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Cristiano Ronaldo: Maldives with Irina Shayk!

Cristiano Ronaldo: Maldives with Irina Shayk!

A shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo flashes his abs while soaking up the sun during a recent holiday in the Maldives.

The 25-year-old soccer star enjoyed some R&R with his bikini-clad girlfriend, Russian model Irina Shayk.

On Monday (January 3), Cristiano helped his team, Real Madrid, beat Getafe with a 3-2 win. He scored two goals, bringing his tally to 19 goals in 17 matches.

In other news, Cristiano is reportedly facing a battle with the mother of his son.

The British woman is distraught over her decision to hand over full custody to Cristiano and has been calling him nonstop, according to U.K.’s Daily Mail.

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  • DC

    Go Madrid best club ever!!!

  • no

    he’s disgusting,ugly

  • Cristobal

    Have mercy

  • Channy

    ew, that pic with his abs and hips… pelvis (?) whatever you call it, how it darts in so much. I just think thats so gross looking :p
    and about the baby’s mom, everyone makes mistakes we see them on this site a lot. If she truly wants her baby because of love and NOT because of the daddy and the money from child support than I wish the best for her

  • Lily

    I think he’s ugly and she’s too good looking for him…
    He looks like a gay turkish guy or something, just ugly face.

  • justme….C

    They look so bored.

  • stuck up

    I find that they are both very into themselves. Like a very stuck up couple..match made in heaven i guess lol

  • zd

    JustJared failed to mention the part that they were there for all of his winter break (traveled over on the 23rd dec, arrived the morning of xmas eve (google’ ronaldo maldives’ for arrival pictures – and stayed there till the 28th/29th) just the 2 of them with neither of their families with them xmas eve, day or boxing day (Ronaldo’s mother, son and sister’s family at least were in portugal without ronaldo over xmas and the new year)

    Basically he ditched his whole family and his son (on his 1st xmas) for some attention seeking model (for everyday of the last holiday the guy will get until the end of may to boot). For someone whom claims that family is most important to them doesn’t this behavior and his behavior over this summer gone for that matter strike as odd and hypocritical (I love to know what his family think of all this).

    Perhaps the 2 look good in their swimwear, but many people do – looks are not the most important thing on this planet, being a good human being is and right now both of these people are selfish jackass’s whom only care about their pr and their images and being absorbed in ones self.

    Neither should allow to be parents and it would be interesting to say the least if the birth mother of his child decided to take this to court as i very much doubt the original custody agreement went through the proper legal means in a court of law as it should of done and it would not surprise if some illegal things were partaken by his lawyers in order to get the specific custody that their client got (the selling and purchasing of a child is illegal in most places as is i’d imagine buying custody which it sounds like ronaldo did)

    Also for a private island, the papps have managed to get pictures a little too easily. There were also many papps/press at the airport when they arrived and the seaplane take off point. Sounds like someone tipped off the press, probably in advance as well.

  • Cora

    they look so enthralled with one another…lol. he needs a good girl who will change him

  • agree


    i totally agree with you. Every time I see these two they look completely bored and out of it. I think they are a good match though, because they both seem very into their appearance and into themselves…

  • Lalalove

    Yum! He does kinda look like he’s lacking in THAT department though. Butttttttt, it aint what you got but what you can do with it!!!
    Yes, I went there!

  • nono

    he was playing a soccer match in Spain on Jan.3rd. this is vacation they took during X’mas.

  • Allison

    use to like him as a soccer player but now his antics on the field annoy me.

  • Ruth

    zd @ 01/04/2011 at 12:44 am
    You are so right. To me this couple are a complete fake – he got a “girlfriend” and less priving into his private life, and she has got a lot of PR and interest in her career as a model. Can they actually communicate – do they both speak the same language?

    As for the baby’s mother, I hope that she takes a good lawyer because she is going to need it. Of course she regrets her original decision and it is her right to see her son who is being brought up by his grandmother. She made a mistake but these things happen but she will have to fight hard against the enormous wealth of Ronaldo.

  • Iffy Miffy

    @Ruth: The baby’s mom can kiss her kid goodbye. She gave up her rights, and she got paid for it too. If she had just given up her rights then a good lawyer could argue some kind of instability due to pregnancy but she accepted a huge amount of money for that kid. Also, I don’t buy her change of heart, the only thing that woman wants is a steady income of let’s say 20 000 euro per month in child support which will in the end definitely amount to more than the 10 mil she got. People like her set back women’s rights for decades.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Wried and he just looks a normal person

  • aly

    you all shut up cr7 is the best player in the world and you all are jealous of him he is rich he has a good taste of women so you all shut up and just try to be as successful as him

  • aliya

    He’s gayer than elton john

  • not gullible

    God bless the Jolie Pitts

  • DarkEmpress

    I find it hard to believe that he sleeps with women let alone impregnated one.

