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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Kiss Kiss!

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Kiss Kiss!

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were spotted sharing a romantic kiss aboard a private yacht over the New Year’s weekend while vacationing in the Caribbean.

Justin, 16, and Selena, 18, couldn’t keep their hands off of each other while they spent time with friends celebrating the new year.

Justin recently kept mum when asked about their relationship, but he told a radio station that he thought Selena was an “amazing person.”

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406 Responses to “Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Kiss Kiss!”

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  1. 126
    Joy McBride Says:

    Where are this little boys parents? This is so ridiculous. Also Selena is only 18, she should be focused on her career not this little boy. Why would any parent in their right mind allow this to be going on? Justin will be in rehab or a daddy by the time he is 18, so sad.

  2. 127
    danie Bendesky Says:

    @SERIOUSLY: thats just mean throwing her best friend’s (taylor swift) words back at her. they clearly were never meant to be use of her and selena is a good actress she is funny plus a total sweetheart criticizing her is one thing but thats just plain cruel. everyone he seems to think that just because she is 18 she is magically a grown up

  3. 128
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    Why are you all so stuck up?! It’s not like she is 38 and he’s 16?! Ay you Americans … best of luck to them as they’ll need it.

  4. 129
    christina Says:

    too cute – love them together and love that selena, at the age of 18, doesn’t give a sh&t about what other people think and follows her heart

  5. 130
    F@me M0n$t3r Says:

    This is disturbing…isn’t he like 15? (he looks 12) and Selene is 18?
    They’re NOT an interesting couple.
    In fact I am disappointed in Selena, thought she had more respect than to that this ******.

  6. 131
    J Says:

    comments are funny because every 16 year old has kissed someone its pretty normal lol but he looks 12! lol Im not sure why everyone is so crazy about him.. if i was 18 tho i would think twice!

  7. 132
    danie Says:

    @Jessica: what an incredibly sexist remark. you have just set our gender back half a century. Nice going

  8. 133
    lisa Says:

    wait, he’s touching her ass?

    now i believe the news about her having taken off her purity ring. alas, he might be The One for her.

  9. 134
    Alissa Says:


    Leave the Bieber alone!


  10. 135
    Jackie Says:

    @Kimzahe: honey, an affar is between a married person and someone else. And I’m sure she has to tell everyone in the world every detail of her life.

  11. 136
    Audrey Says:

    @Hannah: I’m sorry but it’s a well known fact that boys are way less mature than girls especially during adolescence; that’s why it’s shocking.

    I think it’s staged anyway..

  12. 137
    charlotte Says:

    uhm its normal with 16 and 18 to kiss and touch butts ;) actually many more things are ok for that age….i bet they did that inside :) and they are adults. they make millions in one year and they live like an adult. i cant image anything more adultish then earning own money… but im confused anyways. that is weird somehow

  13. 138
    Camarão com pão ! Says:

    Selena gomez I hate you ***** would kiss my love Justin Bieber! I hate your rotten cow pi … !

  14. 139
    Mase Says:

    OMG wooohooo Finaly! I love Justin !! Jelena FTW !! BELIEBERS ou should join Koini club you can win VIP tickets to see HUSTIN in Europe!! Flight and Hotel is paid for wooop woop ! theres the link

  15. 140
    Fay Says:

    Hope they are not having sex, he is still a child….oh baby baby baby baby ohhhhh…

  16. 141
    Belieber Says:

    I’m a fan of Justin Bieber.. however hes a kid, and hes 16, he shouldn’t really act like that in public knowing there will be paparazzi SOMEWHERE and they always find out.

  17. 142
    Francia Says:

    I’m really happy for him but is no one else crying. You can’t be a true belieber and not be crying right now. OMG like, I know this may sound stupid or IS stupid but this like always happens to me. lol crying about dumb ****. I hope they’re happy. The pics ARE cute. I hope he’s happy.

  18. 143
    Asgahn Says:

    This is just gross. Like it was meant to make people that see an awesome girl together with an awful kid like this throw up.

  19. 144
    Ida Says:

    Please stop post comments like Selena find someone your own age, or you don’t like Justin or Selena. They will not break up because of your bad comment. Ok? Soooo. Real fans be suportive and others please don’t comment!

    I love Justin and Selena. Ofc Jusin a little bit more. : D

  20. 145
    Selma Says:

    Wow, I am a big fan of the person Selena Gomez, not her acting or music, cause she seems to be a great 18 year old girl and she was dating Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner, whom are boys here age and are well, 18 year old boys.
    Now, this is disgusting. What happened to that Lopez Tonight interview she did a while back where she said he is 16 and way to short for her? Man, this sucks.
    Justin Biebs? Girl be trippin’.

    Go find yourself a real man and it’s sad that she took away her purity ring, if she did now I don’t know for sure, she is a sweet girl.

  21. 146
    Zaz Says:

    Come on cougar is so IN!!!! Nice work selena!!!! And beside babysitting is a really good job to make extra money on week end!!!!!!! and beside it’s smell the false story in miles away!!!

  22. 147
    Sally Says:

    I think this is cutee.. they are doing great but now they cant deny it anymoree!!:)

  23. 148
    Leonardo Says:

    what a fake couple,what a unatractive couple

  24. 149
    Tim Says:

    i see his fans are trying to make them the perfect couple………………………..they are not, he is ugly and she?wtf is she thinking!

  25. 150
    Gilmore Says:

    I don’t care what anyone says I find this deeply disturbing!
    Selena you work with a very buff and funny David Henrie if that isn’t a hint of what you could have in life than I don’t know what is. Seriously this isn’t going to last long.

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