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Gerard Butler: Behind the Scenes of L'Oreal Ad!

Gerard Butler: Behind the Scenes of L'Oreal Ad!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Gerard Butler‘s L’Oreal ad!

The 41-year-old Scottish stud filmed the commercial for the brand’s hydra-energetic anti-fatigue moisterizer back in October in Brooklyn, New York.

“I think he’s like the ultimate dude you want to be. He’s an action star. He’s fun. He’s good with women, plays poker, does all those things. Very much lives life to the fullest,” Gerard says about playing Mr. L’Oreal.

Gerard can be seen kissing his leading lady, singing, boxing, and playing rugby with some pals.

Making of Gerard Butler’s L’Oreal Ad

Watch Gerard‘s L’Oreal ad inside!

Gerard Butler’s L’Oreal Ad
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  • Old Mia

    Am I the first? This is history. LOL

  • OMG

    I hate to be so stupid. But OMG. He’s the most gorgeous man ever.

  • Manny

    Thanks JJ for the new thread. Butler does look nummy.

  • Mason

    I’ll buy the stuff if I look like that.

  • A.S.

    JJ stole this story from Accidental Sexiness.
    So lame.
    JJ, come up with your own stories and give us a new thread!

  • OMG


  • Hmmmmm

    THAT is the most gorgeous human being ever put on this planet. He is just breathtaking.

  • melissa

    OK. He’s pretty. Yes, he’s pretty. Cough. Pretty. So? OMG. I did not see this coming at me.

  • heidi

    The boxing shots are beyond gorgeous. From behind with the weights. Let me at him. Sorry. It’s sex overload.

  • Alabama

    Thank you JJ. Thank you mama Margaret. Thank you god. Thank you Scotland. Let’s all give thanks.

  • Louisville

    Well, last call on JJ before I went to bed. This has been around all day, but what the heck? He is just gorgeous. I don’t think there has ever been anyone this good looking ever on god’s green earth.

  • A Fan

    This seems a bit late, but good grief. I’ve watched this a dozen times today. And each time, I’m just amazed at how breautiful he is. I don’t know if I like him as a person, but my god, there is no one better looking. I’ll just make him whatever I want in my dreams. LOL.

  • noah

    @A Fan: He’s my dream. I don’t care who wants to dis his personality. So what if he thinks he’s hot? He is.

  • Lily

    I don’t see what’s so hot about him…He has a bloated face, overbite and an old mans beer belly and his nose is ugly.
    I just don’t see his appeal.

  • imustbeblind

    i don’t see the appeal. are all these posts from one +huge+ butler fan or different people? thumb me down, i wanna see how people here actually think this filthy, barbaric looking dude is sexy.

  • Paisley Swan Stewart

    Interesting how the behind the scenes footage makes him even more appealing than the ads. He must be using the products himself, because he looks fantastic!


  • Gerard Butler sucks

    I can’t stand this over rated, flabby, bad actor. He TOTALLY RUINED the production of The Bounty Hunter with his bad acting, his bad accent, his lack of dedication to being a professional actor and insulting/embarrassing Aniston by pretending to stick a finger up her butt. He is like a embarrassing drunk frat boy who doesn’t know when and how to be normal. He knew people were taking photos behind them on that Paris barge, and even though they were producing a film worth MILLIONS he tried to embarrass his co-star. THAT is lack of professionalism and there are THOUSANDS of other BETTER ACTORS who will eagerly replace this flabby ugly loser with better looks, better acting and a more professional, dedicated attitude. He needs to retire. Whatever. It’s OBVIOUS why no woman wants to stay with a flabby, incoherent, slob. It’s a pity his bloated self image is incapable of facing reality as usual.

  • real housewife of Butlerdum

    @Gerard Butler sucks: well tell me again what you really think…. ;).


  • IRMA

    @ Louisville
    I don’t think there has ever been anyone this good looking ever on god’s green earth.
    I don’t think he is handsome, in “on god’s green earth” a lot of beautiful people, but they are not celebrities.

    @ Gerard Butler sucks
    I completely agree, it’s better not tell)))

  • http://Babs Babs

    @Gerard Butler sucks:
    oh, oh, why all this hate? because Gerry did not put his fingers in yours?

