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Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone: Spidey and Gwen!

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone: Spidey and Gwen!

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone share a laugh while filming scenes for Spider-Man on the bleachers of a football stadium in Los Angeles on Tuesday (January 4).

In the scene, Peter Parker (Garfield) sneaks in a kiss with Gwen (Stone).

Last month, Emma showed off her new blonde do while filming a funeral scene in front of a church complete with fake rain.

FYI: Andrew is wearing Levi‘s slim jeans in Twotimer Black.

15+ pictures inside of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone filming scenes…

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andrew garfield emma stone spidey gwen 01
andrew garfield emma stone spidey gwen 02
andrew garfield emma stone spidey gwen 03
andrew garfield emma stone spidey gwen 04
andrew garfield emma stone spidey gwen 05
andrew garfield emma stone spidey gwen 06
andrew garfield emma stone spidey gwen 07
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andrew garfield emma stone spidey gwen 12
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Photos: GSI Media
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  • mark

    hum I don’t know if I’m being stupid… but they’re not going to have a Mary-Jane in this reboot?

  • naomi

    What? why she looks so ugly?

  • mariale

    @mark: no, i think this is supposed to happen before mary jane…

  • Lily

    He’s too ugly to play Peter Parker…Tobey was perfect for the role because although he looked geeky enough, he was still easy on the eyes.
    This guy has no spark in his eyes, and he is not attractive enough, he’s just blah and ugly.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l, i’m not really feeling him as peter parker. look at these pictures. he doesn’t have that parker look. ugh, still think he’s cool, just not perfect.

  • lala

    I can see him as Peter and her as Gwen, but they don’t look very cute together in these pictures. Like he is so petite or something. I don’t know, I hope the movie turns out good

  • jacque

    They’re both really good actors and I think Andrew looks more like Peter Parker than Tobey (was never a big fan of him as Peter). Emma looks beautiful as always… hope the movie turns out great, it has potential!

  • Michelle

    They are both good actors….but, they don’t look right together. She looks bigger then him? And they just look like they don’t fit together. Sorry.

  • Dawson

    Girls can be bigger than guys. Emma is actually quite skinny in real life. The problem is Andrew who is quite skinny and tall, making him appear even skinny. The pap photos are also shot in profile for Andrew and straight on for Emma so she would inevitably appear bigger. In the movie they will have filmed Andrew straight on and Emma at an angle to make her skinnier and him buffer and more manly. Directors are smarter than you think and play with camera angles all the time.

  • Lololol

    One Ugly ass mfer! Toby McGuire is ugly as sin too. Another spiderman movie i won’t be watching

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Look at She how fu*king ugly fat haha haa ha haaa hahaha

  • Biz

    She strangely does look bigger than him. I think it’s because she has a very wide, round face and Andrew has a very skinny face.

    This is why I had my reservations for her playing Gwen. I was thinking someone along the lines of Dianna Argon. But it’s obviously too late for that.

    And why is Andrew wearing woolly gloves, since when does Peter Parker dress like a homeless man?!

    It looks like they need to step up their wardrobe.

  • angie

    does anyone know why they (directors, producers, movie studios) decided to ultimately set the film high school? because i heard that they were going to have it set in high school when they were deciding on casting (which is why they were considering younger actors like logan lerman and josh hutcherson), but when they cast someone older andrew garfield they were strongly considering having it set in college. i liked the college setting, i was hoping they’d keep dylan baker in it as prof who becomes the lizard.

  • kelly

    They both look pretty plain. Emma Stone is all hair and she doesn’t look unique anymore with the blonde locks. Andrew looks like a little shrimp that bullies fight in high school. I just don’t see chemistry with the two. Emma Stone said in interview that it will only be Gwen Stacy in the three films. No MJ.

  • Badgely

    In the comics, it took place in high school which is why they are setting it in high school. Andrew’s face/body is disproportionately long/thin. It would be tough to look skinnier than him unless the girl is anorexic; but then people are going to complain that they can see her collarbone through her shirt.

  • Sidney

    Emma Stone is a film actress and has proven that she can open a movie, act, and play the lead. Dianna Agron may look pretty on screen, but she is known more as a television actress and play supporting roles in all of her films/tv shows.

