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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Kiss Kiss!

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Kiss Kiss!

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were spotted sharing a romantic kiss aboard a private yacht over the New Year’s weekend while vacationing in the Caribbean.

Justin, 16, and Selena, 18, couldn’t keep their hands off of each other while they spent time with friends celebrating the new year.

Justin recently kept mum when asked about their relationship, but he told a radio station that he thought Selena was an “amazing person.”

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406 Responses to “Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Kiss Kiss!”

  1. 1
    r Says:


  2. 2
    ozangel Says:

    Too cute!

  3. 3
    homeless rachel Says:

    how tall is justin now?? 5’4??? or taller idk??

  4. 4
    annie Says:

    This is disturbing to me. He is only a child what the hell is going on there.

  5. 5
    vanessa Says:

    OMG !!!

  6. 6
    Johncmayer Fan! Says:

    Love them together ! But I want sel with nick Jonas!

  7. 7
    melody Says:


  8. 8
    Mia Says:

    Shouldn’t this be on JJ Jr instead?

  9. 9
    kant spel Says:

    16 and 18 and their agents are already stressing the importance of “power couples” in Hollywood. Neither one of them are talented anyways, so why should we care?

  10. 10
    Lucy Paul Says:

    hahahah she cant deny they aren’t a couple now!

  11. 11
    Lucy Paul Says:

    hahahah she cant deny they aren’t a couple now!

  12. 12
    Ruanyuefang Says:

    I wonder how Bieber could go to Caribbean himself lol he’s too young both in age and looking

  13. 13
    allice Says:

    That is the ultimate money shot. So you are telling me that these 2 kids are ‘wasting’ their New Years to vacation together for ‘showmance’? Well wouldn’t these kids be out more in public ‘showmancing’ than being caught kissing on a private balcony?

    Either way this is creepy…. like really creepy. I feel like a pedophile…

  14. 14
    Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!! Says:


  15. 15
    Yoyoyo yippi yo yippi yay Says:

    I dont know. These pictures look staged.

  16. 16
    vool Says:

    if i was an 18 and i was dating a 16 yr old boy, my friends would call the cops on me

  17. 17
    M@cie Says:

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! hahahahahah.This is sooooo funny, because I can just hear those millions of simultaneous blood curdling screams from all those millions of beilebers (spelling, whatever).I like Selena so a word of advice to her; get ready for the death threats,for twice as many paparazzi and most of all get ready to not be recognized for your music but to be mostly known to the world as ”Beibers Shawty”. PS.Just come out with it already because everybody knew even when u 2 were denying it,u might as well just straightforwardly confirm the beilebers, who were in denial,’s worst fear.

  18. 18
    nes Says:

    wat a joke, theses 2 as a couple please she is 18 and he is 16 hahaha

  19. 19
    santhianthie Says:


  20. 20
    f Says:

    selena could do so much better! ewwww y the lil boy Justin Bieber???

  21. 21
    Desiree Says:

    Umm He’s Touching Her Ass :S

  22. 22
    Seriously Says:

    Judging you impossibly hard right now, Selena.

  23. 23
    elizabeth v. Says:

    omg you kiss a girl who is 18yrs old and you are 16yrs old and she is an adult and you are a kid to her

  24. 24
    Ian Says:

    @homeless rachel: Justin is 5’4” & Selena is 5’5” (Source: both from IMDB)

  25. 25
    Seriously Says:

    Selena, you do know you go to work every day with “muscle man” David Henrie, used to date Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner, and could probably get any man in the entire planet, from movie stars to professional athlethes probably up to 22 years old, and probably more, right?

    Because you downgraded from that faster and lower than a HALO jump by dating a 10-year old prepubescent Canadian embarrassment. For this, Beiber’s delusional stans are wishing you dead, and every one over the age of 15 will be sideeyeing you, including your own fandom. Girllllll, you could do so much better.

  26. 26
    lala Says:

    ok ew he is touching her ass…….i find this a little creepy…ok a loooooooooot creeepy

  27. 27
    rissa Says:

    EEEEWWW… wtf.

  28. 28
    shan Says:

    Aren’t they a little young to be vacationing together!? Jeez kids these days just grow up way too damn fast

  29. 29
    lauren Says:

    Selenas dating Justin bieber?

    I didn’t know she was a lesbian!

  30. 30
    ABC Says:

    From Taylor L. to Justin B… Why, Selena, WHY!?

  31. 31
    shoegal Says:

    wait, he’s not gay?

  32. 32
    hyoid Says:

    their age isn’t mismatched, I did the same when I was 18 (dated a 16 yr old lol). I think these two are adorable, way too much cuteness :-)

  33. 33
    Amy H Says:

    If there was a kiss, then that photographer no longer has a job for not getting it. But it is no mistake that these two are dating. I’m surprised that this site said there was a kiss. Not to mention the “Selena Gomez, Shirtless” part (although that is true) It’s not that awkward. Justin is going to be 17 in 2 months and she is 18. They are not the first couple that has an older girl and younger guy and if they were not famous, it would be perfectly fine.
    On another note, the pic blown up looks edited, but these pictures never are and I am guessing the publicist lied about the kiss pic being fake.

  34. 34
    Akshay Says:

    So here is what i have to say – I LOVE Selena like anything….and if they’re dating then I’d support them. They look cute together though Justin needs to look a bit tall or ‘embrace his shortness’ and for Sel it would be good if she not wears heel! These pics prove so much. Selena cannot deny now! But anyways if Selna’s wid him then i gotta support! And I didn’t really like Justin much but now i better develop a better watever for him! Lol!!

  35. 35
    veby w Says:

    i’m not sure their relationship will be long

  36. 36
    Amy H Says:

    By the way: The picture was taken from a distance-the ass grab could have been his hand by her butt but it was on its way up. I know I’ve taken some weird shots from afar. But Justin doesn’t strike me as someone that lies about “important” stuff. He tweeted about respecting girls and from what I’ve heard he’s nice at concerts. If his hand was on Selena’s butt, he knew she liked it. I mean how many of you girls would love the guy you like to love touching your butt? I’d say more of you than would admit!

  37. 37
    as Says:

    Ehe’s 16, she’s 18, but they both look 13 lol

  38. 38
    Lily Says:

    @homeless rachel:

    he is 5’7

  39. 39
    sea Says:

    :) cute and funny

  40. 40
    Hannah Says:

    Everyone here is mocking them because of their age. Can I just remind you all that e.g. Ashley Greene is also two years older than Joe? A lot of couples in Hollywood differ quite a bit in age – not to mention Ashton and Demi. If she was 24 right now and he was 22, no one would be mocking them. You’re all being very hypocritical, just because you see them as “children” because they look physically younger than their ages. Their fanbase’s age is not their age.

    I think they look adorable together, they deserve to be happy. And if they’re happy together, then who are we to judge?

  41. 41
    LMAO!! Says:

    LOL!! This is sooo FUNNEH!!

  42. 42
    Trina Says:

    I guess this means I can date underage boys too, God knows I’ve seen a few I would like to.

  43. 43
    OMG!!! Says:

    cant deny it now SUCKAS!!!

  44. 44
    shaz Says:

    Exactly ….i think this is soo stupid of selena to date a 16 year old ….justin is just a kid ….Selena should get over this disney fever and go out …maybe after the breakup she’ll learn and go out for someone appropriate.Well i think when she said she is 18 but she feels like a 15 year old .she wasnt lying abt tht.

  45. 45
    laverdadduele Says:

    Get out of here! I didn’t know Selena was gay. What the hell is she doing kissing a flat-chested girl?

  46. 46
    Real Says:

    gross, they look like two 13 year old kids making out. this is way too much. Ewwww. It looks like child po rn.

  47. 47
    maria Says:

    LMAO the reactions over this are so hilarious. Don’t worry guys, he’s “her little brother”, it’s only incest, nothing more. #sarcasm.

  48. 48
    Catchy Says:

    mwwahaahahahhahaahahahaah!! i’m gonna pee my pants now!!
    please just say NO TO THE SEX TAPE!!!
    hhahahahahah horny kids xDD

  49. 49
    commonsense Says:

    Beiber is just lucky Selena doesn’t know what good sex is like yet or that she’s too young to mind the proportions of his………..

  50. 50
    ron Says:

    selena is getting desperate. yuck.

  51. 51
    Hindi movies Says:

    Justin is rocking..
    keep it up

    Happy new year

  52. 52
    Mac Says:

    You know if Justin was a couple of inches taller and did not look like a 10 year old boy, this probably would have not looked so akward. But seriously, this just looks so wrong in all levels.

  53. 53
    ron Says:

    besides, they look like 12 year old lesbians ewww

  54. 54
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    Bad couple

  55. 55
    myself. Says:

    I LOVE THEM! :)

    + This is a smal age difference I mean Jemi & Miam & Muston had WAY BIGGER age difference! ;D

  56. 56
    haygurl Says:

    That’s all.

