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Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Back On?

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Back On?

Are Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron rekindling their relationship after breaking up only a few weeks ago?

After Vanessa wrapped up her chiropractic appointment in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (January 4), former flame Zac was seen pulling into her driveway.

The pair announced their split late last year, just before Vanessa celebrated her 22nd birthday in Las Vegas.

WHAT DO YOU THINK – are they back together or just friends? Tell us!

Click inside to see Zac pulling up to Vanessa‘s house…

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255 Responses to “Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Back On?”

  1. 1
    [marie] Says:

    Guess he hasn’t found a new beard yet…

  2. 2
    JustHonest Says:

    Ooh I hope so!

  3. 3
    emily h Says:

    didn’t they say they were still good friends? so do they really have to be back together

  4. 4
    emily h Says:

    @[marie]: hahahahah!

  5. 5
    Endrys Says:

    ooo please! stay together or be apart!.. Stop playin with my emotions!.. Would u?!

  6. 6
    Kro Says:

    and here we go again!! I do hope to get news tomorrow at people choice!! love them both

  7. 7
    we Says:

    Maybe he was picking his makeup?

  8. 8
    KOL Says:

    @Endrys: playing with your emotions? honeyyou need help.

  9. 9
    Lauren Says:

    Being sarcastic, lke omfg, wonder wht was he was doing over? Interesting

  10. 10
    liveinlove Says:!-741596-st.aspx

    having a heart attack brb
    fjldajslkfsjldkf SO HAPPY.

  11. 11
    Emily Says:

    they were never off!

  12. 12
    Lucille Says:

    I REALLY hope so!!!! i think they’re made for each other, is just IMPOSSIBLE for them to be apart.. i think

  13. 13
    Luu Says:

    I have heard many rumors about zac and a new partner (several women) and Vanessa cried when it ended. I didn’t think they would have chances at the moment, but hopefully really… zanessa are back… I miss them, very much u_u
    sorry for my bad english

  14. 14
    Luu Says:

    I have heard many rumors about zac and a new partner (several women) and Vanessa cried when it ended. I didn’t think they would have chances at the moment, but hopefully really… zanessa are back… I miss them, very much u_u
    sorry for my bad english…:(

  15. 15
    eyore Says:

    hes such a bimbo. he didn’t even make sure she was under the car when he rolled out.

  16. 16
    moment Says:

    I wish he was able to come out of the closet and not have his career fall apart because of it.

  17. 17
    yets Says:

    i hope they are ok.

  18. 18
    boo Says:

    it was kinda obvious that he’s not into her the last pics taken when they were still together, you can see how clingly Vanessa was to Zach, and he looked like he just doesn’t care anymore. So I wasn’t so shocked when they broke up..

  19. 19
    Zoe Says:

    Sometimes a guy needs some space or to date other women to know who he wants to be with. In this case Vanessa. You can’t say yes unless you have the option to say no. Or maybe they are still friends. It must be difficult to break up with your first love in public.

  20. 20
    Vanessa Hudgens's Biggest Fan Says:

    OMFG Hope this true.

  21. 21
    debra Says:

    Poor Rumer.

  22. 22
    Deb Says:

    Maybe he’s tired of strange and wanted a quick piece of familiar a$$.

  23. 23
    Deborah Says:

    I wish they were because they arwe SO CUTE together and also because I had faith that at least one couple in hollywood would last, and it seemed that really LOVED EACH OTHER, EVEN AFTER 5 YEARS. I wish them the best!

  24. 24
    Masbonita Says:

    Ummm, don’t know what to think. I hope the best for both…but I’m not going to lie that I’m a little happy if they still together.

  25. 25
    Masbonita Says:

    Ummm, don’t know what to think. I hope the best for both…but I’m not going to lie that I’m a little happy if they still together.

  26. 26
    Soni Says:

    #10 Loveinlove:

    The link does not work.

  27. 27
    Flor Says:

    They never came out to say they had finished. Vanessa just said: “We’re fine. ” You can not take speculation that they are settled. And for me still together, until they do not say anything I do not think so. The press has lied much always, do not expect that we all:) bye

  28. 28
    Soni Says:

    #10 Liveinlove:

    The link does not work.!

  29. 29
    gracemarie Says:

    @emily h:

    My best friend doesnt have a key and garage opener to my house

  30. 30
    43 Says:

    they are both young. you cant expect them to be together forever. now is the time to date other people and figure out who they are

  31. 31
    Alicia Saechao Says:

    I want them back together!

