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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Benihana Family Dinner!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Benihana Family Dinner!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt take their family for dinner at Benihana Restaurant on Sunday (January 2) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The family is back home after spending time in Springfield, Missouri visiting Brad’s relatives for a post-Christmas get together!

While in Springfield, Angelina stopped at a Barnes and Noble for a fresh cup of coffee with her daughters Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 4.

It was just announced that Brad and Angelina donated $2 million to a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia, where the family spent their Christmas holiday.

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  • NAN

    Norman’s friends living in Europe have to bÅrking for Slutjenhifer huh?

    To….Slutjenhifer’s dogs.


    Cheers for The Bitter Biich Barren Cow and her Bulldogs !

    Slutjenhifer’s dogs will be the bÅrking dogs for Slutjenhifer for the rest of their lives !(until all of her money gone)

  • Some Bunny

    They look incredible, eye go directly to Angelina, because she has so much charisma! What a great year it is already to be a JP fan!

    Blessings to the JP’s and to their family and fans.

  • hag

    unfortunately chinnifer will meet 2011 with her bank account drawn negative. she has accepted “pay for play” her “1″ gay did her bidding. to the negative of her bank account, sic her ugly new BFF Chelsea Handjob on the attack the very week that angie’s movie is released. also, grease the palms of paid flacks to trash angie’s movie without even seeing it. $$ from manny’s bankroll was flowing.

  • busted

    Wow can you believe how great she looks in that candid shot. Just stunning.

  • Sandy

    her features are beautiful.
    one fine lady

  • newbie

    wow! every time they travel, it seems like they drop a few million bucks to a charity or good cause. good for them.

  • busted

    Can we limit the Aniston discussion until the Hag does something.

    Brad/Angie are not thinking about the woman at all. Unfortunately we will be seeing her in time. Let’s wait til then. The hags want this thread and others to be about her.. Why give them what they want..

    @leave them alone:

    Zee is not sucking a pacifier.. really how silly is that. She is sucking her thumb..and your comment and it intent is quite obvious. Trying to create a story that is not a story.

    So to make my comment more clearer..STFU..

  • Mikhaela

    even in a snap shot like that
    it still speak to her aura that she’s a star!
    she’s very beautiful , she’s glowing!


    TT = 120 millions worldwide SO FAR + 3 GG
    Stil 34 markets to open adding an extra 100 millions on their own WITHOUT counting the 15 that just opened and still bring cash in.
    2011 : Angelina Jolie the new rom com queen in town who again proves that she is talented enough to land a GG nomination on her early attempt at rom coms, just like she did with dramas and Gia…
    Move over America Sweetheart, the queen is here to stay and you have feirce competition in your own backyard from now on. LOL !.

  • lilia

    I want to see more of brangelina in 2011
    and not eddie and leann

    and to the one who commented in first page

    jessica alba is not prettier than angie

    she’s very plain

    angelina is captivating

  • woman spanish

    She has a stunning face. Beautiful couple and beautiful children.
    TT number one in Spain. The power de la Jolie!

  • Deanie

    Angelina Jolie looks so beautiful here ! God bless the family !

  • aseret64

    Angie is not conscious at all about her looks. If she is with her kids of just having a family time, she doesnt wear any make up and yet she is gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful. Why? Because she is at peace, has a man in her life who loves her unconditionally, with 6 gorgeous kids, hot career, humanitarian, etc. In other words, she is absolutely happy with what she has right now, she never ask for more because she knows she is blessed. If you have these things in your life, without a doubt, your beauty will radiates from within.

  • ME


  • Jeoy

    Scary looks

  • Katy

    Katy love Brad pitt i’m crazy for it

  • Katy

    Beautiful family Brad and her kids love it

  • Juststrolling

    Such a beautiful family even only thru pictures!!

  • TheTouristROCKS!

    Zahara possibly couldn’t be thumbsucking! She could just be COUGHING as such a lady she is for her age, she has the manners to cover her mouth!!! It could just be a million things!

  • home at last?

    wow “home”, for how long? She looks bored already. she don’t like Cal. But, he sure always did. is this their actual base? (not angies!)
    Those kids have to be exhausted!