  57. 57
    Audrey Says:

    WTF is wrong with this girl??? She’s almost az adult woman and she’s dating with a guy who is like a 12 year-old??

  58. 58
    Annie Says:

    Um, ew. Can we keep this puppy love showmance on JJ junior please?

  59. 59
    Bella Says:

    what a cute lesbian couple!!

  60. 60
    newbie Says:

    gross and disturbing

  61. 61
    Michelle Obamz Says:

    Why don’t we forget about this and focus on world peace instead :)
    Polar bears are in danger! AMEN.

  62. 62
    showmance Says:

    Justin Bieber is gay.

  63. 63
    gawsh Says:

    why do they look so obviously posed? meh, if its real then im happy for them, just looks kind of suspicious

  64. 64
    Sandi Says:

    This is so fake. He is trying to look straight, ans she is his buddy posing as his beard. It looks creepy, he looks like a 10 year old girl . ewes

  65. 65
    Kimzahe Says:

    uhh! Selena Gomez lied to her fans denying she had an affair with Justin Baby… wonder how many lies she tells to her fans…

  66. 66
    andrea Says:

    bet if it were miley kissing justin him touching her butt yall would go psyco about her since its selena its ok hipocritze much

  67. 67
    andrea Says:

    @Kimzahe: bet if it were miley kissing justin him touching her buttfans and media would go psyco about her since its selena its ok hipocritze much

  68. 68
    Brightside Says:

    Umm…while I do understand all the ‘he’s only a child’ comments I can’t help feeling that the people behind the comments are being a little blinkered in their approach to this. Most surveys of teen-age s*x among adolescent Americans give the age of a first sexual encounter as a few years younger than 16.
    He is 16 guys, not 9, and while many of you feel this is odd, it really isn’t…plus she is only a couple of years older. She’s only 18 herself. If this were a sexual liaison between a 16 years old and a 28 years old then I would be going ‘ewww’ too (as well as calling the appropriate authorities). But a two year age gap between two horny adolescents…hardly worth getting riled about since this happens everywhere the world over.
    He looks young and sexually under developed for 16 (my cousin is just shy of 6′ 2″ and shaving already)…but he’s not a child any more…a fact his own mother probably recognises.

  69. 69
    andrea Says:

    @Johncmayer Fan!: bet if it were miley kissing justin him touching her butt yall would go psyco about her since its selena its ok hipocritze much

  70. 70
    tena54 Says:

    Well all i have to say is good luck to just and sel if it is true and we should not hate life is two short for hate people, i am a fan of justin and wish him the best in his music career.

  71. 71
    Bella Says:

    so funny! Come on Sel is 2 years older than Justin! She’s better with Nick Jonas or David Henrie!

  72. 72
    andrea Says:

    @Amy H: bet if it were miley kissing justin him touching her butt fans and media would go psyco about her since its selena its ok hipocritze much

  73. 73
    Laura Says:

    it may be the fact they are in love
    we all need to be POSITIVE for them
    not putting them down
    because its justin bieber!
    well ima true fan for both of them
    so im with them 100%

  74. 74
    Laura Says:

    @kant spel:

    they both are talented!
    and you try not having any privacy
    its not easy at all!
    yeah they are really nice together im with them 100%
    if you dont like it then dont comment on this
    keep your opinions too yourself
    that goes for the rest of the people that dont like the fact they are dating!!!

  75. 75
    Laura Says:

    @Lucy Paul:
    she wernt denying it!!!!
    oh my days
    you people are stupid
    its only because she is dating justin bieber that you hate it
    you all neeed to get a life!!!!

  76. 76
    Laura Says:

    @Yoyoyo yippi yo yippi yay:
    they aren’t staged!
    they are together!

  77. 77
    renx Says:

    they aren’t even kissing, they are just close to do it :|

  78. 78
    Laura Says:


    …… your point here ???
    so your saying that just 2 years older and you cant date someone
    my mom dated my dad. and he was 3 years older!.

  79. 79
    carrie Says:

    they’re cute as a couple..
    let them be happy people!

  80. 80
    Laura Says:


    no we are not going to be ‘sideeying her at all
    im 16 and im not
    im GLAD they are dating
    just becuase Selly is two years older doesnt mean that Selly and Justin cannot date eachother jesus people
    and who ever is there fans should be sticking with them, whatever decision they make or who they date. it just proves who there reall fans are in the world!!!!!!!!!!

  81. 81
    Jihane Says:

    Disgusting .

  82. 82
    asdfghjkl Says:

    What the fvck.?!? SELENA dated NICK JONAS when the JoBros are soo famous. then, SHE dated TAYLOR LAUTNER when Twilight was the obsessive movie. and now, SHE is dating JUSTIN.?!? what a hoe. -__-

  83. 83
    Laura Says:


    HOW ?
    they are just two normal people

  84. 84
    cold_zero Says:

    you gatta handed to JJ for breaking the news with pictures FIRST
    Great start of the year for you Jared

  85. 85
    George W Says:

    I’d rather see her making out with her gal pal Leighton Meester on that yacht instead of some ridiculous showmance that little mushroom headed twerp..

  86. 86
    lhinxzy Says:

    ..i thought they were just friends?

  87. 87
    ankita Says:

    omg dis is insane!! sel said he ws like a lil bro to her!!!! ewww its freakin creepy!!!!

  88. 88
    Delphic Says:

    He looks about 12. No wonder he has pre-teens fawning over him.

  89. 89
    iluvsummer Says:

    very very disturbing.

  90. 90
    Bujanqe Says:



  91. 91
    Ezarington Says:

    Oh..Selena is so popular among the BOYS!!!

  92. 92
    nobiggie Says:

    Selena should have gone out with Ryan Sheckler( the skateboarder) instead and besides he looks like an older version of beiber. but I don’t think they care about what people have to say about their personal life. So just let them be ..

  93. 93
    oh Says:

    i think they’re cute

  94. 94
    someone Says:

    selena must be extremely satisfied that she has traded a buff taylor launter for a scrawney boy with the body of a 12 year old ahhahahah

  95. 95

    she’s an actress better known for what she does on the mattress (with nick, lautner and bieber)

  96. 96
    burnt bacon Says:

    Ew, ch!ld pr0n.

  97. 97
    Ewe Says:

    She’s a child molester. With an underage guy! I’m so reporting her to the cops! Sicko.

  98. 98
    lala Says:

    All hail thy fame-whoring pedo queen

  99. 99
    Ksusha Says:

    OMG!!! I don’t believe in this! Selena, why Bieber???

  100. 100
    klutzy_girl Says:


    Selena, please go with David Henrie. He’s so much better for you.

  101. 101
    Natasha Says:

    Hahahaha, this is sooo funny :D

  102. 102
    Amie Says:

    GROSS. Seriously, Justin and Selena? Ewww… they don’t look good together. This is disgusting! Justin, you could have pick Jasmine while you Selena, should go back to Nick. YOU DON’T LOOK TOGETHER. Just sayin. Butt hurt fans will hate me. LOL

  103. 103
    Jessica Says:

    Isint the guy supposed to be older not the girl Lmao

  104. 104
    what Says:

    does he even have parents… what in the word is going on here. what does he want with an 18 year old woman and i would seriously like to know what does an 18 year old sees in a child. Does he even know how to “make children” ? sorry but he looks like a novice and selena is starting to look like an idiot

  105. 105
    i n f a m o u s l y c o o l Says:

    …ahahahahahahaha …sweeet. kiddie love’s so cute. `wont last long though.
    @elizabeth v.: ..she’s an adult? ahahahaha …really?! anyways, he’s more successful, plus doesn’t she.. um.. play a 14-16 year old in everything she does? ahahahahahaha

  106. 106
    Too much Says:

    Watch out Selena. He’s just a ‘wet-behind-the-ears’ little horn-dog. You’ll outgrow him in about another month or two.

  107. 107
    Laura Says:


  108. 108
    mack Says:

    HAHA, that kid is so gay and it’s a publicity stunt to make him look macho. He looks like an ugly lesbian. She is his buddy helping him to not be known as the gay boy he is. So pathetic, the kid’s voice has not changed. He couldn’t do anything if he wanted to.

  109. 109
    eliza Says:

    Beyond ridiculous

  110. 110
    PaulinhoO Says:

    What a h*ll?!

    Sel, he’s a little kid, who don’t know anything!
    Really, kick his ass!

    And look, he’s putting his hand in your butt in front of paparazzis!

    Fof love of God!

    stay away from him.

    love u Sel xoxo

  111. 111
    rosy Says:

    justin nooooooooooooooo selenaaa mi hai delusooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sel sel sel sel

  112. 112
    xxxx Says:

    Come on Selena,use your head FOR GOD’S SAKE!

  113. 113
    ron Says:

    her brain is obviously on her b oobs.