  32. 32
    tscott Says:

    Zac is a jerk! The way he left her to deal with the press while he was hiding out, I was so disappointed in him. He is so obsessed with fame he is willing to do ANYTHING to get it. What he shared with Vanessa was real and true you could see it when they looked at each other. I don’t think he’ll find that again and the way he acted I would say he doesn’t deserve it! Hollywood is fake and few if any are true to anyone but themselves so I hope he enjoys that life!

  33. 33
    lei Says:

    pls Zanessa tell the truth i really want to move on if you don’t love each other anymore…

  34. 34
    peggy Says:


    Funny many say it was her who ended it. Some of you are so dumb you think being handsome makes a man ideal.

    And he flew all the way to Hawaii to see her maybe you should put your faith in just a picture

  35. 35
    Jenny Says:

    I miss Zanessa!!!!
    they r the best couple in the world:)))
    no matter what happened I will support u 2 4ever
    u 2 happy and i’ll be happy 4 ever 2 :p

  36. 36
    grace Says:

    maybe he came by to pick up his stuff and give hers back …. thoughts???!!!

  37. 37
    Jane Says:

    Who cares?

  38. 38
    mysteryperson Says:

    i doubt they broke up. all we see on magazines were all SOURCES REPORTED. not ZAC or VANESSA who announced it. zac cant make it to vanessa’s party might be a coincidence that happened at the wrong timing. maybe he had to continue filming.

  39. 39
    rh Says:

    yes yes yes!!!!!!back on.zanessa forever

  40. 40
    kelly Says:

    PR stunt. Couples break up all the time to get press coverage for the breakup and the makeup. typical.

  41. 41
    rh Says:

    hope they go to pca together

  42. 42
    ZanessaNY Says:

    OMG!!! Jared… is this true or just playing around with Zanessa Fans. I hope your not doing this just to make stories and make people come here or else they wont beleive you anymore.

    On the bright side… its good to know that they are back on..if its true coz this couple has been through a lot and they deserve to be together…gosh, I will be heartbroken again if this is not true but we have to be happy with them coz its their life not ours. We wanted them to be happy so no matter what happens we the FANS should be happy for them….

    ZANESSA will always be the best couple in hollywood.

  43. 43
    lei Says:

    i miss our old Zac!!!

  44. 44
    andrea Says:

    @liveinlove: the link doesn’t work

  45. 45
    Kyley Says:

    @tscott: First of all, when was Zac “hiding out”? He was in New Orleans filming, and the day he came back he was seen out. The only reason Vanessa had to “deal with the press” was because she happen to have a birthday party that included a red carpet a few days after the news broke about their split. And that is literally the only time Vanessa has said anything or had to “deal with the press” in regards to the break up. I don’t see where you’re getting that Zac is “obsessed with fame” considering that he tries to the avoid the paparazzi and being in the public eye whenever he can. When he’s not filming he seems to be trying to live as normal of a life as possible. Sometimes relationships end, regardless of how “true” or “real” it may be. That’s just life.

  46. 46
    Ashlee Says:

    “The pair announced their split.” When/where did “they” announce a split? I read lots of places that “according to sources” they had split. So are you saying ZV were that source? I’ve yet to read anywhere that Zac and Vanessa announced the split.

  47. 47
    Mac Says:

    Alright…I’ve said this on JJjr. and I might as well comment here as well…

    Frankly, his visit could mean anything. But the mere fact that he visited her house means that they are in good terms and are still talking. Whether they broke up in the first place and will eventually get back together or did not break up at all will remain a mystery to us. But I’ll take this as a good sign any other way. :-)

  48. 48
    Vanessa Hudgens's Biggest Fan Says:

    I don’t want to get my Hopes Up so I’m going to take this as a good sign Maybe they are trying to work things only time will tell.

  49. 49
    Ana Says:

    I hope not, he’s better of w/out her. He could do so much better and he’s a better actor than her.

  50. 50
    Novellin Says:

    IS IT REAL!!

    i hope yes!!
    come on zanessa you r the best couple on the world.!!!

    keep your relationship!!
    until you marry guys!!

  51. 51
    peggy Says:


    Unlikely she had plenty of time to get her stuff before he came home and she has a key.

    Also they were seen shopping together before Christmas after the suppposed break up so any stuff could have been exchanged then also.

  52. 52
    Allison Says:

    My ex-boyfriend visits me all the time, means nothing. Not to mention they reportedly are still friends, don’t read too much into it, users.

