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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Kiss Kiss!

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Kiss Kiss!

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were spotted sharing a romantic kiss aboard a private yacht over the New Year’s weekend while vacationing in the Caribbean.

Justin, 16, and Selena, 18, couldn’t keep their hands off of each other while they spent time with friends celebrating the new year.

Justin recently kept mum when asked about their relationship, but he told a radio station that he thought Selena was an “amazing person.”

Check out the photos at Bauergriffinonline!

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Credit: Nikolov/Daly; Photos: WENN
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  • jessica

    secondo me è tutto sbagliato justin e selena nn possono stare insieme perche lei è piu grande di lui di 4 anni nn si puoo!!!
    pero ammettiamolo e lei che va incontro a JUSTIN BIEBER e lui gioca il suo gioco CHE PALLE!!!

  • asdfgh

    Sooooooooo cute!!! Love bothe!!! They must to get together!!

  • alanna

    ugh! this is getting annoying they should just admit there an item..i love justin! and selena’s like my role model i look up to her sooo much!and why do you uppsessive weirdo’s send selena death threats! justin cant go out with everyone and you should give him and selena a break…yhea it is obvious that they are going out but death threats okayyy thats going over the top!..and calm down there hardly going to get married and have children next week! :P

  • hellohello033

    I just noticed when Nick was famous Selena dated him and when Taylor Lautner was famous she dated him and now that Justin is famous she’s dating him. What a user and a social climber

  • stan

    this is a very very bbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd

  • http://ChloeLoveB

    Thaats cuute ! Justin lie at all his fans .. But it doesn’t matter :) go to ;

  • lily rose

    selena fais ce que tu veux de ta plus grande fans au mond i love je tes vue a talen a revendre tu étes superbe i love

  • http://soso soada

    la had al hob ctir shih ma3ada ino za3ijni chwa mochway bal ktir

  • http://twitter crystal

    no they are just friends i asked him myself before…….

  • http://@ImYoursCameronQ Ashley

    They’re teenagers; let them do what they want. And it’s not illegal if they just date. It’s only illegal if they get married and/or have sex. If they found a connection in each other and they actually like each other, does age really matter? I mean you think now that you would never get with a boy 2 years younger than you, but you can’t help who you fall for.

  • Awsomeness

    Selena gomez!!!
    how could you do this!!!
    justin bieber is soooooo ugly

  • Bou ♥

    Euh… aucune photo ne prouve ça : INTOX ;0 !

  • marissa

    they are never meant for each other. selena gomez kisses anyone she sees that is wat i hate abowt her

  • http://twitter sarae

    heyomgi can’t belive that slena gomez and justin bieber are going out even venassa hudges and zac from high school musical
    thus is like teen popstar kiss
    did you know that justin biber has been even kissing other girl
    but i think selena gomez do not know that he has been kisssing other girls and nibaling on there ears a lot .

  • i

    ok selena get over yourself seriously this fag i loved her with taylor lautner team taylena hope you guys break up next week!!!!

  • christeria

    leave justin and sel alone everybody deserves to be in love yall need to just chill i dont realy think he touched her ass the age doesnt really matter their a great couple so leave it alone yo hyprocrites retards lol

  • christeria

    leave justin and sel alone everybody deserves to be in love yall need to just chill i dont realy think he touched her ass the age doesnt really matter their a great couple so leave it alone yo hyprocrites retards lol

  • shakira

    @Seriously: i just lost all my respect for her like just admit it you are going out with him now i am not a fan of both of them

  • http://youtube Nada

    Justin is so ugly and Selena is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty.Slena u could so much beter

  • jess

    just so you all know, justin is allowed to date who ever he wants. and btw he isnt a “child’ he’s 16, age doesn’t matter plus its only 2 years lol so when he’s 34 and she’s 36 it’s not a big deal! everyone should just not care lol it’s another hollywood couple that’s it :)

  • Megann

    Where are the pictures?! I WANT SOME PROF!

  • Ashleyann

    i honestly feel bad for the too of them like really no private lives at all but its supper cute :]

  • Ashley

    hahhha! im turning 17 on the same day that justin is!!!!!! hahhahhhh!!!!! (i dont like him but i love rubbing that in, in beilebers (spelling watevr) faces. its very funny

  • sophie

    if they love each other its there lfes not ours

  • patricia

    je suis jalouse

  • rachel

    you are just not good looking any more justin beber you firt kiss selen then you cheat on you are a baster .I hate you now but i dont hat selen.

