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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Here Kitty Kitty!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Here Kitty Kitty!

LeAnn Rimes and fiance Eddie Cibrian get their party on and share a few smooches at the Pink Kitty club in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Friday (December 31).

Eddie, 37, and LeAnn, 28, arrived in Cabo earlier in the week after confirming their engagement!

The pair hasn’t been shy showing off their toned bodies – hitting the beach on Wednesday and Thursday.

Looks like LeAnn is a big college football fan as she tweeted, “Coach P and TCU new Rose Bowl chapms!!!! So proud of those guys. They worked hard for it!!!!”

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leann rimes eddie cibrian kitty club 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian kitty club 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian kitty club 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian kitty club 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian kitty club 05

Photos: INFDaily
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  • annoying

    most annoying couple ever…

  • Anthony

    These two are getting so annoying now. We get it, your engaged, my gosh. The lovey dovey stuff is just going over board and is not flying with me, any time I see over the top love like this in a relationship, it is just a matter of time before it burns out and it comes to a halt and is over

  • blah

    absolutely hated them!……………

  • anonymous

    why is it that she’s always tweeting about wishing jealous people happiness, even though they don’t wish her happiness, or it’s sad how people can’t be happy,& how fortunate she is, & how others can’t move on w/ their life so they project ill will towards her.

    She’s so preoccupied w/ this subject matter, that what she’s really saying is that she loves the fact that she had the power to change people’s lives, or that secretly she likes being jealous of cause it makes her seem special. When people continually talk about something it’s because they on a subconsionce level are creating it. She’s perpetuating this problem & secretly gets off on having haters because she thinks if some one hates you, it’s because they want your life & are jealous. If she truly wanted brandi to be happy, she wouldn’t keep rehashing these issues.
    @reply | Flag This
    # 60 anon @ 01/01/2011 at 11:15 pm +1

    it’s gross how she keeps having a dialogue w/ her twitter friends about unhappy & jealous people. She herself is not above it to be continually talking about it. She attracts gossipy people like herself, & they want to be in on the pathetic spotlight that’s over her now due to drama & not talent & music production…..she should realize that she is the sad & pathetic one……just saying..
    @reply | Flag This

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  • anonymous


    let me be more concise here: why does leann engage in so much dialogue w/ her friends via twitter about brandi g. or haters?

    a lot of people break up marriages, but they never talk about it afterwards. The more she talks about jealous people on her twitter, the more she seems to want to keep the drama going & alive which means she enjoys it. You never hear angie mention jen aniston, or reese withersppon having mentioned abbie cornish, or the ballerina mentioning natalie portman, or christina aguilara’s husband mentioning the other man, etc….. only leann does that which makes her seem like she’s really the one stirring a very watered down pot.
    @reply | Flag This
    # 103 twitter @ 01/02/2011 at 2:16 am 0

    the truth is no one else got vocal after they were dumped because they didn’t want to make fools of themselves & look bad.

    brandi g. is very talky & acts like a nutcase, but let’s not forget that eddie was married to that nutcase. There is a saying that goes” tell me who your friends are, & i’ll tell you who you are” Eddie must not be that much more sane that brandi , & the fact that leann fell for someone who had fallen at one time for brandi, means she’s of equal caliber of these nutcases. That’s why they keep talking about their private matters to the press, because they’re not all that differeent from one another & that’s not a good thing.
    @reply | Flag

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  • Kit Kat

    He strikes me as the type who doesn’t like to “go down” hehe

  • john


    SPEIDI 2.0

  • Star

    the title with the pics of her dancing up on him are hilarious! ‘here kitty kitty”….i love it! now if we can just get leann to back away from the twitter.

  • i say what i want

    when they will go away , her face bothers me , she so annoying

  • blair

    They don’t look too happy, maybe leann would feel more at home at the horse face club.

  • wierd

    what’s w/ the title of the article?

  • Jake

    Guess Eddie took LeAnn to a strip club to get drunk while gazing at a feminine bodies dancing to get him through the night -he can close his eyes later to think happy thoughts.

  • Susie

    LOL @Jake: Well seems like LeAnn and Eddie has an agreement. He has to go to her male gay bars with her and her freaks and she goes to the strip clubs with him. It is strange SHE looks most at home in both places. Tell me something Jake, if you go to a strip club to look at naked ladies dancing, do you want your fiance there with you trying to be the focus of attention, trying to draw attention away from the dancers by whooping it up, wrappin’ her arms around you and in your face? Don’t think so!

