be like a robot and smile everywhere and everytime? come onnn,they did a picture with a fan..that’s something!

    and for those who say kristen never smiles hahahah let me say this! search videos and photos and you’ll see that!!!! she cares about her fans! you can[‘t smile in every picture,that doesn’t mean you don;t smile never!! like i said search before u speak!!

    love them!! ohh and grace,it’r obviously they’re a couple! from everythin that has appeared this year and the last year and so on…they just don’t wanna go and say hey we’re a couple! that’s not them! ..instead they like to show this:D

    looove them !

  40. 40
    Katy Says:

    Awww Yes also ather celeb like Brad pitt is so cute

  41. 41
    jamie Says:

    They are so sweet together. Glad they were able to get away with little to no fan interruption. They must really like the Isle for it’s privacy.

  42. 42
    Megan Says:

    for all of those who are saying about them not smiling, atleast they flipping stopped for some photos with the fans! They didnt have too because they were on a private vacation together and i think the fans were happy even if they smiled or not! for god shake they got to meet them and speak to them. I mean how lucky are they i would love to meet the some day!

  43. 43
    Lizz Says:

    exactly megan!

  44. 44
    kate Says:

    That was so nice of them to let her take a pic. He is so handsome and she is so naturally pretty, they make a cute couple.

  45. 45
    annie Says:

    I’m waiting for Rob to find a real girl… not this annoying thing….

  46. 46
    Evie Says:

    i really love pie

  47. 47
    XYZ Says:

    His “romance” with KRISTEN is nothing but a publicity stunt. When the deal/contract expires, the “lovers” break up. See the example of ZAC EFRON&VANESSA HUDGENS for instance. Or TOM CRUISE and his women, lol, when he has always been into men and the whole Hollyweird knows that.

  48. 48
    bea Says:

    @annie: ROb is a big boy and if he’s with Kristen it’s because he loves her. He doesn’t his fans to tell him who he should date or not. Good for them, they make a very beautiful couple. It’s very funny how they have the same look and same smirk in the pic.

  49. 49
    danielle Says:

    they’re the most beautiful Hollywood couple. So cute and refreshing.

  50. 50
    vangie Says:

    Firstly, Happy new year people! why just for once, the people who say mean, things about kristen, cannot stop, she is not a man, may be a bit tomboyish! AND the comments about rob is ugly,that’s your opinion, to me and another millions no, all of us cannot be wrong, not forgetting, the photographer,TRY MAKING BETTER COMMENTS, that’s one of the reasons, we do not get, these two photos, the bad comments.

  51. 51
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    They good

  52. 52
    hey Says:

    They seem so in love. They wanted to celebrate NYE together and they did it. God bless them. Unlike Hollywoodweird celebrities they just want to be a normal couple.

  53. 53
    Katie Says:

    Lovely couple and I hope they’re having a wonderful time together.

  54. 54
    showmance Says:

    Boring fakers.

  55. 55
    sharon Says:

    I don’t know how they do it….pose for pictures with intruding strangers. It’s New Years Eve, you’d think people could leave them alone for one night. I don’t blame them if they aren’t smiling. Seriously, would you be excited to have your pic taken with a stranger while all you are doing is trying to have a nice holiday with your man? They’re too nice, I would have told the lady to go take a flying leap! I’m sure Kristen was shocked that a stranger would even ask, but then again, if they don’t pose with her, she’d have taken a more intrusive picture while they weren’t looking, at least this way when she posts it on facebook they can at least control the shot. Poor kids. If they break up we know it’s the fans and paps that caused it with their ever intrusive behavior. Maybe after Breaking Dawn 2 is out, the histeria will die down and they can have a life. Hang in there kids!

  56. 56
    ronny Says:

    Wowwww she’s soo cute!!!

  57. 57
    Danielle Says:

    Seriously….they can’t look any better???? Come on… least look clean….geeeeez!

  58. 58
    KD Says:


    Why not criticize Rob for no smile? I believe what is good for one person applies to the others. My guess as to why neither are smiling is they are two very intelligent people and knew that this photo would hit the web, as it did. They don’t want their private lives public. Pretty simple to see why no smile.

