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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Donate $2 Million to Wildlife Sanctuary

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Donate $2 Million to Wildlife Sanctuary

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have generously donated $2 million to the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia.

The couple and their children spent Christmas at the sanctuary, which is located in the country that Shiloh was born in four years ago.

“We want [Shiloh] to grow up with an understanding of her country of birth,” Angelina said.

The sanctuary is home to mostly orphaned and injured animals that are not ready to be released back into the wild.

While staying at the sanctuary, the Jolie-Pitt kids were able to watch a wild dog be healed and a leopard get released back into the wild.

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Credit: PNP; Photos: WENN
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  • noplace

    That is sooooooooooooooo nice! You go wonderful family! only the best to you in yeas to come.

  • QQQQ


  • pathetic

    can’t stay out of limelight for a minute

  • ?

    Did Ang heal the wild dog with her amazing satanic powers?

  • lili

    way to go brangelina!!!!!!!!! they are so generous!!!!!!

  • noplace

    They really care about the planet!

  • Damage Control

    I’d feel guilty and donate too if I had stolen $20 million for a lame film.

  • mary

    pathetic @ 01/02/2011 at 6:51 pm

    what is the matter troll? jealous of the life that angelina has that you will never have.

  • cee

    The Tourist surpassed $100 mill with the Europe numbers and is still growing. I think they saw what we JP fans saw. A funny, beautiful, fun movie. See what having positive karma can do for you. God Bless the JP’s

  • lola

    God bless Angie and Brad and their beautiful family. As always, so generous. Screw the haters, Ange!!Keep doin’ your thang girl!

  • Lara

    Well done Brad and Angie. Very worthwhile donation to such a great cause, and in Shi’s birth country.

  • fran

    Do these two fame hos do anything quietly?

  • teri

    Again what a very giving couple. LOVE THEM AND NOBODY ELSE IN HW COME CLOSE.

  • Elizabeth

    God Bless the JP fans.

  • justabitch

    I hear Brad Pitt’s hair plugs cost over 100,000, so that is a generous donation indeed. God bless the Jolie Pitts.

  • bdj

    BP and AJ are good people making a difference through their foundation, MIR, and their other various charitable contributions that are not reported via the organization. Both BP and AJ walk the talk.

  • teri

    You idiotic rejects of jen aniston are just as pathetic as she is. Selfish and just so damn childish.


    Great !
    Now if only Dumb Water Girl could do the same and give 2 millions to her hens so that they can get extra education in order to think thoughts properly, it would be fine…


    This family rocks – those children are very lucky to have such incredible role models as parents. They will be every bit as giving and compassionate as Mom and Dad.
    Now…on to some hilarity! Bringing over from the last thread:
    I wonder if Maniston has seen the trailer for ‘Just Stay Away From It,’ lol – if so, she HAS to be steaming!! Adam Sandler and Brooklyn Decker are the main focus, while Maniston is only shown looking like a total frump, and then looking like her Switch character, or her Sh*t Happens character, or her Booty Hunter character – basically, like Rachel Green or she’s looked for the last 20 years, peroxide dirty blonde, tanned to the color of beef jerky, and fug, uttering a word or two, in a very quick shot.
    While Decker has a sexy slow-mo shot walking out of the surf and
    several others. Sandler is CLEARLY keeping Aniston at a minimum in this flick.
    Smart move. lol
    No surprise, Nicole Kidman desperate for her Oscar nod for Rabbit Hole, has told Sandler to keep her out of the sh*tty trailer altogether. I’m sure she’s regretting it big time.

  • Dakota

    How can anyone not agree that this couple is the most generous in Hollywood. As a fan, I feel very lucky to be able to follow news about them and watch their movies!! Thank You, Angelina and Brad!!!

  • Lily

    How wonderful and generous. Screw people. Keep giving to animal causes.

  • Hermione

    Every f***ing time they give 50c away they have to shout it loud! There´s a lot of celebs that gives without telling or bragging. They´re just pr-junkies!

  • Agatha

    Angie & Brad are good people

  • teri

    This is a great donation were Shiloh was born, I just wonder if this little girl had a say and if she’ll be part of the Wildlife Sanctuary?

  • joe

    fran @
    Do you ask the same lame question of Oprah, george Clooney and Ellen ? They also announce everything they donate.
    The intention is to bring attention to causes that we otherwise wouldn’t hear about.

  • believe

    The JPs have donated their time and money generously to ‘people’ causes, Lily. Get with it before you post stuff like that. This family is amazing.

  • orionsbelt

    @Damage Control.