  • cammie

    He left his son to be with this chick in NY, then left him to be with her on X-Mas, they belong together…both are selfish and shallow, even SUPERMODEL Gisele made time for Tom Brady;s kid… I think her body is TOO skinny, and she calls the paps for PR

  • cammie


    Good taste in women, a shallow underwear model looking for a career come and last GF a shallow nude model looking for a come up. JokerSmile Irina doesn’t even like his son…

  • XYZ

    Another (soccer) gay and his beard. There will come a day he’ll be forced to get out of his closet.

  • XYZ


    God bless ur empty skull.

  • XYZ

    Well, they made a contract, they must stay together until it expires. Thats how gay men and hetero women – for instance – make things work in the showbiz.

  • s

    She’s hot, he’s not.

  • Lalou

    I think it is just another rumor by the dailymail. Once they said the mother is american, then a witress and now she is bristish. I think nobody knowks nothing about this story despite the fact Cristiano has a baby boy. I don’t even know where these questions about his sexuality came from. His girlfriend is beautiful she isn’t like his ex and that is a great thing. They are together since a long time now and they make a gorgeous couple

  • taylor green
  • MiMi

    I have to agree with the people that say she is calling the papps..her agent always gives some hints and tells the press when Irina is meeting Ronaldo!!! her agent is Lorenzo Martone, I saw some pics of him here on just jarred!!! he loves attention too!!
    Irina is an attention seeker and her soccer bf is a douchebag for leaving his child to be with another famehungry girl!!
    he will never learn!!!

  • xxx

    Can’t stand him as a player (always diving and so selfish) and off the pitch he isn’t much better…….. I feel terrible for his kid…………..


    No matter what, he is hot.

  • Lola


    She is worst then his other GFs, she is helping him neglect his baby and she is using him to get Magazine covers, her body is boney, and her smile is gross, she looks like the the joker, because her lips touch her nose…Eww.. both are gross….It won’t last because it’s based on shallow, lust….Trips around the world, while little baby sits at home…Sounds like a solid relationship…

  • Blunt

    I agree with everyone that said they’re a perfect match – two selfish beings that is deeply in love with themselves. Didnt her leave his new born baby to be with her in NY last summer and now he abandon him once again this Christmas.
    They look bored as hell, the only proper interaction is probably when they flucking. lol

  • Rebel

    I feel sorry for Ronaldo’s child…..Motherless and fatherless children grow up without love.Ronaldo can’t be a father.I think that there is nothing else like the body of a woman Irina and ….Irina only for money and fame, along with Ronaldo….I think the biggest mistake that ronaldo did it first….his mistake was, to make someone else child….and Ronaldo believes that money can do everything…but money can not buy true friendship and family.

  • laverdadduele


  • Nina


  • boston61

    Nothing is more repulsive than a man with shaved legs, shaved pubes, shaved chest. Gross. (tattoos and shaped eyebrows are a close second)

  • Syringa

    And where is his son?

  • Yash

    I think CR junior’s mom is a poor gal. His lawyer should have forced her to relinquish the custody of the baby once DNA test proved he has the Father. CR7 should remember that of the million girls whom he met in his life, she was the only gal blessed by GOD to give birth to his baby. Why can’t he give visitation rights for the mom to see her son.

  • hotanddangerous

    give the guy a break! i actually think they look good together & the pics posted in here are not complete. they left out a couple pics that seemed a bit too steamy/intimate for the blog. you can see the rest of it here:


    You al so stupid!!!!to judge someone you dont even know…YoU ARE ALL FAKE AND JUDGEMENTAL “EVIL”. I am sure that he doesnt care what you think. You can all shut up. All the other players do stupid things but you all keep your dirty mouths shut. The ugly thing from barca, messi,he, goes to prostitutes and I have seen pictures of him with prostitutes and only men . NEVER SEEN HIM WITH WOMEN. Why dont you all pick on him.

  • EricaStar

    I used to find him so attractive then he started messing too much with his appearance & dating too many skanks filling his head up & his ego he’s not even a shadow of the person he was back when he first started off I’m sooo disgusted he’d ditch his family especially his son as a fellow Portuguese I’m ashamed of his behavior when he’s all alone with no one except his money he will realize money isn’t everything.

  • dz

    Ohh! Maldives, i love that place, ive been there so many times. i totally fall for Maldives just after looking at the pictures of the beautiful maldives from google….and eww, christiano…her girlfrnd and the Maldives is much beaituful….


    wumon friends


    Do Irina have a daughter and if so why is the girl being raised by her mom. Why havent we seen her with this girl for the past 2 years if that her child. Why is she not claiming her daughter? Do she want everyone to think she dont have a daughter? or is this about Cristiano MILLIONS AND THE FAME THAT COME WITH BEING WITH HIM? Why do she spend no time with her child? Is her family hiding it ? If so then WHY? wHY WOULD YOU SPEND VACATION WITH CRISTIANO AND HIS SON AND EXCLUDE YOUR DAUGHTER AND ACT LIKE SHE IS NOT YOURS? WHAT TYPE OF MOM WOULD DO A THING LIKE THAT?

  • Mason

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  • Versuri Lyrics

    It kind of seems like there might be a connection to me. I don’t know, maybe I’m just imagining it.