  53. 53
    peggy Says:


    I wouldn’t read to much into the “still friends” either every Hollywood couple claims to still be friends whether its true or not

  54. 54
    Vanessa Hudgens's Biggest Fan Says:


    Your Comment is so Ridiculous You have no Right Telling Zac who he should date.

  55. 55
    amanda Says:

    theyre not back together. when you are with someone for 4 years or whatever, you probabl have personal belongings to return to eachother…paparazzi and tabloids are pretty stupid for making up lies

  56. 56
    let me be... Says:

    zac plz NO !!:(:(:(

  57. 57
    myheart Says:

    It was all publicity people…dont you see it? Zac has been doing nothing lately..nothing relevant…they need attention..thats it!

  58. 58
    anh Says:

    yay….Zaness forever pls!!! they are too cute!!! i think they never broke up in the first place anyway lolz :-)

  59. 59
    tscott Says:

    Kyley First, Vanessa birthday party was announced
    MONTHS before the break up so he knew she would have to be in the public eye and deal with the questions and apparently did not care! secondly, he left L.A. I don’t know if he was with Rumor or not but he was not seen in Hollywood but Vanessa was there and kept up her normal life even though the paps hounded her every move. I loved Zac and Vanessa and still think what they shared was real but I don’t think the way he handled it was very kind. If he was done, he was done but I think he could have and should have cosidered the timeing after all they have been through together! And as for his need for fame I didn’t say it was a need for attention I don’t believe he likes or wants that but to climb the hollywood chain most diffently! He works it to get what he thinks he wants which is to be leo or whoever and I guess there is NOTHING he won’t do or give to get it. That truly makes me sad because nothing Hollywood offers is real and I thought he was and their love was!

  60. 60
    florence Says:

    @tscott: That’s true but you know what it was lovely to see Vanessa out and about and looking happy and relaxed, which just goes to show that she does’nt miss him and is more than happy with the way things are.

    And again Zc is the one who does’nt want to deal with the pap’s and so like you say went into hiding leaving all the focus on Vanessa, she’s better off without him.

    He is now confirmed at the PCA as there is a photo of where he is sitting over at zanessa sweethearts and Vanessa uit look’s like is not going, or if she is she’s notting sitting by him. I hope she does go and win’s the award that she is up for.

    Zac has turned into pure hollywood and the way that men do things, he lost the one person who was with him for who he was from the begining and nothing more, but that was not good enough for him. So let him go Vanessa and you just carry on being your genuine self. And if she did finish with him then she must have felt something had gone from the relactionship or that it was’nt going to go any further so why stay with someone who is’nt willing to go forward.

    He will turn up at the PCA with some new arm candy and be all smiles and grinning that stupid grin that he does.

  61. 61
    Emily Says:

    No nessa Zac Efron gay

  62. 62
    samantha Says:

    yeay the’re never break up

  63. 63
    florence Says:

    @grace: That could be a very real option. all becuase we did’nt see him put anything in his car does’nt mean that he did’nt. Just like when she went to his house all becuase the reporter did’nt see boxes coming out does’nt mean that she had’nt gone back after and took her things out. It’s a natural thing to do when you end a relactionship.

  64. 64
    peggy Says:


    I guess you’.ve never been in a relationship either. She had plenty of time to get her stuff and they were shopping together before Christmas so they could have exchanged stuff then.

    You don’t wait a month and still have each others keys when it can be done so easily.

    Also he really is a piece of work if he is already in another relationship after only 3-4 weeks says a lot about the character behind the pretty face and maybe he wasn’t so loyal a boyfriend after all

  65. 65
    A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever Says:


    You need to Grow the Hell Up already Loser

  66. 66
    Vanessa Hudgens's Biggest Fan Says:

    Only Time will tell.

  67. 67
    alexanne Says:

    I hope so!!!! they are made for each other!!!! I love zanessa!!!

  68. 68
    Jamie Says:

    WTF are haters doing here anyway? Seriously, go rant to someone who cares.
    Anyway, I hope Zanessa is back on. They’re the only hollywood couple I still have faith in.

  69. 69
    Vanessa Hudgens' Biggest Fan Says:


    Because They have nothing better else do with their time

  70. 70
    BOJI Says:

    They are friends with benefits if it pleases everyone to hear that. Just kidding, they took a break to be with family, friends and focus on their current work commitments. In Vanessa’s case it was some TLC pampering ie retail shopping, nail salon, spa and the gym besides having some bffs time. Never thought anything less, their so-called final good byes in Hawaii showed alot of passion and love, so unlike a split, amicable or otherwise.

  71. 71
    suzy Says:

    who knows?

