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Alessandra Ambrosio: St. Barts Bikini Beauty!

Alessandra Ambrosio: St. Barts Bikini Beauty!

Alessandra Ambrosio rinses off herself after taking a dip in the ocean on Sunday (January 2) in St. Barts.

The 29-year-old model showed off her toned body in a bikini as she relaxed on a yacht off the coast of the Caribbean island.

“Sunset…this place is very beautiful!” Ale tweeted. “I love St. Barts!”

10+ pictures inside of Alessandra Ambrosio on a yacht off the coast of St. Barts…

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# 1

No ass :( and way too thin..

# 2
pigenfrafyn @ 01/03/2011 at 2:56 pm

Oy—-another St. Barts posting!
The place to be seen if you a somebody!
Clearly not for the schlebbs of the world.

# 3



# 4

ugh.. so bony. no thanx.

# 6

Rosie Huntington has better and hotter body.

# 7

at least we can learn something about bones and human skeleton from her.

# 8

she looks gorgeous and toned.
Healthy and fabulous.

# 9

alessandra keeps getting older yet she gets sexier FTW

She’s beautiful but I think she would look better with 1o more pounds on her.

so skinny and ugly body but big belly! not sexy at all…she needs more meal on her bones!

hypocrits @ 01/03/2011 at 3:25 pm

I love Alessandra, I think she’s beautifull.

As for all the comments saying that she’s anorexic,
First of all; thats not a joke you should just be throwing around to insult people.
Second; if she had bigger boobs everyone would just be saying “oh she’s so toned” but because she doesnt, she’s “anorexic”.

Doesn’t he realize that he should be shaven in warm weather!

The Truth Hurts @ 01/03/2011 at 3:44 pm

But Rosie has a seriously jacked-up face..Her nose it too wide and the permanent open mouth with giant lips looks like she has partial down syndrome.

Rosie so pretty cute than alessandra werid

Toned body? Your joking right?

@The Truth Hurts: Rosie’s face is very pretty no matter what nose or lips she has.

anonymous @ 01/03/2011 at 4:19 pm

I don’t get her appeal, her body is very boyish and where’s her breast?

Toned would imply some sort of muscle. She’s skin over bones.

Ohh boy , Gisele , her , and Miranda are so thin , Go ADRIANNA and KIM !


Are u blind or dumb? A woman looking like death on 2 legs, with no curves, no shapes looks healthy and toned? U need a doctor…

Bikini beauty? We may be stupid but not that stupid. Where is the beauty? Her face is common/ugly and she is skinny, she has no curves, no appeal. Where is the beauty, pls? In the eyes and mind of the idiots i guess.

Too much plastic sugrery and botox like miranda.adrianna.candice.rosie i hate models

funny she’s supposed to be a VS model, but where are the boobs

Why are you guys so judgmental, my god. Let her be.. I think she’s beautiful inside and out. So what if she’s skinny? I’m skinny and I’m not anorexic at all. Learn to respect and judge yourself first. SMH.

she is such a famew**h**ore… where is her baby?
in Brasil, with the nany…
she is never with the baby, she can always be seen in parties drinking and everything
so much diference from gisele and adriana. besides those two ARE beautiful, their behavior is of a mother…

OMG!! Jared!! She is not “toned”. To be toned, you must have muscle. She has no muscle, no fat; just skn & bones. Gross, not sexy. Stop perpetuating this false, unhealthy idea of what a woman’s body should look like. The hollywood machine only validates what these women/girls think they have to look like. This, in turn, makes the rest of us “normal” women feel ugly and fat.

@FRISCO: There’s no such thing as a normal woman. This whole comment is full of jealousy. LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF WITHOUT PUTTING/JUDGING OTHER PEOPLE DOWN.

Her looks have really gone downhill. SHe looks like a horse most of the time.

Ale does look to skinny here,but she is still my fav. VS model.

Balanced is best @ 01/03/2011 at 6:48 pm

She really is too thin imo. She’s certainly not ugly but I think a woman looks better (especially in a bikini) with a bit more meat on her bones. However I don’t think ‘ultra-curvy” (i.e. ‘chunky’) women look good either – ESPECIALLY in bikinis or tight-fitting jeans.

amanda harleech @ 01/03/2011 at 6:53 pm


Bones are def not sexy!


amanda harleech @ 01/03/2011 at 6:53 pm


Bones are def not sexy!


A cup w/ a pancake ass and a pooch belly yuck!

She looks disgusting, she’s built like a 12 year old boy.

THAT GIRL! @ 01/03/2011 at 8:09 pm


Ale is wasting away! @ 01/03/2011 at 8:15 pm

These pics are shocking, esp. the one of her from behind. She is deathly thin, probably from the pressures of being a model, the fear of being too fat for the job. So sad.

