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Willow Smith Whips Her Hair on New Year's Eve!

Willow Smith Whips Her Hair on New Year's Eve!

Willow Smith performs her hit song “Whip My Hair” during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest on Friday (December 31) from a stage in Burbank, Calif.

The 10-year-old pop sensation flew into her performance on a giant boombox and showed off a a new hair do that she whipped back and forth!

Other performers during the show included Ke$ha and Avril Lavigne, who premiered her new song “What the Hell.”

Willow Smith Performs on New Year’s Eve

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • http://AOL Pat

    So sad. This is not a normal childhood for a 10 year old. Just my opinion.

  • Jared, pleeeeeeeze

    Put her on JJ Jr., not this site.

  • blah

    GO AWAY… be a child :)

  • the real Sandra

    i guess only little kids think this doesnt look as/sinine. them and her parents.

  • JoJo

    Why does this girl make me uncomfortable. She is 10….TEN!!! She is singing about partying and hanging with her girlies, come on!!!! Something here is gross. She would never be a ‘star’ if not for her Dad. Why would they allow her childhood to be taken away from her. Can’t stand it. Poor kid!

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Go go go away

  • pippa

    The exploitation of this child is abominable. The performance was so pre canned with heavy use of autotune and recorded vocals and beats, I couldn’t even tell if she was singing live, I think not.

    Jayzee has signed her to his label and is looking to pimp out another youngster just like Rihanna, whom he has destroyed.


  • annie

    gosh she’s still a child… almost creepy seeing her on stage…

  • Anastacia

    she is really good and talented.
    she also said in interviews that this is what she wants to do etc.
    BUT I agree that she is way too young to have that much spotlight on her and don’t having the time to be and do things she should as a 10 year-old girl.

  • mark

    the kid is talented, but come on… wait a few years to hit the stage.

  • Annie

    This is simply horrible exploitation of this child. Plus the lyrics and video for “Whip my Hair” are full of unwholesome messages that this kid is far too young to understand (Willow wears the sign for female sexuality on her back in the video. This symbol has no other meaning in pop culture and I hardly think it’s coincidence). Disgusting.

  • remember da truth

    The song is one step above a Barney song anyway….. How many times in a row can you say “I whip my hair back and forth”. The first time I heard it I couldn’t believe any producer would allow a hook to be repeated that many times in a row. It’s annoying beyond belief.

    Must be little kids buying her record. Put her on JJ Jr. In five years she’ll be in rehab. No wait, she’s a Scientologist, so she doesn’t believe in drugs, so she won’t get help for her eventual problems — just so-called parents denying they exist and saying “we let her do what she wants.”

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!


  • fred

    bloody hell enough already!

    I saw her on youtube a few months ago and I believe it was 106 & Park or something who gave her an “award” and she couldn’t even read 1 sentence properly.

    I think back to a few years ago to Will talking about how much an impact his grandmother had on him and how she called him out for cursing just 1 time and how much he cared about her opinion.

    The thing is;I understand Will and Jada are okay with Willow “singing” and all but if your daughter is 10 and doesn’t read properly there is something WRONG with you the parents!

    Her education should be given 1st priority not “singing” . I feel like they are shoving her down my throat and I don’t like it one bit.

    The “song” makes no sense to me as far as the lyrics and I don’t find it original but full disclosure I don’t like either hip hop or rap so that time of “music” drives me bananas!

    I know she is not cursing but I just think she’s way too young to be in the business.At least be on Disney

  • jack

    JJ this is the crap YOU NEED TO STOP. We ALL know Will Smith must be paying YOU big bucks to push his “employee”

  • no joke


  • kristin

    this is creepy all-around. (and obviously lip-synched)

  • magdalene.

    It’s both sad & pathetic to see a 10-year old girl with oiled legs..

