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Kelly Rowland Sheer Looks Sexy

Kelly Rowland Sheer Looks Sexy

Kelly Rowland wears a sexy sheer top as she attends Sundanze at the Jet Nightclub at the Mirage Hotel & Casino on Sunday (January 2) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 29-year-old singer rocked out and sang onstage during the show, which also featured performances by DJ Tracy Young and go-go dancers!

“May God Bless everyones NEW YEAR!! This is the year for passion!!! Everything we do, we will do it with passion!! Love you all!!” Kelly tweeted over the weekend.

FYI: Kelly is wearing lia sophia‘s Wrapped II Bracelet.

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Credit: David Becker; Photos: WireImage
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  • Patricklly Speaking

    She looks amazing! I love Kelly Rowland.

  • Adam

    Wow kelly got my racist jewish dic% might rock hard:-P

  • Patricklly Speaking

    She looks amazing! I love Kelly Rowland.

  • LaTanya

    Ummm, please tell me that she didn’t know it was sheer because that is not a good look. I like Kelly and all but come……on she might as well not have worn a shirt at all because you can see everything!

  • hmmmmm

    WTH! did she forget to look in the mirror b4 leaving the house…just sayin

  • hmmmmm

    WTH! did she forget to look in the mirror b4 leaving the house…just sayin

  • Jackie

    What’s up with all these young ladies having to look like sluts in order to sell their music. Class no longer exists in Hollywood I guess.

  • adaku

    She looks amazing, this woman is clearly one of the most beautiful women in show biz. She looks hottt thanks for sharing

  • hyoid

    I love Kelly and I think she’s a gorgeous girl but come on, what’s with the outfit?!?!

  • latam2012

    she has a great body and great boobs, but i’ll say the same as I did with fergie, this is trashy and not at all classy

  • troy

    i love kelly but i ave to agree with@jackie question? where did she get breast to show in that outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dubya Bush

    Someone is looking for attention. She does look good though. lol

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Kelly ?? Like any woman normaly

  • Freeman

    Sheer top and leggings worn as pants…..

  • Tell Me Why

    Such a Pretty Girl. No Need to Dress like this!

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Family rihanna

  • From Paris with Love

    She looks like a hOOker, and the fake nose and fake boobs are pathetic!

  • Delphic


  • ET

    That is disgusting and sleazy.

  • Josephine

    She is beautiful but this outfit is not sexy at all. Vulgar doesn’t mean sexy or pretty, it’s just trashy. Once actressess and singers didn’t have to show their breasts or even thighs to be considered as sex symbols and they were so much more appealing or seductive than all this women who perform now on stage or walk the red carpet just in their underwear or even without it.

  • Belles

    Desperate for attention much? I blame Beyonce for this.

  • CCrider

    I say trashy and I say tacky!

  • that’swhatisaid

    While I agree it is a bit of a slutty outfit, I have to admit her body is on point!!

  • whyme

    Oh please she doesn’t look that bad, her body is insane.

  • brick

    Yeah she got a boob job but unlike 99% of Hollywood she didn’t bullshit and lie about it, she got boobs in proportion to her shape. Not 2 big crazy tits looking like she’s about to tip over. She looks good.

  • Mel Gibson Cartman

    Where is their pride? Why they bleach their skin and have nose jobs? Think about it.

  • brian

    Yeah she’s bleached her skin so much she looks white LOL. What the hell are you on?!? She looks sexy as hell and don’t act like you aren’t lookin. XD

  • LOL

    @Mel Gibson Cartman: Well I guess you can also ask your people why they get ass and lip implants and fake tans if you guys have so much pride. Think about it.

  • emma

    R those pasties or r those her real nipples??!???!??

  • RiCk

    @Mel Gibson Cartman. If you dislike black chicks so much why exactly are you wasting your precious time looking at this post. I guess white woman who get butt, breast and lip implants not to mention the fake tans are natual beauties to you not trying to be something other than what they are?

  • lena

    She has a beautiful face and body wow!

  • DudelookslikeaLady

    lol whatever haters, that shirt’s the shit and for once she looks good in a non-cookie cutter, edgy sort of way.

  • Mel Gibson Cartman

    Oh, slow people. Everyone wants to look better, some get implants, reductions, tans (beach look), diets, work out…
    I’m saying: most black women make changes in order to look white. Is like they’re hiding their race in shame. THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE.
    Am I lying? No :)

  • Mel Gibson Cartman

    Another slow person. You didn’t understand my comment.
    Yu aen’t very smah.

  • Freeman

    They live in a white society. Conform or be rejected and called ugly.

  • realist

    I hope to God, those are pasties on her breasts.

  • realist

    Yes, they are pasties. Thank God.

  • realist


    I agree. She is gorgeous.

  • Lalalove

    boob job ridden

  • realist

    @From Paris with Love:
    Kelly has never had a nose job. I have been seeing her since she was a child. I’ve seen photos of her when she was in elementary school. That is her natural nose. She is just naturally gorgeous.

  • Jane

    @Mel Gibson Cartman:

    You m0ron. Kelly has not bleached her skin or had a nosejob. You are just jealous of this black beauty.

  • Chanel


    WE black beauties do not have to conform to any damn thing. We are beautiful just the way we are.

    Don’t be jealous of the black beauties.

  • Denise

    The top of the outfit is not a good look. But please be informed that she has on pasties. Those are not her nipples you are seeing.

  • Too Much

    WHy WHy?

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    GORGEOUS! If you have the body, then flaunt it! If a man was wearing a see through shirt, we would say nothing but women have to hide like they are in the 18th century???? Oh, PLEASE! Her body is rocking and she has never had a nose job or lightened her skin, this is the way she has always looked since childhood. She looks flawless!

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    ALSO, having a brother who is a pro photog, I can say that black skin changes under lights. It goes through many variations. I have seen models who come in to shoot with him who may look dark but under lights, the skin tone changes. Black skin is very diverse. The shade it looks to the eye may not be the shade that gets translated on film. It is very beautiful skin and I am very jealous I don’t have skin like hers. I actually have always liked her slightly more than Beyonce.

  • From Paris with Love

    @ #40
    Just gOOgle ‘Kelly Rowland nose’ and you’ll see maaaany pics showing unequivocally she had a nose job. Anyways, only blind people can’t see that is not a natural black person’s nose.

  • zeliha onat

    “Like This” isimli parçası harika.Daylight isimli single ile büyük bir çıkış yakalayan yıldız When Love Takes Over ile zirveye oturdu.
    Kadife sesini çikolata rengi teninden alan sanatçının ülkemizde konser vermesini bekliyorum.

  • J

    A lot of black women haters here… I think she alright, but she definitely taking a new turn for attention though.

  • testington

    those are some terrible implants she bought.