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Lea Michele: Horses Don't Belong in Traffic!

Lea Michele: Horses Don't Belong in Traffic!

Lea Michele poses with a rescue horse in this new ad for Peta boycotting horse drawn carriages.

“Imagine for a moment that you’re forced to do hard physical labor all day, seven days a week—whether it’s sweltering hot or freezing cold outside,” the 24-year-old Glee actress said.

“At the end of the day, instead of relaxing on [an] easy chair or sleeping in a comfortable bed, you are locked in a tiny closet all night long,” Lea added.

To learn about how you can help, visit

Lea Michele for Peta

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Photos: PETA
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  • Not Gulllible

    Wasn’t this little girl sleeping with a much older man boss type figure?
    God Bless the Jolie Pitts. Everyone else can suck it.

  • craig

    @Not Gulllible:
    no idea what you’re talking about. obviously you don’t know anything about her.

  • stiff

    how about I boycott her show.. this b@tch is a diva.. I’ve heard nothing but terrible stories about her.

  • Eva

    That’s fantastic that she’s making her voice heard for this cause. I really hope it helps!

  • debora

    i had a plesant surprise with her, not a fan of the show, but saw her in new york and she was polite and sweet.
    and i agree with her about the horses cause.

  • Anon

    What they do with the horses after they’ve been out all day should be changed. I don’t think they should stop the rides. But, imagine working 7 days a week in the sweltering heat or the freezing cold? PEOPLE do that everyday. Children do it too and are sometimes beaten at the end of the day. In fact there are NYC workers who work their butt off all day and don’t have an easy chair to relax in. There are people who do it everyday to build the sets on GLEE that Lea sits in hair and make-up for, reads a script and then prances around the set which she gets paid TONS for…more than the people who help make her look good. I’m an animal lover and the horses being locked up is wrong but I can’t support this particular cause. It’s a NYC staple. If they stop the rides, the horses will just be locked up somewhere else unfortunately. Or they’ll be at the circus. Or they’ll be put to sleep. Sadly, there are people who just simply don’t care. If they’re being taken care of then leave it alone.

  • Reno

    Her photo looks so photoshopped. HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGES BOYCOT FTW.

  • http://morganslady morganslady

    As long as the horses are cared for, Vet checked, and treated humanly they should be working in Central Park. The only time they are “in traffic” is when they are going to their stable.
    And someone wise up these actors-PETA is one of the worst ‘animal rights’ groups. They don’t believe in service animals for the disabled/blind.. They don’t believe anyone should own a companion animal. And many times the animals they rescue are euthanized…

  • JJ

    This is so stupid…horses from the beginning of time have been doing hard labor…they were made physically strong for that purpose…PETA is so annoying…see about real suffering human beings before you try to help animals who are in no way being ill treated!

  • Amber V

    Horses don’t lie down to sleep. ~eyeroll~

  • emily

    @Anon humans work in hot & cold weather conditions too, but horses are most comfortable at 50 degrees. that’s like room temperature to them. they shouldn’t have much trouble working in the winter for they can stay warm with just their winter coat in freezing cold weather (unless they’re pampered show horses). but i can’t imagine the horses doing this in the hot summer. in 80 or 90 degree weather my horses are in the barn, in the shade with fans blowing on them. they may be working animals, but it’s always so much hotter on black top let alone a city & when you weigh 1200 pounds and have hair. just because humans can do something doesn’t mean it’s absolutely certain that it’s safe for a horse to do it.

    the stabling is horrific as well. i didn’t realize that they’re basically kept in crappy apartment buildings.
    while i don’t think stopping the carriage rides all together is necessary, the care and stabling for the horses should be taken more seriously. these are hard working animals that need a comfortable life outside of work in order to have a fulfilling life. also, putting them in the middle of traffic full of arrogant drivers can’t be safe.

  • taylor

    Why do celebs not get that PETA is a horrible organization? Even if they stop horse drawn carriages, PETA will probably just end up killing them anyway. They kill thousands of animals a year and find homes for maybe 10.

    It’s great that Lea wants to help animals, but associating with PETA is not the way to go about it.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    But it’s still ok to ride them…. Nope all or nothing :/

  • BB

    @Amber V: They often do.
    Horses are able to stand and sleep but a happy horse will totally lie down and stretch out at night. Stalls should be 12 x 12.
    End of story.

  • czar

    horses-drawn carriages have been the mode of transportation of humankind for hundreds of years. armies have fought battles on them too. horses are built for hard labor. fine, they probably don’t belong in new york but they will be used for transportation and labor no matter what. next thing you know, peta will ban the use of carabaos in plowing fields in southeast asia that has been the practice of farmers for hundreds of years. peta is so dumb.

  • BB

    Totally wrong Czar.
    Horses are turned out in fields and given days off.
    I walk past these horses often and can tell they are exhausted, abused and often lame. They are pushing the envelope for a long time now.
    A few years ago, they cracked down on them but they’ve been up to no good again. These horses need time off and days off, a proper stall and days out of the city.

  • Dexter

    she’s so ugly, so jewish eww

  • anna

    i’m with her on this, even if i don’t agree with PETA all the time.
    and she looks great btw.

  • cantstandher

    she is super annoying and fug

  • Jasmine

    I actually agree with PETA (and Lea, I guess) about this. Those horses live a really demeaning life. PETA whines about everything in the world, but for once, it’s legitimate!

  • julia

    love her, and she is right i feel sorry for these animals, they are not properly taken care of.