  • Thumb Sucking

    @leave them alone:

    Pacifier? No, she sucking her Thumb, and she’s 5 going on 6 this yr. tells you something, don’t it? (well not te jp loons, other’s with normal minds)



    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beautiful yes, but

    OMG! I like this beautiful couple , but gee to hear most of you, it’s beyond even an “obsession”. Yikes! Other sites weren’t kidding about the love fest and worse on here! Scary reading! (The Pitts would agree, believe me, not normal folks) you all act like your “in love” with them, is this normal? No wonder, no one could say a single neg. comment here, YIKES. And I am a fan, she’s beautiful, travels too much but her business. but gee , the love professed here is beyond normal!

  • bdj

    The Tourist

    When some great mergers like the one in this movie occur, the result is definitely positive. I always wanted to see the dashing Johnny Depp and ravishing Angelina Jolie to be paired and they finally do. I have always adored the trademark style of acting that Johnny has and I am happy to see that he changed that style for this movie. He plays the role of a lonely guy who meets a stranger who changes his life altogether. This stranger is Angelina Jolie a mysterious girl with dozens of problems.

    The Tourist features some great cinematographic work and the beautiful sceneries of Italy keep you involved throughout.

    The critics have gone too hard on this movie. It was made for enjoyment and it perfectly fulfills the purpose. Those who didn’t like it have actually not understood the theme!

    The Tourist Review Verdict:
    Take it as a light fun filled picture and you will love every minute of it.

  • bdj

    The 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2011

    Kung Fu Panda 2
    Release Date: May 27

    Po has to uncover the secrets of his mysterious origins to save Kung Fu in ‘Kung Fu Panda 2′

    After successfully becoming a kung fu master, Po’s new challenge will require him to trace back his past. A follow-up to one of DreamWorks’ best animations, “Kung Fu Panda 2″ will still feature the loveable Panda alongside his friends, with original stars including Jack Black, Lucy Liu, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen and Angelina Jolie returning to voice these characters. A mix of detailed pictures and 3-D technology will surely create a great visual entertainment for the whole family members.

    The Tree of Life
    Release Date: May 27

    Brad Pitt is a father who raises his son to be tough in ‘The Tree of Life’

    Oscar-nominated Terrence Malick, who has some of his only few feature films considered masterpieces, is back with “The Tree of Life”. Pitched since 2005, the drama is promoted to present incredible effects shots and a concept that have never been seen before. From the trailer, it seems that the movie will tell a fresh “impressionistic” story in a poetic way with beautiful sceneries as the backdrops. Two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn as well as Golden Globe and Oscar nominee Brad Pitt take the key roles, giving a promise that they will bring the characters to life convincingly.

  • bdj

    Jolie, Pitt donate $2 million to African wildlife

    (AP) – 1 hour ago

    JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are donating $2 million to the Namibian sanctuary where they spent Christmas with their kids.

    The donation to the Naankuse Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary was made through the Jolie-Pitt Foundation in the name of their daughter Shiloh, who was born in Namibia.

    In a statement released Monday, Angelina said “We want her to be very involved and grow up with the understanding of her country of birth.”

    Angelina said the owners of the sanctuary are old friends. “We continue to be impressed by their hard work and dedication to the people and conservation of the land and wildlife of Namibia,” she said.

    The family spent Christmas together at the lodge, where staff say the children helped to feed and care for orphaned baby baboons and foxes and saw a leopard released back into the wild.

  • LadyB

    I love her jawline. I want her jawline. It’s very obvious in “The Tourist” poster and in the movie “Salt”.

  • bdj

    Have a great day. Best wishes to the Jolie-Pitts and the fans in the New Year.

    Great #Movie, the #Tourist starring Angelina #Jolie and Johnny #Depp. Highly recommended!

  • Susie#1

    Hey, it’s great that they donated $2,000,000 for wildlife conservation. Just think how that money could help the homeless in our country, help inner-city schools, feed the needy. Somehow I think their money is mis-placed.