I would not have made a comment except you said she was TONED.
There is no muscle tone. If she worked out she would have a 6 pack and a flat tummy. She is a very thin woman with skinny arms and no curves. Is that her back bone showing under her skin? What strikes me as strange, on the runway she looked like she weighed more and was curvier. Is it the full body make up vs no make up that made her look better? Probably. I hope looking like this is natural for her and that she is not doing something dumb to achieve this look.

Extremely Thin, FLAT A$$, no shape, bony chest! THere is nothing flattering about this woman. Whether she is pretty or not, she is Physically unattractive.

i agree with you guys… i hate to be mean, but she should really gain some weight. She looks scary thin in these pics..:S


and I bet you are, too.

omg she is fugly and boney and anorectic

spilt_daydreams @ 01/04/2011 at 6:03 am

Her body looks like Mr. Burns’ from The Simpsons.

Seriously, she is hard to look at. That body is so nasty. How the heck did VS hire this girl???? Most VS models have gorgeous bodies. Adriana Lima has curves and the face above all of these girls. Wish we saw more of her! Rosie, fugly face and this one has the body of a 10 year old very tall boy. Not attractive!!!!!

To each their own, I don’t like Adriana Lima, she has weird face and her body looks fat. Miranda, Candice and Rosie have perfect, hot bodies and pretty, beautiful faces. More Miranda, Candice and Rosie, please!

@andrea: Agree, it’s jealousy, every girl wishes to be slim and beautiful like models.

From Paris with Love @ 01/04/2011 at 8:11 am

Like I said last week, even Bar Rafaeli has a better body than Alessandra Ambrosio now.
Candice, Miranda and Rosie FTW

she is so ugly!!!!
vs designers and stylists are magician, I always thought she were beautiful, but ‘in natural’, no make up and this 12 old boy body, she isn’t beautiful at all!!!

she is brazilian girl she´s CUTE!!! his hasband is american guy.

she´s so cute of course ! his hansband is american guy lucky girl

no breast
no ass
omg :(

no breast
no ass
omg :(

OMG so sick of fatties saying anyone and everyone who doesnt look like Kim Kardashian is anorextic or too skinny. Yes Ale is thin, but trust me she is not as thin as most high fashion models. it gets worse, way worse. I seriously doubt any of you have half as good of a body (male or female) its so funny how fat + average poor people who don’t make money off their looks criticize the most. lmao. IMO Adriana is too big and toned and has no waist at all and SKINNY chicken legs. she just has a fat girls face and big up top, so you forget how misproportioned she is down below. Her a** is shaped like a square and not bubbly either. Big up top and small down below does not equal = curvy. These are models people! not socialite porn stars.

I hope all of you feel better about bashing her, she reads this site. She posts links through her twitter, lol. buncha haters happy now? Sure she doesnt mind. she’s loaded and lives the life and can prob care a less anyways, but its still mean. I think she’s gorgeous. Not like in 2006 gorgeous, but still prettier than me, my best friend,my sister,my cousins, my neighbor, and even the hot cheerleader at school that all the guys worship. stfu.

if she really sits around and reads this site, then she needs to find something better to do with her life. a little narcissistic, no? this is a gossip site.

to much skinny and masculine! her body isn’t a good body!

shes gross what happened to her my friend was in St Barts and saw her there partying at night all she did was drink adn chain smoke all day and night even on the beach she said shes not pretty in person scary anorexic looking she said she looks like she suffering really bad from anorexic and bulimia she said Demi Moore was there too and at 48 years old she said shes thin but her body rocks shes thin but she has some boobs and a cute butt like every girl should have i always said Adriana Lima had it all over alessandra get help feel bad for her cute little girl

I love how people are tearing this woman apart over her body, because she’s thin. Thin women have become the new whipping post of the media and pop culture in general. She looks healthy, she just has a very straight figure. Large women can have straight figures as well. If she had the same-sized waist, but a large bottom and big breasts, everyone would be going on about how ‘voluptuous’ and ‘womanly,’ she is. Most of such women are simply stuffed with silicone anyway, including Kim Kardashian and Christina Hendricks.

i dont know who the hell is her, but she looks ew 0 body :/ please JJ do not post this photos anymore

this makes me laugh because in real life, most men would say EWWWW ot this woman. No man would be turned on by her, and women may want to be skinny like her, but would NOT want this body.

Add a photoshoot, outfits, and photoshopped boobs and she becomes a Vs model. there are girls way more NATURALLY gorgeous that aren’t unhealthy looking…what the hell??

aussies rule @ 01/05/2011 at 2:33 am





aussies rule @ 01/05/2011 at 2:35 am

@lover not a fighter:

she is not too thin, just small boobs and ****. I copy the other sentiments already said; add more boobs and **** and all you tweens would be calling her womanly and sexy,blah blah…so double standard. I dont like Christina H body at all. She could never be a VS model! Yes she is nice and shapely but I hate fat arms. Her arms are gross. fat faces are yuck too.

just bones and bones no curves here

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