  59. 59
    just sayin' Says:

    There’s always something PR’ish about these two. Breaking Dawn and news around it is not stirring up that frantic Twi frenzy like the past two films…and so the studios drum up getting them spotted and their pic pops up? It’s a new year and their handlers need to create buzz around them for that BD film…

  60. 60
    rosana Says:

    we should leave them alone,they were on private holiday,finally having some time for each other,not for fans
    i just don’t feel good about this

  61. 61
    katy Says:

    I’m waiting for Kristen to find a real guy… not this annoying thing

  62. 62
    NiNi_♥PattzStew♥ Says:

    ♥ Robsten are cute togheter!!! ♥

  63. 63
    Amgie Says:

    Rob looks soooo Gorgeus

  64. 64
    linda nadel Says:

    She does not deserve the fame she has. She is a miserable pathetic girl. Can never smile or even answer a normal question in an interview!

  65. 65
    happyforthesetwo Says:

    until you are in the same situation, you all haters should shut up!!!
    shame on you, you are rude, jealous…find something else to do

  66. 66
    CLINIQUA Says:

    just sayin’ @ 01/01/2011 at 11:17 am 0

    There’s always something PR’ish about these two. Breaking Dawn and news around it is not stirring up that frantic Twi frenzy like the past two films…and so the studios drum up getting them spotted and their pic pops up? It’s a new year and their handlers need to create buzz around them for that BD film…
    The stupidity of you old jealous cows, never ceases to amaze me. These kids AVOID papz, have almost never even been caught together in blatant PDA like Zanessa, and yet people claim it’s all a Summit stunt? If it was a stunt, we wouldn’t have to go 6 months in between PDA, we’d see them in full HD digital close-up shots frolicking on a beach ala Megan Fox & BAG, or Hudgens and Efron, or Speidi. They’d be at Sunset Tower or The Ivy, smootching up a storm. The pic of Kristen at Rob’s house at Christmas from last year, just popped up last week. Why wouldn’t they have advertised their holiday together last year – everyone knows they were together, and yet we have a fuzzy pic long distance from a fan, and a pic w/ a little kid fan..the other photo doesn’t release until a YEAR after it was taken. They are the least famewh*rish couple around – if their relationship is for PR, they sure are doing it badly.
    The FACT is, there re vicious jealous bitter cows out there, who even though they’d stand a better chance of eventually hooking up with Charles Manson before Rob Pattinson, they somehow believe the hurtful comments they make, will make a difference to these two deeply in love, committed people.
    Odd, that. But jealousy is a strange beast.

  67. 67
    Amalie Says:

    I missed them.

  68. 68
    Lizz Says:

    @linda nadel: LOOOOLLL!! why??? because she’s not a fame wanna be?? like alll the others that will do anything for 15 mintes of fame!!! and because she thinks before answerinq something? trying do give her best answer ..and actually THINK..not give a clichee answer!
    She is the most natural person i’ve ever seen! she’ s a liitle bit what??? i loveee her for the way she is and the way she thinks! she’s so down do earth !

  69. 69
    Elle Says:

    If I was them I would tell all these ugly, pain in the ass fans to F’off!!!!!

    Give these two some f’ing room to live their lives, one or two days, undisturbed!!!!

    Geez, they can not even celebrate the New Year holiday in peace!

  70. 70
    good example of a couple Says:

    glad to see these two can go on a private vacation and celebrate new years and christmas together without the paps! glad to see it is a real relationship and not some PR stunt are they arn’t they

    there is only two people in hollywood that have been pulling that stunt since 2009 an arn’t they are they relationship, for there new film straw dogs and have the paps follow them every where they go!!! from USA to Sweden superman return’s actress KATE BOSWORTH and trueblood ALEXANDER SKARSGARD as a supposed couple they never even spent christmas together or new years together these two IDIOTS need to take a cue from robert and kristen on how to be a couple! and stay private

    well done! robert and kristen

  71. 71
    l.a. Says:

    TOLD THE LADY TO TAKE A FLYING LEAP?? Who do you think you are? They were in a PUBLIC place for all to see..NOBODY was bothering them, I was there the whole time and saw the whole thing, picture taking over and done in a couple of mins, no fuss, except for those like yourself making stupid remarks.They are open to this sort of thing you stupid person, the moment they put themselves into a PUBLIC PLACE. They are NOT gods, and are equal to everyone else.