  72. 72
    rio Says:


  73. 73
    ash Says:


  74. 74
    Ashlee Says:

    Are they “together” or just “friends”? OMG, it’s gonna be just like it was back in 2006. Everyone will be asking that question for the next six months? “So, are you guys dating or just friends?” *SCREAM!!!!*

  75. 75
    Abby Says:

    See Jared this is where you’ve got it wrong. NEVER once did they announced their split, you simply are going off so called “sources.”

    IF they are infact back together GREAT for them, they truly seemed to love eachother VERY much any time we’d see them. I just hope the press lets them be and gives them some space to figure all this out.

  76. 76
    mitCh Says:

    I hope so coz I really love both of them. They are so cute. . I hope they will fix their relationship. . .

  77. 77
    brittany Says:

    Probably not back together just friends with benefits.

  78. 78
    joan Says:

    OBVIOUSLY They Never Break Up

  79. 79
    Alison Says:

    gag! I hope not!!!

  80. 80
    Athenais Says:

    I hope it’s true, i dream they are together again ….

  81. 81
    babyg Says:

    *happy dance!*

  82. 82
    HannahKay Says:

    i hope it’s true!!! i love them so much

  83. 83
    Daniel Tang Says:

    Right. When were they ever “off”? I thought that was a rumor E! News started and their source was “sources” close to the couple.

  84. 84
    Katarakta Says:

    maybe he wantshis stuff back…theywillbe good friends, i’m sad that they break up…but its life,noone das that life can be easy

  85. 85
    Loca Says:

    I really hope so … <3

  86. 86
    iris Says:

    I hope they still are together. I can’t stand those stupid rumors for Zac starting a new relationship with someone else.
    I love ZANESSA <3

  87. 87
    cequejaime8 Says:

    Their break was never confirmed. I know that you shouldn’t speak too fast but when I saw photos this morning, I was great happy ! That puts in a good mood for day !

  88. 88
    BOJI Says:

    I’m sticking to Friends with Benefits for now. He still has his key to her house and vice versa.

  89. 89
    afan Says:

    i hope so too………fingers crossed!

  90. 90
    Ange Says:

    The first question iswere the first rumors about the break-up true?? Maybe they have bene together all the time I mean what do er know?? Anyway I hope this show that they still are together but of course maybe they just are friends……..Ss long they are happy, it’s good!!!!;))

  91. 91
    Kiki Says:

    I sure do hope so… I do hate celebrities break up and I was devastated with these two’s separation. *sigh*

  92. 92
    stacie Says:

    BOJI— yea because zac and vanessa don’t have more class than that to use each other as objects to fulfill sexual pleasure, in turn turning whatever relationship they have completely cheap and selfish! I am very surprised at you!

  93. 93
    tina Says:

    “Friends with benefits” means the girl has no pride and is willing to sleep with a guy with being in a relationship. Nothing about Vanessa suggests this is true. If my ‘friend” had been with as many different women as Zac has been reported to be with in the last two weeks (Rumor , Terry, and some random chick in NY) he wouldn’t be benefiting from me. The only statement made by their people was ‘not to believe the media’

  94. 94
    moe Says:

    OMG i really hope zanessa is back (if they actually broke up)!

    and please if you zanessa (or just zac or vanessa) haters why waste your time and post stupid comments? you have to be really unhappy or actually jealious!!!it’s just hilarious!

  95. 95
    kyle Says:

    This is good news- I’m happy to see that they are hanging-out again.

  96. 96
    BOJI Says:

    My terminology of Friends with Benefits is that they are “Friends” but they have have access to each others abode and there is nothing wrong with that. Where in the dictionary does it say that one of the friends of different sexes or both of them have to be in a relationship with someone else? It is how you perceive this terminology.They are very close friends, if that makes you feel better. Why does it have to be cheap? I’m just taking the mickey out of the tabloids, saying that they remain friends. Nothing has been confirmed in black and white.
    Quit preaching.
    Am still a fan, and by the way be dissappointed all you want. I’m no Mother Theresa.

  97. 97
    Denise Says:

    BACK TOGETHER?!… oh come on!.. THEY NEVER BROKE UP!!!!!!! ..

  98. 98
    mike Says:

    it wood be great to see them back together

  99. 99
    blair Says:

    Of course they are back together….after taking one look at Rumer Willis he went flying back to Vanessa!

