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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Kiss Kiss!

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Kiss Kiss!

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were spotted sharing a romantic kiss aboard a private yacht over the New Year’s weekend while vacationing in the Caribbean.

Justin, 16, and Selena, 18, couldn’t keep their hands off of each other while they spent time with friends celebrating the new year.

Justin recently kept mum when asked about their relationship, but he told a radio station that he thought Selena was an “amazing person.”

Check out the photos at Bauergriffinonline!

Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Nikolov/Daly; Photos: WENN
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  • Hindi movies

    Justin is rocking..
    keep it up

    Happy new year

  • Mac

    You know if Justin was a couple of inches taller and did not look like a 10 year old boy, this probably would have not looked so akward. But seriously, this just looks so wrong in all levels.

  • ron

    besides, they look like 12 year old lesbians ewww

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Bad couple

  • http://deleted myself.

    I LOVE THEM! :)

    + This is a smal age difference I mean Jemi & Miam & Muston had WAY BIGGER age difference! ;D

  • haygurl

    That’s all.

  • Audrey

    WTF is wrong with this girl??? She’s almost az adult woman and she’s dating with a guy who is like a 12 year-old??

  • Annie

    Um, ew. Can we keep this puppy love showmance on JJ junior please?

  • Bella

    what a cute lesbian couple!!

  • newbie

    gross and disturbing

  • Michelle Obamz

    Why don’t we forget about this and focus on world peace instead :)
    Polar bears are in danger! AMEN.

  • showmance

    Justin Bieber is gay.

  • gawsh

    why do they look so obviously posed? meh, if its real then im happy for them, just looks kind of suspicious

  • Sandi

    This is so fake. He is trying to look straight, ans she is his buddy posing as his beard. It looks creepy, he looks like a 10 year old girl . ewes

  • Kimzahe

    uhh! Selena Gomez lied to her fans denying she had an affair with Justin Baby… wonder how many lies she tells to her fans…

  • http://ANIUSHKA andrea

    bet if it were miley kissing justin him touching her butt yall would go psyco about her since its selena its ok hipocritze much

  • http://ANIUSHKA andrea

    @Kimzahe: bet if it were miley kissing justin him touching her buttfans and media would go psyco about her since its selena its ok hipocritze much

  • Brightside

    Umm…while I do understand all the ‘he’s only a child’ comments I can’t help feeling that the people behind the comments are being a little blinkered in their approach to this. Most surveys of teen-age s*x among adolescent Americans give the age of a first sexual encounter as a few years younger than 16.
    He is 16 guys, not 9, and while many of you feel this is odd, it really isn’t…plus she is only a couple of years older. She’s only 18 herself. If this were a sexual liaison between a 16 years old and a 28 years old then I would be going ‘ewww’ too (as well as calling the appropriate authorities). But a two year age gap between two horny adolescents…hardly worth getting riled about since this happens everywhere the world over.
    He looks young and sexually under developed for 16 (my cousin is just shy of 6′ 2″ and shaving already)…but he’s not a child any more…a fact his own mother probably recognises.

  • http://ANIUSHKA andrea

    @Johncmayer Fan!: bet if it were miley kissing justin him touching her butt yall would go psyco about her since its selena its ok hipocritze much

  • tena54

    Well all i have to say is good luck to just and sel if it is true and we should not hate life is two short for hate people, i am a fan of justin and wish him the best in his music career.

  • Bella

    so funny! Come on Sel is 2 years older than Justin! She’s better with Nick Jonas or David Henrie!

  • http://ANIUSHKA andrea

    @Amy H: bet if it were miley kissing justin him touching her butt fans and media would go psyco about her since its selena its ok hipocritze much

  • Laura

    it may be the fact they are in love
    we all need to be POSITIVE for them
    not putting them down
    because its justin bieber!
    well ima true fan for both of them
    so im with them 100%

  • Laura

    @kant spel:

    they both are talented!
    and you try not having any privacy
    its not easy at all!
    yeah they are really nice together im with them 100%
    if you dont like it then dont comment on this
    keep your opinions too yourself
    that goes for the rest of the people that dont like the fact they are dating!!!

  • Laura

    @Lucy Paul:
    she wernt denying it!!!!
    oh my days
    you people are stupid
    its only because she is dating justin bieber that you hate it
    you all neeed to get a life!!!!

  • Laura

    @Yoyoyo yippi yo yippi yay:
    they aren’t staged!
    they are together!

  • renx

    they aren’t even kissing, they are just close to do it :|

  • Laura


    …… your point here ???
    so your saying that just 2 years older and you cant date someone
    my mom dated my dad. and he was 3 years older!.

  • carrie

    they’re cute as a couple..
    let them be happy people!

  • Laura


    no we are not going to be ‘sideeying her at all
    im 16 and im not
    im GLAD they are dating
    just becuase Selly is two years older doesnt mean that Selly and Justin cannot date eachother jesus people
    and who ever is there fans should be sticking with them, whatever decision they make or who they date. it just proves who there reall fans are in the world!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jihane

    Disgusting .

  • asdfghjkl

    What the fvck.?!? SELENA dated NICK JONAS when the JoBros are soo famous. then, SHE dated TAYLOR LAUTNER when Twilight was the obsessive movie. and now, SHE is dating JUSTIN.?!? what a hoe. -__-

  • Laura


    HOW ?
    they are just two normal people

  • cold_zero

    you gatta handed to JJ for breaking the news with pictures FIRST
    Great start of the year for you Jared

  • George W

    I’d rather see her making out with her gal pal Leighton Meester on that yacht instead of some ridiculous showmance that little mushroom headed twerp..

  • lhinxzy

    ..i thought they were just friends?

  • ankita

    omg dis is insane!! sel said he ws like a lil bro to her!!!! ewww its freakin creepy!!!!

  • Delphic

    He looks about 12. No wonder he has pre-teens fawning over him.

  • iluvsummer

    very very disturbing.

  • Bujanqe



  • Ezarington

    Oh..Selena is so popular among the BOYS!!!

  • nobiggie

    Selena should have gone out with Ryan Sheckler( the skateboarder) instead and besides he looks like an older version of beiber. but I don’t think they care about what people have to say about their personal life. So just let them be ..

  • oh

    i think they’re cute

  • someone

    selena must be extremely satisfied that she has traded a buff taylor launter for a scrawney boy with the body of a 12 year old ahhahahah


    she’s an actress better known for what she does on the mattress (with nick, lautner and bieber)

  • burnt bacon

    Ew, ch!ld pr0n.

  • Ewe

    She’s a child molester. With an underage guy! I’m so reporting her to the cops! Sicko.

  • lala

    All hail thy fame-whoring pedo queen

  • http://ksy_dashkevich Ksusha

    OMG!!! I don’t believe in this! Selena, why Bieber???

  • klutzy_girl


    Selena, please go with David Henrie. He’s so much better for you.