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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: LAX Lovers!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: LAX Lovers!

LeAnn Rimes and her fiance Eddie Cibrian touch down at LAX International Airport on a flight from Cabo San Lucas on Sunday (January 2) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old singer was kind enough to sign an autograph for a fan while exiting the airport.

Eddie, 37, and LeAnn left for Cabo earlier in the week after announcing their engagement.

While in the tropical locale, the happy couple was not shy to show off their toned bodies while walking along the beach.

On New Year’s Eve, LeAnn and Eddie partied together at the Pink Kitty nightclub!

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  • Missy

    after looking at pic of bragelina comes this!
    try it guys brangelina first then this

  • Lorraine

    to eddie and leann
    pls be brangelina be your inspiration
    donate money to the poor, thanks!

  • Blah

    Ugh…this couple are awful. His always been a cheesy low grade actor, she was once an artist to praise, now she seems like a superficial home wrecker.

  • margo miller

    What kills me is she tweets that the pap’s are at the LA airport and it is such nightmare but hours earlier she is tweeting about being at the Cabo airport…..duh????!!!!! She knows she is alerting them. Eddie and her love the attention!!!! PUKE!

  • Baby Jane

    It is a man, baby, a man. Look at her adam’s apple

  • laverdadduele

    @Baby Jane: Nah, she’s just fugly.

  • Speak Now

    If you’re obsessed with hating them then you have problems. Focus on your own life and fixing your own mistakes.

  • Andrea

    That guy was NOT a fan.He was an autograph hunter intending on selling it.She had no interest in signing it,but did it anyway to be nice while rushing to the car only to hide on the floor in the backseat.X17 already has the video and I’m sure there will be photos later as well.

  • blair

    Famous for cheating.

  • Not on Michael’s A list
  • blair

    Just saw that on E online…hilarious. And of course leann is calling it a lie.

  • char

    Let’s just see if Leann twitters that it is a lie that she tried to get an invite to the a=list party of MM because there will be proof that she did try . why on earth did she think a friend of Brandi s would ever let her in his party SHE REALLY DOES THINK THAT EVERYONE LOVES HER AND THAT THERE ARE JUST A FEW WHO DON’T SOMEONE NEEDS TO HAVE AN INTERVENTION FOR HER

  • blair

    @char….she did say it was a lie. She also said that E makes up stories because they hav e “friend” who doesn’t like her. She really is crazy.

  • blair

    Leann twitter:”it’s the only news outlet that prints evil things because “someone” has a friend there” wth?

  • Cammie

    She looks so Hungry

  • kablamo

    I detect the the rancid odor of TUNA. Anyone else?

  • Obviously

    Obviously Leann means that Brandi is the “someone” that has a friend at E. It is true that E is always letting Brandi break these adolescent “stories” of hers that she uses to stay relevant and to extract revenge. Get over it lady and move the bleep on already. She makes it more clear everyday why her husband couldn’t wait to get the hell away from her. I thought she would change after her DUI but she must not have learned a thing about herself. Sad.

  • Tania

    Man i have never seen a couple who loves the paps this much since Speidie. Fame ho’s.

  • Jerry

    Being that Brandi was chosen to host a New Years Eve bash in Vegas (it was Eddies turn to have kids – he chose vaca instead), it appears. Brandi can derive more jobs/income from people that hate LeAnn & Eddie than Eddie can for being LeAnn’s bag boy. No Vegas club would invite Eddie to “host” an event solo, z-lister without his slut at his rear – LOL!

  • Alana

    I really do think that LeAnn is either stupid paranoid. A smart person would not respond to any and ever little criticism or negative news story, but she feels she must respond to absolutely everything that is being printed about her that is negative. Does she really think E has it out for her? Then she should check a lot of other blog entertainment sites, because most of them have negative stories about her and Eddie. What she’s going to claim that “someone” has “friends” there, too? She’s ridiculous. Don’t know whether she changed to someone this ridiculous or if she always was this way.

  • Amber

    Lots of celebrities have had affairs and run off with other people. Angelina jolie, Julia roberts, Brad pitt, the list goes on and on. Don’t hate some for what a lot of others have done.

  • Lele

    @Amber: Sure, but those celebrities didn’t publicly flaunt their affairs or twitter every single move of their to the public. Maybe if LeAnn didn’t feel the need to twitter every single moment of hers and Eddie’s lives people would hate them less.