  • june

    eddie looks absolutely miserable in those pictures and even when he is kissing her he squeezes those eyes shut and she has her finger on the twitter button to tweet Eddie just kissed me and our love is so amazing and wonderful he really loves me he kissed me again. what did she do to those eyebrows she looks horrible in those candid shots more like a horse than ever

  • orionsbelt

    She looks as if she belongs to the monkey family. Just need to figure out which one.

  • WeazleBreath

    LMAO, she’s tweeting while she’s kissing him. They’ll both be cheating in less than six months. It’s obviously going to be their lifestyle and probably already is.

  • Fancy

    These two give a whole new meaning to the phrase “Dog and Pony Show”.

  • Go Ask Alice

    annoymous #4 (cont. in post 5)
    YOU SAID IT ALL about LeAnn and Brandi too.
    I see your posts in #4 got a thumbs up, but if you mention Brandi’s crazy behaviors in your post 5, no one agrees much.
    People, BOTH of these women’s posts are CRAZEEE!!!!

    Brandi ,I get it that Ed did what he did so publically, So ugly.So hiurtful.
    But hey,he cheated on her when she was pregnant with their 2nd child. How low can you go on your wife. That was low.Nasty. Google Schanae whats her name. BRandi and Ed had marriage counseling. Girls,sorry, if many of you do not agree, but I said it before.No one can steal a person,break up a marriage,etc. It takes two people, the husband and wife, or same sex if that’s your thing, to make a marriage work. To want it.To work at it. To respect the other person and the relaitonship. To love the other person. . Branis ‘ post on charitylamb, cuckcoo!!!Slams LeEd .Crazy. Brandi needs to , needed to let go of something she does not have back in Aug. 2009 when she and Ed filed for divorce.

    Ed wanted out. He got out before. Google Scahne whats her name and that is only because she has some noterity.Ed may have played with this sales girl or that agent girl or that model. .He is nasty like that.
    Ed is no prize and no good for Brandi. HE is not the man for her. If it was not LeAnn, then it would have been with someone else. HE has wanted out for a long time.

    LeAnn ,those this girl ever get off her iphone twittering away about happiness philosophy and crap!! Geesch!!
    She comes across like a 17 yr.,19yr. old.
    I think for as grown as she,a 46 yr.old business woman in a 29 yr. old body ,having been in show business since 13,making big fianncial decisions and stuff,working since she was 13, she is really personally mature like a 19yr.old or so.
    Time wraps like this happen to some people in her business.Overly mature in one area of life,but not so mature in other areas.They don’t get those well rounded experiences of life. By being a company employing people, including her parents, working since an early age, etc.and then being sheltered from things like college life, picking choosing friends, jobs,careers,etc., they don’t grow up at age levels like we do.

    Ed tweets now and then.Very general.No pics.
    LeAnn even posted pics of her home in and out. That is NOT smart being a celebrity.
    I saw that and was wow, is this girl crazy!!!!
    I would not even post pics of my home. Sorry. World Wide Web means that just that-EVERYBODY.
    LeAnn is onvacay. If I were on vacay, I would NOT be on the computer/iphone.
    Also,she being a celeb,seemsshe would make her Twitter page private or display posts just between her and her family/friends.

    Brandi ‘s page is bordering stalkerish ,crazy woman. She has done gone and lost her mind over what? Eddie Cirbrian-TRASH!!! Garbage. A good looking piece of sewer! POS-piece of shet! A nothing. A nobody too. He is hardly busting movies like Leonardo. LOL!!!! Or even in tv land, LOL!!!!.

  • Gee

    That last still shot of LeAnn really captured her “crack whore” look going on. Obviously her recent bikini pics showed off her new fake boobs and liposuction, but her lips in that pic make me think she may have altered those too, strange.

  • Go Ask Alice

    incredibly wide variety of topics. Join today and follow @charityIam.

