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Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo: Florence Fun with Drew!

Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo: Florence Fun with Drew!

Nick Lachey and his fiancee Vanessa Minnillo arrive for a departing flight out of the Aeroporto di Firenze-Peretola on Saturday (January 1) in Florence, Italy.

The couple was joined by Nick‘s brother and his former 98 Degrees group mate Drew Lachey and his wife Lea.

Nick joked while he made an appearance on the Rachael Ray show a couple weeks ago that he and Vanessa would get married over New Year’s while celebrating in Tuscany.

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  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Im better than nick lachey old

  • blair

    Awww…love Nick & Vanessa. Bet Drew & his wife like her as a future sister-in-law, too.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    How do you know?I think those any people

  • ace11

    Please don’t marry Vanessa….

    it will be a HUGE mistake

  • Love Jessica

    Vanessa is nothing more than a husband stealing Filipino bargirl just like her mother! Her mother married an American G.I. overseas just to get her Greed Card, then she abandoned her family for a richer man. Vanessa is a backstabbing chipmuck face bit*h and Nick had better watch out because Filipino women age 3x’s faster than white girls.

  • dakila

    hahaha!!! poor Lovejessica … you are as poor as poor Jen bwahahahaha!!!

    nuff said for pathetic loser like you eh!

    im glad to see these two settling down soon :) my toast to them!

  • musicfan

    Vanessa is not attractive without makeup. She is also not a nice person.

  • M

    Makeup really does wonders for that pig Vanessa; she’s very ugly without it. Yes, she is a bitch. Try meeting her sometime and you’ll see.

  • yep

    wish them happiness and a wonderful time.

  • mee

    i’m sooooo happy for nick and vanessa…sooo happy nick found true love this time……and vanessa IS BEAUTIFUL!!!…i i hope the wedding is soon….can’t wait to see the wedding pics!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    I’m happy for them too! Nick has found someone who isn’t obsessed with their father and being famous.

  • longchamp

    VM is very beautiful

  • chris

    Ok im not into gossip and celebrities but i ended up reading here lol..Im a male blue eyes dark hair irish italian play football 6’1 and well built ladies stop arguing about these people but to be honest nick lachey is too good looking for this lady hehhe. fist glance of her with make up shes ok so asian looking and looking her without make up she is nothing at ex was filipino mexican but with make up and not shes hotter she has charisma and sex appeal. this lady is not my type at all. by the way i been told i look like mel gibson when he was young.

  • Lisa

    To chris: U idiot! Nick loves Vanessa for the person she is not only for her good looks.

  • yajaira

    dont like them together, there’s something about her

  • Rach

    How can anyone say Vanessa is pretty? She may look decent at times all done up but seriously in every day life she is a plain Jane. Just look at her chubby cheeks and rough looking fake tan face. She looks more Mexican then she does Asian. She should not be seen without makeup. Girl’s like her look better in full drag or airbrushed on a magazine cover. Hopefully, their kids don’t look deformed like she does.

    As far as her not being nice in person, I agree. She’s very plastic and snobby for someone who is only famous for partying with Lindsay Lohan or the men she’s sleeping with.

  • Jessica is a fat man face

    Vanessa is so beautiful. Love them together. I bet they laugh at Jessica Simpson for being so mentally unbalanced she had to rent a fiance the minute she heard about their engagement. They probably laugh at how fat Jessica Simpson has gotten too. I know I do.


    Both Nick and Vanessa are really short so Drew must be a midget! Poor Nick had to pay for the trip being Vanessa and Drew are forever unemployed. Stick with employed white girl’s Nick and you won’t have to lower yourself to hosting.

  • michelin

    Vanessa has a enviable figure and a beautiful face. She will be a beautiful bride. jessica Simpson, on the other hand, will look like the Michelin Man as a bride (if her dad ever agrees to pay the unemployed vegan’s price for actually going through with a wedding) because she is a fat pig with a man face.

  • lulu

    You are so funny. That was a good one about Jessica renting a fiance. I definately believe she got enjaged because of Nick. Nick and Jess belong together, lol.

  • Party Girl

    Nick and Vanessa are both has-beens. I can’t figure how they afford to party and vacation so much for the little hours they work each year. Every photo you see of them she can barley stand she’s so drunk or they are making out on the beach with drinks in their hands. What a bunch of unattractive losers!


    Hi Lisa…wwwhooo…! relax woman hehe im not here to argue i was just telling what ive saw. I was just telling my opinion as a man towards this lady who ever she is. lol beauty is in the eye of the beholder as i repeat my comment if i was nick situations i wouldnt go out with this woman she is not physically my type nick is too good looking for her. blueeyed men and blonde woman are every attractive when they are together. and no matter what she dress still looks so plain even though she has a nose job. hehehe.Yajaira is right something about her that people dont like. If i were her stop acting like famous lol because she isnt at all. and yes she needs to mentain being skinny cuz thats all she got hehe goin to the gym or else nobody will notice her. she doesnt have beauty and money. and yes she is smart but lol that cant help. both nick and this lady are not active in hollywood.

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  • laporcelain

    @Love Jessica: u r racist!