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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Benihana Family Dinner!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Benihana Family Dinner!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt take their family for dinner at Benihana Restaurant on Sunday (January 2) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The family is back home after spending time in Springfield, Missouri visiting Brad’s relatives for a post-Christmas get together!

While in Springfield, Angelina stopped at a Barnes and Noble for a fresh cup of coffee with her daughters Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 4.

It was just announced that Brad and Angelina donated $2 million to a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia, where the family spent their Christmas holiday.

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1,670 Responses to “Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Benihana Family Dinner!”

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  1. 126
    tish Says:

    I adore Brad he is yummy. What a wonderful Dad he is too besides the kinda partner every woman wants. Awwee Angie you are so lucky .
    Brad Pitt is my dreamboat.

  2. 127
    Some Bunny Says:

    I saw the trailer of the Tree of Life with Brad Pitt over the weekend; I think it will be an Oscar winner.

  3. 128
    anustin Says:

    oh alisshi.t!doesn’t Maniston says”you’ve got to do what you’ve got go” and “whatever floats the boat”just do it” .hey fuggy bitc.h!!! that was her hello interview in cabos at her birthday eh.

  4. 129
    glory Says:

    Angie has had a great year. First Salt and now The Tourist.
    Excellent Films.

  5. 130
    Happy 2011 Says:

    @lovejoliepitt: Don’t get mad at me for being happy for angelina and her lady friend. If it gives angie some spark and makes her happier than shes looked for the last years? im all for her having a girlfriend. I just really hope her taste in women has improved. I remember sometime in 2010 she was spotted more than once at a restaurant in Los angeles with a woman with short hair. The story fizzled with little info. Angelina probably caught brad cheating so she decided to get a lover of her own.

  6. 131
    Some Bunny Says:

    @AWHODAT!: AWhoDat, Thanks for posting this, I completely agree, JA is over rated. Had to endure a few minutes of the BH with Gerald B while at a friends house and just the ten minutes was more than I could take. The music to this chase scene was young and hip, while the stars were not. It was terribly choreographed, unlike most of Sony’s Films. I wish people would stop the comparison of X to Angelina Jolie because Angelina is a much better actress. Its like comparing diamonds with cubic zirconia. Angelina is 100 x better actress. I prefer Quality instead of Quantity in a film.

  7. 132
    unhappyjealousnamechanger Says:

    @Happy 2011:

    hi anti fan-ficition story writer…., you can work for ian halperin, your hired crazy lady! yay!

  8. 133
    lovejoliepitt Says:

    Happy 2011 – good for you with your fantasy but I’ll take angies words for her true love Brad Pitt and that smile you see on Angies face is all Brad Pitt doing.
    Brad adores Angie and Angies adores Brad!
    Again, Angies words and doings is all about brad and kids and please,stop the lying cause I’LL TAKE ANGIES WORDS THAN YOUR FANTASY= xfans!
    But then again thats who you are!

  9. 134
    Sara Says:

    Angie is the most powerful actress in Hollywood . Must be nice!

    How dare anyone compare Angie’s acting to the Deadends BWHAHAHA.

    Come on DeadEnd has become a Joke. Nobody wants to buy a ticket if it’s her so called movie. She can’t fill seats… ppl run.

    Angie is looking at another Oscar. WOOT!!

  10. 135
    Lee Says:

    AWHODAT! @ 01/03/2011 at 10:53 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +5

    HW A-Listers and the ones that dropped off
    from A-List and became De-Listed
    9. A-List: Angelina Jolie
    Five-film average: $106 million
    While her off-screen antics gain her as much buzz as her on-screen achievements, there is no denying Jolie’s allure. Her 50/50 split of big budget popcorn movies and award-winning dramas has made her a fan of Joe Moviegoer and critics alike. The public loves to follow this woman’s career.
    7. De-listed: Jennifer Aniston
    Five-film average: $55 million
    Let’s make this perfectly clear: Jennifer Aniston is not — and never was — an A-List actress.
    For some reason, America has given Aniston the attention and buzz that would suggest A-List status, but in reality she has only ever co-lead two hit movies (”The Break-Up” and “Along Came Polly”) in her whole career. And, to be honest, her influence in the success of those films is highly debatable.
    Jen has proven to be a suitable co-star and love interest in a few hit movies (”Bruce Almighty,” “Marley & Me” and “He’s Just Not That Into You”), but when it comes to putting butts in the seats, the former “Friend” has been more of a cinema enemy.

    Read more:


    Thank you for saving the truth.

  11. 136
    alli Says:

    Yepper Book end Oscars for Angie this year.
    Don’t miss The Tourist, What a fun movie and Angie is soooo beautiful.