  100. 100
    Willy Says:

    light up my day…

  101. 101
    go sox Says:

    @BOJI: Boji, here in the states, “friends with benefits” specifically means friends who do hook up in THAT way. Just clarifying that. Still love ya!! :o)

    @tina: And I’ll agree with you, tina. First of all, I think Vanessa has more self-respect than that, and I believe Zac would be gentlemanly enough to not ask that of her, if indeed they broke up. Let’s remember why we were fans in the first place; we admired them for being DIFFERENT, and that included the enormous respect and admiration they had for each other. I don’t think that’s changed.

    As far as being seen pulling into her driveway, honestly, it could mean absolutely nothing. He could even have been asking her opinion on what he’s wearing tonight. LOL Let’s also keep in mind, we had no official confirmation of anything. The status of their relationship is between the two of them. I’m sure we will all see in time, what that is.

  102. 102

    Um, aren’t the People’s Choice Awards tonight? Yep. Aren’t both of them going to be there? Yep. Does this visit help generate interest? Yep. Is it a booty-call with an ex? Happens all the time.

  103. 103
    Narmina Says:

    I think,they are just friends,i hoped they will be together,but now i want see them staying on their own feet and making good relationships)I love both of them and to me Vanessa loved Zac more than he loved her) I wish them the best

  104. 104
    mira Says:

    i will be like soooo happy if they get together.the perfect couple :))

  105. 105
    whatwhat Says:

    As Zac was driving right straight into Vanessa’s garage:

    Inside of you
    I could cross this desert plain
    Inside of you
    I can hear you scream my name
    Inside of you
    All the stars unfurled
    I’ve cross me heart
    Ive cross the world
    I need you here
    And I need to be
    Inside of you

    Ykno they did.

  106. 106
    joy Says:

    sorry, but i don’t get it…

  107. 107
    whatwhat Says:


    Watch this: Infant Sorrow song Inside of You

  108. 108

    @go sox: Oh pulease. A woman with self-respect doesn’t take nudie pictures of herself with a cell phone and have them spread all over the internet. I’m just short of twice her age and I haven’t done that!

  109. 109
    whatwhat Says:


    Yes cause you don’t need to see your body for your work. All actresses and actors in Hollywood do those nude pics and videos. Some like Vanessa are unfortunate to be laughing stocks of the world when all of Hollywood do take nude pics and videos. Why you think them actors going to the gym and work out don’t view their bodies in any way they can?

    Face it, accept it, that’s how Hollywood works.

  110. 110
    BOJI Says:

    GoSox, thank you for being so understanding. I have to say that we do not use the term where I’m at.
    Tina, I should also thank you for your explanation. I only came across this when I was watching Cougar Town. Of course, I know that Vanessa has more self respect than to do that. I was just referring to the Tabloids(Report).

  111. 111
    ANNE. Says:

    THEY NEVER BROKE UP!! when do u get it?

  112. 112
    whatwhat Says:

    Shhhh, shutup! Fangirlbitches needs the lie to sleep better without taking medications and dream that Zaccy boy robot is inside of them.

  113. 113
    BOJI Says:

    Wicked Wench, quit being such a prissy prude and enough already with your witch hunting.

  114. 114
    BOJI Says:

    You know WhatWhat, you make sense and I’m inclined to agree.

  115. 115
    whatwhat Says:


    Thank you. But at what exactly? Against witchy wenchie?

  116. 116
    BOJI Says:

    Hollyweird and just about everything else, ironic don’t you think, the poster referring to herself as Wicked Wench. Witchy Wenchie, hahaha, I like it.

  117. 117
    whatwhat Says:


    Well, wenchie’s a bit deluded about Hollywood being roses and sunshine. Wenchie forgot that rose stems have thorns and the sun could actually burn you to death.

  118. 118
    BOJI Says:

    Roses are Red, Violets are blue,
    Witchy Wenchie is deluded,
    HollyWeird too.

    Gawd, my rhyming’s so bad!! hahaha, Sounds like Wenchie here just came out of the nunnery.

  119. 119
    whatwhat Says:


    Nursery I think. Not the nunnery.

    Boji, I gotta go now, Ima go hunting.

    Hi ho! Hi ho! gonna find me some tasty tarts. (my attempt at doing Hollywood verses, lol)

  120. 120
    cdc Says:


  121. 121
    Silvana Says:

    No! I think she is better off without him !!!
    I wish to remain just friends. :)

  122. 122
    cequejaime8 Says:

    They are so cute together thus I hope !!!

  123. 123
    mhay Says:

    according to the paps zac stayed 4 hours in van’s house.
    i wonder what happened inside.