  • Obviously

    Look at Brandi’s twitter. She admits that she had her mom watch the boys on New Year’s Eve when it was her night so that she could go out. So stop spreading lies about Eddie. Brandi is the ridiculous one. She whined on and on at Christmas about being so sad that she didn’t have the boys with her. Then when it’s her turn to have a holiday she goes to Vegas and puts the kids with a sitter. Priceless. What a fake drama queen. She’s a joke. And she wasn’t hosting anything so quit lying about that too.

  • Go Ask Alice

    WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To be rejected from an A-list party….wow!!

    So sad NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now,seems to me,once againt as I have said, Brandi needs to stop twittering on her own twitter page and I am talking about her hat fan’s page, granting interviews etc.about those people, LeEd.

    THEY are not worth it.

    Brandi has looks, youth, two kids so she is fine in that area, and NOW we see SHE has some clout, bigwig friends of her own.
    Her former boyfriend is major $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and well known.

    Brandi should have brought her kids ,a nanny, and a few bikini’s to Cabo, struted in her bikini and rang in the NYE at her firend’s big party for those who are someone like George Clooney,LeaonradoD.,etc
    I AM not bashing Brandi. You guys don’t get that.
    I cannot get into name calling, and childish stuff beyond my keyboard either like some of you do to me and call me stupid, biotch,etc.

    I do not like to see people, like Brandi, get trampled on. How LeEd did what they did and brag about and still are,talking and twittering, really did not let Dean o rBrandi save face.
    Dean got it. “IT,” the iti s the old saying which is lviing well is the best revenge. IT measn forgetting the other ppeople even exists.
    Dean took his money from LeAnn and singed some STFU papers, but he is way better off than her He is a chef a celeb popular and just touristy 5-star popular restaurant. Engaged. Living in NYC the NYC life.
    LeAnn? Who is that? Oh, LeAnn Womack. Yes,wonderful CM singer.
    LeAnn Womack.
    LeAnn probably ,as in Rimes does not even ring a bell in his memory bank. Well, maybe except for some nice lady who signed that big ole fat check with all those zero’s at the end,LOL!!!

    I would like to see Brandi come out way ahead. Ya’ll read she had a Vegas deal.Wow!!!Alright.
    Eddie and LeAnn did Brandi a big favor.
    This guy cheated on her while she was pregnant. How low can you be? Cruel is not even a bad enough word here. He was awful. Sooner or later he was going to leave her anyway. She was in a one-person marriage married to herself.
    Same as Elin Nordregren who WAS married to Tiger Woods who cheated her when she was pregnant. Low.

    Also,FYI, E! Online said that LeAnn had implants 3 weeks ago and she got the same size that Brandi has. I cannot remember if it said LeAnn went to thesame doctor.Ehhh!! Creepy!!
    Eddie Horntoad wants to sleep with LeAnn and Brandi at the same time.Maybe he wants to be with their boobs.He could go and get some too implanted on himself or just buy those size silicone bags.LOL!!

    If Iwere Brandi,I would lock my doors. Live in a gated community.Make sure I have excellent security. Change my phone number.
    Get a restraining order.
    LeAnn and Eddie seems kind of stalkerish!!! Creepy!!

  • Go Ask Alice

    One more thing,E! said that after they were rejected from Mr.Ex Boyfriend of Brandi’s and his $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$party with all of the rich, famous, people,
    LeEd hosted a party at the Pink Kitty.

    That is funny.

  • Go Ask Alice


    No, no. This is a true story from E! News. Watch the E! News Daily show today and you hear that.

    If this were from fans of LeEd’s,rumor on line, from anyone’s twitter page,I would say, no proof.

    E! News Show Daily reported this 1/3/2011 show.
    If it werent’ true, they would not have said that …and threaten to be sued and have to retrack,NO WAY!!!!

  • Racy

    @char: Well, if I was Brandi, I wouldn’t feel too great about it – she wasn’t invited either – WONDER WHY???? HUH? ANSWER THAT…

  • Go Ask Alice

    From LeAnn’s twitter page
    As Forest says “That’s all I have to say about that!”
    39 minutes ago via web
    You’ll see the threats and BS come out tmrw, all lies! Hate to keep bringing it up, but it’s just my right to say when it’s BS and it is!
    40 minutes ago via web

    The best thing is to not respond.Not mention Brandi.Not mention the poor two,little innocent kids.
    She should have not given the People interview on ABC interview.
    If you want to stay out of a messy situation, then you don’t respond .
    LeAnn cannot keep her pie hole shut or fingers off the keyboard about those 2 little,sweet, innocent kids and their whereabouts, Eddie, her home, her love for him and blueberry muffins and the universe of loves and as we all are one,and , ummm, ok,whatever psycho babble she rants and rambles on about.

