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Jennifer Lopez: Las Vegas Shopping Spree!

Jennifer Lopez: Las Vegas Shopping Spree!

Jennifer Lopez does a bit of shopping on Friday (December 31) at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 41-year-old entertainer went out with a few girlfriends and security guards as she checked out the merchandise at several high end boutiques.

Later that evening, J. Lo and hubby Marc Anthony watched a performance of Cirque du Soleil’s The Beatles LOVE.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez shopping in Las Vegas…

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jennifer lopez shopping vegas 01
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 02
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 03
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 04
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 05
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 06
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 07
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 08
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 09
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 10
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 11
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 12
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 13
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 14
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 15
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 16
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 17
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 18
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 19
jennifer lopez shopping vegas 20

Photos: GSI Media
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  • pigenfrafyn

    So sick of her and her phony baloney Puerto Rican accent!

  • XYZ

    WTF these celebs and non-celebs especially need to buy when they have everything? Beats me… Greedy idiots… If I had JHo’s money, why would I go on a shopping spree? Its ridiculous…

  • Chelsea

    Wonder if Marc has paid those back taxes.

    I think it is so funny how some celebs get ragged on about what they spend.. and people like JLO.. Beyonce/Jayz area always spending money hands over fist..

    I guess the media is just concerned about just a few and what they do with their money.

    Really how much stuff do people actually need. And not being morbid but when we leave this world we take nothing with us. All left behind for other to enjoy or waste.

    We as humans don’t need as much crap as we think. HAVE we learned nothing during these financial trying times.

  • Jasmine

    I can’t get over how great she looks at 40. Her face is flawless!!!

  • vool

    whenever she does an interview, she will say ‘u know what im saying?’

  • Yes

    I understand what you mean but there is no harm because I am sure most give the stuff away after its out of style or their sick. At the end of the day most of us have more then we need they just get the best of the best and we cant blame them. I doubt they keep everthing. JLO is Kim Kardashian 10yrs ago but did a better job convincing us she aint a famewhore

  • XYZ


    She is. Not like Kardashian, but she is one nonetheless, gimme a break.

  • Maddy

    Fur looks so stupid on people..

  • twofools

    what is she wearing fame ho, just like angie.

  • KrisFan

    Kristen Stewart is never papped shopping for clothes. Why are female celebs so obsess with going shopping? Don’t they have personal assistants who do that for them?

  • Eva

    Ugh… I wish she’d stop wearing fur already. Clearly she’s not cold and she’s just using it for fashion but it’s far from fashionable.

  • Jordan

    Maybe because Kirsten Steward is like 23 and is wearing Vans Slip On and Jlo is throwing on her Louboutins ! –’
    She ain’t Kim Kardashian 10 years ago ! She knows how to act , how to dance , how to sing , how to style , how to do everything ! She ain’t Kim . I mean i love Kim but no comparaison it’s like comparing BeyoncĂ© and Rihanna ! Give me some space now !

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! Why isn’t she out shopping at Kohls?? Does she only want US to buy her crap at Kohls??
    Guess she was too busy shopping to spend the new year with her kids.

  • say what!

    ahhhhhh give it a break “j.lo”. she looks ridiculous. stop. stop. stop. please stop.

  • ally

    I thought that was Johnny Weir for a second.

  • Lisa

    Fur is gross.

  • vision without glasses

    Come on let her go shopping. Why shouldn’t she?

  • KrisFan

    Shopping in high heels is so painful. Going shopping hurts enough, why wear high heels to torture herself some more. Kristen is 20 and looks cool in converse chucks. Economical and functional. Not fashionable in designer stores but she is never photographed there anyways.

  • She stinks!

    This fur wearing HO should be celebrating the new year with her beastly kids she claims to love so much. I don’t think they have a Kohl’s at Cesear’s, but I bet there is one somewhere in Las Vegas. She should go there and buy her own garbage, oh wait, that’s what she wants the ‘little poor people’ to do , so she can get rich. F- off JHO!

    She also looks absolutely ridiculous with scarf and big sunglasses. It’s painfully obvious she has no hair left. She’s such a washed up has been, that never really was – her continuous failures are hysterical!

  • Hmmm

    Sunglasses to go shopping. How will she see the clothes properly. Is this another PR stunt by JLO and her team?

  • caro

    @KrisFan: real life,baby! real life!

  • Haters

    Wow people seem to have nothing better to do than hate on celebrities. I wonder if its because they wish they could be in the spotlight. In my opinion people who hate on people that they don’t even know, and hate on people because of what they thing they know are immature. Jlo made her money and she has every right to spend it like she chooses. Stop hating!! I’m not sure why you spend your time being hateful, go use your time more productively!! It’s a new year, stop the hate.

  • Francine

    It’s the new year and JLo would rather go shopping than spend time with her family. She has two young toddlers at home and she’d rather go on a PR shopping spree in Vegas. Shopping is so superficial. Clothes doesn’t make a person, their actions and choices do. I can see where her priorities lie. Career and image.

  • Jack

    she’s trying to hard

  • Jen

    Disgusting Fur Hag…….

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!


  • Rhonda

    she’s not shopping people, its a photo-op. it is a photo-opportunity.

  • boston61

    She is a very minor talent. She should get the F over her obnoxious a*s and thank the USA for all the undeserved money she has made.

  • jon


  • jon

    AND keep your mouth closed when you ‘re eating gum – GROSS!!!!!

  • jon

    OOPS! I meant chewing not eating!

  • Marieme

    She’s a fuggin idiot! Have always thought so, and her consistent fur-haggery ways only prove it. Dumbsh it.

  • as

    sick of her, she’s useless, she can’t act, can’t sing.. Ok she dances well.. that’s about it..

  • lilia

    but I wish she will be more like angelina jolie very generous in donating money to the less fortunate people.

  • Dom

    EUW she looks so manly an ugly. taco flavoured woman

  • snowy


  • llllll

    then why the hell is she checking up clothes?

    f*cking fur hag

  • ??

    She looks ridiculous.

  • Fay

    beautiful, stylish, powerful and very HOT woman, Jen you are such an inspiration because you work so hard and love love your family so much!!!! More blessings to you!

  • Deb

    OK, first off no FUR, if your going to wear it Jenn, wear Faux…and make it a little less POUFFY and a bit more fitted through the wais and longer its way to short for your figuret!! Another thing, your hair….a nice updo would suffice…kinda wild and sexy w/ sprigs of hair tousled, not a do rag/aunt jemima look, UGH! The Jeans…hmmm can we say UNFLATTERING….and of course your pics for the new show your on show your legs/waist/face/everything as WAY SLIMMER then you actually are….I thought you were Jennie from the block not Jennie from the chop shop?!? Get real again please…also this look does not suit you nor does the chopping up of your pics to make you look Twiggy thin=o