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Tom Cruise: Back to Work on 'Ghost Protocol'

Tom Cruise: Back to Work on 'Ghost Protocol'

Tom Cruise cracks up on the set of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol on Monday (January 3) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 48-year-old actor shot an action scene where he hops out of van to use a pay phone before getting back in.

Tom took some time out to greet a couple of female fans with hugs!

Co-star Simon Pegg was also spotted on the film’s set.

Last month, Tom filmed some scenes in Burnaby, Canada after wrapping up production in Dubai.

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  • zzzz

    There’s that manic laugh, what a nutball this guy is!

  • taxgirl

    ….he’s bringin’ crazy back….Oh I’m sorry the words to that JT song are “sexy back”…Tom’s way off from being the role model for the original words…I think mine fit better!!!
    …and where has that fitness fanatic Katie been hiding her raggety self? (amazing how she can keep from being photographed when she wants to…the rest of the time it’s “poor Katie” hounded by the paps.)
    BOO HOO HOO!!!

  • bahadurus

    a guy claiming to be Tom’s nephew wrote a fine gossip on i dont want to share it here but man if that is true tom has some serious confidence problems

  • bahadurus

    a guy claiming to be tom’s nephew shared some crazy gossip on Now i cant share it here but if it is true tom must have some serious turst issues

  • Iffy Miffy

    Total lunatic.

  • Lavito

    @taxgirl: I so agree on your comments about “poor Katie.” She’ll appear soon and will have her spoiled rotten brat kid. Wonder if Suri got some new bottles for Christmas. Tom is really crazy, his devotion to Scientology is scary, what a cult.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I can’t stand that ugly face he makes when he laughs.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Gaay short and happy

  • boots

    Looking good Tom!

  • mary

    Tom is certifiable. that stunt he did at the top of that building in Taiwan, or was it Dubai, was a nutty thing to do. you’d think he’s never heard of stunt doubles?

  • jon jon

    he smells of desperation.

  • Wow

    Quite a few haters on here…

    Say what you will about the man and his personal life but he sure makes some awesome movies.

    He also does his own stunts, which takes some big balls, so kudos to him.

  • connie

    For sure, Suri got some new bottles, more huge blankets, and a shi* load of candy. Plus we can’t forget more pullups!!!! UGH! Hate this wackjob family! They are all spoiled BRATS!

  • someguy

    I was just reading some article about Rosie Huntington being Tom’s next contract wife, Katie’s contract must be almost up. I wonder what Ms. Huntington will think about Tom’s Scientology handler/assistants who look like clones of him and wear Batman type utility belts. Will she be up for the freakshow?, in other words.

  • Dexter

    Jared, why do you support someone who “wants to clear this place up”???? I hate tom cruise and that f*cked up sh*t called scientology.

  • not gullible

    God bless the Jolie Pitts

  • LALA

    I read somewhere about Tom wanting to “help” Rosie’s career. Unfortunately she looks like she’ll be may be the type to sign on. I don’t get her being with old bald Jason Statham, so maybe Tom will be a step up with his plugs, dye, and plastic surgery – oh yeah, and the money. $$
    I actually hope that Katie is opting for the 5 year plan that will be running out this year. I’m right on board commenting on what a fool she is: selling her child, throwing away her friends, etc, but I actually did like her pre-Tom.

    Oh, and PLEASE don’t do Extrmities, Katie. I used to like you, and in the roles that met your acting needs and abilities, but you really aren’t a stellar actress. Maybe you would have been able to build your skills over the past 6 years if you hadn’t signed on with “Crazy Cruise and the Scientolofreaks”. so sad.

  • LALA

    @not gullible:
    Why do Jolie Pitt fanatics always have to blog off topic comments on Cruise/Holmes strings? There are some current Brad and Angie posts, so please move on or comment on the topic at hand.

  • aep

    He is such a FREAK!!! Short stubby gay boy, come out of the closet crazy!!!!

  • Steve

    You have quite the following, Jared; you must be very proud! Most of you couldn’t say a nice thing……it would leave a bad taste in your mouth, wouldn’t it? I see some pictures of some actors, particularly Cruise, doing their job and having some fun. That’s all!

    I find it interesting that they can work the long days they work and still have a smile on their faces……it shows how dynamic most of the top actors are.

    Happy New Year everyone, except for those of you who get their kicks from putting others down… should just get a life!

  • reklamko kanhareketler

    @bahadurus: bullshit..campusrazzi never talks shit about our precious tom cruise.. are we talking about the same here?

  • Jackie

    There’s that over the top laugh again. I used to be a big fan but I can’t even look at Tom anymore. After his idiotic comments a few years ago and his over the top behavior it wasn’t hard to see that he’s completely nuts and really, really stupid. He shoved his personal life down everybody’s throat and now when I see him in a movie, all I see is total wack-job Tom Cruise, not the character. Also, he seems really desperate lately. I just can’t be bothered anymore.

  • someguy

    holy crap, Steve the Scientologist who doesn’t patrol the internet but just “happens” on these Scientology-related articles has happened onto this article. Shh, the OSA doesn’t want anyone to know they patrol the net.

    “I find it interesting that they can work the long days they work and still have a smile on their faces”

    HAHAHAHAHA, it’s the Scientology, right Steve?

  • Kayla

    I think he’s thrilled that he doesn’t have to spend any more time pretending to be a family with Katie and that little girl anymore. Their “family time” in NYC is up, and they don’t have to be seen together for another few months now. PR time is over.