  • rachel

    Justin Bieber i can not beive you kiss Selenu but i hat you more because you kiss a nother girl.

  • Selena Gomez

    so wate? if u wore my,justin bieber real fan you wanted care…. you needed that

  • sharp2eyes

    @kant spel: selena gomez is really great but I don get what she look in that guy ! She is so much better than Justin Bieber.

  • SEXY

    Shut up they ronge for each other b***h f**k u punk ass b***h BICH

  • http://twitter rosaelena


  • kookie

    wow justin 4 ur own good STOP DATING HER! NOW! really she doesnt deserve u shes only doing this cuz everyone has bieber fever ! im doing this cuz i care and i rlly do care unlike gomez… faking all that love plz jb 4 ur own good .Stop.Dating.That.FAKER!!!!!!!!!

    (no feelings, except selenas,are hurt in the making of this comment :))

  • paris

    whatttttttt ……justin is only 16 and selena is 19.selena is 2 years old.

  • anne

    are you serious that is soooooooo mess up……….

  • alaina

    jb is to cute for sg she to ugly

  • amber tarawakare

    ha know ur jalicice i wouldnt make that move if i were u did u see chechkout selen justin he was kissing another girl not selena ……..??????mwah

  • mary

    That Bitch dates whosever popular at the time! like seriously its not that hard to miss!! Nick jonas during their tuor and when they were big, taylor lautner during new moon, she was caught flirting with cory monteith when glee was big, and now justin bieber when hes big!! every Sel Gomez fan needs to open their eyes because right now their letting her get away with what she is so OBVIOUSLY doing! and im not a “belieber” or anything but i dont want to see justin heartbroken after she DITCHES him for someone more famous

  • melanie

    sos una tonta selena es un re feo justin tiene cara de bobo y ese cortesito que se iso recien re feo justin

  • BBK810

    Please do not hate Selena for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She did nothing to you!Get over it!You are going to have a lot of celeberties you like dating a person you don’t like!Stop being jealous!It’s not like he would date you anyways!He wouldn’t even date me!!I’m glad because I personaly don’t like him, but I like his music a little!Plus this is for justin,why did you even stick your middle finger up in the first place at the poparatzi?And Selena, I am sorry if the girl hit your lip really bad!She is a jerk!I hate you who ever hit my fav singer!Plus me and my friend Juleigh talk about your music and you all the time!!!!!PLEASE PEOPLE,STOP SENDING SELENA DEATH THREATS!!!!!!!That is so pathetic and mean!Please stop!

  • http://rediffmail *****

    n now only 3 words

  • BBK810

    Did anyone like my comment????Plus just let them be!They can date anyone they want!K.K.!Stop being jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND STOP IT WITH THE DEATH THREATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BBK810

    STOP SAYING SELENA GOMEZ IS A FAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What about justin?!He has had bad behavior latley!If you don’t believe me,type this into your computer:JUSTIN BIEBER BEING RUDE!And then you will see other videos of him being a B***H!To everyone!Anyway,I also think he is just trying to hide his gayness!!!Duh!It’s pretty ovbious!Plus he could be faking with Selena!He could be cheating on her with a boy!Also type this:bieber is gay show me him kissing a guy!!!!!!1EWWWW!It is so gross!watch it if you dare!Please like my comment!

  • BBK810

    Why are you even talking about sex?!That is kinda out of the question!No Offence!Don’t get mad Please!


    Hey…I love sell …not so much just,,I love tem 2gether but i don tlike that sell is trying to manipulate her fans….Why r they hiding it??lovesel4eva

  • http://myspace tim

    selena really you are 18 and he is 16 its supossed to be the other way around plus you get do so much better

  • Swanky_Kavita

    omfmc !! i <3 justin bieber !!!

  • vianeyhermsoillo

    heyyyyyyyyy justin you and selena out with justin beceace he os sweets to you and nice person??????????????

  • bri

    BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!there is no way selena can deny it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and the funny thing is that she shouldnt be wasting her time on some little kid thats probably cheating on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!selena should just LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bri


  • ItsMe!

    Seriously, AGE DOESNT MATTER!