  72. 72
    just sayin' Says:

    There’s nothing to be jealous of by noting these two together smells of PR for Breaking Dawn. It’s time for the media machine to get to working and it do its buildup of Rob and Kristen sightings up until their movie opens. If you really want to believe they are a love-up couple who coincidentally had their pic taken by a random fan…go ahead. But I think they along with their handlers know it’s time to start feeding the fans snippets of them which will escalate as their movie approaches.

    These hollywood romances are fake..and you only have to read the endless famous hookups and breakups. there’s alot of money invested in crazy fans believing these two, who play Bella and Edward are a couple.

  73. 73
    yaas Says:

    wow that’s probably the ONLY couple out there who is not PR. wake up, the fandom don’t need that, and these two talented and lovely persons are not that kind of people, they are not superficial like some others
    and if you’re stupid enough to read those mags who said they brake up and get together again, well i understand why you say so stupid thing..
    i really don’t think it has something to do with edward and bella,it maybe started with that, because the saga brought us those two amazing persons but the majority of their real fans are more smart and mature than that..

  74. 74
    rOOOO Says:

    Oh these two looked so cute, not deliberately posing for fan pics, not dressed in fancy or glitter, just two normal people doing the ritual celebration! adorable and rare for famous celebrities these days!

  75. 75
    Tia Says:

    She does not deserve the fame she has because she is miserable? Maybe Kristen knows that fame is only good for promoting her films? Publicity is only good when she has a film to publicize? She is the image of Twilight and she gets flack for it all the time, while the producers of Twilight are the ones making billions off the films and they are anonymous people. Don’t get stalked, get harassed, lose privacy, judged, gossiped out.

  76. 76
    Kitty Says:

    I love Rob and Kristen_ together or apart. If they were PR then they would be dressed up and in Vegas, NYC or LA. Breaking Dawn I will not be out until Nov 2011. This is way too early for PR.

  77. 77
    taylor Says:

    Anne ugly. Anne stupid. I’m imitating your limited speech patterns. Get a brain transplant or an education.

  78. 78
    ugly Says:

    Without makeup Kristen looks plain old ugly. This is the most BORING couple in all of hollywood but people still keep covering them because of those stupid twitards. Can’t wait until this goes away. So annoying.

  79. 79
    anonymous Says:

    PR is right. They hang out alot, because they’re good friends and it also is good for the franchise. But they look like they’d throw up on eachother if they kissed. He likes boys anyway. He’s got his boyfriend with him constantly. That’s how he’s able to get away with it. Having Kristen around all the time he can keep his boy toy with him. So obvious! You people are easily deceived.

  80. 80
    radical Says:

    @Just call me cute: Kristen Stewart is a petite girl. She is like a little doll. Actresses with their silicon boobs hanging out aren’t feminine. Kristen is a cute, normal girl. Since you called Kristen a man, I will call you a fugly, stupid loser.

  81. 81
    Pretty Says:

    They are boring because they don’t want to make their relationship a show? Because it might just be real and they want to keep it private? Two high profile celebs in a major motion picture franchise who don’t want anymore intruders. Judging how compatible they are, who is dating up, who is prettier, how long they will last or whatever.

  82. 82
    Kristen Says:

    Kristen is a naturally beautiful girl, no doubt. But, it’s weird about some beautiful girls… that try do downplay their beauty, seemingly on purpose. I mean, she doesn’t have to be like Vanessa Hudgens or Paris Hilton who always seem ready for the paparazzi… but Kristen should be proud of her beauty and accentuate it. Also, she she seems to counteract her beauty with a rebellious spirit in her “tough talk” and smoking all the time. I don’t know… I think she will be like Angelina Jolie and blossom into a beautiful woman.

  83. 83
    Kitty Says:

    @linda nadel: I don’t think Kristen wants fame. It’s unfortunate that she lost her privacy because she is not a famewhore. We have enough of them already if that’s what floats your boat. Kristen has been working since the age of 8. She worked, took risks, and now has lost her privacy. I think she deserves her success. I admire her greatly.

  84. 84
    Kitty Says:

    I think Rob and Kristen are one of the most popular couples in the world. I think they are interesting as a couple. He is so idolized by women that it is appealing how he has remained faithful to Kristen. She is such a hard worker and brave girl to endure the relentless scrutiny, intrusions, and criticisms as a result of being with such a popular guy.