    If that were the case then Anistun would be penniless

  • desesperate


  • justabitch

    God bless the Jolie-Pitts. It worth repeating. Also god bless hair plugs. We wouldn’t want the peeps at the wildlife santuary to mistake Brad as a bald eagle or anything, now would we?

  • busted


    Leo give 1 million to save some animal thing it was posted on this site. Wait let me go find it so I can read your comment regarding that donation..

    I mean you would never be screaming at one celeb and not another. Right

  • nobody can relate

    They could either turn it over to the goverment in taxes or give it away, write it off, and gain positive PR. Generous I guess.

  • From Paris with Love

    WoW !

  • danielle


    Their announcements are probably in hope that others will donate to the cause too. I did. I went to the sanctuary’s website and donated $50. It is much like the Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi Kenya. It provides jobs for people in an area where jobs are scare. The sanctuary also helps keep the balance of predator/prey by doing a treat and release. It provides a needed service in an area where there isn’t much hope. Although Namibia is one of the more prosperous African countries, the jobs are scarce and poverty is rampant. How people like you can criticize is beyond me. They gave a lot to sustain an organization that provides jobs, care for abandoned/shot/hurt animals, and helps keep Namibia green and a place that tourists will come to.
    If there is any shame in this–it is people like you who are so petty and mean that they can’t rejoice in something so good.

  • desesperate

    cliniqua ,que estupida eres :
    esto es una pagina del pig ,no???es para habllar de el ,digo
    de eso que has escrito ahi te dire que si es cierto algo del vomito que has soltado seria porque cuando cierta SEÑORA asoma por la pantalla les roba el plano al resto..y o me extrañaria que el sex-appeal de esta SEÑORA empequeñezca el de otras,que por otro lado se llevan muy bien…
    y te sigo recordando que aqui se habla de los brangelinos…
    te recuerdo el flop de el turista

  • Dawn


    I see you are still obsessed with Jennifer as ever. Jen and Brad have over for six years this weeks. . MOVE ON, ALREADY.

  • justabitch


    Yeah what she said.

  • OMG


  • Viv

    2 Million buys a lot of delish Monkey Chow.

  • Dawn


    How do you know they are Jennifer Aniston fans? There are plenty of people on the Internet who can’t stand either Jennifer or Angelina. And the fact that some Angelina and Brad fans make every post about Brad and Angelina a Jennifer hate fest reflect badly on those trolls. Look at CLIN’s post. She couldn’t stop at commending the family. She had to get in her obsessive hatred for Jennifer.

    Like I said before. It’s been six years. People need to move the hell on already. It’s ridiculous.

  • justabitch

    I hear Angie is going to adopt one of the bonobos. God bless the Jolie-Pitts.

  • OMG

    cliniqua wellcome to team SEÑORA ,i can´t to mention this name here because this woman don´t deserve that put her name in this rotten place …


    # Hermione
    Could you please tell your idole jen to stop telling the world that she will give 1 million to Haiti and help ‘those people’ ‘s economy in Mexico while sleeping at joe Francis mansion ?.
    Oh and, tell her that in Haiti, we are still waiting for HER well publiczed through her own mouth 1 million dollar donation more than a year after the earthquake and her huminatarian public claim to do so.

  • Jones

    For those complaining that Brad and Angie announced their donation – THIS IS STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE FOR LARGE FINANCIAL GIFTS as it helps to build awareness of the need and inspires others into action. These size gifts are RARELY made in private. As someone who worked for a Foundation for 7 years, this is the way it is done people. Chill the fvck out.

  • maria from texas

    cliniqua you are so so so so estupid
    i prefer that you talk about the flop of year,please ,the tourist.

  • aj

    More information about international results :
    “•Sony Pictures Releasing International reportd that the romatic mystery The Tourist added $18.6m from 1,435 screens for $65m. It opened top in Spain on $4.8m from 436 and added $2.4m in Australia from 271 for $5.7m after two. A further $2.3m in Italy from 271 boosted the tally there to a fine $10.8m after three, while Germany generated $1.7m from 650 in the third weekend for $7.3m. The UK has produced $7.6m after four and France $5.9m after three. ”

  • maria from texas


  • funny

    justabitch #40….haaa


    TT = 120 millions worldwide so far and still counting + 3 GG
    Flop of the year : Reece Whitherspoon flick (25 millions) and Maniston tasleless career who is now obliged to face Brooklyn Decker and Heidi Montag as co stars in cheap rom coms as she lost her A list star anymore and is downgraded to C list..

  • Manny

    Saw The Tourist last week. Reminded me of those great old movies with Cary Grant. Angelina was breathlessly beautiful.
    Another decent thing done by this kind family. Once again, showing us how we should all be. Well done Brangelina.

  • MN,,JGLID ´´´´