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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner: Hawaiian Holiday!

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner: Hawaiian Holiday!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner enjoy the New Year with their daughters Violet and Seraphina while vacationing in Hawaii on Saturday (January 1).

The happy couple played in the sand with the girls and took them for a dip in the water.

Earlier in the day, Jennifer took a surfing lesson and was all smiles when she finished.

Last week, the 38-year-old actress gave Violet a piggyback ride while treating her to a frozen dessert at Menchies.

10+ pictures inside of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner vacationing in Hawaii…

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ben affleck jennifer garner hawaiian holiday 02
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ben affleck jennifer garner hawaiian holiday 04
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  • frazzle

    he always looks so happy to be with his family……

  • justabitch

    Of all the Hollywood couples, these two seem to give their kids the most normal, non Hollywood life possible. You don’t see them pimping their kids out or pushing them in the limelight, they keep their life private. Good parents.

  • Pattycake

    I’d say these two do NOT want their flesh to be seen. Funny that, being actors who show a lot more on the big screen. But as a result of their relunctance they look like hovering ghouls.

  • Eli

    wow Ben does not look happy.
    Matter of fact, the last time Ben looked happy was in the presence of Blake Lively


    in the crazy entertainment business with too much money and too much time on your hands to get in trouble, you make a choice; crazy or balanced. ben chose balanced. she’s fabulous!

  • mary

    please ben, shave off the beard.

  • nicole

    Wow, a celebrity couple that did not feel they need to go to St. Barts or Cabo to be seen!

    Also, one that does not flaunt their bodies. Amazing!

    They seem so wonderfully down to earth.

    I didn’t believe such people existed in Hollywood.

  • Jime

    how do you expect him to be happy? papz are taking picture of their vacation?!!!!! I’ll be pissed too

  • Ash

    You’d think he would be used to the paps by now. lol

  • icky

    Sorry, I don’t agree. I see these kids online as much if not more than any other family. They are usually at the park or walking down the street, and Hawaii is hardly a private place for celebrities to vacation. They don’t look happy about the cameras, but they definitely do not have a private life for these children. I’m not disparaging them, just stating facts. I see them on every entertainment website. We have truly watched the older girl grow up online.

  • dense

    If you want privacy as a celebrity you gotta pay for it, do as the Jolie-Pitts do, go somewhere remote and have your fun and by the time the media catches wind of your location, you have already left

  • icky

    My last comment was meant as a reply to @justabitch.

  • Lena

    Leave Ben alone! Ben’s not working, he’s going to be home while Jen works he said during an interview he will be mr. Mom and taking care of the homefront so he doesn’t need to shave and look pretty for the camera. They got away with being on vacation for a week (Dec 25-Dec 31) without the papz finding them – they had just a little bit of privacy and I don’t blame them for not being happy to see it go. Maybe one day Ben will hit a pap for taking pics of his girls without his permission! Go Ben!

  • Rene

    @icky So because they happen to be famous, they shouldn’t be able to partake of the beauty and fun that is Hawaii as a vacation? And while we’re at it, by all means, they shouldn’t take their kids to school or go to the store or park either. They should lock their kids up in the house and only allow them to play in their own back yard and be homeschooled. That way, they won’t get what they deserve by trying to live a normal life for themselves and their kids, even though their famous. Selfish lot, these two.

  • busted


    To be fair your comment should apply to all celebs not just these two. Everyone has a right to just live and allow their kids to be out and doing whatever without fools screaming they are pimping their children for PR. Especially when we see some celebs and their kids on a daily basis.

    It is a silly assumption that if the public see children it equals something for the parents. Just stupid.

    They look happy. Someone took a picture. it got posted on the web. Just like what happens to others everyday.

    Enough said.

  • Rhonda


    that was the stupidest comment I’ve ever read on this website.

  • Affart

    @Rhonda: it’s true though idiot.

  • icky

    @Rene, I was simply responding to @justabitch’s comment that they don’t “pimp” their children out for publicity. Justabitch was making a reference to the Jolie-Pitts, as I see many negative comments from her regarding them. I was simply stating that there is no escape from the photogs, and that no matter where a famous person takes their children, they will end up on entertainment sites. They are not “pimping” their children, the Jolie-Pitts aren’t pimping their children. It’s all perception of whether you like that particular celebrity. I have nothing against the Afflecks or the Jolie-Pitts. I find them all likable.

  • Rala-La

    Now B-listers.

