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Beyonce: New L'Oreal Paris Feria Ad!

Beyonce: New L'Oreal Paris Feria Ad!

Beyonce looks super sexy in this new ad for L’Oreal Paris’ Feria hair color!

The 29-year-old entertainer is just one of several celebs to show love for the cosmetics and beauty company – Jennifer Lopez and Gerard Butler have also recently shot ads for L’Oreal Paris!

Yesterday, a video of Bey working the runway at Tom Ford‘s Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show was released.

Beyonce – Feria Spot
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  • Mya


  • Dani

    Just PERFECTION!!! She looks unbelievable Stunning, Sexy, Gorgeous, Fierce..Just Perfect <3

  • Yummy


  • Cristobal

    work it out

  • M

    Yes, she’s stunning, but who does she think she’s fooling? That’s a Caucasian human hair wig, not her real hair by a long shot.

  • amish

    I love the song. Beyoncé looks sexy but too full of herself.

  • Sam1981

    Come on….ok she looks pretty and all i get it. But she has fake hair!!!!!

  • luvmahbabeeh

    looks fierce but amazingly gorgeous…luv my queen bee!

  • caro

    awful color on her

  • kooky

    I think she isnt the right one to buy feria

  • Mya


    What does WEAVE gotta do with Hair Dye?

  • Becky

    Hair color for extensions? How does this commercial even make sense? Seriously, L’Oreal, people do notice these things …

  • amensister

    its a WIG

    she has been wearing a different wig almost every week for the last month!!!!

    is L’Oreal for REAL


  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Fake fake fake

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Like ugly go go go in africa

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    She bald
    she hold wig

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    She just want f**k on tv

  • a boy from another planet


  • MangerBouger

    It may be a wig but it is made of indian hair. Hence, I don’t see the difference between her and Eva (or others for that matter), who wears extensions – which is also made of indian hair. Almost everyone in hollykarma wears extensions, so do people in L’Oréal’s adverts.

    Moreover, L’Oreal is still testing on animals in the 21st century but I guess Beyoncé does not care since she openly wears fur … fur farming ony gets better with them lot.

  • QOQO

    Stunning, and I love her voice.
    We all know it’s a wig, so what?! It’s just a commercial and Beyonce is still drop dead gorgeous.


    She is beautiful and the ad is beautiful BUT even if ads include a certain amount of fraud, they should hire people with great REAL hair, put the product on the real hair and then advertise.
    How can people beleive that the product work greatly without putting too much harm on the hair if everytime it’s a wig ?
    Beyonce best ads would have been for a relaxer on her own hair, highlights on her own hair, a cream for her marvellous skin or some eye pencil !

  • michelle

    sorry but she is not sexy.

  • More More

    Bee I Luv Ya.

  • From Paris with Love

    I like her but this is too big a stretch. This is an apologia of fakeness. A black woman in a wig advertising for blond hair dye, what next? white people doing ads for black skincare products, men doing ads for tampons, leg amputees doing ads for shoes? LOL

  • sourpatch575

    Why do celebs endorse..? They don’t even use these things and thats definatley not her hair! YOU DON’T FOOL US!

  • XYZ


    Yes, the wig looks wonderful.

  • yo sista

    fake! everything about her is fake!

    she’s endorsing a hair color stuff and she’s wearing a wig? Interesting.

    Except people aren’t that dumb to buy their sh!t. Try harder Fakeyonce and L’Oréal went down hill ever since they chose JLo as the spokesperson for their product .

  • Mo-Nique

    she’s such a try hard fake HOE

  • *~*+*~*

    beautiful indian hair

  • Dexter


  • Yes

    The sad thing is her hair does not look good> The truth is the lighter your skin and eyes the lighter you can go with your hair and although she has light skin she can not pull off that look flawlessly as it does not look natural and furthermore the hair in generally looks bad, maybe the styling or the weave but its not nice compared to other commercials that show the women with silky smooth hair like the other women in the commercial.

  • jaye

    WHO IS SALT ? @ 01/04/2011 at 3:29

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Beyonce, no matter how nice she might be, perpetrates the same frauds in her commercials as most other people. She is a lovely woman even without make up, weave and fake eyelashes, but when you use those to promote a product by duping people into believing that your ‘enhancements’ are real, it’s fraud. The buying public will never have that hair or those lashes by using a hair color, conditioner or mascara.
    Of course some of the public don’t care that they’re being defrauded; they live in the world where they actually believe they will look like Beyonce. Good luck with that.

  • @Paris from hate

    @From Paris with Love:

    A white chick promoting tanning lotions

  • From Paris with Love

    Who should advertise tanning lotions then, black people? lol Where did I hate? You are paranoid with the black and white thing and you’re the aggressive one here. If you can’t deal with people finding a black person with blonde wig/hair tacky that’s your problem. If comparing it to tanning makes you feel better, fine by me.