    Same for Brandi . The more each woman says, while Eddie says nothing, the more the media enjoys this soap opera.

  • Go Ask Alice

    From Brandi Glanville’s twitter page, hers..not fans.
    You get what you give! Do whats right and good things will come to you! What goes around always always always come’s back around!!! :)
    Sunday, January 02, 2011 4:59:29 PM via web
    Jake and I are off to bed shutting down the computer :0) Gdnt friends!
    Thursday, December 30, 2010 11:08:28 PM via web


    Tooo much information.
    She took a dig there at LeEd.

  • Go Ask Alice


    Because according to her twitter page, she went to Vegas to Jay-Z’s show. Her mom minded the kids.

    Nothing wrong there. It was NYE and the kids are young and they were in the best hands,almost or better than Brandi ‘s or the closest thing to her and that is HER OWN MOTHER!!!!

  • Go Ask Alice

    Where are the other usual posters here: gwen, Betty, anonymous,etc.

    I am not posting anymore about LeEd.

    From now on, I am going to going to post things on line about her or from her own twitter page.
    Eddie’s Branid’s too.

    Ahhhh, their soap opera continues.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Rimes: Breast Implants ‘After’ Pictures
    December 31st, 2010 3:50 PM by Firecracker Tags: Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes
    LeAnn Rimes looks like a squinting mouse, and her fiance Eddie Cibrian looks like anything but. Coupled with the fact that LeAnn began giving Eddie her muffin while he was married to Brandi Glanville, a more attractive woman by far, and you’ve got a recipe for an insecure female who aspires to keep the handsome man that she’s hooked.

    In addition to looking like a caterpillar, LeAnn also had the chest of a prepubescent girl. That’s all changed now, as LeAnn and Eddie have been spotted in Mexico and LeAnn looks like she bought herself a new pair of t!ts. She has also become too thin and is now looking gaunt, nearly sickly.

    LeAnn and Eddie in Mexico in September of ’09:

    Some women are naturally as thin as LeAnn is now, but that’s their natural physique and frame, which is the difference. LeAnn is looking bony and frail. Now if she were someone else, I’d feel bad, but because this is a woman who made a publicity campaign out of her home wrecking relationship, I couldn’t feel bad if I tried. Something tells me that LeAnn’s also possessive and territorial, like many insecure men and women are, which only ensures that Eddie will get sick of her and stray anyway.

    Good luck holding onto your man honey!

  • Racy

    @kablamo: I detect the rancid odor of BS from you!!!!

  • Racy

    @kablamo: I detect the rancid odor of BS from you!!!!

  • Racy

    @Go Ask Alice: Don’t get out much do you? Do you still believe the crap that these people write? There is a bunch of them trying to outdo each other. Come out of your shell and look around you. The baggies on here are always the first to jump on a new site with their dirty remarks. The majority of their lives is spent trailing around people like LeAnn and Eddie trying to find something wrong. That is evil !! No life of their own, I guess. That old bag with the hat and the long nose on Twitter thinks she is God and hands down condemnation every day – all day. Maybe somebody will pay attention to her in other ways some day and she can find another cause.

  • Racy

    @Go Ask Alice: You are enjoying it pretty good yourself, aren’t you? Are you related to the woman with the hat?

  • blair

    leann copies Brandi’s breasts, she really is trying to clone herself into Brandi. That is downright creepy.

  • Michelle

    Saw that too blair (#37) on E! that LeAnn used Brandi’s plastic surgeon and specifically requested the Doc to use the same implants Brandi has. My first thought was as yours WTF! My second thought was of violation of Brandi’s doctor/patient privilege. The doctor should not be checking/telling/acknowledging Brandi’s medical records to give LeAnn the same ones and thereby give Brandi’s med info to LeAnn! Not even Eddie (a former husband) is entitled to Brandi’s medical records. Perhaps Brandi should sue the Doc & LeAnn for the fun and drama and make him take off LeAnn’s plastic t!ts.