  85. 85
    Shy Says:

    Nothing says : “We are not fake dating. We want privacy ” like posing together for a picture with fan. When you know that it will be online in 5 seconds :)

  86. 86
    Stan Says:

    The fan might not share it with the public. Lots of fans don’t want to have their pictures plastered all over the media and dissected. Pap pictures will show up, guaranteed, that’s what they are for, but fans might just want a memento with their favorite celeb. And denying one fan for the actions of a small contingent is mean.

  87. 87
    lisa Says:

    They’re both very funny looking without all that make-up on. And they’re nothing special. Five years time, won’t be hearing anything about them.

  88. 88
    Vernon Says:

    Not all pretty girls are girly and like to wear dresses, put on makeup, interested in getting their hair done, have people wait on them, go shopping at Barney’s, like ponies and barbie dolls. Kristen grew up with lots of older brothers which can turn a girl into a tomboy (Shiloh JP?). She would be ostracize if she paraded around them in pink dresses and unicorns. She tried to fit in by acting like one of the boys. And it’s okay.

  89. 89
    Kristen Says:

    @Vernon: Nobody wants her to dress like that.

  90. 90
    Janie Says:

    Why would either have to smile that big when they are being intruded upon and by the time on that pic when I saw it originaly I think it was 2:30 am or something in the morning. Should they do cartwheels at that time of morning when being bugged. They did just fine. The person that took it said how nice Rob was. I just think Kristen is much more shy and does not like the intrustion – big deal.

  91. 91
    Sarah Says:

    And some of you can tell how she is dressed from this one dark little picture? She was very young when they first started showing her in the media after the first Twilight? She dresses up much more then she did before and who cares if she does? It amazes me that people think they can see so much from this picture. They have on coats because it is cold!!!

  92. 92
    laura Says:

    @KD: necause the girl whi took the pic said he was sweet&relaced while Kristen wasn’t

  93. 93
    bex312 Says:

    isle of wight AGAIN?

  94. 94
    emmy Says:

    God he’s hot.

  95. 95
    jane Says:

    lmao at people trying so hard to find reasons to dislike this couple. First of all, Rob was with his previous girlfriend for 3 years and that was before he was famous, so people wanting to believe he’s gay are just in total denial.
    And if you honestly think that the way PR works is to just hope that a fan releases ONE pic online, then you have NO CLUE. These two have worked from the beginning at avoiding all attention on their relationship.

  96. 96
    rncrnp Says:

    the fan should not have posted the pic and should have waited until the holiday is over. she has no sense of privacy.

  97. 97
    Dee Says:

    @rncrnp: Get over it! They posed didn’t they? They could have said no. Anyways they’re both incredibly lucky that people actually WANT to take pictures with them. 2 awful, awful actors! One is worse than the other that’s for sure I’ll let you guys guess which one. It’s a no brainer really

  98. 98
    CBA Says:

    It is tough to write an article or make a blog post when there is only one picture of a close up face. More media attention when the paparazzi are called in.

  99. 99
    Real drama Says:

    Trying to alienate the press is one thing, but alienate the fans? It’s either one or the other, not both.
    It’s better to take one picture with the fans and hope they won’t sell it to the press than do paparazzi photo shoots, which reaches a wider audience and would be more in line with a PR relationship.

  100. 100
    Essi Says:

    Just knew this was coming to hide the fact that they did not spend the Christmas holiday together.

  101. 101
    Fake-Pr-couple Says:

    To keep young twi-teens interested int the movie.

  102. 102
    dina Says:

    poor kids, they just don’t leave them alone, that fan girl was very rude to bother them, they were on their VACATION, not working..not promoting anything, they should had just refused and walked away.

  103. 103
    dina Says:

    @Dee: no please tell us your critical opinion since you seem to be responding to their pic, but yet not a fan

  104. 104
    Disney Says:

    Why in the world would Kristen fly all the way to the UK to hang out with Rob and his friends on New Years Eve in hope that one singular fan will take their pic and upload it on the internet? Sounds like a lot of work for a PR relationship. Why not hang out in LA and get papped there? Or in London at a night club like Mahiki? Why the Isle of Wight and why so quiet?