  114. 114
    Joshua Kosorog Says:

    that photos are friends very good friiends jus love sel but sel not jus
    jus make try´s Ok
    are not unhappy are happy and wait

  115. 115
    sven Says:

    i like them both but they can’t be a couple together

  116. 116
    heather22 Says:


  117. 117
    mia Says:

    Ever since Britnney and agents are forever trying to come up with the next make it big couple….prb these two are way too young to be travelling on thier own let alone having next in full view of the world…keep is the bedroom when mummy steps out……….

    And they say Miley Cyrus is bad..she is just honest with us..!

  118. 118
    Violet Says:

    He can do better than this half white illegal and in time he will.

  119. 119
    biker mike Says:

    I hope selena knows that a 16 year old will get her 20 years in the slammer in NY, shes 18 and he is a minor

  120. 120
    Ash Says:

    When I was 18, I wouldn’t look at a 16 year old boy.

  121. 121
    SM Says:

    @Seriously: Oh…JB said Selena is just friend on TV show, but he lied…..
    JB is gooood. but I think it is wrong about his lie…..

  122. 122
    Gab Says:

    The only good thing I can say about this is that at least Bieber’s fans won’t be able to push Selena around because she’s got her own crazies. A few million less than his but she’s no pushover. That being said, this is some gross stuff and at some point someone’s going to ask about the statutory thing. She’s 18 so she’s an adult right?

  123. 123
    Kristin G. Says:

    Selena, you were recently at an event with the gorgeous Cory Monteith. You could have had someone like him, a real man, but instead you go for that little amoeba of a boy. Judging you so hard right now. Look at your life, look at your choices.

  124. 124
    jbfreakkk Says:

    is that real
    i must cry:(
    but when justin smile i smile and selena is very beautiful:)

  125. 125
    Kaylee Says:

    These pictures scream, Cradle Robber! gross. I’m sorry but look at her body compared to his, its just ewww. She is clearly fully developed and he looks like a prepubescent child. I used to like Selena, thought she was a cute girl with possibly a good career ahead of her if she kept her head low. Now, all she will ever be known for is this showmance. Sad. I cant understand anyone who likes Justin Bieber, I understand liking his music, but in every interview he comes off as a grade A D-bag.

  126. 126
    Joy McBride Says:

    Where are this little boys parents? This is so ridiculous. Also Selena is only 18, she should be focused on her career not this little boy. Why would any parent in their right mind allow this to be going on? Justin will be in rehab or a daddy by the time he is 18, so sad.

  127. 127
    danie Bendesky Says:

    @SERIOUSLY: thats just mean throwing her best friend’s (taylor swift) words back at her. they clearly were never meant to be use of her and selena is a good actress she is funny plus a total sweetheart criticizing her is one thing but thats just plain cruel. everyone he seems to think that just because she is 18 she is magically a grown up

  128. 128
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    Why are you all so stuck up?! It’s not like she is 38 and he’s 16?! Ay you Americans … best of luck to them as they’ll need it.

  129. 129
    christina Says:

    too cute – love them together and love that selena, at the age of 18, doesn’t give a sh&t about what other people think and follows her heart

  130. 130
    F@me M0n$t3r Says:

    This is disturbing…isn’t he like 15? (he looks 12) and Selene is 18?
    They’re NOT an interesting couple.
    In fact I am disappointed in Selena, thought she had more respect than to that this ******.

  131. 131
    J Says:

    comments are funny because every 16 year old has kissed someone its pretty normal lol but he looks 12! lol Im not sure why everyone is so crazy about him.. if i was 18 tho i would think twice!

  132. 132
    danie Says:

    @Jessica: what an incredibly sexist remark. you have just set our gender back half a century. Nice going

  133. 133
    lisa Says:

    wait, he’s touching her ass?

    now i believe the news about her having taken off her purity ring. alas, he might be The One for her.

  134. 134
    Alissa Says:


    Leave the Bieber alone!


  135. 135
    Jackie Says:

    @Kimzahe: honey, an affar is between a married person and someone else. And I’m sure she has to tell everyone in the world every detail of her life.

  136. 136
    Audrey Says:

    @Hannah: I’m sorry but it’s a well known fact that boys are way less mature than girls especially during adolescence; that’s why it’s shocking.

    I think it’s staged anyway..

  137. 137
    charlotte Says:

    uhm its normal with 16 and 18 to kiss and touch butts ;) actually many more things are ok for that age….i bet they did that inside :) and they are adults. they make millions in one year and they live like an adult. i cant image anything more adultish then earning own money… but im confused anyways. that is weird somehow

  138. 138
    Camarão com pão ! Says:

    Selena gomez I hate you ***** would kiss my love Justin Bieber! I hate your rotten cow pi … !

  139. 139
    Mase Says:

    OMG wooohooo Finaly! I love Justin !! Jelena FTW !! BELIEBERS ou should join Koini club you can win VIP tickets to see HUSTIN in Europe!! Flight and Hotel is paid for wooop woop ! theres the link

  140. 140
    Fay Says:

    Hope they are not having sex, he is still a child….oh baby baby baby baby ohhhhh…

  141. 141
    Belieber Says:

    I’m a fan of Justin Bieber.. however hes a kid, and hes 16, he shouldn’t really act like that in public knowing there will be paparazzi SOMEWHERE and they always find out.

  142. 142
    Francia Says:

    I’m really happy for him but is no one else crying. You can’t be a true belieber and not be crying right now. OMG like, I know this may sound stupid or IS stupid but this like always happens to me. lol crying about dumb ****. I hope they’re happy. The pics ARE cute. I hope he’s happy.

  143. 143
    Asgahn Says:

    This is just gross. Like it was meant to make people that see an awesome girl together with an awful kid like this throw up.

  144. 144
    Ida Says:

    Please stop post comments like Selena find someone your own age, or you don’t like Justin or Selena. They will not break up because of your bad comment. Ok? Soooo. Real fans be suportive and others please don’t comment!

    I love Justin and Selena. Ofc Jusin a little bit more. : D

  145. 145
    Selma Says:

    Wow, I am a big fan of the person Selena Gomez, not her acting or music, cause she seems to be a great 18 year old girl and she was dating Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner, whom are boys here age and are well, 18 year old boys.
    Now, this is disgusting. What happened to that Lopez Tonight interview she did a while back where she said he is 16 and way to short for her? Man, this sucks.
    Justin Biebs? Girl be trippin’.

    Go find yourself a real man and it’s sad that she took away her purity ring, if she did now I don’t know for sure, she is a sweet girl.

  146. 146
    Zaz Says:

    Come on cougar is so IN!!!! Nice work selena!!!! And beside babysitting is a really good job to make extra money on week end!!!!!!! and beside it’s smell the false story in miles away!!!

  147. 147
    Sally Says:

    I think this is cutee.. they are doing great but now they cant deny it anymoree!!:)

  148. 148
    Leonardo Says:

    what a fake couple,what a unatractive couple

  149. 149
    Tim Says:

    i see his fans are trying to make them the perfect couple………………………..they are not, he is ugly and she?wtf is she thinking!

  150. 150
    Gilmore Says:

    I don’t care what anyone says I find this deeply disturbing!
    Selena you work with a very buff and funny David Henrie if that isn’t a hint of what you could have in life than I don’t know what is. Seriously this isn’t going to last long.

  151. 151
    glenna Says:

    haha lol… i like JB a lot but it really annoys me that he keeps denying that he’s dating!!! i honestly dont care and never have because i know i dont have a chance… the other 10 million beliebers need to remember that, too. stop denying it justin!!!!

  152. 152
    Maddy Says:

    Ewwwwwwwww! What’s wrong with her ? She’s 18 and should be dating guys at least her age. Not some immature 16 y/o who looks 10 or 11! lol

  153. 153
    anybody?anybody? Says:

    @Seriously: i think i completely agree. although selena has said many times she’s still a young kid at heart, i don’t think that’s an excuse to date a 16-year-old. and yes, it’s 2 years age difference, but there’s something uncomfortable about it. she’s an adult now, and i find it hard to believe that justin could make up in maturity what he lacks in age. i don’t think this will last long (i hope it doesn’t). i don’t hate either one, but together they just seem odd. selena should instead focus on nabbing shia, who i heard is single now and would totally be more appropriate than bieber. go get him sel! drop the baby back in his cradle and nab the man you’ve been crushing on for a long time!!!

  154. 154
    dee Says:

    its cute in a funny way….

  155. 155
    justin lovers Says:

    je sais pas mai je trouve kil von bien ensemble tan pis pour moi lol !!!!

  156. 156
    heyhey Says:

    I’m kinda broken… LOL!!!!!!!!

    No, seriously, I guess a lot of girls (and boys!) are about to get depressed. What are Bieber’s managers doing??!!!!!!!!

