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Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Split?

Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Split?

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal have ended their short-lived relationship, according to People.

“They’re over,” a source said to the magazine. “It ended last month.”

Taylor spent her New Year’s weekend sans Jake in her hometown of Nashville following a trip to Turks & Caicos over Christmas with her family.

Jake, 29, and Taylor, 21, were last spotted together driving around Los Angeles in early December.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor and Jake ending their relationship?

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  • lol

    relationship? lol

  • Amy

    well that was quick! I wasn’t too fond of them together…but Jake Gyllenhaal is sooo handsome, and okay I was just a bit jealous of Taylor :P

  • http://lalajonasick lala

    i liked it indeed, but it didnt even last so..
    what a shame! they looked cute together
    @lalajonasick <- follow me on twitter

  • Just Sayin

    You people are idiots. It says “SOURCE” Taylor or Jake confirmed nothing, so you don’t know if its true, so sit down.

  • Cole


  • xx

    Swizzy can write another song called Dear Jake! #dumbass

  • XYZ

    They got the publicity they wanted, the “relationship” is over. Big deal!

  • steff

    Cool story, bro. I even liked her better with Taylor Lautner.
    Wonder how Jake’s song will be.

  • yeah

    Blake Lively better move in quick!

  • laura

    “WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor and Jake ending their relationship? ” ME” Shooowwwwwwwwmmaaaaaaaance!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://chazchazchaz chandni

    lol the trending topic on twitter brought me here!

  • angie

    “ohhh jake, why did you leave me here in this coffee shop with just my heartbreak? ohhh jake, well it’s too late, cause one day you’ll realize your mistake. but i’m not going to wait. ohhhh jake. it’s too late. it’s too late.”

    there you go taylor. ALL DONE. all you have to do is repeat three times (the last being with a loud big finish), insert lines about how you thought your love was forever just like it was in the fairy tale but now you’re crying and/or it’s raining. oh, but you musn’t neglect your country princess status, so make sure you have a fiddle or banjo playing in the background that’ll be replaced with a guitar in the radio-friendly pop edit.

    make sure you’re wearing your sparkly dress and black eyeliner when they announce your name for your CMA/VMA/Grammy/AMA and to open your eyes really wide, clasp your hands to your face, and say into the mic how you’ll “never ever forget this moment as long as you live.”

  • Mary

    People is not a reliable source.

  • melody

    I fear for you jake! You will be the subject of his next song!


    guess we’ll find out when she writes about it……..

  • So Swedish

    Do we even know for sure that they have gone on dates to begin with?

    All I´ve seen is some weird pictures of Taylor with Maggie and daughter.
    And, oh yeah, didn´t Gwyneth kind of say something that could mean that they were possibly seeing each other?

  • xx

    @angie: I heart U!

  • rebekah

    I loved this couple. I am saddened at their breakup.

  • Evey

    @Angie, LMAO, so, so true.

  • JustMej

    Hey Jared, Jake turned 30 last month.

  • Samii

    Just for people who say that they haven’t.
    But really, did people think it was going anywhere

  • So Swedish

    And, for how long will Jake be 29?

  • Jenna

    Word of advice to Taylor, guard your heart. You fall in love way to easily and you always end up hurt. By the way if you write a bad song about Jake, who has some pretty big friends in Hollywood, you will be frowned upon. Be classy this time and be careful about what you write about. No one needs to know about your split.

  • Alleycat

    good! He was way too good for her! She used him to get hype and publicity for her new album, just like she did with Taylor Lautner when Fearless came out (the remix). She is a self-absorbed, immature narcisist who cannot even sing on key. I am so sick of everything about her, including her fake smile when she wins ad pretends to be surprised. It is so obvious. She uses men for material for her albums. and always conveniently dates them when her album drops for extra publicity. So transparent and fake. She needs the drama to hide her terrible singing voice. lol Sadly, it works on the tween fans.

  • Dubya Bush

    Thank god this nightmare is finally over.

  • mika


  • sidra

    thank feck. what was he doing with her?

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Anyone realize that Taylor is a secret slut… Of course she banged Jake, John, Taylor and Joe … Loves it!!!!

