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Vanessa Hudgens: Workout Session with Stella!

Vanessa Hudgens: Workout Session with Stella!

Vanessa Hudgens holds onto her pants to keep them off the wet sidewalk after getting in a workout at the gym on Sunday (January 2) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress was joined by her sister Stella, mom Gina, and Pushing Daisies actress Sammi Hanratty while escaping from the rain for the workout.

Last week, Vanessa tried to hide her face after having a session at the Ricki Criswell Skin Care and Waxing Studio.

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  • lauren

    ppl on are freaking out cus of zac being in new york and all that. shit.

  • ash

    pretty girl

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Any one vanessa??

  • lol

    JJ the friend is actress sammi hanratty

  • jk


  • SONY

    she is freaking Gorgeous adorable person and she can get more beatiful

  • ADLF

    I’ve noticed progress @ Vanessa’s Triceps brachii muscles. ;)

  • Just Sayin

    @lauren: Really? This is getting ridiculous. Spreading rumors everywhere you go. How many times do we need to say, Zac was not in New York, and Vanessa and Zac are still together.

  • Just Sayin

    Anyways, Vanessa looks gorgeous without make-up. No wonder Zac loves her :)

  • go sox

    She looks SOOOO good…, toned, and so natural. Love that about her. Hope she had an amazing New Years’ celebration! What a year she has coming up!!

  • pop86

    Nice to see Vanessa and Stella

  • Samm

    @Just Sayin: I’m pretty sure they broke up but they have to get back together. Neither of their reps denied that they broke up and its been forever since there was a zanessa siting

  • ivanka

    that’s why she has that fit body ;)

  • Malia

    Love Vanessa’s beautiful smile. Girl is keeping in shape. Yeah for her.

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever

    So Gorgeous love what she is wearing Vanessa is the best love to see her smile.

  • Anibal

    good luck vanessa in people’s choice awards!

  • Anibal

    good luck vanessa in people’s choice awards!

  • Just Sayin

    @Samm: Neither of their reps confirmed it either, so Zac and Vanessa are still together until Zac or Vanessa say otherwise, which they haven’t. Anyways, I was just trying to tell the other girl the truth because everywhere she goes, she says the same negative lies and its getting old. Sorry for saying all this to you, just though I’d explain it :)

  • ladysdsandiego

    this girl is so freakin gorgeous even without make up

    i wish her all the best this year!!

  • Blah

    Why’s Stella always covering her face? It cause her more attention.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …remember what she looked like naked?!? ahahahahahaha …ew! …pretty little girl with no body whatsoever, or talent.

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever

    Love Love You Vanessa she just keep getting more & More Hotter and sexier every single day I wished she was my Girlfriend.

  • TRP

    Why is Stella always hiding like she’s the famous one? Bitch, ain’t nobody tryna take your picture.

  • Mel

    lol someone is a little bit too obsessed with this vanessa nobody

  • Ashlee

    OMG, she has THREE movies coming out in 2011. And, I think “Sucker Punch” and “Beastly” both come out in March? A week apart. Vanessa is going to be one busy girl promoting those two. And then “Journey 2″ comes out in the fall, right?

  • Abby

    you rock nessa,family time!!!!!!!! You are amazing just the way you are.

  • Vanessa Rocks

    OMG just read it thankx!! what movies does she have coming up in the next year? wanna figure out who it might be
    She looks so gorgeous even after the gym!
    wish i looked like that after my workouts

  • anne


  • anne


  • anne


  • lala

    why doesn’t she wear work out pants that fit so she doesn’t have to awkwardly grab her crotch?

  • florence

    @anne: It’s great to see her smile as well she looks really happy.

    And Zac is in NY as otherwise he would be back in L.A. by now speninding it with Nessa if they were still together like always.

  • florence

    @OMG: Let’s hope that whoever it is look’s after her better than efron did, and thinks about how their words and actions effect Vanessa before they open their mouths.

    Anyone would be a improvement on him in that way.

  • Haters Suck!

    Are people really buying that future gossip site stuff? The only way I’ll ever believe in psychics is if they give me the winning lottery numbers.
    Anyway, Vanessa is just looking as beautiful as ever.