  157. 157
    Lilly Says:

    Err….I mean i guess there OK together…
    I mean Justins cool im a fan and of Selena too..
    And you both cant deny now, cuz then fans will just get pissed off, go to ur house (or hotel whatever), and squeeze the truth outta you XD lol,
    So please, i dont really think these are photoshopped? If they are, well then screw those who made the pictures,
    But Selena be careful…youre not gonna be known as ‘Selena Gomez’ anymore, youre gonna be known as ‘Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend’ and i think your fanclub just practically shut down, lol just kidding but….i think you lost some fans? Not me, even though i wish you were with Taylor Lautner, Nick Jonas…or whoever else, cause’, my opinion, you looked better with them…here you look kinda weird O_o cause’ he looks so much younger than you.
    But i really dont care xP If you guys are dating, thats ok…might not be with alot of other JB fans O.O But yea, you guys can be happy and all dat stuff,
    But, i hope you dont get kidnapped and killed by the bieber fans by the end of the year lol :P Just my Opinion..

  158. 158
    irem Says:

    justin bieber OMG

  159. 159
    J Says:

    I guess statutory rape doesn’t apply in Hollywood.

  160. 160
    elaine Says: here are pictures of selena and justin..
    I don’t think selena take him for him. But only for his fame.

  161. 161
    tomanycritics Says:

    A woman at 18 is not very mature I’ve never met one that was at that age they probably both have around the same iq. Sure beiber is alot more mature then most low 20ish year old guys.

  162. 162
    Josie Says:

    I don’t do that with my brother

  163. 163
    hi Says:

    AW! .not to sound bitchy but..I HATE THEM TOGETHER! SHES FREAKIN 18 AND HES 16..selena is better with nick..:/ ….JUSTIN SHOULD GO OUT WITH SOME1 ..BETTER¬!

  164. 164
    TheLor4ety Says:

    @allice: you are right! I love Justin ..i am 14..and he is only 16..we are kids..and selena is a kid too :)They musn’t go to private parties and kissing ….:x!!

  165. 165
    lol Says:


  166. 166
    Ohboy Says:

    Oh, Selena, you kissed another girl and didn’t notice the difference. :-) poor you…

  167. 167
    Savanna Says:

    I honestly don’t think they should date. I mean if they are going out I guess i’m happy for him but i’ve always seen them being like brother and sister to each other. There’s millions of girls wanting to date him, and now Selena Gomez has taken his heart. I don’t think his fans will be happy about this. But that’s my opinion we’ll see how this goes.

  168. 168
    ozzie Says:

    wow … once again american prove themselves to be a bunch of crazy people … you can tell the post from the rest of the world are all calm and collective and the american’s who are programmed that sex is bad are flipping out. there is nothing wrong with an 18 y/o dating a 16 y/o.

    someone asked where his parents are … his mom tours with him and is never too far away and smacks him upside the head if need be (not literally)

    it’s healthy for kids to interact with each other at that age and develop socially. We in amercia need to put our bibles away and learn how to have healthy relationships.

    … and let these two date … your teen and early twenties are time to make mistakes and figure out who you’re compatible with, not to find a mate to spend the next 60 years with.

  169. 169
    memily Says:

    You call that a “romantic kiss”!!! Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!? HE KISSED HER ON THE CHECK!!!!! come on people, don’t you other people to gossip about!

  170. 170
    HAHA! Says:

    Your kidding me right? SELENA seriously? You dated TAYLOR LAUTNER and now you’re on with Justin Bieber?! Please leave him to little 14 year olds and find some one YOUR OWN AGE or even older. But come on good job Justin you getting a hottie like selena?;) nice job!

    PS. get ready for selena’s funeral. Murderer? JB’s fans!

  171. 171
    Desiree Says:


    Umm There Were Also Pictures With Them Kissing On The Lips o.o

  172. 172
    yeah Says:

    does anyone else not see the pictures? cause i kinda want to see the proof hahaa… and really selena..really? hes 16…not cool

  173. 173
    oh Says:

    where have the photos gone?

  174. 174
    oh Says:

    where have the photos gone?

  175. 175
    Quivox Says:

    I’m a big Selena fan, but this just seems really weird. I guess an 18 year old dating a 16 year old would be ok if they if they were sort of evenly matched physically, and in other ways, but it’s difficult to see how a beautiful young Woman like Selena can be attracted to a 16 year old boy who looks like a 12 year old. I don’t get it.
    But this is just the last in a long list of things she’s said or done that has made me question her intelligence or maturity. Her relationship with the Kardashians , her adoration of Cheryl Cole, and a few other things, statements etc. I don’t know, I guess maybe she’s a really young 18 year old, which is ok I guess, but it’s difficult to understand how even she could think this would be good for her reputation. It just makes any sensible person question her judgement.

  176. 176
    vanessa Says:

    Why’d you take down the photos?

  177. 177
    Kissy Pics Says:

    Selena Gomez — Death Threats Over Bieber Kissy Pics
    Selena Gomez may have put her life on the line during her romantic Caribbean vacay with Justin Bieber — because ever since pics surfaced of the kissy couple … she’s been getting death threats.

    The lethal photos came out today — showing Selena and the Biebs in St. Lucia … kissing — and scores of teen girls across the planet are bloodthirsty with envy … taking to Twitter to express their rage writing:

    – roses are red, violets are blue, @selenagomez if you’ll break @justinbieber’s heart I’m gonna kill you :3
    – @selenagomez I’ll kill you I swear on GOD!!!!
    – @selenagomez If you are the Girlfriend of Justin I will Kill you I HATE YOU :@ !!!
    – @selenagomez ***** cancer ***** i’mm kill myself cuz i saw you and Justin kissing well thankyou Selena thankyou now i’m killing myself
    – @selenagomez stay away from Justin pedophile, ****** wait i’m gonna kill ya in the night underneath your smelly bed

    Calls to Selena’s reps have not been returned.

  178. 178
    fofuxa Says:

    a selena é mt mais velha q ele e ele é uma criança pra ela

  179. 179
    wat Says:


  180. 180
    what the... Says:

    from taylor lautner to this… wow have lost a bit of respect towards her, i thought she was smarter..

  181. 181
    Meg Says:

    Alright that’s just disgusting… Justin bieber is like a 10 year old kid, he got no talent and really Selena can deffinitely do way better than that! That is the worst couple ever!!! I am really disgusted. I always liked Selena but I am really not anymore…

  182. 182
    IsabellelovesBieber Says:

    Well, I am a huge Justin Bieber fan. But, he needs his privacy. If he wants to date her, sure there is nothing wrong with that.

  183. 183
    GG Says:

    @Kissy Pics:
    Wth is wrong with these people?! Bunch of crazy wackos.

  184. 184
    Ana Clara Says:

    I duvid……..

  185. 185
    Meg Says:

    @oh: I think their not.

  186. 186
    Tia Says:

    The age difference isint that big….its just the fact that he looks SO much younger than her that makes it really weird. Taylor Swift dated Taylor Lautner when she was 19 and he was 17…..but he looks/acts and seems older than he is so it wasn’t that weird. But this? Weird.

  187. 187
    haileey Says:

    Where are the photoss??
    But they are ssoo cute togethhher<33

  188. 188
    groovacious Says:

    OMFG! I cant believe it!!! He’s waaaay too young for her. He looks sooo young and she’s like frigging 18. Also he seems really cocky. I can’t believe Selena would settle for him. I’m so shocked.

  189. 189
    SelenaisaLiar Says:

    Selena lied to her fans and said that she was spending New Years in Texas with family. It’s not the first time she’s lied. It’s one thing to try and keep her private life private, it’s another thing to blatantly lie to your paying customers.

  190. 190
    tamiris Says:

    just a question because the photo deal was that before?

  191. 191
    faith Says:

    ok theres nothing wrong with an older girl and younger guy as long as psychologically and emotionally they are one par with each other. but physically these 2 just look wrong for each other! they kinda remind me of zac+vanessa with him being brown haired and her being latina…but cmon he’s 16 and sounds like a girl! i really hope this dude grows like a foot and his voice drops an octave, cuz usually if a boy hasn’t matured by 16 he’s not going to grow anymore. i respected selena sooooo much because she kept her private life private, she’s beautiful and classy how could she go for him? she needs to take a page out of the miley handbook and go for someone that looks like a man now that she’s 18. handsome and manly looking. i dunno maybe she’s swept up with bieber fever right now. maybe she’s smart and realizes what he could do for her career wise. maybe she’ll hook up with usher professionally and her music career could become something more credible. i give them a few months. i hope they’re not sleeping together. cuz i thought it was wrong for miley+liam to be together, even though it was only 2 years. it’s still very very wrong for selena now 18 to be with a 16 yr old. no matter how much money he’s got a 16 year old boy is still a boy, cause we all know boys develop much later than girls both physically and mentally. eww she deserves so much more. my respect dropped for her a little. but if she hooks up with a manly hot guy after this it might rise again lol.