  • XYZ

    Her parents sold themseves completely to the hellish industry, so obviously they need to pimp their kids. And they do. Successfully. And idiots pay money to see their movies and buy their “music”. They thrive on our ignorance. They have a huge promotional machine behind them. Imagine what happened if many of us would stop buying the crap sold to us as “music”, “movies”, “entertainment”… They are brainewashing us more and more. These kids are exploited to the bone. Dont blame them, they are innocent just like any other child. They are the victims of their greedy and stupid parents. The same goes for MILEY CYRUS and her brother and sister, the FANNING sisters and so on…

  • williams

    why don’t we have a problem with a 10 year old child actor but we have one with a child singer, she got talent let her be.

  • missy

    Now hollyweird is making freaks out of 10 year olds.

  • the honest truth

    wow i hope you all know how DUMB you sound hating on a 10 year old! let this girl shine! the song is about having fun and not letting people bring you down (which all of you are trying to do). what disgusts me is that you are all probably adults who are talking bad about someone else’s child. and to the person who said she messed up reading a sentence, it was ONE word. stop exaggerating and get a life!

  • Jinx

    You people are disgusting, look at these comments. Who calls a ten year a loser? and ugly?? woww how sad, just because she’s making more money in a week than you LOSERS make in a month that doesn’t mean you have to tear her down. She’s ten jesus and to be honest she was WAAAYYYY better than that talentless crack head Kesha. Go Willow keep your head up sweetieeee!!!

  • Jinx

    Agree 100% #22 I can’t believe these jealous hateful morons.

  • Cassandra Sanchez

    Why do white people hate this little girl so much. She’s so alive and full of joy have a heart people, dios mio!

  • preciousjewel09

    I agree completely with the last two post . They are just haters plain and simple .

  • Anthony

    Very hot, I only expect big things from Willow for 2011

  • amber

    Go Willow!

  • Jokergurl

    I will admit something about this is off, I know she might be having fun but she acts like she’s on tour or something, too young.

  • missy

    what is off jokergurl is that she is 10 years old and a freak, that’s what is “off”

  • Jikes!

    Watch out her fans will put a hit on yall lol, I love her dad though. Agree stop with the nasty comments already most of you are pathetic. And Anthony just so you know she’s 10 the word “hot” shouldn’t be in your sentence okay??? precious child she is adorable. You’re a cute little angel Willow, ignore the hate.

  • kathy

    @JoJo: quit hating, drew barrymore been acting since 2, and she come from fame! its called carrying on a legacy retard!

  • Linda

    You know it is really a shame that so many people are coming, as they’ve pointed out, at a 10 year old girl. What 10 year old do you know of would not jump at the oppurtunity to have a hit song or make a video? Like my husband says, come at the 10 year olds parents, not the little girl and besides, the song is fun and I really beleive that everyone is looking at this a little too hard. In todays world it is wonderful to have a song out that is nothing but fun ’cause most songs aren’t. And as someone commented, about her being black, I wonder if that is more the factor for most peoples comments than anything else.

  • Linda

    You know you really should look into your inner self and see why you hate this family so much. Could it be your a little racist, or maybe totally racist and hate the fact that these black americans have more money now than you’ll ever see in you whole life? Your kids kids will probably never see the amount of money they have. Be happy in your own life and if you aren’t, than like I said you need to look inside yourself and change whatever it is you don’t like so maybe then you’ll stop dogging people out.

  • Anya

    Ugly little girl with useless parents who have nothing better to do than force their little troll on the rest of us.

  • nilla

    I’m really glad none of you are her parents cause you are hating on a 10 year old girl who was born into the world of Hollywood. What did you think was going to happen? Suri Cruise will probably start modeling soon! and she’s 5?

  • http://dnica Mann

    @fred: Come on you are such a liar I am tired of you people repeating this lie. I saw that interview on 106 & park and she stumble on one word she said congratulate instead of congratulates, she was just nevous and for a people who pretend to not like her or know much about her you guy just happen to see every interview and every performance she ever done then gather all the negative to post a hate filled comment on a blog Pathetic!!!