  124. 124
    tina Says:

    So they stayed outside and watched for four hours? creepy

  125. 125
    ???? Says:

    Back on again? …..They were never off……. Jared you need to stop running stories from “sources” and printing rumors. Professional “reps” would never go to a blog site moderator with any “personal” information about their client. It’s unprofessional and most likely cost them their job. Tabloids took this and ran with it, like the always do. Zanessa always proves them wrong at some point, and looks like they’ve done it again. Go Zanessa!

  126. 126
    Sarah Says:

    maybe he went to pick up stuff from her house??

  127. 127
    Oille Says:

    really? how can u get the data from the paps?
    i really hope that is true, i love them so much

  128. 128
    pop86 Says:

    I hope they are still together

  129. 129
    lauren Says:

    some of you fan girls need to chill out,
    seriously why do you guys think that their getting back together? when its just him going to her house.
    maybe they hang out for a bit? or maybe there returning their crap? who knows.

  130. 130
    celestine Says:

    @lauren: Seriously if they wanted to return their stuff , they could have done it a while back! 4 hours just to return someone’s stuff back?! I know if I return someone stuff back it only takes 10 minutes tops! They never even broke up! The haters need to get it into their thick skulls that Zac’s publicist actually confirmed that they were taking a break and not breaking up! Those two are totally different!

  131. 131
    The Truth Says:

    If I can recall, in an interview a while back (maybe three years ago), I remember V mentioning that Zac likes his space sometimes. She also stated that she knows how to back off and give it to him. I don’t think this is uncommon in relationships. Sometimes two people can spend too much time together. I think the time apart will serve the both of them good. Sometimes you can be up under each other sooo much that you can literally get sick of each other. Maybe they are starting to miss each other and will start spending more time together while they can. Whatever the case may be, its a good sign that they are still on good terms. Depending on what happened, they can very well start being together again soon, if not already. Looks to me like they can’t stay away from each other for too long… Even when the space is warranted.

  132. 132
    annie Says:

    they seemed so good,hope so its hard to find a good mate.they both r so likeable.

  133. 133
    vanessa Says:

    i think its hard t move on for both

  134. 134
    Samm Says:

    please be together! PLEASE BE TOGETHER! I don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t see some Zanessa cuteness soon! They are made for each other! COME ON!

  135. 135
    amanda Says:


    he had to give her her final paycheck for being his beard for 4 years…..

  136. 136
    Karen Says:

    Just some random stuff:

    1. Zac was in NO filming his movie when Vanessa was in Vegas having her birthday party. Vanessa even said she was lucky o have some time to be able to get her girlfriends together so they could have the “girls night out” type fun. SO, it would seem that she knew Zac would be working and took the time to make it fun with just her best girlfriends. The 18th was NOT Vanessa’s birthday anyway. That was on the 14th.

    2. Vanessa was NOT in NO on Zac’s birthday either this year. She was there the week before but was ALSO at work in Hawaii on his actual birthday.

    3. IF these pictures were actually from 12-31-10 it would put to rest many a rumor that has been swilling around about Zac. All the places he has been rumored to be—in T&C, SLO, NYC, even MIAMI—get crushed. It shows that people should NOT be so quick to jump on the “belief” bandwagon as soon as something is printed. Most of it is false and meant to cause “talk” and get hits.

    4. Some say the date is wrong and that it is definitely from yesterday. Either way, it is a good thing and proves so much of the gossip in the past couple weeks is lies.

    5. NOBODY in the know actually and undisputed confirmed any COMPLETE breakup. At BEST it was SUPPOSEDLY said they were “on a break” and even if you are one who wants to believe that means “breakup” the phrase still leaves it open to doubt or that something else was going on. Most couples who really BREAK it off completely make it known. And why would just ONE side of this duo make a statement and not the other? They are/were in it together. Just one doesn’t break up and the other one not.

    6. They may have been having any number of situations come into their lives at the time where they needed to have time apart. BUT there were many people who saw them together shopping in the mall before Christmas—just about 24 hours of Zac arriving back in LA which said they looked happy and very much as a couple. Then he left for SLO.

    7. And those people who want to claim all couples who stay friends after a breakup and hang out together are in most cases fooling themselves. Once you have had an intimate relationship for a long time you may very well want to split on good terms as it makes it easier and it helps one to “save face” BUT in all actuality it is very difficult to be with each other JUST AS FRIENDS too quickly as there is way too much water under the bridge for that. There are just too many emotions that have to heal or get used to the new situation. I mean, if you suddenly want something else or new in your life then you feel the need to be away from the source of your deepest emotions. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure that out—especially IF you have lived any length of time and had these relationship experiences. I have had bad breakups and I have had relatively mutual breakups and it still is uncomfortable to be around that person.