  192. 192
    onesided Says:

    I don’t see Selena kissing him back in these pics. I just see him all over her and her looking disenthused, almost annoyed. She avoids him with her hug from behind.
    Any guy that’s ever tried to get with a girl that wasn’t into him romantically will tell you that those pics show a girl just tolerating his amorous advances while not reciprocating.
    Conclusion: He’s into her while she just wants to remain buds.

  193. 193
    Sarah Says:

    They’re a good couple, but if selena was younger i would day they are a good couple. The age difference just bothers me. Selena said she thinks of him as a little brother.

  194. 194
    ali Says:

    @annie: In just under 2 months Justin turns 17, and Selena is currently 18…

  195. 195
    Wew Says:

    Isn’t strange that she is always dating boys on their “star moment”?????? And how can a girl of 18 stay with a boy of 16 who looks like a ten years old child???????

  196. 196
    jnjdjcfadjk Says:

    EEEEEee fockin nasty theres a 2 yr gap

  197. 197
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    Are some of you still harping on this?! He is about to turn 17 plus he is over the age of consent so frankly – shut up about it already. It’s not your call, it’s theirs and they want to be together. Sheesh, it’s puppy love, let them enjoy!

  198. 198
    sad Says:

    She’s just lonely and sucking up his attention.

  199. 199
    wendy Says:

    cant be ?! they’re dating OMG . i dont like see them together sorry
    i want nick and sel (L)

  200. 200
    mak Says:

    so true! selena is a liar!!!111 she lied about dating him and lied about going home for new years. WHAT ELSE HAS SHE LIED ABOUT???!!!!!111 her purity ring???? maybe shes on the pill!!!!!!!!11111

  201. 201
    Just Saying... Says:

    Yeah, she’s totally using him for fame or to make someone jealous. I don’t know why but something just seems very off about their so called relationship….

    IF there really is something going on between them. It won’t last a season…

  202. 202
    Just Saying... Says:


  203. 203
    sam-jam Says:

    if u would like to make fun of bibber visit this website

  204. 204
    Kelly Says:

    Who gives a ****.

  205. 205
    nunya Says:


  206. 206
    Ashley Says:

    @homeless rachel:

    He is 5’7 thankyou much.

  207. 207
    bex fowl Says:

    i gate sg but if you still love justin bieber visit this site to get a chance to meet him:

    make an account then go to the top to features then competitions then scroll to the bottom of the page click join the comp (the jb one).
    have fun(:

  208. 208
    Kelly-Kris Says:

    I doubt she’s using him. What would she be using him for? She’s been around longer than him. And I don’t understand why some girls are so mad. They can still like him. They’re not married!

  209. 209
    jami Says:

    omg theres gonna be lots of angry fans for the both of them but i mean really hes 16 and shes 18 that just seems wrong to me wen a girl is older that the guy but its ok the other way around but its just had=rd to picture them being together

  210. 210
    jami Says:

    ok this is wrong in so many ways hes 16 shes 18 i mean get someone ur own age or even better someone OLDER than u not a kid no offence to justin but yeaaa

  211. 211
    iris Says:

    I hope Justins fans dont kill her

  212. 212
    Shelbz Says:

    @homeless rachel: He’s 5’7″ now@Ian: He is 5’7″ and she is 5’8″ almost … Just sayin

  213. 213
    Really?? Says:

    does he want her to rape him..?
    she is a fricken adult dating a child/ little boy that has a higher voice than she does. whatever you want to call it, its wrong.

  214. 214
    Jasmine D. Says:

    Um. Im not a Fan Of this and it kinda makes me Sick I love Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber But TOGATHER! there flipping insane its kinda nasty and I really dont think they make a cute couple, IDK what there thinking but maybe its a fling thing or something I cant believe its actully true!! maybe its not nope it is Gosh why??? this is just Disturbing me :(

  215. 215
    gh Says:


  216. 216
    Jasmine D. Says:

    OK, I honestly think these were staged why would selena go after a NO abbed 16 year old boy???? IF they were dating then somewhere she lost her way cause just isnt right for her, and Plus I honestly dont think there having sex she has a purity ring that says LOve can wait lol Only know this because she said it herself in a video she posted on youtube! theres nothing going on People just want to think something is going on!!!

  217. 217
    rayehy Says:


    lol they’re like a year and a half apart. get over yourself.

  218. 218
    Stephanie Says:

    She’s 18 and he’s 16? Is that even legal? He looks 13. I’m sorry, but this is just kinda gross and creepy. His mom needs to step into that.

  219. 219
    mil Says:

    i wonder how pattie feels about this?
    she was the one edging him on about dating a 2 year yunger woman

  220. 220
    Disgusted Says:

    Gross. This is sick.

  221. 221
    anon Says:

    @kant spel:

    Says something about the commentators here that they gave your ignorant comment all those thumbs up. You don’t like him, fine, but if you can’t give him his due then your words are hollow and ignorant; no one gave him a silver spoon and he didn’t get to where he is in a vacuum. There IS a reason for his popularity that goes above beyond any machinations working his fame.
    What a bunch of dolts here.
    Going to bed…..

  222. 222
    Maddie Says:

    It goes like this, Justin made a bet he can get ANY girl he wants for his movie premier, even Selena Gomez. So he appears in public with her fully aware that there are cameras taking pictures of them. She just couldn’t say no to the teen super star, because it will make her even more famous. I doubt there are any true feelings between the two. I’m not a Bieber hater but it’s obvious how egotistical and childish he really is. Not someone Selena would love. My guess is that HE is amazed by HER…because she’s very intelligent and beautiful, a rare girl…but an attention seeker nonetheless. I will be AMAZED if this relationship blooms into something more special.

  223. 223
    Confused Says:

    Okay so it’s wrong for Justin to be with Selena because she is 18 and he is 16 but if it was the other way around people wouldn’t mind?
    Psshh I hate double standards

  224. 224
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    @Stephanie: He is almost 17 and even if he were still 16 it would still be legal. What they do is their business, nobody else’s.

  225. 225
    Aline Says:

    I don’t buy it…

  226. 226
    Doc Says:

    They are surely having sex, no doubt.

  227. 227
    anastasja Says:

    they don’t make a great couple !! justin, you’re 17 and selena is 19 .. go find another girl that same age as you … she have a boyfriend already !!! don’t you think ?? what r u thinking about ?? first, you love beyonce and now selena ?? what ?!!!! you’re not make a great couple to selena …

  228. 228
    Wendy Says:

    this sounds wayyyy too sick….

  229. 229
    Carly Says:

    Oh my. That’s just disgusting.

  230. 230
    darius Says:

    wow, these people know how to stay in the spotlight….this is definitely gona buy them 2 years of publicity. Finally people aren’t gonna concentrate on these kids sucky music. Again this proves my “Taylor Swift” theory…..

  231. 231
    OMR Says:

    Does Selena know that he is under-age?

  232. 232

    Selena–> *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Justin—> NICE BOOOY! (LLL)

  233. 233
    xxxx Says:


    Pardon me ? get a life ? you are the person who is defending a couple that you don’t even know !! Come on now be honest with yourself YOU ARE PATHETIC!! The thing we ‘re trying to say here TODAY’S TEENS ARE GOING CRAZY!! THERE’S NO MORALITY AT ALL!!

  234. 234
    xxxx Says:


  235. 235
    xxxx Says:


  236. 236
    Greg Gayer Says:

    UM…. ewh! Selena is wayyy to hot for Justin

  237. 237
    Prozac Says:

    Selena can do better =_=

  238. 238
    josue abraham mendez miranda Says:

    eres una bastarda selena gomez por esas fotos con justin bieber

  239. 239
    nikki250 Says:

    what is she trhinking going out with him hes not bad but he looks like hes half her size she could get any man she wants and she chooses him i would rather her go out with rodley this geek in my class eeeeeewwwwwwww this is one lesson she will have to learn by herself dont go out with a rat…………………………………………still cant believe it

  240. 240
    Jekyyy Says:

    Why are you hating them? They are good couple :)

  241. 241
    Chargerfan Says:

    I have no problem with them dating, however, I lost alot of respect for her for lying about it.She denies it because she’s worried about her career. She has been lying about relationships for years. Also, where are there parents?

  242. 242
    Alica Says:

    Kidding, right?
    Selena, I officially hate you.
    Not *only* because of this.
    You said he was like your little brother.
    And now, all of a sudden, this?
    I thought that your brother isn’t the person you date?
    What are you?
    Your own fans start to hate you AND YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT.

    Justin – First Beyoncé, now Selena Gomez. What’s next? Oprah? Dude, get a girl in your age, f##k damm#t, now after your famous you’re trying everything out or what? -.-

    Now don’t give me a thousand thumvs down because I said that, and comment on me that IDK what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

    This is the reality.

    I’m sorry Selena, but you just lost a big fan. And I don’t think that I’m the first or last person who thinks like that.