    Get updates via SMS by texting follow charityIam to 40404 in the United States
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    charityIam have to go out for awhile for a brunch and will check in later someone should have told me twitter is addictive
    35 minutes ago via web

    charityIam just checked billboard top 100 country and then reg charts LR no where on either and she has big plans for a movie ten people in theaudience
    36 minutes ago via web

    charityIam I like whoever said we should call ourselves the “Brandi Bunch” really like that
    about 2 hours ago via web

    charityIam well I’m off to watch the hockey game just had to come on and chat with my twitter buds for a few
    about 15 hours ago via web

    charityIam please retweet my tweet below showing that LR has only about six concerts scheduled so far for the year
    about 15 hours ago via web

    charityIam LeAnn Rimes engaged, initial concert dates set for 2011 // Tour dates at SoundSpike via @AddThis
    about 15 hours ago via Tweet Button
    charityIam @ulr1kaIs that your little girl adorable
    about 15 hours ago via web

    charityIam You go old Eddie get married soon as you can so that LR can support your ass forever and pay ur child support, too.aren’t you enbarrassed
    about 19 hours ago via web

    This is from Brandi’ s page and this is a mild sample of her crazy , bitter tweets about LeAnn and Ed.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I want to remember exactly how I feel right now in this moment of tears. I’m a fortunate woman. Remembering this at all times all year long.
    about 6 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
    @PopGirl9099 that’s from my heart
    about 6 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to PopGirl9099
    @mrbritster guess you miss the point
    about 6 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to mrbritster
    Life is hard enough on it’s on. No one needs hate wish upon them. Wish love upon all you know and those you (cont)

    Small sample of LeAnn’s happiness ,LOL,ramblings. You have to read the rest.Too manny to post up.

  • Go Ask Alice

    LeAnn’s pictures from her twitter page.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Over the past months we’ve heard from the other women (oh, how we’ve heard from them). Now it’s time to hear from one of the original women.

    In an exclusive sitdown with E! News, Eddie Cibrian’s indisputably wronged ex, Brandi Glanville, discusses the demise of her marriage, LeAnn Rimes’ role in that, and how she and her kids are dealing with the fallout from the shocking betrayal.

    While some wives are, well, blindsided by news of their spouse’s infidelities, that clearly wasn’t the case with Cibrian and Rimes, according to Glanville. The two costars instantly sparked on the set of their TV movie, Northern Lights.

    “There was a chemistry,” Glanville says. “You couldn’t deny it. It was very much the Eddie-LeAnn show. It was like this flirtation. I just felt like she wanted my man. I just wanted to completely kibosh it.”

    While the world now knows Glanville’s efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, at the time she was desperate to try anything, including double dating with Rimes and her then-hubby, Dean Sheremet. Cibrian abided, and Glanville thought that was that.

    Cut to the sudden tabloid explosion of photos of Cibrian and Rimes kissing in a bar. After his initial denials, Cibrian copped to the affair and he and Glanville entered into couples therapy. It didn’t exactly do the trick—three weeks later, tabloids reports linked Cibrian to a cocktail waitress. It was revealed that that affair had spanned a whopping three years, Glanville contends, and included the period of time in which she was pregnant.

    “I literally went and threw up,” Glanville recounts. “I was pregnant. To find out that whole time that he was doing that—it just made me sick.”

    Having determined that their marriage was irreparable at that point, the couple filed for divorce in August of last year. It didn’t take long for Cibrian and Rimes to go public (well, more public) with their relationship, and Glanville found a kindred, albeit damaged, spirit in Sheremet.

    “He was heartbroken,” she says of Rimes’ ex. “We were both crying. It was horrific.”

    Glanville says she ultimately made the decision to put sons Jake and Mason first and make nice with both Cibrian and Rimes.

    That is, until two weeks.

    According to Glanville, she was sent a cease-and-desist letter from Rimes’ lawyers, claiming Glanville had slandered the country singer.

    “It’s a bit of a contradiction sending me a letter and then doing an interview saying she’s sorry,” says Glanville. “All I know is I haven’t gotten an apology.”

    And while a mea culpa would be nice, it’s no longer something Glanville needs to move on with her life, as she’s currently prepping to move out of her Hidden Hills neighborhood, where both Cibrian and Rimes currently live (awkward), and says despite the turmoil, Glanville wishes the couple well.

    “I think it would be great,” Glanville says of the possibility that the couple may eventually marry. “I think the consistency for the children, not having different women come in and out of his lives, would be the easiest thing.”

    As for LeAnn, she’s didn’t comment on her olive branch retraction, but did address her apologetic interview with E! News at last night’s CMT Awards.

    “I mean, obviously I was able to talk about it for the first time on a level that I felt comfortable with. Obviously it’s a very personal thing to talk about. I don’t think everybody will fully know the truth.”

    Catch the full exclusive interview with Brandi airing on E! News Friday at 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

    Read more:

  • Go Ask Alice

    I can’t find the pics of Eddie and Schane Grimes from their vacation. They were on a boat… hugging… she sitting on his lap,kissing, laughing, having a great time,and she was in her bikini and Eddie in swim trunks.
    It is out there on the net. I just saw it the other day.

