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Chris Pine & Olivia Wilde: Welcome to People!

Chris Pine & Olivia Wilde: Welcome to People!

Chris Pine will star opposite Olivia Wilde in Welcome to People, a family drama set to begin filming this month!

Here’s THR‘s synopsis of the film, which also stars Elizabeth Banks:

“A businessman (Pine)…returns home after his estranged father’s death and discovers that he has an alcoholic sister (Banks) with a 12-year-old son.”

Olivia will play Chris‘ girlfriend.

Filming is scheduled to begin in Los Angeles later this month!

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  • Julia

    Sounds like a snoozer.

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Really ?they want more money? Why??they have

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    She has wried facial features

  • Cheery

    WTF, when is she supposed to come back to “House” if she’s filming this? Can’t stand her annoying replacement…

  • laura

    Olivia my baby! Love her!

  • Jaceym

    And Star Trek?! Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  • Butter_Fly

    The pretty and hot Olivia! I bet Chris is happy about that!

  • elyse

    is she or is she not returning to House… I hope so I don’t like amber tamblyn!! :( :(

  • Sam

    Is Olivia Asian? She looks mixed but never talks about her ethnicity.

  • dee


    She’s either 100% Irish or Irish/English. Her real last name is Cockburn pronounced “Coburn”.

  • boots

    Jared you posted a bad picture of Olivia

  • JazzK

    The script is supposed to be dynamite good. Every young well respected actress wanted a part of this project. And Spielberg himself is overseeing this production. I doubt it will be a snoozer.

  • keachick

    #6 Jaceym – So far, the story is that Chris Pine will film Welcome to People which is now in pre-production phase. They are meant to start filming the Star Trek sequel in May/June this year, so there is time to do Welcome to People. Welcome to People is an original story by Alex Kurtzman (one of the Star Trek sequel’s writers) and Bob Orci is also a contributor (also a Trek writer).
    It is a non-science-fiction story and will be Alex Kurtzman’s debut as a movie director. Steven Spielberg is backing this production. I doubt there will be any scheduling clashes between this movie and Star Trek as both movies are by Paramount Pictures.

    There is a story behind the Welcome to People title but I can’t remember exactly what it is. Maybe someone does know…?

    Happy New Year to JustJared and everybody else as well. Keep posting those good Chris Pine pics. We haven’t seen any for a while. I trust Chris is well and happy!

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Yea she asian from koria

  • hyoid


    I was thinking it sounds like a snoozer, but I’m glad you shared this info. Good to know that it was an in-demand script. Now I can look forward to the preview :-)

  • Valerie

    Olivia is american/irish….. Not Asian.
    She is Beautiful, and perfect for the job.
    Let’s hope it turns out great! So happy
    that Olivia is getting all of the opportunities!

  • Clairedelune

    Want to liker her and LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEE him. Welcome To People (stupid name)…I am confused why so much bruhaha over just $150K? (and all the PR releases SAID the character CP plays will need to deliver $150K to a sister he did not know he has….) Com’ON! CP needs to “live it up”, “act it up”, “sex it up” a bit…LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE him but the “yawn” factor is approaching fast.

  • keachick

    How should CP (I assume you mean the characters he plays) “live it up”, “act it up”? In the Welcome to People movie, his character does have a girlfriend, so there may be some “sexxing it up” with the girlfriend. Hope so.

    If I had $150K coming to me, I would not consider it “just $150K” or if I had to give that amount to money to a sister I didn’t know I had, until the reading of a Will.

    I think that Welcome to People is an actual sign on a door to a place where meetings are held for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. Can anyone confirm or otherwise?

  • Clairedelune

    Yes KEACHICK…you are right on your points. Shame on me. But $150K is really not a lot of money these days; trust me. The plot should be like $500K…to say the least. By “live it up” “act it up” “sex it up” = = = I guess some bad ass crazy…that is all brain-dead and all-American dumb but a great time in the theater. (And I would not say that Napa-wine-indie or Germ-a**hole-flopper expanded his body of work.) Just feel lately CP is too “J Crew” or just kind of blend and wonderbread…. He seems so serious and introspective about his craft, and always thanking a million people, and so humble and stuff. Is this the real CP or his publicist doing the PR releases? Yawn yawn yawn (just a little bit). Some “bad” publicity would do wonder….since we cannot be that bad in real life as non-movie-stars, I look to him to be one…not fair and shame on me, right? Oh well….

  • clairedelune


    What are you going on about? He can live his life the way he wants. Why would you want him to have some bad publicity so that you can be amused/entertained? Lindsay Lohan’s life is a disaster – who would want him to end up like that? I think he’s making sensible decisions about his career and is living his life without becoming a famewhore.

    Look at all those actors who became famewhores/trainwrecks like LL, Jennifer Aniston, JLo, Ben Affleck, Mel Gibson, etc. Their careers were compromised by bad decisions. The ones who have talent are still working but they have an uphill struggle. Sorry but there’s no way CP should try to become a tabloid spectacle.

  • heat

    I bet when CP first does something bad, then Clairdune will be the first to jump up and down on him, it’s like some want the same thing in everyone, a little bad and a little good. Well just like everyone isn’t always bad or good, separately, everyone isn’t always jsut a nice haugty mixture, they’re what they want and/or supposed to be, and it’s NONE of our business. It’s a shame what trivial silliness we want to be entertained by, especially by complete strangers (no matter how much we admire to them, we still don’t know them)

  • Mooly

    They sort of look like the male/female versions of each other: strong jawlines, high foreheads, full lips and startingly blue eyes.