  105. 105
    CLINIQUA Says:

    just sayin’ @ 01/01/2011 at 1:44 pm 0
    There’s nothing to be jealous of by noting these two together smells of PR for Breaking Dawn. It’s time for the media machine to get to working and it do its buildup of Rob and Kristen sightings up until their movie opens. If you really want to believe they are a love-up couple who coincidentally had their pic taken by a random fan…go ahead. But I think they along with their handlers know it’s time to start feeding the fans snippets of them which will escalate as their movie approaches.
    These hollywood romances are fake..and you only have to read the endless famous hookups and breakups. there’s alot of money invested in crazy fans believing these two, who play Bella and Edward are a couple.
    You need a therapist honey. Rob is taken. Kristen is better than you in every way. Face facts, get a life and stop beating up on barely out of their teens girls. Go feed your 20 cats, lady.

    Lastly, Rob and Kris’s contracts are signed, and fcking each other and being constantly together, and living together, and buying homes together, and spending birthdays in Budapest together, and criss crossing the country by car to be together, and hanging out on each other’s sets and getting to know each other’s co-stars who speak of you sweetly because they know you are each other’s SO, and going to friends and families weddings together, and spending the holidays together in successive years all loved up in pics, and smootching in airports, on tarmacs, and under street lamps, are NOT a requirement, they will get paid anyway.
    Now, because you are here in this thread – I know, that you know, that I know — that you know every single detail, and every single movement of these two people — so you KNOW they live in each other’s pockets, and still, STILL your toxic brain forces you to spew nonsense and slur their relationship out of sheer bitter black jealousy.
    YOU and sick twahts like you, are the reason they have security.

  106. 106
    LJ Says:

    Wow right after Christmas back to work doing fake couple doing pr possing. I see why Kristen is so upset looking.

  107. 107
    colin daniel kassulke Says:

    no comment.

  108. 108
    CLINIQUA Says:

    you freaks screaming fake, and pr, remind me of the squawking jealous hens who think brad is going back to jen, and that he and angie are faking it. is it really hard to imagine two people with such hot chemistry and attraction wanting to be together in real life. I mean, I can understand going to the hugh hefner thread and yelling fake – but actually being bizarre enough to state that someone would have to ‘fake’ anything with Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart? I mean, the whole reason why you losers are losing your gahdam’d minds is because he’s hot as hell (and vice versa, so’s kris) yet kristen is ‘faking’ it. hahahahaha. we get it, you’re mad because you’re lonely, jealous and bitter cat ladies. now please leave this couple alone. that is all.

  109. 109
    Sanne Says:

    this picture is FALSE, you idiots xo

    this is the original –>

  110. 110
    Rachel Says:

    Well why don’t lead by example and go away first?

    Oookay, so they went through all the trouble to have a “fan” take their picture and post it online to prove that they were together for New Years because they care so much what you think about them supposedly spending Christmas apart? Even if they were apart for Christmas, what does that prove? They each have families of their own.

  111. 111
    Lola Says:


    Actually that picture is manipulated. The original had the sh*t talking fan in the middle of them but people were so pissed because of all the rude things she said about Kristen after she was nice enough to pose for a picture with her that people wanted her rude ass cut from the picture.

  112. 112
    l.a. Says:


    SANNE… very very very sad fool and everyone who believes you have the original photo…my jaw and ribs hurt with laughter, sad person.

  113. 113
    Taylor N. Says:

    They are always really nice to their anyways.Kristen is amazing

  114. 114
    KrisRobAngel Says:

    Rob and Kristen are such a perfect couple !! Love them so much. They are so sweet.

  115. 115
    KrisRobAngel Says:

    Rob and Kristen are such a perfect couple !! Love them so much. ^v ^They are so sweet. Can’t wait to see the finale of the Twiight Saga.

  116. 116
    evelin egalo Says:

    HEY ROBERT I: BEEN 2.8.1993 20 , help , have ian sommhald save my sicur now me help , yes , knoww about 1,80m , dark brown hair schordery , like 20- 30 old anst mean 34-70 jyeahr pleas help me

  117. 117
    evelin egalo Says:

    ian somerhald , yes tha my love he van not me bremerhaven gremany life evelin ossowski

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