    Justin: I *almost* liked you. But then, this happened.

    AND WHY IS THAT on JustJared? It should be on JustJaredJunior.
    Justin is STILL 16 turning 17 and Selena is 18 – yes, an adult, but still, if you think about it a teen. EightTEEN.

    So please, leave JustJared alone with this sh#t next time.
    Thank you. -.-

  243. 243
    WHAAT NOW Says:


  244. 244
    justin is stupid Says:

    ew justin with selena is not god selena could do much better than that i mean justin bieber is basically like hannah montana now hes just a phony and he got old!!!!!!!!

  245. 245
    Ryan Says:

    yea guys, they arent talented at all. They only make millions of dollars more than you.. and they are probably half your age. Get a life and stop being ****

  246. 246
    savannah Says:

    wow!!! this is bs justin needs 2 be wth miley, selena iz a ***** tht iz so desperate she needs 2 be wth someone younger 2 feel good about all her break ups……she so cant keep a man( isnt is obvious y) poor justin like i said he’d be better wth miley but i still luv him P.S selena iz a pedophile

  247. 247
    emily Says:


  248. 248
    savannah Says:

    ew!……….. poor justin he’s just being used

  249. 249
    mackenzie Says:

    selena get off my man

  250. 250
    mackenzie Says:

    selena get off my man

  251. 251
    mackenzie Says:

    justin is mine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIEBER FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  252. 252
    mackenzie Says:

    justin is mine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIEBER FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. 253
    Ivy Says:

    If this is an ADULT gossip website, then why are the adults commenting acting like 5 year olds who never understand that AGE doesn’t matter in a relationship. Besides all of you people saying that it looks weird and underage and stuff like that, people can have sex at age 16. He might be a little scrawny, not really fully into puberty, but I bet some of you might be late growers, too. You guys judge too much on relationships. Her career isn’t ruined, what makes you think that who are you dating have anything to do with you business life?

  254. 254
    jules Says:

    SHES SOO FAKE its not even funny:S
    justin deserves a better girl!!

  255. 255
    jules Says:

    didnt any of u guys notice that selena haasss to date every hot guy
    she just trys too hard

  256. 256
    lynn Says:

    Beaver still GAY and Selena just cemented her status as BEARD, with her keep having FAUXMANCE with gay guys like Jonas and Lautner.

    Beaver looked tried to hard to look straight, but sadly still FAILED big time.

    That pics were so staged like reality shows

  257. 257
    Zach Says:

    I didn’t know Selena Gomez was a lesbian.

  258. 258
    Hollywood_Barbir Says:

    Those pics looked staged in a way but still, gross. C’mon Selena! Justin freakin Bieber? Sad as hell!

  259. 259
    poison Says:

    @Ivy: You are wrong. Even a couple years age difference does matter when it comes to kids. Two years makes no difference if we’re talking about, say, a 28 and 30 year old, but we’re not. We’re talking about an emotionally and physically immature -by your own admission, a prepubescent- child and a young woman.

  260. 260
    Maria Jose Says:

    no puedo creer que Justin sea novio de Selena y ya no voy a ver los hechizeros

  261. 261
    Teen Says:

    This is totally disgusting. Like she to old for him and plus there illegal. I would put in legal allegations if i were his mother

  262. 262
    Teen Says:

    Totally Disgusting. He is way to young for Selena. Plu there like illegal. She could be put into jail now. If i were his his mother i would make sure she at least got six months. I wouldn’t want my son to be dating a women. Selena work on a kids channel his and her rating are going to decline drastically.

  263. 263
    drizzy dre Says:

    this coupl iz a joke first off he is a wanna bee gansta and saggin like he run **** the only **** he run iz gay men like really selena u wa betta offff wit nick jonas how u end up with a wanna be hood niqqa thats not even tall enough to ride a rollocoaster

  264. 264
    Betzy Says:

    I want jb for me she is ugly for him ha

  265. 265
    I HATE SELENA!!! Says:


  266. 266
    Selenahateher Says:

    Selena Gomez is a Fame wh*re!!!..i mean come-on…Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Justin…this girl needs to be told that the only way she can get famous is if she’s got talent (which she doesn’t have)!!!!..she disgusts me!!!

  267. 267
    Selenahateher Says:



  268. 268
    Lisa Says:

    This is too weird a 16yr old boy kissing a 18yr old gal eeew they should forget about dating

  269. 269
    stef Says:

    uhm i dont get what the huge deal is…yes iam a fan too….massive belieber and a fan of selenas also…but why hate? its very annoying to me that everyone around the world is so hateful about this. i think they are amazing together, and deserve the happiness.and those psycho chicks..please know yur reality…7 million girls and yur the one?seriously?get a real boyfriend and quit crying over one that is just a celebrity crush. life goes on…(:

  270. 270
    jusin bieber Says:

    love ya fansss

  271. 271
    calisac Says:

    uummm..I’m not sure, but I don’t think that’s them. Besides when you look at the pics, are you sure that’s them? and the pics ain’t on no yacht. They’re taken at an apartment or something, not a boat.

  272. 272
    kiaraa Says:

    and just leave them alone. you guys swear that its soo bad. Mariah carrey,40,and nick cannon,25, are married so what!?

  273. 273
    i cant believe it Says:

    aweee… kaay so as much as i lovee justin bieber yoou 2 are like a perfect couple and yoou guuys are going to be together for a long time :) <3

  274. 274
    ..???? Says:

    ew….wtf am I looking at?

  275. 275
    jennet Says:

    do you love justin bieber because i wat to sex him

  276. 276
    jennet Says:

    do you love justin bieber because i wat to sex him

  277. 277
    pamela Says:

    yall stop hating dont u know that love is btween 2 pple

  278. 278
    audrey jones Says:

    no not this selena !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  279. 279
    Angelica Coelho Says:

    HAHAHA , i think they are so beautiful together *-*

  280. 280
    sarah(u) Says:

    omg:/! i dont think they should be togeteher not because i love justin from the bottom of my heart to the top and hate selena like a peace of **** on my shoe but he deserves better&he just doesnt suit dating her or ever an older lady, any other girl out there would be lucky to have him&selena is just gona play him cause she’s been out with half of disney channel for god sake! he can do better sorry but its true(u)!
    i love you juuusty&selena, no comment.

  281. 281
    Emzyyyyy. Says:

    you know what i think,you and JB a the perfect match .but he’s tooooooooo young for you.HOW ABOUT YOU DATE TAYLOR OR EVEN NICK BUT JUST DON’T DATE JB,I’m not saying this because i like him, I’m saying this because l hate him.

  282. 282
    Jamie Says:


  283. 283
    Jamie Says:

    omg i hate Selena Gomez !

  284. 284
    missjane Says:

    Guys you know Justin Bieber is hot and Selena Gomez isn’t. Have you taken a good look at her? Compare her to women like Beyonce Knowles and Kim Kardashian the types of women Justin is actually attracted to. Yeah. He could do better than her and he knows that, this is for publicity. Months ago he was doing the same with Jasmine Villegas. Justin Bieber is more wanted and earns more. This is all to get his beliebers rattled and is name will be mentioned for something else other than his music which most male DJs refuse to play on the radio.

  285. 285
    123LILIY Says:


    please 3

  286. 286
    123LILIY Says:

    SELENA U CAN DO BETTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    come on

  287. 287
    rita Says:

    im rita i looovvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuu justin bieber sowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww muche <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    SELENA GOMEZ AND YOU IS 0000000000000000000000000
    PLZZZ HELP MY I LOVVEE HEM SOO MUCH<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3< 3<

  288. 288
    dsfgze Says:

    selena gomez never gonna be with that ****** justin bieber
    he’s a skinny bitchass

  289. 289
    dsfgze Says:

    selena gomez never gonna be with that ****** justin bieber
    he’s a skinny bitchass

  290. 290
    cassie Says:

    roses are red violets are blue if you break justin bieber heart i will ill you

  291. 291
    natalia Says:

    eles tão namorando serio ?

  292. 292
    tafi epps Says:

    will they have baby’s

  293. 293
    LE Says:

    Wow u girls r taking this way way way too seriously

  294. 294
    Crystal Says:

    OK Justin and Selena many many things 2 say but no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no Dont like it at all >:0 I HATE JUSTIN, Selena is Awesome but why she going out with him, SHE IS OLDER THEN HIM HELLO !!!WHY!!! anyone else is ok BUT HIM COME ON i’ll be HAPPIER if he DATES A FAN dates a fan WHY wont he DATE A FAN NOT SELENA come on :/ !!!!!WHY!!!!!!

  295. 295
    Katrina Says:

    to all those obbsessive fans:
    why can’t you be happy for justin?
    You say you love him but you have a hissy fit everytime he has a girlfriend,
    You obviously don’t love him if you won’t even let him be happy.