    Bottom line. IF this “break” had been in the most serious way—as some wanted to believe it was and reported accordingly—then we undoubtedly would have gotten that type word from their reps.

    Let’s not forget they are under an enormous amount of pressure in their careers right now and NOW is when they have been having to deal with it. So, it has taken some of their attention and time away from each other. Let’s give them a “break”. Let’s not believe EVERYTHING we hear or is written about them. We should have learned all that with this situation. Let them be normal people in the ways they can be normal.

  137. 137
    Emma Efron Says:

    I think Zac was just visiting (don’t get mad at me). After they broke up he went to her house & gave her a birthday present.

  138. 138
    jazmin Says:

    Its their life and both seem happy that’s all that counts. Friends or more than friends they dont need to explain anything to anybody.

  139. 139
    Ashlee Says:

    What are those poor, desperate, lonely Zikki fans going to do now? Crawl back into their dark holes? Boo Hoo.

  140. 140
    siori1987 Says:

    4 YEARS of fu***ing the same girl…i think that’s enaugh !!

  141. 141
    Vanessa Hudgens's Biggest Fan Says:

    @Emma Efron:

    Emma They Never Broke Up Get thought your Hand.

  142. 142
    Vanessa Hudgens's Biggest Fan Says:


    HAHA Right on.

  143. 143
    Zac Efron's Biggest Fan Says:

    @Emma Efron:

    Emma Zac was In New Orleans on Vanessa’s Birthday How do you know he want to her house He was Filming the Lucky One and Vanessa was in Hawaii filming So I don’t Understand how you know that.

  144. 144
    J Says:

    LOL! I think they are going to get back together. They just needed some time apart. It happens in pretty much all relationships.

  145. 145
    lauren Says:

    eugh people like boji and karen need to stop with the essays and get on with their own middle age life!

  146. 146
    orionsbelt Says:

    He’s gay..they were never on or off.

  147. 147
    lauren Says:

    @ lauren
    i know its very annoying to see how ppl can write a essay on this.

  148. 148
    ivanka Says:

    they were never off obviously

  149. 149
    Allie Says:

    Unortunately I don’t think Zac will make any comment at the PCA’s tonight to make it any clearer.

    And I agree with Karen. You can’t stay friends with an ex after a long relationship. Short one yes, where you were better off as friends. My ex and I tried to say friends after 6 years together, mostly because we had a lot of friends in common. And it just doesn’t work. However, Zac and Vanessa are in a situation that work will force them still to see each other at award shows, etc.

  150. 150
    ewwwwwwwwww Says:

    you need a new BEARD.

  151. 151
    Ksusha Says:

    I hope that they still together)

  152. 152
    ???? Says:

    Back on again? …..They were never off……. Jared you need to stop running stories from “sources” and printing rumors. Professional “reps” would never go to a blog site moderator with any “personal” information about their client. It’s unprofessional and most likely cost them their job. Tabloids took this and ran with it, like they always do. Zanessa always proves them wrong at some point, and looks like they’ve done it again.

  153. 153
    maeli Says:

    whatever they are i dont care as long as it makes V happy !!

  154. 154
    Ashlee Says:


    A bit of little girl jealously here? Or maybe you are too lazy to read anything over a 5 word sentence? You could have someone read those “essays” for you. Your mom or dad.

  155. 155
    H8 Says:

    It was all a publicity stunt. They never broke up. It was a stunt because people were forgetting about these two. They are cute together, but was a boring couple. That ‘break-up’ story kept them relevant for awhile.

  156. 156
    pita Says:

    I just seen one pictures here,does Vanessa has a remote control to open the garage?I hope and pray that they still together.

  157. 157
    lauren Says:

    which lauren are you talking to?

  158. 158
    lw Says:


  159. 159
    lauren Says:

    Ashlee I am on here to observe the behaviour of people who have time to get involved with the life of celebrities(specificity zac efron) . I’ve been observing for a few months and I can see that people like you and boji and karen have personal issues that cause you guys to feel the need to constantly defend zac. Basically you live in your ‘zac’ world to get away from reality, and unlike most people you guys refuse to acknowledge this fact. We should talk, I can help you guys move on.