  12. 137
    truth is Says:

    @Happy 2011: I think you got mix up with someone. It is not Angie who has a woman lover it is Jen. Chelsea and Jen mopped each others muffin during their Cabo vacation. Angie prefer hot juicy sausage. She is not a big fan of dessert anymore. Angie likes meat better.

  13. 138

    They would totally split up if they couldn’t find a way to get attention. What would they have to live for?

  14. 139
    Passing Through Says:

    # 116 Happy 2011 @ 01/03/2011 at 11:01 am
    I just read through the last 2 threads that I missed yesterday and I see the crackie troll is still on duty. When doesn’t this ho get a break? Aren’t there labor laws for this kind of stuff? You’re not a slave, ya know. AT least tell Huvsy you’re taking 15 minutes to clean your crack pipe or to call your dealer and restock your supply. Just remember – for every 4 hours you work you’re entitled to a 15 minute break. Due to the fact that you work 24 hours a day, this means you get 6 breaks. Please take them. Thank you.

  15. 140
    passby Says:

    To the Jolie-Pitts fans…let’s ignore the fat, ugly and bitter haters. Angelina’s movies are good. Go see the Tourist–it’s a very entertaining movie.

  16. 141
    anybody?anybody? Says:

    @Lalalove: why does Jennifer have to come up in every satan angie post? and jolie needs a little more meat on her bones, she looks sickly. and a trip isn’t worth it if you don’t save something and have it splashed on every magazine cover. i’d think they’re a lot more charitable if they didn’t have to get a photoshoot and publicity out of donations. do it anonymously. do it because you care. don’t do it to keep your name in people’s mouths because your movies don’t quite do it for you anymore.

  17. 142
    premalee Says:

    Angelina looks so beautiful.

  18. 143
    busted Says:

    @Passing Through:

    If you notice the comments have an interesting spin….NOW Brad and Angie are old and boring.. Saying crap about the kids. talking about a movie that will turn a profit..

    The break up stories have run dry. I hope this is the trend for 2011. The rags can’t sell the triangle anymore and the HAGs and other freaks can’t hang their heads on Brad beelining it to Aniston

    So they have been spouting off for 6 years.. that’s 2112 days.. and if you are fan you know that almost everyday this couple has been together there has been some kind of crap gossip. Well now that well is running dry and they have waisted all that time in their lives obsessing over a couple they claim to hate and are tired of.. So now they are going through the pains of LOSS/Greif

    YOU know all

    A Normal Life Process
    Five Stages Of Grief
    1. Denial and Isolation.
    2. Anger.
    3. Bargaining.
    4. Depression.
    5. Acceptance.

    They are at the Anger stage going into the Barganing.. telling why Brad and Angie are still together.. But many are in the Depression stage.. Soon Acceptance.

    This couple is in it for the long Haul.. DEAL and move on..

    WHY not obsesss over the celebs you do like.

  19. 144
    Marilyn Says:

    TT was released in Malaysia on Dec 30, 2010-top 3 movie in the country this week, going strong, can’t believe TT hasn’t opened in 34 countries yet. TT will hit more than USD200 million easily worldwide. Kudos to Angie & Depp, God bless them and their family for 2011. Happy New Year to JP fans.

  20. 145
    noplace Says:

    # 116 Happy 2011 @ 01/03/2011 at 11:01 am

    Actually, as Angie herself has pointed out before, there is a tiny group of people for whom gossip matters. And then there is the vast majority of the world’s population who are busy living their lives in very challengin­g circumstan­ces. And they are not too concerned with who you are and whats you motive for helping them. Neither are they interested in your tears on their behalf. They just wanna know what you are doing to help them. So she kinda has a very healthy attitude to her mindless critics. She does not acknowledg­e their existence.

  21. 146
    Yoco Says:

    @anybody?anybody?: Brad and Angie Thanks for donating to great causes. I learned about the SOS Children’s Villages through your involvement/financial support and was able to make a donation myself.This recent donation has prompted me to do research on a local animal sanctuary and donate money and possible volunteer.Thanks for using your celebrity to bring attention to great organizations like Doctors w/out Borders. Also for starting organizations Like Make It Right. Fans stay positive and ignore the negativity. Also I didn’t realize TT made$ 120 M that’s wonderful

  22. 147
    sav Says:

    Yes, and here is the link for that interview.
    By the way, Angie is amazingly beautiful, smart and eloquent.

  23. 148
    %%%$$$$ Says:

    “En un año de espectaculares estupideces ,TT, merece ser enterrada en lo mas bajo de la pila de estiercol de 2010″ Rolling Stones .

  24. 149
    %%%$$$$ Says:

    “ como ir de paseo en una gondola que se hunde “.Star tribune.

  25. 150
    to missy Says:

    you are sooooo rigth…

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