  • Bonnie Shirley

    @Gerard Butler sucks: wow, this reads like you were on some other planet! You must be an Anniston fan! That silly butt shot looked fake to me, I doubt it ever happened. He is courteous to his co-stars and other women in public, and was never disrespectful to Anniston. Her PR people tried to drum up a phony romance, and this is not a man who can be corraled! She did not take it seriously, you should try that too. He does get carried away sometimes, as he sometimes talks before he thinks (despite his intelligence, he sometimes engages mouth before thinking), but I have always been convinced that shot was a photographers phony.

    As for your silly name, anyone who uses that kind of silliness as their handle has not advanced beyond high school.

    Anniston was miscast with him, they had no chemistry, and that is not his fault! The film made money when you add in international and DVDs.

  • Bonnie Shirley


    Filthy? hmm…having a bad moment, are you? Just like to rile people up on anonymous sites? Kind of sad…Gerard does more benefits, more charities, donates lots of time, donates money, and works hard physically. Why do I think you do not? He is a lawyer, a businessman, and pretty nice most of the time, according to those who know him.

    He has a huge, international fan base, as you would know if you checked out the youtube videos about him in multiple languages. You are definitely walking to a different drummer! Relax, go rile another site anonymously!

  • Bonnie Shirley


    You also think he is bloated and flabby? Neither you nor the high school girl (or boy, may be an Anniston fan) above with the silly name, must have seen the same commercial I did. Did not bother to watch the video? An intelligent, articulate man, who also happens to work out, and does not drink; stopped drinking about 12 years ago. It is clear none of you have done much research! I find the people who love to trash another person on these anonymous sites so interesting!

    Someone needs to do a psychological profile! Childish stuff. LOL.

  • Bonnie Shirley


    Actually, I think Accidental Sexiness got it from Gerard Butler Gals.

  • Bonnie Shirley

    @Paisley Swan Stewart:

    I noticed the same thing. L’Oreal should use this for their commercial! It is better than the actual commercial!


  • Bonnie Shirley


    Actually, I just checked Accidental Sexiness, and she gives me credit for the heads up on this one! Yay! I saw it first on Gerard Butler Gals site.

  • Mellifera

    BS stands for more than one thing on this thread…

    anyway, nice little video! Keep using your moisturiser, G.

  • http://Babs Babs

    Gerard Butler sucks:
    odd that you defend Jen, while you’re a fan of Brangelina? you want to put the war between them?, you, afraid for thy brad?, which is bland and dull?, Gerry leaves, tranquil, here is a place with people, thoughtful and without hatred

  • Ana

    Just look at the eyes of this guy. Psycho!

  • IRMA

    @Bonnie Shirley:

    I know about Gerry a lot, even more than you think. And I’m not a fan of Aniston. But to show such disrespect to a woman is not worthy of men
    Im entitled to my opinion, although I love him.

  • paisley please

    OMG – this man is . . . OMG . . . just beautiful – really, he’s just . . . sex on legs, this man!!!!! There’s no one – NO ONE to compare!

  • peacesister

    Wow, what ever happened to the 100 post theory? Now the bitching starts from the beginning. You poor people.

    The behind the scenes video is much more appealing (yes, yes, yes) than the commercials, maybe they should re-edit them!

    And I’m soooo grateful that it just popped up after those pics from Uruguay with the – beep – shirt. Oh, and the other – beep – shirt: *shudder* Off to watch it again (let me forget the Uruguay pics – let me …)

  • sukar

    Oh wow, I’ve kind of become a non-fan in the last few months, but I think those behind the scenes have totally got me. He looks amazing!

  • Merlin

    Melly!!!! If you drop by in the chat I’m there!!!!!!! ♥♥
    * * *
    Butler looks good in that ad!!

  • All I know is…..

    You can keep all the rest of those cookie cutter male, fashionably correct, Hollywood ( posers) actors!

    This is what I want to see ….a REAL MAN=DIRTY SEXXXY Faults and all!
    Hollywood has developed a bad habit of practically forcing every male actor to fit , look, and become clones of the same ol’ ,same ol’ polished persona!
    Shaved chests, perfectly styled hair, politically correct actions, and trendy clothing on EVERYONE…it has become boring and tiresome!