  • greatfaye

    l smell divorce 2011…

  • Turn-It-in

    Is JJ on Garner’s payroll to shove the words “happy couple” down our throat for every post about loser Garner & family? From the look of these pictures I could slice the air between Ben and garner with a knife! They seem to be emotionally distant from one another and they are lucky to be using the kids as intermediate while the time bomb is tickin…

  • chacha

    Body language does not lie.

  • Star Fox

    You should post that on a TomKat thread, #15.

    You’ve been saying that for years now and nothing, #25. Give it up.

  • kristin

    They’re pissed that their picture is being taken. They simply want some privacy on a family vacation. I continue to feel bad for them. :((

  • Maya

    Beautiful family. So glad they got away to enjoy the island before she heads off to do her movie. They looked so relaxed and happy (before the paps were spotted, that is) playing in the sand and flocking in the water with their gorgeous little girls. Hope they have a happy and prosper new year.

  • Julianna

    Hey Jennifer’s beach attire looks famliar. I think my great grandmother wore that to the beach 50 years ago.

  • bobbi

    Love this family and their normalcy.

  • Kalle

    Does Jennifer have penis?

  • Caring Kate

    Does Ben ever smile when he’s with his children? I wonder what sort of mental image he has of fatherhood? Surely it can be more fun and way more positive than the images we see of him and his children. Not only does he continuously portray a cranky face, but his children don’t look happy when they’re with him either. How hard is it to decide to be happy? Decide to be happy Ben, and allow your children to be happy too.

  • Shy

    Oh Ben… I’m crying. What the eff did you do to your face? During the promotion of Town in autumn you were looking so hot. You didn’t look that good and hot for years… And then this beard….

  • George W

    Any bets on when Affleck is gonna snap and kill his family??? I can see the murder/suicide headlines already!!!

  • Lena

    @George W: Stupid*ss, it’s photographers he wants to kill, he loves his family dearly if you’ve ever listened to him talk.

  • Kate

    sera peed.

  • LMAO at The Tourist

    @justabitch: Uh huh, that’s why they’re photographed everyday. Besides, everybody says their favorite celebrities give their children the most normal life. So all celebrity kids must have normal lives.

  • LMAO at The Tourist

    @nicole: What a ridiculous comment. No, they didn’t go to Cabo to be seen, they went to Hawaii to be seen. What’s the diff? Fortunately the paparazzi were notified. Big deal about them covering up, why would you go to a beach and cover up, unless you were just embarrassed that your body isn’t looking perfect so you won’t show it, which is silly. Do you cover up at the beach?

  • Dare

    Poor Ben looks beat! At least I have memories of the hip hot Ben! :)

  • Maya

    @Dare: Are you referring to his miserable days as a drunken party dude with the likes of you know who? Oh, yes, he said those were the days when he felt his worse and tried to drown his misery in alcohol.

    Thanks God, he found salvation and maturity with his wife and children.

  • oy

    Jen sucks all the life out of Ben. I don’t think playing Granpa Moses is a good look for Ben but hey, he’s on vacation so it’s time to schlub it up a bit!

  • flyonthewall


    At least Ben still had a charm about his personality, and life in his eyes. Now he looks like a stepford husband, just going through the motions.
    ps. There’s a reason Jennifer Garner is photographed every day, and it’s not because she’s promoting any new work. She’s not even in the same catagory as many iconic actresses, whom are not photographed half as much, their children even less. Jennifer Garner makes sure it happens.

  • Karen

    I used to think they were a good couple but lately they’ve looked off. He always has this angry or bored look on his face while she always has this fake, annoying smile plastered on hers.

  • giddy

    The fact he was at Jeremy Renner’s b-day party over the weekend with Blake Lively is one more indication… he’s a schmuck… and Jen’s hanging-on for the children… sad to watch… everyone makes mistakes… her’s was to leave her first husband and then to marry BA… she seems to be a good Mom… she should dump his azz, focus on her girls and let him shag that no-talent twit, hang out in strip clubs and gamble in Vegas…

  • Magazin za domati i kolci

    It was bad this little guy to shave. Can also be displayed in public. There is a magazin for domati ili kolci.

  • katey1

    @frazzle: Are you insane that man doesnt look happy she does not him i havent seen him happy all these years just like jlo same way.

  • katey1

    @greatfaye: me too im waiting for them to split i dont like him with her never did at all!

  • katey1

    I like him better with jennifer lopez he looks so unhappy with jgarner i dont like her at all…so ill be rlly happy if they divorce cause i feel no sympothy for her she thinks shes slick and shes trapping him not that he has no part in it i think this would be her last chil and when the child get a lil older like 3 or 4 if were lucky even sooner he’ll leave her.