  • lala

    PETA is so whack, I’m so sick of seeing their ads. 97% kill rate

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Horus so sweet!!! sould her dating hourse and wedding

  • Toni

    To Amber V – yes, when they are exhausted, horses DO lie down to reduce the strain on their legs – especially after ALL day long.

  • seijidan

    Sorry but horse drawn carriages happen not only in New York but everywhere for centuries now. I highly doubt this horses work 24/7 as most don’t really ride this horses. I seen a couple of them in New York every single day and they’re always treated well and fed well. PETA just don’t like the idea that they are being used as transportation, but its no different when one owns a horse and rides it freely. Stupid organization and stupid members

  • skskj

    I love how people are freaking out about these horses but there are injustices going on to PEOPLE and they don’t care.

  • Nicky

    I agree. Horses do not belong in traffic. It pisses me off when I see horses in the middle of Time Square. That pavement is brutal on their hoofs so they need horseshoes which are made of steel and nailed into the hoof wall. Sounds so painful.

  • Nicky

    I agree. Horses do not belong in traffic. It pisses me off when I see them in the middle of Time Square. The pavement is brutal on their hooves day in and day out. I understand they wear horseshoes to protect their feet on the harder ground but horseshoes are made of steel and nailed into the hoof wall. Sounds so painful.

  • xoKel_Belxo

    OMG that terrible! i hope this makes the hours shorter, or better places to sleep, we all know it wont shut down the establishment immediately, but something needs to be done, i hate that first thing when i got to nyc was going for a carriage ride…that so sad, i hope this ad does something, for the better for the horses.

  • brad pity

    This is the dumbest ad I’ve ever seen. St Angie & I don’t go for Peta, scam artists all of them.

  • Marieme

    Leave to a post having to do with animals to bring out the worst of this culture. Cold hearted, ignorant people who’d rather smirk and brush off facts instead of taking a few moments to consider matters. I want to thank Lea for making good use of her celebrity. This is a woman who knows compassion and we need more of it in the world today. Clearly.

  • Brightside

    Forget PETA for the moment…please! I feel that PETA only polarises people’s opinions in the wrong way because of their, frankly, extremist and biased views.
    Think instead about the horses and their welfare…
    If you read this article you can get a better (and more disturbing picture) of the problems that these horses are subject too…
    and then decide whether this ‘tourist attraction’, which has no benefits at all to the horses involved, should be banned.
    I think it should!

  • Emma B.

    This made me all sad :’(

  • susie waller

    This annoys me, horses don’t think. It’s not like at the end of a day a horse goes “oh man I wish I could chill out in my easy chair, with a cuppa coco, and ok magazine”…and “man wish I could get me a nice double bed and 5 tog duvet”

    Give a damn about children who are forced to live in worse conditions, who are taken from their families or beaten.

  • Beth

    I believe the horse should be rotated in and out week to week with other horses. That they all should get time to rest, play and eat well in good living conditions. I think PETA is crazy to an extent. They complain about everything we do. Horse have been pulling, caring, ridden and more since Christ himself…..remember the donkey came first, then the horse. These people who live in this High TECH NEW AGE world need to take a step back an realize how this world, countries were built on. Hard work and constructive labor. People killed there food every day cause that is how they survived. Animals were used to build and construct things. Why should everything change so drastically!! Like GAS! I want cheaper GAS can PETA get me that!!!

  • hel

    guess she missed the “retired” horse episode of Mayberry? horses don’t like to be retired, they miss the “noisy” streets and will try to take themselves out if their drivers don’t show. so basically she wants to stop the horses from enjoying life:) nicer stables and vacations would be nice though. she could qiut this idiocy (peta) and start an actual fund drive for better stables if she actually cared about the horses that she is trying to deny any social life.

  • hel

    oh geez, no longer a fan of this girlie:( i still like glee though! guess i thought her character on glee was an act but obvs its not. i clicked on the also associated with this and its another fear mongering place just like peta. even writes the e-mails they want you to send with your name on it, just like peta. now everytime i hear this voice i once thought was nice i will remember that she is a fear mongerer. ah well

  • zzzz

    You people who accuse those who care about animals of not caring about humans are way out of line, and wrong. You just are looking for something rotten to say about animal lovers, and it’s pathetic. Grow a heart.

  • Amber V

    @BB and Toni
    I was ignorant about horses choosing to lie down voluntarily; I thought they did so only when sick. Learn something new every day.

  • sara

    To disregard a valid point an organization makes simply because you don’t agree with every belief they hold is ridiculous. Yes animals have been used for thousands of years, but to compare working in the fresh air in fields with in the streets of NYC is also ridulculous. I would also like to remind the clearly ignorant, uneducated people saying that because animals have been used for many years as we humans see fit ,that it is fair to continue to do so. Well you need to be reminded of slavery, and segregation and woman not being alowed to vote or even being considered people. Should we still be following all of those beliefs because they were around for hundreds or even thousands of years as well? We as people can educate ourselves and evolve to try to correct our past injustices to other people or animals.

  • Brightside

    ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.’
    Mahatma Gandhi.

    The ‘God’ believers would say yes since they believe that ‘God’ gave Adam dominion over the Earth and all its animals which ‘God’ created. It’s a very primitive, arrogant and human-centric belief to think that other life forms were put on the Earth just to serve humans.

    Ultimately it’s a belief that will destroy us in the end if we keep abusing the Earth and its assets only as commodities to fuel our greed and egocentricity.

    Unarguably the best thing that could happen for this planet is the complete cessation of all human life….