  • Thomas

    Some weird over the top adoration going on here for normal people who happened to have gotten rich. They probably gave the 2 million because tax time is coming up. But it’s good for the animals.


    I DO THIS.


    Ask Maniston to donate her money for your homeless.
    As for Jolie, her salary is based on the revenues she brings and since its more from overseas, it’s not like Americans can claim that she owe her salary to them anymore…
    Ask your idole whose revenues are more american to give back to people who stand for her in here.

  • Zee

    Angelina is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood.

  • joe


    Isn’t that your government’s job? They’re the people who spent billions on two wars instead of fixing the problems at home.


    # Joe.
    Don’t say that to Susie. She probably beleived in the WMD’s sham and was all for the unecessary Irak war that plunges the country into a huge financial debt.
    Not to mention that the recession we live in is partly due because some American fradulent financial person play god with loans and provok the failure of the financial system on a global scale.
    And now those idiots like Susie wants Jolie who is criticized left and right by american critics, insulted by an american comedian and trashed all day long by mostly her countrymen pay the bill for their lazy asses, bad decisions and professional mistakes.
    Yeah right !

  • anustin

    thanks miss bdj.for the daily doz.

    @sushi.t! ask Maniston to donate.people in haiti are lookin for the half mil.

  • sav

    @WHO IS SALT ?:
    Yeah, you are totally right. Americans prefer Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Kate Gosselin, Heidi Montag and other talentless so-called stars. Reality TV will kill Hollywood the same way it has killed MTV.
    People all over the world adore The Tourist, Angie and Johnny the biggest movie stars of the world.

  • anustin

    bwhaahahahaahha….trolls sooo angry!!!! lovin it!

  • gracie

    Hi everyone. I have missed a lot and have a lot to catch up on.. I have very bad cold and have been mia from internet a few days. I’m bed resting and taking my cold remedies. What a way to start the New Year. It sucks.

    Nice to see the JPs family. They look relaxed and rested. The JPs are the best, kind generous couple. The money will go a long way in helping the sanctuary and the work they do.

  • M

    Zahara is going to be 6 this month and still sucks her thumb. If that were anybody else’s kid people would be blasting them.

  • Rel

    Stunning Angie!


    Gracie, get well soon. I caught the fluand the virus is very severe this year. So take care of yourself.

  • gracie

    Wow! I see TT has grossed $120m+ —- incredible. That is FANTASTIC!! The critics should eat their own words and hide in shame. I’m looking forward to the next $100m coz I know it will make it. It is Angie and JD. Two gorgeous actors and amongst the best in the industry.

    Thank you WHO IS SALT for your continuous update, very much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

  • gracie

    Thank you WHO IS SALT. I’m all wrapped up and taking lots of fluid.

  • gh

    hideous kids

  • Catsup

    Have a Great New Year JP Fans!!

    Angiew looks lovely well gorgeous actually… as always.
    That’s a fine dining restaurant the kids are well behaved to be able to take them to the Benihana Restaurant.
    What a lovely couple who enjoy each others company. and do so much with their kids. It must suck for the hens to see how adorable Angie and Brad and 6 kids are and always doing so well together.
    Aumm I thought i read at least 100 times they were breaking up after every movie Angie made.
    LOL I mean Really…What excuses do you miserable whining hens come up with when they never split and are always out and about doing good in the world. and with their children in tow???? Obviously you have to lie to yourselves on a constant basis. Bunch of Fools!!!

  • http://justjared Susan

    @beggar: If your English is poor, how about keeping it SIMPLE, Brad and Angelina (Angie). There are two individuals.

  • Jin


    Hi Gracie! Sad to know you’re under the weather. Aside from the JPs, I am also a fan of your posts. LOL! But really, hope your health will get better soon.

  • anustin


    obviously u got no kids.suck to be a fugz,manless,obviously peenless.

    hope ur not 42.clock turned backward many times.

  • lurker

    @M: It’s her thumb, let Z do what she wants. She can also suck her toes and it’s none of your business. Leave the JPs alone. They are doing much better than you. What are you sucking for sucks sake?