    Brandi was not there.She was at home ,PREGNANT!

    Nope,Eddie and his then girlfriend, Schane Grimes, did not ivite his pregnant then wife,Brandi, on their vacation.

    Eddie,what a POS!!

  • selectivesoul

    @Go Ask Alice:

    You my friend are a LIAR-this is not Brandi’s twitter page. It says on the top of you post its ‘Charity’s” page. Anyone with half a brain can look it up and see for themselves. Wow how pathetic you are that you are willing to set this crazy sh!t up just to make Brandi Glanville look bad.

  • Georganne

    @GAA #20: I’m angry at LeEd myself and take a little time to be a detriment to LeAnn’s career (would Eddie’s too if he had one) when/if I can. So Brandi has my approval to bash those SOBs until the day they die for all I care. Not one day goes by in Brandi’s life that LeAnn’s name is not brought up to Brandi by someone – most especially her children; or LeAnn, Eddie and her extended family of supporters giving her hell. Look at yourself bashing on her, and I presume you like I have never met any of these people, how in God’s name can you say it’s in her past and she should move on. Don’t be a dolt, LeAnn is in Brandi’s present and now future as “stepmom ” to her boys. Who the hell would want that crazy biotch LeAnn involved with their children and not being legally able to prevent it. If Brandi can do anything to cause any grief to LeAnn’s life at any time she should go for it, and be truthful with the boys that LeAnn is their moms enemy!


    leann rimes ismek el sanataları kursları seni bekliyor sertifikalı ve ücretsiz eğitim

  • char

    go ask Alice My name is Charity and the only connection I have to Brandi is I feel tremendous empathy for her as do all of our twitter group that uses her picture as our avatar to show our support for her the same way many of Leann fans use her picure all over their twitter page to show their MISGUIDED support for the adulterous woman who chasd after a married man with kids and I totally agree with you that Eddie is an even bigger douche bag because of his wandering DI** syndrone

  • Racy

    Look at all the posting about LeAnn and Eddie – these people are obsessed. Why? Divorces happen every day but this couple’s life is eating up most of the lives of the people who posted. I read charityIam and is the person posting that the T page that has charityIam could be only one person and that isn’t the ex? You are naive, to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been posting a lot on these sites but I realize now that this couple and whatever they do is the breath of life to this type of people. I will just read for a while. It is very comical to read the crap.

  • char

    One other thing when I post on here I use my name and use it on my twitter page,too guess your mother named you “go ask alice” because you have the answers for everything in anyones life You act like an insider and you probably are one of LR pr people MY NAME IS CHARITY WHATS YOURS big mouth Alice

  • Racy

    @char: You are fooling nobody, charityIam (ha – name doesn’t fit). One more thing before I go, I have noticed the somber look on Eddie’s face in pictures. Don’t know what is going on with him, but one thing I do know – if he doesn’t like where he is, get the h*** out. He knows how to do that. There are plenty of guys out there who would love LeAnn if you don’t.

  • danielle

    You know, I don’t care that Eddie cheated, Leann cheated, Brandi and Leann are engaged in an immature twitter battle…sh-t happens. What bothers me about all three of these adults is the fact that they are engaged in a very public battle when there are children involved.

    Leann has no business twittering, blogging etc about those kids and neither does Brandi or Eddie. How are they going to feel when they are old enough to ‘google’ their parents and see all this crap-ola out there?

    All three of these adults are fame who$res and incredibly immature. They should all be neutered and spayed.

  • hatecheaters23

    The only crazy people are the ones who take the time to stalk, harass and attempt to intimidate noncelebs only because they support a woman who did nothing wrong. The crazy people are the ones who sit there and watch our tweets and go copy and paste them to other blogs. That’s what I call crazy. I spend less time looking at Leann’s page than these people who watch us. If we are nobodies then why care what we tweet?

  • ddc

    @ racy And your breath of life would be what Racy? Careful your hypocrisy is showing.

  • Andrea


    According to those who were at the party,Eddie was only interested in drinking,making out with LeAnn and watching her dance.He apparently had no interest in the party itself or dancing.No shock there,the guy can’t even dance.Probably didn’t want to make a fool out of himself.Also,didn’t LeAnn say he’s kinda shy?Would explain him being a bystander.

  • Andi

    Leann is scary looking…Scary and crazy…what a combo.