  296. 296
    LUKE Says:


  297. 297
    Louise Says:

    Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber probably had sex inside their yacht. I hate them both and i don’t care of they go out or not. ;)

  298. 298
    Arianna Says:

    hello how are you well I say it like Selan Gomez and justin come together for me is fine but as long as you do not have problems there is no problem but both inceparable amman much is love but neither one nor the other wants to confess emerging or are boyfriends look good my name is Arianna boyfriend and I have 11 years.

  299. 299
    nurin bieber Says:

    i luv justin bieber but i am just sad he kissed selena but i think JB rocks!

  300. 300
    sarahlk Says:

    This is sooo lame. lmfao, selena is ugly as hell.. just saying! justin bieber looks like he’s 5 years younger than her, its disturbing! this is one of the WORST couples ever.

  301. 301
    jessica Says:

    secondo me è tutto sbagliato justin e selena nn possono stare insieme perche lei è piu grande di lui di 4 anni nn si puoo!!!
    pero ammettiamolo e lei che va incontro a JUSTIN BIEBER e lui gioca il suo gioco CHE PALLE!!!

  302. 302
    asdfgh Says:

    Sooooooooo cute!!! Love bothe!!! They must to get together!!

  303. 303
    alanna Says:

    ugh! this is getting annoying they should just admit there an item..i love justin! and selena’s like my role model i look up to her sooo much!and why do you uppsessive weirdo’s send selena death threats! justin cant go out with everyone and you should give him and selena a break…yhea it is obvious that they are going out but death threats okayyy thats going over the top!..and calm down there hardly going to get married and have children next week! :P

  304. 304
    hellohello033 Says:

    I just noticed when Nick was famous Selena dated him and when Taylor Lautner was famous she dated him and now that Justin is famous she’s dating him. What a user and a social climber

  305. 305
    stan Says:

    this is a very very bbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd

  306. 306 Says:

    Thaats cuute ! Justin lie at all his fans .. But it doesn’t matter :) go to ;

  307. 307
    lily rose Says:

    selena fais ce que tu veux de ta plus grande fans au mond i love je tes vue a talen a revendre tu étes superbe i love

  308. 308
    soada Says:

    la had al hob ctir shih ma3ada ino za3ijni chwa mochway bal ktir

  309. 309
    crystal Says:

    no they are just friends i asked him myself before…….

  310. 310
    Ashley Says:

    They’re teenagers; let them do what they want. And it’s not illegal if they just date. It’s only illegal if they get married and/or have sex. If they found a connection in each other and they actually like each other, does age really matter? I mean you think now that you would never get with a boy 2 years younger than you, but you can’t help who you fall for.

  311. 311
    Awsomeness Says:

    Selena gomez!!!
    how could you do this!!!
    justin bieber is soooooo ugly

  312. 312
    Bou ♥ Says:

    Euh… aucune photo ne prouve ça : INTOX ;0 !

  313. 313
    marissa Says:

    they are never meant for each other. selena gomez kisses anyone she sees that is wat i hate abowt her

  314. 314
    sarae Says:

    heyomgi can’t belive that slena gomez and justin bieber are going out even venassa hudges and zac from high school musical
    thus is like teen popstar kiss
    did you know that justin biber has been even kissing other girl
    but i think selena gomez do not know that he has been kisssing other girls and nibaling on there ears a lot .

  315. 315
    i Says:

    ok selena get over yourself seriously this *** i loved her with taylor lautner team taylena hope you guys break up next week!!!!

  316. 316
    christeria Says:

    leave justin and sel alone everybody deserves to be in love yall need to just chill i dont realy think he touched her ass the age doesnt really matter their a great couple so leave it alone yo hyprocrites retards lol

  317. 317
    christeria Says:

    leave justin and sel alone everybody deserves to be in love yall need to just chill i dont realy think he touched her ass the age doesnt really matter their a great couple so leave it alone yo hyprocrites retards lol

  318. 318
    shakira Says:

    @Seriously: i just lost all my respect for her like just admit it you are going out with him now i am not a fan of both of them

  319. 319
    Nada Says:

    Justin is so ugly and Selena is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty.Slena u could so much beter

  320. 320
    jess Says:

    just so you all know, justin is allowed to date who ever he wants. and btw he isnt a “child’ he’s 16, age doesn’t matter plus its only 2 years lol so when he’s 34 and she’s 36 it’s not a big deal! everyone should just not care lol it’s another hollywood couple that’s it :)

  321. 321
    Megann Says:

    Where are the pictures?! I WANT SOME PROF!

  322. 322
    Ashleyann Says:

    i honestly feel bad for the too of them like really no private lives at all but its supper cute :]

  323. 323
    Ashley Says:

    hahhha! im turning 17 on the same day that justin is!!!!!! hahhahhhh!!!!! (i dont like him but i love rubbing that in, in beilebers (spelling watevr) faces. its very funny

  324. 324
    sophie Says:

    if they love each other its there lfes not ours

  325. 325
    patricia Says:

    je suis jalouse

  326. 326
    rachel Says:

    you are just not good looking any more justin beber you firt kiss selen then you cheat on you are a baster .I hate you now but i dont hat selen.

  327. 327
    rachel Says:

    Justin Bieber i can not beive you kiss Selenu but i hat you more because you kiss a nother girl.

  328. 328
    Selena Gomez Says:

    so wate? if u wore my,justin bieber real fan you wanted care…. you needed that

  329. 329
    sharp2eyes Says:

    @kant spel: selena gomez is really great but I don get what she look in that guy ! She is so much better than Justin Bieber.

  330. 330
    SEXY Says:

    Shut up they ronge for each other b***h f**k u punk ass b***h BICH

  331. 331
    rosaelena Says:


  332. 332
    kookie Says:

    wow justin 4 ur own good STOP DATING HER! NOW! really she doesnt deserve u shes only doing this cuz everyone has bieber fever ! im doing this cuz i care and i rlly do care unlike gomez… faking all that love plz jb 4 ur own good .Stop.Dating.That.FAKER!!!!!!!!!

    (no feelings, except selenas,are hurt in the making of this comment :))

  333. 333
    paris Says:

    whatttttttt ……justin is only 16 and selena is 19.selena is 2 years old.

  334. 334
    anne Says:

    are you serious that is soooooooo mess up……….

  335. 335
    alaina Says:

    jb is to cute for sg she to ugly

  336. 336
    amber tarawakare Says:

    ha know ur jalicice i wouldnt make that move if i were u did u see chechkout selen justin he was kissing another girl not selena ……..??????mwah

  337. 337
    mary Says:

    That ***** dates whosever popular at the time! like seriously its not that hard to miss!! Nick jonas during their tuor and when they were big, taylor lautner during new moon, she was caught flirting with cory monteith when glee was big, and now justin bieber when hes big!! every Sel Gomez fan needs to open their eyes because right now their letting her get away with what she is so OBVIOUSLY doing! and im not a “belieber” or anything but i dont want to see justin heartbroken after she DITCHES him for someone more famous

  338. 338
    melanie Says:

    sos una tonta selena es un re feo justin tiene cara de bobo y ese cortesito que se iso recien re feo justin

  339. 339
    BBK810 Says:

    Please do not hate Selena for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She did nothing to you!Get over it!You are going to have a lot of celeberties you like dating a person you don’t like!Stop being jealous!It’s not like he would date you anyways!He wouldn’t even date me!!I’m glad because I personaly don’t like him, but I like his music a little!Plus this is for justin,why did you even stick your middle finger up in the first place at the poparatzi?And Selena, I am sorry if the girl hit your lip really bad!She is a jerk!I hate you who ever hit my fav singer!Plus me and my friend Juleigh talk about your music and you all the time!!!!!PLEASE PEOPLE,STOP SENDING SELENA DEATH THREATS!!!!!!!That is so pathetic and mean!Please stop!

  340. 340
    ***** Says:

    n now only 3 words

  341. 341
    BBK810 Says:

    Did anyone like my comment????Plus just let them be!They can date anyone they want!K.K.!Stop being jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND STOP IT WITH THE DEATH THREATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  342. 342
    BBK810 Says:

    STOP SAYING SELENA GOMEZ IS A FAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What about justin?!He has had bad behavior latley!If you don’t believe me,type this into your computer:JUSTIN BIEBER BEING RUDE!And then you will see other videos of him being a B***H!To everyone!Anyway,I also think he is just trying to hide his gayness!!!Duh!It’s pretty ovbious!Plus he could be faking with Selena!He could be cheating on her with a boy!Also type this:bieber is gay show me him kissing a guy!!!!!!1EWWWW!It is so gross!watch it if you dare!Please like my comment!

  343. 343
    BBK810 Says:

    Why are you even talking about sex?!That is kinda out of the question!No Offence!Don’t get mad Please!