  • Mel Gibson

    L’Oreal: yur razistttt!!! :)

  • thunder

    It’s okay for her to do the commercial but it should be dye your Wig with l’oreal. It would be more credible. She should be the spokesperson for fake hair and that it’s okay to dye your wig with l’oreal chemicals. Otherwise it’s hilarious!!!

  • the b is back

    @M: didn’t yo mama tell you ugly is as ugly does…jealousy is a biatch girlfriend….you worry about the wig, while Bey and JZ are in St. Barts…Paris, NYC and any damn where in the world they want to be….

  • the b is back

    @From Paris with Love: @M: didn’t yo mama tell you ugly is as ugly does…jealousy is a biatch girlfriend….you worry about the wig, while Bey and JZ are in St. Barts…Paris, NYC and any damn where in the world they want to be….

    poor sad fools….probably cannot pay your rent and you worried that Beyonce is making millions of dollars, but she is not being true to YOUR idea of who she should be …puleeze! When you can pay for one of her vacations…call us….

  • From Paris with Love

    You have issues my dear, calm down like you said they don’t give a shiit. So since celebs are rich we should only praise them, never comment on anything we don’t like? riiiight JJ’s not a fan site, it’s a gossip blog honey. I don’t hate her, I commented on HER HAIR but that is above your comprehension. Funny thing i just said on her latest thread that she looks great. Oh and I sure wouldn’t bother being a millionnaire, would you? but I love my life thank you very much. Happy 2011!

  • Anya

    Nice blonde hair Beyonce, it’s so sad how desperate you are to look anything else but black . She’s gotten whiter looking as her fame increased.

  • k

    f*ck L’oreal….they test on animals, torment and kill them
    and then they try to talk us into believing that we’re worth it
    well..I’M F*CKING NOT!!



    and every caucasian woman in this video also has on hair extensions so who are they fooling and who are you fooling with yours?


    @Sligo ^_^ cute:

    And will your Mother have the rice and beans with the greasy food waiting?

  • Jealous Haters

    You can tell the hate comments are from racist and jealous people. Not only are you sitting posting with a weave/extensions in your hair, every celeb you love in movies, music, the circus, etc. is rocking extensions. Hell, Jessica Simpson even sells them and you trailer parkers dare speak on the Queen Bey? Go sit down while Beyonce rocks.

  • Kim

    Google ” Lace Front Wigs”. Beyonce is a huge proponent of these wigs as are many other celebrities, of all races. I agree with “From Paris with Love”, this is a stretch…fake…fake…fake!! L’Oreal should advertise using models with real hair and with shades that are more appropriate for their race. The majority of blacks do not have naturally long, straight, blond hair.

  • joselizette06njPhillyTri-State

    @M: as a man commenting me and my wife to be lizette lov her whole entire being.
    i i think her human natural extension skin naturally lookin wigs,are GORGEOUS,i love to quote a comment of a few here,who are jealous lmfao rofl lmao,i love it! same as when britney WHITE spears,as otherWHITE girls wear wigs,and stuff who cares,ONLY A HATER CARE,beyonce is beyond gorgeous wit her hair as it is,golden honey color blonde or platinum but she is best with this soft honey gold blonde,great hair weave skin natural wig gorgeous on her,i just love her hair,i love her thick voluptuous sexy PERFECT skin face as smooth as butter lol she is great and i do not GET the feria doin a commercial since yes she wear wigs as skin extension wigs,etc. so yes that is stupid but she is GORGEOUS who cares,love it. YOUR THE BEST B, so let the haters broke strugglin wit no real nice style looks to them like yOU Bey, let the haters hate.
    jealousy get you no place,Haters.

    From Jose and Lizette hernandes on facebook.

  • White Girl who Lov My Wigs

    i have wear weave a long time, no one can tell if i tell them then the man women like oh ok lol i am white girl.professional business in my late 30s. almost 40. i love my wigs as a white woman so i agree hater
    people here,that is all.


    my daughter wear them at times early 20s so much fun! i love the hater mentality too and Jose,glad a guy posting here again love to see a real man whose able to appreciate,real beauty from such a great girl.
    a woman like beyonce,hair is hair,cancer patient to celeb to me a business CEO wear it at my sports business men love it and if the woman want to wear it go head i love mine,real men i men no lil boy or weird out dude who do not want his girl but to be natural,natural indian hair like hers,is gorgeous.i love it. and i love wearing my extension to hair skin wig i love it so much i forever will and be buried too wit it,well hopefully not for 40 or 50 more years!lol night everyon.

  • BeyStan

    Beyonce is the business and can sell a wig, weave, hair color or even mannequin if she deemed to do so. EVERY WHITE WOMAN, ETC. HAS EXTENSIONS IN HER HAIR and don’t look half as good as Beyonce. They’re busy tanning and getting implants trying to look like the Queen.

  • nance roselle

    its gonna be more exuting couse beyonce always pick the great image