  • Michael

    bills) That’s not what I see in those pictures Andrea (35). Of the 5 pictures, when LeAnn is not absolutely in his face, Eddie is looking at/towards viewing the strippers, and most notably NOT his fiance. I’d never take my fiance/wife to a strip club, seems insulting thing to do to someone you love IMO (and paying the bills) . Indication is LeAnn is not sexually satisfying/stimulating enough and he can’t control himself from checking out the other girls. Perhaps it’s LeAnn that likes seeing naked girls perform and uses her gigolo as her strap-on, trouble for her though is that Eddie prefers looking at them rather than her – particularly just engaged!

  • anon2

    They should give this relationship more time before they get married. She lost a lot of weight which means that she may be under stress. No need to rush….enjoy a long engagement.

  • Racy

    @ddc: One of my breaths of life is trying to defend people who are not hurting those who makes it their life’s work to destroy them. The other breath of life is I am a nosy b***h like you!!!! Does that make the situation clear to you.

  • Jana

    LeAnn seems to be totally obsessed with people who dislike her. So much so, that she has to put on a whole “love fest” twitter show to show off and demonstrate how her and Eddie cheating on their spouses was not the wrong thing to do. Nah, it was wrong and despite her desperate attempt to show the world how happy her and Eddie are, this relationship is doomed to fail sooner or later and then she’ll look really foolish, although she already looks foolish with her obsessive twittering every minute of the day.

  • Racy

    @Michael: What man wouldn’t look at a naked girl regardless of who he is with? Do you have mental problems?

  • ddc

    @ Racy what it makes clear is you resort to name calling tsk tsk toodles

  • Go Ask Alice


    Oh,I see. I am not, as you can see, into Tweeting twittering, tweet,whatever.

    I had no idea.

    Why do you have Brandi’s face there?

    I see your syptahy lies with her. I really feel sorry for the girl, but she was married to a man who DID not want her.HE played on her before.
    I really think Brandi shouldlet it go.Stop her appperances and talk about these people.
    Yes, now, the real BRandi has been on The Talk,and other places.

  • Go Ask Alice


    Hey, sowaht are going to do? Shoot me because I don’t know about tweeting, twittering tweets, wahtever they he ll its’called.

    I saw the post from the person who owns that page.
    It would be better for that person to take down her page.
    It is a bad reflection on Brandi.

  • char

    If you would go to Twitter you would see everyones has Brandis face as their avatar everyone who supports her just as LR supporters have her face all over their twitter pages I thought you knew everything Has JJ contacted you, yet hopefully soon

  • Go Ask Alice


    But Geroganne, bitterness about a situtaion that does not involve you only makes you ill. It is like a stress or cancer.
    “You ” I referring to here is Brandi and not you,Gerganne.

    Brandi is not a dettermint to LeAnn’s or Eddie’scareer.
    As if any of her fans, CM,studios’ give two hoots about Brandi Glanville?As if LeEd ‘s divorce is stop anything/
    If so,in Hollyweiord,there would be about 10 singers,entertainers.LOL!!! If one is looking for anyone there not in divorce, etc.

    Brandi cannot legally or any kind of way keep Eddie from seeing his children. LeAnn lives with him or he with her so LeAnn IS involved in the kid’s lives by seeing them,being around them ,etc.She is not a child molester,criminal,etc.
    Yes,Brandi needed to move on Aug. 2009.
    EDDIE DOES not want her and has not for about 4 yrs.
    He had an affair on her while she was pregnant.
    If he had not met LeAnn Rimes, he would have found someone else.
    There was NO marriage there.
    It was a marriage of Brandi being married to herself.
    Lots of people have these kinds of marriages where they are married to themselves.

    ONE cannot make a marraige or relationship work alone.It takes two.

    BTW, I had cancer. I don’t do married men.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Doesn’t Brandi have a twitter apge?
    I thought Isaw one.

  • Andrea


    Then I guess you haven’t seen the other photos then.There’s more to it then just what JJ posts on his website.

  • STN

    LeAnn had the breast implants and liposuction before this trip because it included a scheduled photoshoot of her in bikinis (or less) for some Mexican glam mag. She’s scheduled to do some movies involving nudity this year I hear, you know she wants to look her best naked for Brandi and her boys (and their schoolmates) when they get old enough to come across a copy, “inadvertently” left out in the open, to get ahold of. LeAnn will totally love the thought of Eddies teen age boys and their friends fantasizing about her naked – you know she’ll make it happen for them!

  • anonymous

    ‘She’s scheduled to do some movies involving nudity this year I hear’

    And where did you hear that?