  • Zanessa/Vanessa Freak

    Haters will always be jealous of her lol, I guess that’s what it will always be, but keep hatin’ Haters no one gives a crap anyway and the person who your hating could care less, she looks so effortlessly beautiful, she needs her own make up line, clothing line and a fragrance line too lol :)

  • birdie

    She has the prettiest smile in town and I love that she is so close with her family. Her figuer is TDF.

  • putt

    love her style !

  • Karen

    Vanessa is looking fit and beautiful as she always does. She has a busy year ahead of her.

    And the pathological liar is here again trying to spread gloom and doom but once again her statement is NOT TRUE. Zac is not in NY filming the movie NYE. A second unit film crew was sent to get shots of Time Square for the the movie to use as background and stuff like that. NO PRINCIPLE ACTOR WAS THERE TO FILM ANY SCENE. Plus, Zac has not even been confirmed as to doing this movie—only rumor.

    Neither Zac nor Vanessa’s reps have denied the rumor that they have split but neither have come out to say it is true either unless we want to count Gina SUPPOSEDLY telling Jill—who is part of a gossip site—’that the split is true as if Jill now is the voice for Z&V to spread the news to the world on such a delicate matter. Apparently neither Gina or Britt are dong the job most reps these days do for other couples. AND the “confirmation” that Jill supposedly got was that they were “taking a break” NOT that they had broken up.

    And stranger yet is the fact that even sites like TMZ say they believe this to only be a rumor and from the beginning the site that “broke” this news—and it was as a rumor—says they believe they will reunite…which sounds to me like they already figure their “rumor” is just that.

  • Amy

    @lauren: Shut up”

  • Karen

    BTW, yes, this is a Vanessa thread and I think most of us—certainly I include myself—would LOVE to move along and not talk about this “break up” anymore. We’d like to do so even if it turned out to be true. BUT it is those who want to “stretch the truth”—LIE— about the situation and what has been said and not said to make either Zac or Vanessa look bad that keep this cow pile stirred up.

    Look how people are going to that stupid future site and believing it! This is not the first time a site like that has been posted during their 5 years together to try to prove they were broken up or was going to break up.

    And doesn’t anyone think it strange that IF Zac was sin NYC that only these two guys say him? Two guys that have proven in other tweets they are only trying to get attention. Like one says Zac is alone and then they say he is with someone. They say they are 40 yards away and then itis 40… That’s as bad as one site saying Zac is on T&C, another one says he was spotten in LA, then one that say NYC, and yet another one that says he is in Miami! How stupid and far-fetched does something have to get before people realize just how stupid and UNTRUE it is? Don’t you people ever get embarrassed about how gulible and stupid you look?

  • florence

    @Karen: The sightings of Zac in NY are posted at Zanessa sweethearts a very reliable site for Zac and Vanessa news. That is where I read it.

    And according to Zac previoulsy they are INSEPERABLE once they have finished film projects and yet here we are into the new year and not one sighting of them together as in previous new year’s, that tell’s you something about their situation and how true it is, otherwise why would Zac stay back home so long.

    As for the psysic site we did’nt need that Nikki told us months ago that he was never going to marry Vanessa and that she was the one for him. But did he come out and correct her or stick up for Vanessa after yet another comment from Nikki, no as usual he treated it no doubt as a joke. And now the rings disappear from both of them along with Vanessa Love Bracelet, perhaps people should’nt be so quick to dismiss Nikki and her relactionship with Zac as only being one sided.

  • florence

    @Karen: They also tweeted on zanessa sweethearts that they had dinner with Zac too.

  • Bella

    @florence: I don’ get what you’ saying.

    That’ what you think.

  • Sophia

    I refuse to look at or believe anything if it’s not a pic of zac, Vanessa, or Zanessa, or info backed up by them

  • Tata

    Awww, Vanessa you are the cutest!!!!

  • Mira

    freakin’ gorgeous.vanessa is the best :)

  • Nancy


  • Daisy

    I can never understand why people think that he will leave her first even though we never know what will happen in the future.

    I mean, she can certainly leave him for another guy

  • Nancy

    ZV have broken up and its true as Augustus who was Z’s costar in CSC confirmed it.I still have that Vanessa because she hurt Zac. She doesn’t deserve any love.

  • Mikhaila

    @Nancy: jerk Shut up