  344. 344
    XOXOXO Says:

    Hey…I love sell …not so much just,,I love tem 2gether but i don tlike that sell is trying to manipulate her fans….Why r they hiding it??lovesel4eva

  345. 345
    tim Says:

    selena really you are 18 and he is 16 its supossed to be the other way around plus you get do so much better

  346. 346
    Swanky_Kavita Says:

    omfmc !! i <3 justin bieber !!!

  347. 347
    vianeyhermsoillo Says:

    heyyyyyyyyy justin you and selena out with justin beceace he os sweets to you and nice person??????????????

  348. 348
    bri Says:

    BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!there is no way selena can deny it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and the funny thing is that she shouldnt be wasting her time on some little kid thats probably cheating on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!selena should just LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  349. 349
    bri Says:


  350. 350
    ItsMe! Says:

    Seriously, AGE DOESNT MATTER!

  351. 351
    louloute Says:

    justin bieber is to yong to go out wid a 18 years old girl and i dont no why selena go out wid a 16 years old!!!??

  352. 352
    louloute Says:

    justin bieber is to yong to go out wid a 18 years old girl and i dont no why selena go out wid a 16 years old!!!??

  353. 353
    kenie wangmo Says:

    its just not fair 18….’n’ 16…!!!!!!!!!!! nah!!! a kid ‘n’ a old woman eeeyuuuckkk they aren’t a match!!!! NOOOOO!!!! HEY JUSTIN R U MAD I M A BIG FAN OF U ‘N’ U R DOING LIKE THIS??? JUSTIN ITS NOT FAIR!!!! U R KIDDIN’ RIGHT?? PLZ SAY YES

  354. 354
    Veronica Says:

    @M@cie: True this is GAY we all know they are dating were not dumbasses we can tell why can’t they just officailly state they are ! We should have a little girl walk up to Selena and say ” your a ***** ! ” and then kick her . and then she should kick justin in the you know were ….

  355. 355
    jb+selena=crap Says:

    NOOOOO! xd lolz

    justin bieber makes good music but..
    its so pathetic for selena.
    she can really get a better guy.
    she looks great!!!!!
    and i love her music i love her acting in wizards of waverly place!
    but justin makes only music its good but.
    im bored xd

  356. 356
    fatima Says:

    @vanessa: i know right they r so perfect for each other
    it dosent matter if selena is older than justin biber they r perfect for each other

  357. 357
    crystal Says:

    i hate selen gomez Jb n sg do not make a good coulpe trust me

  358. 358
    irene Says:

    ha ha !!! now i know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  359. 359
    irene Says:

    ha ha hahahahha!!!! i’m so happy they are together !!! nice now i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  360. 360
    ionelllll Says:


  361. 361
    luchano Says:

    OMG!!!!!!! HE is a child.

  362. 362
    reline Says:

    i love u hustin

  363. 363
    chicca Says:

    I’m Italian and I love JB with all my heart. but I’m not jealous of sel are abbituata with a boy of 3 media called fabio is a set and I just think he’s happy …. ditto for JB
    I read only half of the messages you have written and they are all offensive ….. Are not you ashamed ?????????????????
    Italian because I do not know very well the ‘English if you understand the blame npn google translator

  364. 364
    chayra Says:

    i love them both but i love sel and nick jonas

  365. 365
    lola Says:

    selena gomez is like a child malester no offense but it looks like it
    im not hating on them but that is my point of view

  366. 366
    lola Says:

    you can do way way way way way way way way better than Justin Bieber

  367. 367
    dasjfkl;ajdsiofj;ioafj Says:

    gay gay gay gay all of you

  368. 368
    tiffANY Says:


  369. 369
    tiffANY Says:


  370. 370
    tiffANY Says:


  371. 371
    Odio Justin Bieberon Says:

    selena gomez si è rovinata la vita io odio Justin Bieber ed è per questo che lo chiamo Justin bieberon
    selena gomez has ruined my life I hate Justin Bieber and that’s why I call him Justin bieberon.

  372. 372
    Odio Justin Bieberon Says:


  373. 373
    brianna Says:

    jb is soooo cute honestly im 17 but he is still taking over me…..HE’S 2 HOTT!!!!!!!

  374. 374
    brianna Says:

    Justin bieber sooo hott….Justin if ur out there i love u …..JUSTIN JUSTIN JUSTIN….HE’S SO HOTT I CANT HELP IT …look im 16 tooo

  375. 375
    rebecca bieber Says:

    justin bieber is so cute and he is so lucky to be dating selena she is so beautiful

  376. 376
    koning Says:

    I tough girls always fell in love with older guys and older looking guys. Not with baby’s.

  377. 377
    sofia ezpinoza Says:

    ohh justine your so hansome boy of the world i like to be come your wife but i know your like to come your wife is selena gomez

  378. 378
    guess who Says:

    i HATE selena gomez!!!

  379. 379
    Karina Astinarickmanic Says:

    Awwww! So cute! but, do u no how selena and justin r feelin’? Wat if they did not want the world to no ’bout their romantic kiss? But, I am a 13 year old girl from New Jersey, and I go to Barkalow, and I want Justin Bieber to be my boyfriend! He is sooo cute and handsome. Ahhh! Romance! the feelin’ is the best feelin’ that the whole world could wish for.

  380. 380
    killer Says:

    i am going to kill tht stupid selena and tell her its not right to date a boy tht has more money than you to steel justins money to be the queen

  381. 381
    aaliyah Says:

    Did yall kiss kissssssssssssss

  382. 382
    aaliyah Says:

    BOE stop dont have sex will him becuze his a two tmer

  383. 383
    aaliyah Says:


  384. 384
    cieciella Says:

    i was ones in love with him but he bork my <3 but he wont let U go

    v v

  385. 385
    cieciella Says:

    he brok my <3(hart)SAD FIND ME 0N FACEBOOK

  386. 386
    Jusny Says:


  387. 387

    woww its nice couple . i like it so nice really . jb have a good choise.

  388. 388

    selena is beautiful. but jb is most beautiful then her. wt ever. i thnk good couple . hahahaha . may b.?

  389. 389
    adalace Says:

    im so jalles that selena is dateing justin beber enfinty beond lov justin beber i adalace lov him why does justin like selena for her person alaty justin is my life i whouhd do antyhing for him like anything she alredy going to be 18 justin is 17 even im 17 i know justin likes older girls but still i see u guyz on the newz kissing i haerd some of the girls dont like it selena is afrad of pop arotce if she afrad then why is she with him i bet selena does not know how to skat bord by the way selena like the color green justin like purple dose not match

  390. 390
    adalace Says:

    im so jalles that selena is dateing justin beber enfinty beond lov justin beber i adalace lov him why does justin like selena for her person alaty justin is my life i whouhd do antyhing for him like anything she alredy going to be 18 justin is 17 even im 17 i know justin likes older girls but still i see u guyz on the newz kissing i haerd some of the girls dont like it selena is afrad of pop arotce if she afrad then why is she with him i bet selena does not know how to skat bord by the way selena like the color green justin like purple dose not match

  391. 391
    hannahfb Says:

    why r u dating justin beiber it is so so CRAZY LIKE U R 18 AND HE IS 16 THERE IS A PREETY BIG DEFRENCE i was a big fan of u selena but not as much anymore sorry but antil u break up with these person im not a big fan of u

    please if u read this mes send me on my email why u r justin beiber boyfriend my email is

  392. 392
    um...noneofurbeezwaxx Says:

    THEY are soooooo good together but im jealous she soooooooooo lucky shes pretty and smart and a great singer things they both have in common :D <3

  393. 393
    beatrice Says:

    selena u used 2 be my role model now u r GARBAGE!!!!! how could u go out with the ugliest boy in the world how i just don’t understand he is hideous!!!! and sssooooo nt ur type or AGE!!!!!!! get ova him!!nowww!!!!!! i dislike u till u breakup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    frm ur biggest fan!!!

  394. 394
    amelia Says:

    justin hit on a lot of girls

  395. 395
    mary@01/03/2011 Says:

    hey selena you are too big be called jusin girlfriend

  396. 396
    alexis Says:

    i love that they going out

  397. 397
    Bella Thorne Says:

    why did selena date justing should date me bella thorne from shake it up i would like to have sex with him if we get married.

  398. 398
    lol Says:

    you guys are so dumb i mean telling selena stuff about justin bieber that they shouldn’t be together i mean i know he’s alittle to boy for her but its not like he’s ten or something love tells no age and if they really love each other they should be together so all of u’ll keep your comments to your self cuz its really hurting people and them….

    i love selena and justin

    but some people can be right

  399. 399
    lol Says:


  400. 400
    makya Says:

    why will they call the cops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  401. 401
    discotheque maroc Says:

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  402. 402
    Ottoman Coffee Table Says:

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  403. 403
    office professional plus 2007 Says:

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  404. 404
    justin Says:

    baby i’m bracking up whith sorry

  405. 405
    pizzahutisgoodandyummyyummy Says:


  406. 406
    kimberly Says:

    i dont think there a good cuple

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