  • http://dnica Mann

    @Mann: (nervous)

  • Pam

    Kathy Drew Barrymore was also drinking and doing drugs by Willow’s age and her mother was a alcoholic and neglectful parent who allowed her young daughter go to parties with adult that would give a child alcohol and it took Drew years to get her life back together, so much for carrying on a legacy.

  • Angelic

    @missy: Missy ; Thats a dumb ass comment.You know nothing about that kid,its dumb ass “RACIST” haters like you and no joke, jack, fred, JoJo, blah, remember da truth, Annie and Pippa, that will never be anything in life but trailer trash!!

  • Judy26

    Angelic you may not agree with their comments but they never said anything racist and how do you know they’re not black? I’m black and I know a lot of other black people who don’t like Willow and feel the same was as joke, jack, fred, JoJo.

  • nitag

    For all the negative comments on here= (It’s good to know you are all followers of little Willow Smith.) You felt her song so much that it moved you to comment. I say, thanks because it lets me know that even haters are paying attention to you being blessed. So to all the haters, Hate on :).

  • Loren

    Its mostly racist whites that hates this kid people like Anya and the rest. They hate to see blacks with money. Saying she’s ugly and only famous because of her father. They never say anything about Miley Cyrus ( a future whore in the making obviously) If it wasn’t for Billy Ray Cyrus she wouldn’t be as famous as she is right now fact. So why only attack the Smith Family? If my parents were in the entertaining industry and have all that access I would want to be in the industry as well, its fair.

  • Jessica

    Loren where have you been they say that about Miley Cyrus and more all the time so you’re theory is out the window and if black people don’t like Miley Cyrus then I guess there racist too? People like you are so quick to pull the racist card and you have no clue to what races these people your commenting about are and a lot of black people don’t like Willow just like a lot of white people don’t like Miley. This is coming from a black person who doesn’t like Willow or Miley and just because I’m black dose not mean I have to like/support Willow or any other black person if I don’t like them and the only racist comment I see here is from Angelic calling people trailer trash.

  • Sara

    she should be home in bed!!!! annoying voice!!

  • Louise

    People for christ sake shes only 10 years old let her be how would u like it iff people started making comment about you and also shes just living her dream and if you dont like her then why are u listeing to her if u have a nasty comment just keep it to yourself but i admit she is a little young but shes just living her dream so if you dont like her then go watch someother popstar or sumthink

  • http://dnica Looky

    Jessica why hate on any child thats what I don’t get is your life so bad it brings you joy to bring down a 10 year old. I’m not a fan of Miley but you know what she’s just a kid and I’m a grown up… I do like Willow though I just hope they don’t over work her. After this little Tour she’s about to take with Justin Bieber in europe and after her album drops this year they should have her give this rock star thing a rest for few years maybe till she’s 15 and do a little acting in between ( I thought she was great in I am Legend) because she will have plenty of time to be a rock star but she is maybe too young for that life style now its a little much for a little girl.

  • nitag

    @Jessica: Jessica; I call it like I see it. Racisim comes in all forms and all colors, Open your eyes and see it for what it is Racism and Racism is all in these comments. Racism is Trash!! So is the people that use it , know matter what the COLOR!!

  • nitag

    @Jessica: Jessica; I call it like I see it. Racisim comes in all forms and all colors, Open your eyes and see it for what it is Racism and Racism is all in these comments. Racism is Trash!! So is the people that use it , know matter what the COLOR!!

  • Jessica

    nitag@ nitag: You see what you want to see I don’t know what world your living in put I’m glad I’m not in it and my eyes are open yours are the once that are clouded and not liking Willow, her parents or any child celebrity does not make you a racist.

    Looky@ Looky: did you read my comment because I said I’m not a fan of ether Willow’s or I’m Miley nor did I “brings bring down a 10 year old” in my comment.