    Rough and tumble is VERY VERY HOT on a man!!!!!

    Now if they could only wake up in Hollywood and also make some movies that aren’t the same predictable “PERFECT” messes!

    Every time I finish a great book with an amazing plot and well developed characters with real honest to goodness depth, I shake my head in dismay and realize how empty Hollwood’s offerings have become!

  • Chelsea

    He should not talk.. the movement of his mouth is not attractive.

  • Stacey B.

    Ummmmmm…..forget being a bond girl I want to be a L’Oreal girl!!!!

  • V

    I think he looks good here.

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute


  • Jules

    HOT HOT HOT video, oh yea…they guy ain’t so bad either… ;)

  • yep

    gerard looks great! sometimes not so much however isn’t that true with all of us. when interviewed he said he enjoys the chase – i think he was totally being honest so ladies don’t plan to settle down with him.

  • yep

    @Bonnie Shirley: over 56 million in profit

  • yep

    @IRMA: so true disrespect is disrespect no matter who the person is. we all should be more like that.

  • http://Babs Babs
  • PsychoB

    TBH was pure sh!t. Both Gerry and Aniston sucked. I enjoy watching their fans blaming the other star for the pile though. As long as people keep watching trash Hollywood will keep making it. I don’t care if it made 500 million it still sucked.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …`i’m still not sure why gerard’s still as popular as he is. 300 was awhile aso, and he hasn’t done anything anywhere as good since. LOL …it’s pretty funny. still like him though, because he’s a pimp. and women are hoess who need a pimp to use them.


    I have something to say here, in response to all of the comments about the way Gerry talks and particularly about him talking out of the side of his mouth. From documented articles, and interviews, both spoken and written, as a child, Gerry had a form of mastoiditis, and had to have surgery on his ears. This left him with both a slight hearing loss in his left ear and also nerve damage to that side of his face, which causes his mouth to draw to one side from time to time. He doesn’t talk constantly out of the side of his mouth, but he does from time to time, and this is the reason. He has no control over it, he can’t help it, and to constantly ridicule him for it, criticize him for something he cannot help, is as bad as making fun of anyone with a crippling disease or an affliction that they cannot help having. Most of Gerry’s fans, including me (and you can call me a Phannie if you want to, as to me, it’s an ultimate compliment to be in that great sisterhood of Gerry’s fans) find the way he talks sexy, not repulsive as some of you obviously do. It’s part of his overall charm and just another thing that makes him interesting. He does not have a speech impediment, but likely has a difficult time with some words due to the nerve damage on that side of his face/mouth. It’s very disappointing to see grown human beings being so unkind to someone as you are so often to Gerry Butler. If you would read more true accounts of the man, instead of the gossip rags and tabloids (who have their own agenda to get hits and sales), you may find youself with a whole new respect for him. But, for God’s sake, stop making fun of him or ragging on him for a condition that he cannot help or control. That’s just plain WRONG!

  • redOctober

    @PsychoB: “As long as people keep watching trash Hollywood will keep making it.”

    Short and concise. Crystal clear.

  • angelsrock

    Gerard Butler is one of the sexiest stars out there IMHO. I realize that a lot of people find him repulsive and a lot more just have more of a ho-hum opinion of him. I find him very attractive (most of the time). This vid brings me right back into my phannie state of being. Sometimes I do drift away for awhile and then whamo, something like this surfaces.

    Stars that others find sexy/good looking that I don’t include Daniel Craig, Rob Pattinson, Ryan Reynolds, and Tom Cruise (gag).
    So I get it that some will find Gerry gagable.

  • good look

    You can tell by a lot of comments that you have a lot of 12 year olds on here, some very juvenile comments. Mr. Butler looks gorgeous in this video and his charm and personality come out. Even if you don’t like a certain actor or are not attracted to them, you still know if they are handsome or attractive. As far as he has not done a good movie since 300, have you not seen PSILY, RNR, Gamer, LAC, TUT. Maybe not everyone’s type of movies, but enjoyable to many. He has made Coriolanus and MGP that will premier this year. I still don’t know why someone that doesn’t like an actor would go to their sites. I don’t go to other actors’ sites that I am not interested in and bash them. Well to all GB fans, I thought the video behind the making of the video were great and he never looked or sounded better.