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Robert Pattison: New Year's Eve with Kristen Stewart!

Robert Pattison: New Year's Eve with Kristen Stewart!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart pose with a fan on Friday (December 31) on the Isle of Wight, England.

Hattie Bury posted the pic on her Facebook page after spotting the couple with some pals.

“My friend went up and spoke to Kristen who seemed shocked,” she wrote. “Probably because they seem to have grabbed no attention what-so-ever so a couple of overly grinning fans wasn’t the first wish she had for New Year.”

Last year, the Twilight stars also rang in the New Year on the island, which is off the south coast of England and about 80 miles from Rob‘s family home in London.

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  • Fake-Pr-couple

    To keep young twi-teens interested int the movie.

  • dina

    poor kids, they just don’t leave them alone, that fan girl was very rude to bother them, they were on their VACATION, not working..not promoting anything, they should had just refused and walked away.

  • dina

    @Dee: no please tell us your critical opinion since you seem to be responding to their pic, but yet not a fan

  • Disney

    Why in the world would Kristen fly all the way to the UK to hang out with Rob and his friends on New Years Eve in hope that one singular fan will take their pic and upload it on the internet? Sounds like a lot of work for a PR relationship. Why not hang out in LA and get papped there? Or in London at a night club like Mahiki? Why the Isle of Wight and why so quiet?


    just sayin’ @ 01/01/2011 at 1:44 pm 0
    There’s nothing to be jealous of by noting these two together smells of PR for Breaking Dawn. It’s time for the media machine to get to working and it do its buildup of Rob and Kristen sightings up until their movie opens. If you really want to believe they are a love-up couple who coincidentally had their pic taken by a random fan…go ahead. But I think they along with their handlers know it’s time to start feeding the fans snippets of them which will escalate as their movie approaches.
    These hollywood romances are fake..and you only have to read the endless famous hookups and breakups. there’s alot of money invested in crazy fans believing these two, who play Bella and Edward are a couple.
    You need a therapist honey. Rob is taken. Kristen is better than you in every way. Face facts, get a life and stop beating up on barely out of their teens girls. Go feed your 20 cats, lady.

    Lastly, Rob and Kris’s contracts are signed, and fcking each other and being constantly together, and living together, and buying homes together, and spending birthdays in Budapest together, and criss crossing the country by car to be together, and hanging out on each other’s sets and getting to know each other’s co-stars who speak of you sweetly because they know you are each other’s SO, and going to friends and families weddings together, and spending the holidays together in successive years all loved up in pics, and smootching in airports, on tarmacs, and under street lamps, are NOT a requirement, they will get paid anyway.
    Now, because you are here in this thread – I know, that you know, that I know — that you know every single detail, and every single movement of these two people — so you KNOW they live in each other’s pockets, and still, STILL your toxic brain forces you to spew nonsense and slur their relationship out of sheer bitter black jealousy.
    YOU and sick twahts like you, are the reason they have security.

  • LJ

    Wow right after Christmas back to work doing fake couple doing pr possing. I see why Kristen is so upset looking.

  • http://justjared colin daniel kassulke

    no comment.


    you freaks screaming fake, and pr, remind me of the squawking jealous hens who think brad is going back to jen, and that he and angie are faking it. is it really hard to imagine two people with such hot chemistry and attraction wanting to be together in real life. I mean, I can understand going to the hugh hefner thread and yelling fake – but actually being bizarre enough to state that someone would have to ‘fake’ anything with Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart? I mean, the whole reason why you losers are losing your gahdam’d minds is because he’s hot as hell (and vice versa, so’s kris) yet kristen is ‘faking’ it. hahahahaha. we get it, you’re mad because you’re lonely, jealous and bitter cat ladies. now please leave this couple alone. that is all.

  • Sanne

    this picture is FALSE, you idiots xo

    this is the original –>

  • Rachel

    Well why don’t lead by example and go away first?

    Oookay, so they went through all the trouble to have a “fan” take their picture and post it online to prove that they were together for New Years because they care so much what you think about them supposedly spending Christmas apart? Even if they were apart for Christmas, what does that prove? They each have families of their own.

  • Lola


    Actually that picture is manipulated. The original had the sh*t talking fan in the middle of them but people were so pissed because of all the rude things she said about Kristen after she was nice enough to pose for a picture with her that people wanted her rude ass cut from the picture.

  • l.a.


    SANNE… very very very sad fool and everyone who believes you have the original photo…my jaw and ribs hurt with laughter, sad person.

  • Taylor N.

    They are always really nice to their anyways.Kristen is amazing

  • KrisRobAngel

    Rob and Kristen are such a perfect couple !! Love them so much. They are so sweet.

  • KrisRobAngel

    Rob and Kristen are such a perfect couple !! Love them so much. ^v ^They are so sweet. Can’t wait to see the finale of the Twiight Saga.

  • evelin egalo

    HEY ROBERT I: BEEN 2.8.1993 20 , help , have ian sommhald save my sicur now me help , yes , knoww about 1,80m , dark brown hair schordery , like 20- 30 old anst mean 34-70 jyeahr pleas help me

  • evelin egalo

    ian somerhald , yes tha my love he van not me bremerhaven gremany life evelin ossowski