  • char

    michelle fantastic point if that is true sue the he** out of the Dr and LR I would just to see their enbarrassment

  • blair

    leann tweeted that she “won’t get into a he said she said” over it so she isn’t denying it.

  • Jerry

    @38 Michelle & @39 char: I agree that would be a violation of medical ethics, and potential money to be made by Brandi should she choose to pursue it! LeAnn Replicant and the Doc will certainly deny or give “no comment”. If Brandi doesn’t have $$ to pursue legal action, based alone on the reported news, Brandi could initiate a medical ethics review board action through the State Board to investigate the claim and make a determination. There would be nothing to stop Brandi from releasing the results to the public – or selling it if it’s good. I think more people should be talking about the liposuction LeAnn undertook to modify her physique be like Brandi’s all natural frame!

  • blair

    @Jerry….funny you should mention that, E blog (I think it’s Ted C.’s item) now has a side by side picture of leann before & after boob/lipo.
    You can really see how she’s changed.

  • gwen

    Oh JJ, shouldn’t your title be: Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian-LAX FAMEWHORES?

    Wow, can someone say PREDICTABLE? We said that they were going to tip off the paps so that they can be spotted at the airport.

    Her album is set to come out in March, she has a video coming out for that single, an upcoming movie, and the last time I checked Itunes, her single wasn’t doing very well. So doesn’t JJ realize that this is just an attempt to promote her career?

    EC and LR are a nothing more than a publicity stunt. What was it that Hollyscoop site said, that they pose for the paps likes it’s going out of style? When will Leann learn? She keeps pulling these photo-ops and then getting mad because the reaction to the photo-ops are not at all what she expected them to be.

    Now JJ since EC and LR were not sincere when they were making out with their spouses, why do you keep insisting that they are happy and in love just because they make out with one another at a club, the very same way EC did with his ex-wife when he was cheating on her? Are you trying to tell us that EC is cheating on LR?

    JJ, if LR was truly happy why then does she continue to tweet so much as if she is trying to compensate for whatever her relationship is lacking?

    EC looks miserable in those photo-ops.

    Of course they partied together on NYE because NYE was when EC proposed to his ex-wife. Poor Leann, she is always in competition with BG. Why? If LR has EC like JJ and x17 want us to believe, why then does she have to copy ALL photos of BG and EC?

    A fan? You mean someone she PLANTED at the airport to make it look like people like and support her. JJ she tweeted where she was going to be, so we know that that little stunt with the “fan” was bought and paid for by LEANN RIMES.

    Did someone say that LR was doing a photo-shoot for the Mexican mag? So those photos of her on the beach with EC must have been apart of that photo-shoot.

  • gwen

    Wow, where did all these fans come from?

    Oh it’s just WEWE Rimes trying to make it look like she has support because even after her media blitz in Cabo, the public still doesn’t like her.

    Oddly enough, these fans show up on JJ, yet when you look at the info from Itunes, why then does it contradict what we are seeing?

    1) Speak now:

    Leann is obsessed with hating BG, so then by your logic does that mean that Leann has problems?

    WEWE, you tweet about another woman’s kids, tip off the paps for every move you make, and tweet 24/7, so why are you here lecturing others about how they should focus on their life.

    WEWE, we are not tipping off the paps, doing photo-shoots with a Mexican mag just to falunt a relationship with a man who can’t even keep a promise to his own kid. So before you tell someone to fix their lives, you might want to start by closing your twitter account, not giving any interviews or photo-shoots, and then tipping off the paps.

    2) Andrea:

    We know that the man wasn’t a fan. He was someone YOU planted to make it look like you have fans.

    Since when do you do things to be nice? If you were being nice, none of these photo-ops would even exist and you wouldn’t have done that mag shoot with that Mexican mag.

    3) Amber

    Oh WEWE are you at that again.

    WEWE, how many times do we have to explain this to you. Yes other celebs have had affairs, and when they got backlash they either laid low or shut up. But not you. You keep tipping off the paps, tweeting about it, and then doing interviews where you trivalize what you did.

    All of this would just go away if you would STOP playing it out in the public eye. All those photos of you in Cabo were not necessary and now it’s all backfiring because now everyone is saying that you had breast surgery. See what happens when you tip off the paps?