  • Badgely

    Here is another angle of Andrew. He is darn skinny in the face. Let’s contrast that with a fuller, more womanly face like lovely Emma.

  • tuy

    emma’s lisp is so distracting, although i did enjoy easy a. andrew is a good actor


    Um, didn’t they already make this movie a few years ago? Hollywood needs to come up with more original ideas.

  • kita

    new peter looks too much handsome…

    it’s not good…

  • Delphic

    Lucky girl.

  • Mo-Nique

    He’s kinda gay

  • alistair

    @angie: bullseye! if they we’re going for HS then they should have gone with Logan Lerman or Hutcherson. Garfield and Stone would look better in a college setting. But IDK i don’t feel any chemistry, someone mentioned Diana Agron i agree she would have made a better Gwen more demure and sweet-looking. Emma is great but her features are a bit sharp for Gwen Stacey

  • howie

    sorry he just doesn’t look like Peter Parker to me whether it’s the Ultimate SM or Amazing SM they’re going for. Why did they not cast Logan Lerman for a HS Parker or Jamie Bell or JGordon Levitt for an older spidey

  • pl100

    Andrew will do a great job. He is talented as well as Emma. You haters just shut up. The movie has not come out yet, there is no need to judge,

  • lethal

    do roboty by siÄ™ wzieli

  • Rob

    Hipster Man, Hipster Man
    Wears thrift-store duds like a hipster can
    Watch him pout, see him roll his eyes
    Dump on “popular things”
    Like others his size
    Here comes the Hipster Man.

  • Spider-Man fan


    In the comics Peter is not some Hollywood sexy guy. If they would wanted a guy like Pitt or some other “hot”, Andrew definitely wouldn`t got a role. So we are not gonna see another crappy teenager film like Twilight.

  • Susanne

    Unbelievable, so many good stories over the last 2 years in the web (e.g. on and all what Sony has found is this guy? Its a shame – we wanna Tobey back! Okay, he wasn`t the perfect choice, but much more better than this kid…

  • ivanka

    i wish they were a couple, they look so cute:)

  • carol

    peter parker for sure will be ugly in this movie

  • Marlene

    She’s not fat, but she is bigger than Andrew. If you’ve seen Never Let Me Go, Carey Mulligan looks bigger than Andrew as well. He’s just skinny, it doesn’t matter. I’ve never seen Emma in any movies, but Andrew is pretty good.

  • Zoey

    Whys everyone hating on Emma? She’s a wonderful actress and she looks very nice with her blonde hair. And Andrew Garfield is an amazing actor and he makes a great Peter Parker.

  • me

    this dont look right.

  • Sean Reid

    @mark: in the comics gwen was with peter way befor mary jane was ever in the picture

  • …..

    I hope the movie turns out good. I was so disappointed that they stopped Spider Man 4 :( and even more disappointed when I heard they were going to get a new cast for a reboot. For me Tobey Maguire is the only Spider Man, let’s see if Andrew can do a good job.

  • DeadWarrior

    i like the fact that they are going for an ultimate spider man style because he’s skinnier than tobey maguire if he didnt eat pies but after they put the football stadium on the pics its clear that its gonna be ultimate spiderman cuz it was in the game a few yrs bk nd its in the comics a few times

  • thekidwho’sinlovewithmusic

    @mark: uhhhh, i’m not a spidey fan but, i think they’re doing the whole reboot thing according to the comics so, this is the part where PP’s love interest is gwen stacy. but, i think she’s gonna die or something so that’s the time where mary jane will shine. not sure tough.

  • Relax!

    This is the first movie, where Peter’s scrawny and Gwen Stacy’s his love interest. MJ will appear after Gwen dies. I’m guessing this scene is in the beginning whilst he’s still getting stronger, so that the ending scenes show him all muscly and stuff. And I don’t think he’s ugly. At all :)

  • Chris Silver

    @STUPID!: Its a reboot because the old film was terrible. If you read the comics this is a different story.

  • Chris Silver

    @kelly: Gwen came before MJ in the comics so noone cares about MJ right about now. They are rebooting the movie how the comics were. And Andrew suppose to look like that because originally he is suppose be be bullied and get his spidey powers later on. Huh lol

  • Angelina

    Andrew look irritated from her :D