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Rihanna, Jay-Z & Kanye West: Group Hug!

Rihanna, Jay-Z & Kanye West: Group Hug!

Rihanna, Jay-Z and Kanye West hug it out at the grand opening of Marquee Nightclub at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve (December 31).

The night was filled with surprises as Kanye gave an impromptu performance at 2:30am as he took over the DJ booth! Jay-Z joined him in the booth and wished everyone a Happy New Year as the crowd went crazy!

The living legends started singing “Runaway” together and then did a rendition of “Monster”. The pair were then joined by Rihanna who sang her hit song, “What’s My Name”.

Also pictured below are Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony.

Check out the video below of Beyonce and Chris Martin performing her hit, “Halo”!

Beyonce & Chris Martin Perform Halo

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rihanna jay z kanye west group hug 01
rihanna jay z kanye west group hug 02
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rihanna jay z kanye west group hug 04
rihanna jay z kanye west group hug 05
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  • Rick

    Where’s the pics of Beyonce and Coldplay?

    BTW isn’t JJ payed/ works for DefJam?

  • ciara

    uh why does jay z always have to flirt with that bitch damn i feel bad for beyonce.

  • Rick


    Rihanna is always so desperate to hang around Jayz and KAnye is pathetic.

  • Mya

    Wow Beyonce sounds and looks BEAUTIFUL! Singing Halo a Real Talent

  • Hibis

    Hello if you could get a video performance of this overdone song by these two “before” as well as her as herself then you could have posted videos of Rihanna, Kanye & Jay-Z performances as well. Geezzz

  • Jess

    Who cares about that red head?…

  • ciara

    @Rick: very patheic. lol she came there cuz she thought beyonce wasn’t there and that she’ll get him too herself. but when she realize she was there, rihanna was out the door. ps i was there.


    Haters stay mad. The Roc taking over 2011

  • Cristobal


  • Huh

    This h0e has got the nerve…flirting with a MARRIED man when his WIFE is less than three feet away from them…this girl will spread her legs for anybody!!!SMDH!!!!

  • bri

    Don’t nobody want that camel faced loser except Beyonce.
    Rih ain’t thinkin bout him, get off her clit.

  • Victoria

    I love this song so much. Beyonce and Chris should do a new song together, too. Both are so talented.

  • Victoria

    Yes, Rihanna is shallow she only likes pretty boys. Roll eyes.

  • Mya


    That Camel treats Beyonce like a Queen! You don’t see videos of him getting caught coming out with another Female and try to play it off. Or he don’t see Jay-Z beating her up.

  • anna

    hey man John Mayer performed on the stage with Jay Z post a video what the heck… i want to see them

  • Wolf

    Rihanna needs bangs for that fivehead.

  • Lindsay’s Tatas

    @bri: Coochie-hanna has her eye on camel face.

  • Christine

    I want to see some pics of Beyonce and Gwyneth I heard they were singing together. I love that they’re friends.

  • ha!

    @Victoria: She’s bald too. She only two hairs left under that wig.

  • G


  • G


  • treme

    @Jess: What redhead? The dude in the red wig?

  • Joanne

    A big Beyonce and Coldplay. Love this.

  • Nick

    @Wolf: She is leaving it clear so they can screen movies. She moonlights as a film projector.

  • truly

    why was Rihanna there?

  • Michelle

    Beyonce is so beautiful and talented. I don’t think Beyonce ever have to worry about Jay leaving her for Rihanna. Plus, they’ve been going stronger than most couples. They’ve been together for 10 years.

  • Tammy

    Beautiful performance. Beyonce and Chris rock. I love Beyonce’s dress.

  • Maiko


    Jay-Z was the president of Def Jam. He signed Rihanna, and lead her to fame. He stepped down to start his new label, Roc Nation. Which Rihanna is now signed to.

  • Rachel

    This is why I like Beyonce so much she can actually sing. She’s very pretty,too.

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    They want money

  • Turn-It-in

    These artists are still addicted to money & fame..they can’t stand not being in the spotlight 1 lst day of the year..Why does Beyonce rush past Jay-Z after her performance as if they’ve never met? I think she’s deeply in love but terrified of him while he feels lucky to ride her coattails..They might have been together for some time, but i don”t get their interaction as a couple..

  • Susie

    Some people are just private and don’t do a bunch of PDA in public. I can respect that some couples are that way. I do see them hold hands, kiss and hug sometimes. Some couples do a lot of PDA in public people don’t like that. Sometimes I feel like celebrities can’t win anyway they go. Anyway, I enjoyed the performance very much. Beyonce is one of my favorites.

  • Liz

    Great song. I hope Gwyneth was there as well! Was she?

  • tal


  • Nadria

    I don’t know why all u jealous whores hate Rihanna. Did she f***k your man.

  • Nadria

    Luv u Rihanna. Make that money girl. F**k all the haters.

  • valleyofthedolls

    There are some jealous, insecure b**tches on this site. Spewing hate and talking shit about someone you don’t even know. Go f**k yourselves b***ches.

  • XYZ

    2 pimps and their ‘ho. Literally.

  • valleyofthedolls

    @XYZ. Yeah your daddy is a pimp and your mama is a ho. Do you know where they are at.

  • Lulu

    oh how exciting I like jay z and kanye ;) and riri is cool too but beyonce is the best ;) love them all good luck to them all spread peace people not hate peace

  • QOQO

    WOW! Beyonce is the epitome of awesomeness. That performance just blew me away. <3

  • http://aizecherry zara

    yall shud jst shut d hell up !! stupid haters of rihanna!!! yall are so foolish lyk she even hers your stupid insults hahahahahah!!! Lmfao!! u haters make me laugh hahhahaha!! rotflmao!! seriously!!! anywaiz!! i’m happy aslong as she is sucesssful!!! having the no 1 album worldwide !!! yaaaaaaaay!! #RihannaNavy !!!

  • bajan


  • BEN


  • whatever

    @ciara: Rihanna isn’t flirting with Jay. It seems like Rihanna prefers not to be around with Beyonce which is understandable since her whole family disses Rihanna all the time. Good that Rihanna isn’t pictured with that fake pal.

  • http://JustJared starquality

    You need to stay off the blogs and get a life how could she think Bey wouldn’t be there when it was advertised that they both will perform and how much they will be payed.


    rihanna gel seni bir otutturam üstünezıplatam turk seks tat tadı damağında kalacak

  • Mel Gibson

    Too many black post, JJ. This is America!!

  • The Jack Bull

    Why doesn’t JJ post a video of Jimmy Iovine, talking like the stuttering nitwit he is.

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. He is the luckiest guy on earth, a once great recording engineer that rode a wave of luck, and as Interscope implodes in 2011, everyone will know why if you just post any video of him speaking.

    Can you recall of any CEO anywhere in US history that comes across as that dumb???? He makes Clive (Harvard Law graduate) look like God.

    CMON this is a celebra-tabloid site, do it! For a kick!

    and as far as Beyonce and Martin……………….Oliver Twist meets a Clydesdale.

  • Pablo

    Perfect outfit you could also envestir in his career as a stylist that you wear
    in a way no one can top ….. @pablowilliam people follow me love you.