    4) Obviously

    What’s that, oh that’s right, you are trying to redeem EC and LR (because their constant attention seeking as backfired) by trashing BG. Ridiculous is how you keep staging these photo-ops and then acting surprised when the public and media slams you.

    Are you serious, LR has no room to talk especially since she has friends here on JJ, x17, People mag, DailyMail, and In Touch. Let’s not forget that LR has leaked info to E news before, how do you think that E knew about LR C & D against BG? Because LR called them and told them about it.

    WEWE, EC wanted to leave BG? So please explain why a man who wanted to leave his wife took so long in finalizing his divorce? Tigers and Jesse’s divorces were final before EC.

    What is clear is that your relationship with EC is in some major trouble.

    Are you back at the DUI thing again because we all have seen photos of you and EC with alcohol in your hands and then getting into a car after drinking. So we all know that have no problems with drinking and driving.

    We know that this story from E is true because LR and EC were able to disappear on that night, which is odd because according to her the paps are always following them. So the paps managed to get photos of LR and EC on the beaches and in the clubs, but there were no photos of them out and about on Thur? So what did EC and LR have to hide? Because I am sure that LR would have tipped off the paps so that they could see them out partying or walking around CaboThur night. There were no photos which mean that EC and LR canceled the STAGED photo-op that night because they couldn’t get into the party.

  • gwen

    @Racy: @<a

    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did EC fart again?

  • gwen

    @Go Ask Alice:

    Why are you even worried about me, betty, and other posters?

    Do you want to lecture us on posting, despite the fact that you are posting like crazy in each and every thread?

  • gwen

    NOTE TO LEANN: This is why she needs to stop tipping off the paps, because the media and public are not going to sugarcoat EVERYTHING the way that x17, JJ, People mag, and DailyMail does.

    We already predcited that she was going to get some huge backlash from the Cabo “EC and LR daily” show, just like she did that ABC interview AFTER she was slammed for that Shape mag cover.

    Is she doing a Mexican photo-shoot too? What does she think is going to happen when that mag comes out? She is going to get the same backlash that she got for the Shape mag.

    LR problem is that she surrounds herself with People who don’t tell her the truth because they are more concerned with how her money spends.

    Her true friends would have told her not to tip off the paps and now that she did, she has to face the fact that everyone knows that she had breast surgery because EC doesn’t want LR unless she looks just like BG.

  • Jennifer

    US Magazine and Daily Mail, and more, are posting the info about LeAnn’s God-given small A-cups, seems LeAnn is yet again rejecting God’s desires for her! You’d think that God wanting LeAnn and Eddie together, would have given LeAnn, Eddie’s desired body type and boobs. Perhaps LeAnn, God wanted you to go with his original design and The Golden Rule. More posters are noticing the liposuction work also, hope some “insider” confirms the all but obvious.

  • gwen


    Wow, just about EVERY media outlet is jumping on the “LR had breast implants” done, that is not good for Leann, seeing as how she wanted everyone to be gushing over her “great” romantic trip with her finace and her “great” Crazy Women single.

    The best thing of all is that these sites are pointing out that EC isn’t happy with LR because why would he make her change herself if he was SO content with what he has?

    So let’s predict what is going to happen next.

    Will LR stage yet another making out with EC pda photo-op or will she make tons of posts about “her NEW family”?

    Make out photos as they walk out of some restaurant with the kids in 3, 2, 1?

    Or are they just going to stage photos of LR and EC making out at a PTA meeting?

  • gwen

    This is from Popsugar:

    “Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been the reigning King and Queen of ridiculously staged photo ops for the past few years, though there may be some new competition on the scene. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian seem to share Heidi and Spencer’s flair for drama, posing for a serious engagement shoot and silly bikini beach strolls. Also like Heidi and Spencer, LeAnn and Eddie just love to share PDA in some of the most unusual places. Considering all of LeAnn and Eddie’s recent camera time, we’d like to know what you think — are LeAnn and Eddie the new Heidi and Spencer?”


    They have a poll and 60% say that EC and LR are the next Heidi and Spencer.

    They also posted a photo of LR and EC on a beach and of Heidi and Spencer on a beach and LR is doing the very same pose that Heidi is doing. Heid has her mouth open like she is surprised and Leann is doing the very same thing.

    How nice Leann and Eddie are entering 2011 as the NEW Heidi and Spencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Check it out.

    So you see JJ, EVERYONE knows that LR and EC are setting up these photo-ops.