  • Speak Now

    Everyone writes songs about their exes so please stop being ignorant. And, Taylor is a good catch for any guy.

  • Speak Now

    @Listen to mayday parade:

    She’s not a slut, do you know personally? No, so shut it. Women can go through guys a lot faster than that.

  • Babi

    Shes bad lover

  • Babi

    She is bad lover

  • MollyMakeout

    @angie: +20, angie, you are so right

  • Speak Now


    She is not a self-absorbed, immature narcisist either. Keep projecting yourself onto Taylor, it makes you look foolish. Everything contradicts your stupid comments.


    I don’t think they were ever really “together”. Little Miss Muffet probably wouldn’t give up her Tuffet so older, more mature Jake moved on.

  • chelsey

    she probably wouldnt put out so he got out while he still could.


    Dear world, we have another Taylor Swift breakup song coming our way. According to new reports, Jake was the one to start things with Taylor but broke it off because of all of the publicity. He apparently still cares for her and Taylor is very upset.

  • burnt bacon

    Whiny breakup song in 5…4…3…

  • Bummer!

    Word of advice to Taylor, do not date anyone for at least a year. Go and enjoy your tour and traveling the world. You are beginning to get a pretty bad reputation for dating way too many boys. I loved you with Jake and I am sorry things didn’t turn out but one day you will find the right guy. Sometimes these things take time.

  • Halli

    Jake’s bearding didn’t help his movie from flopping. Yuck, I used to be a fan, but he is so desperate for even more fame its gross.

  • Marine

    Already? Haha, everybody can sleep peacefully =P. Watch out Jake she’s gonna say you’re a bad person in her next song! Boo-hoo…
    Who’s gonna be her next target?

  • Pollo

    It’s because we all knew it was fake. He might as well get a boyfriend.

  • annie

    @xx: LOL

  • stapes

    I saw Jake in a small tea shop on new year’s eve and he was definitely alone looking contemplative and content.


    So Taylor has dated 3or 4 guys in the last 3 years. This does not make her a slut. She is trying to find her prince charming. She is probably heartbroken but I, for one, can’t wait to her the song about it! You all know you want to know too! BTW Us says that Jake didn’t like all the attention he was attracting, but WHAT did he think was going to happen!? My advice to Tay: When one door closes another opens honey! Go flirt your way back into the werewolf’s heart!!!

  • BrowardBoy

    I think she’s going through that stage of laying every big name she can. She didn’t exactly have a normal teenage period when teenagers just party and do things they will be ashamed of their whole lives. Hopefully she won’t become like Lindsay Lohan, Kate Hudson, and Paris Hilton who have made that their permanent lifestyle

  • Oh Boy!

    I hope regardless of what happened to make them split., I hope they remain friends. I loved these two together. Taylor has made too many enemies out of her exes. Jake is a nice guy and is pretty good to look at. Taylor, please forgive him and move on. Us Weekly has reported that he still cares for you. Be nice girl! He would make a great friend.

  • toni

    Did you guys actually believe they were together? Did anyone think they would last? Come on their pictures looked staged as heck and they were an awkward pairing to begin with. Not because of age, but because of the maturity level between the two. Well, Jake join the long line of guys who were written about for Taylor’s album.Oh, and get ready for the interviews where she brings the sympathy and talk about how you did her wrong to bring in album sales and @angie I agree with everything you said. After a while the “I was heartbroken by a guy I dated for two-three months and have nothing else to write about so let me write about my breakup and tear down the guy I dated and gain sympathy that will lead me to win every award and pretend to act shock during this whole process” is getting old, tired and now tacky. I applaud her though for fooling most of America and the world with her way of success and getting people to defend her even if it’s obvious. I also applaud her for her hustle and hardworking to get to where she is now even if she’s not the most talented singer, she’s better than some people if you think about it.

  • *~*+*~*


    I don’t know what’s funnier. this story or the Selena and Justin “romance”.


    Jared, this story belongs to JustJaredJR.

  • *~*+*~*


    I don’t know what’s funnier. this story or the Selena and Justin “romance”.


    Jared, this story belongs to JustJaredJR