  160. 160
    kate Says:

    @Ashlee: obviously she can read silly comment, lauren why are you doing that arent you supoosed to have permission

  161. 161
    rebecca Says:

    hopefully crossing fingers they turn up to the people choice awards together..:D x

  162. 162
    Ashlee Says:


    Riiighhht. Honey, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. That’s about the lamest excuse I ever heard for being on a fan site. Why don’t you observe your own behavior and dense comments?

  163. 163
    lauren Says:

    Okay sweetheart, I know you feel threatened but its a psychological thing, if you don’t get it sorted you will have more problems even late in life. I study communication studies and I doing a report on mental health and the link between celebrity culture. I apologise for the way you are feeling and lashing out at me is the first step because soon you will re evaluate and come to an accurate understanding of your just what this is doing to your life.

  164. 164
    negar Says:

    just friend….that’s it……

  165. 165
    negar Says:

    just friends……that’s it…..

  166. 166
    Sina Says:

    sorry JJ but THEY actually NEVER confirmed their split. only zacs rep didconfirm a “break” not a break up, so yeah, neither zac nor vanessa ever announced anything..

    i’d love them to be back. zanessas love has to be back :)

  167. 167
    Zagiuly Says:


  168. 168
    Reality Says:

    More than likely he was picking up stuff from there, like any other relationship that ends. Just because he visited there does not mean they are jumping back together. And it is very common for people to grow apart or just loose interest. It’s sad when any relationship ends (famous or not) I wish both of them the best and hope that they can move on and remain friends.

  169. 169
    mz.cuties Says:

    omg i hope they r back together they r the cutest couple in hollywood

  170. 170
    mz.cuties Says:

    omg i hope they r back together they r the cutest couple in hollywood

  171. 171
    Ellyne Says:

    I don’t think they ever actually broke up, did THEY actually announce it? or was it a source? Cause everything I read was from a source close to them, but who knows. After 5 years, their probably just good friends, or, their back together. No on will know but the people close to them lol

  172. 172
    Ellyne Says:

    @Emily: Yea, I never really thought there were lol No real proof

  173. 173
    Ellyne Says:

    If their just friends, and actually DID break up, bet they still get it on.. hahahha I mean, if i dated Zac, and we were in love, and we broke up, I’d still be hitting that

  174. 174
    go sox Says:

    @Reality: If you REALLY want to be realistic, then after a REAL break-up, you would get your stuff out of the other’s house, when they are NOT home to be less painful. Vanessa had a full week home before Zac got home. That’s MORE than enough time to get her stuff from his house, and for her to clean out his stuff from her house.

  175. 175
    truth teller Says:

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! this can mean anything, they are probably just friends, now don’t get me twisted, i would love to see them get back together but if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be.

  176. 176
    NavajoTaco Says:

    Ooooooooo i sooooo hope sooo i miss them being together :O !!!!!

  177. 177
    amelia25 Says:

    We must to wait, but Zac always thinks so much his decision, and i dont believe tehy can be together rigth now. Hope they can be together in a future.

  178. 178
    BOJI Says:

    @Lauren, hold your pipes! Now we’re trying to psycho-analyse, are we?! Well, boo hoo to you. I have alot going in my life but I happen to love this couple and Vanessa and Zac as individuals. This is my respite from the everyday life I lead. Besides, I don’t write essays as you can very well see. Dearie, I only write paras and precis.
    Look in the mirror and repeat after me,” I must practise what I preach or else Karma will kick my pretty little butt.” Amen.

  179. 179
    Samii Says:

    are zac and vanessa sitting together at the awards?

  180. 180
    michelle Says:

    @tscott: zac not a jerk. you don’t even know him. and how do you know that he left her. you clam you know everything but you know nothing

  181. 181
    lauren Says:

    Boji calm down the more you lash out at me, the more you believe its okay to continue your addiction. Dont worry it a very treatable issues, with counselling you can get to the root of your problems, be strong my friend! With my case study I not only see the issue but the cures are what finally set people free. Its never just a hobby when you feel involved in a celebrity’s life. I wish you success in coming to terms with this ***

  182. 182
    misstrindade Says:

    @lauren: looool! you’re funny, you are talking like you are not here in every post commenting sh*t! you, my dear, are the one with the problem! and you say you are studying something pretty important,why dont you go do that,you know get a life,seeing that you are oh-so mature and doing grown up things! because you ;obssessiveness’ with zanessa comments are a really creepy! when you are a fan, you can understand!you have an adoration and its pretty normal to comment on their lifes… its the hollywood ideology! now talking trash just because you feel like! that,honey,is a problem

  183. 183
    annie Says:

    they’ve been together for four years, and that’s a lot if you think they’re still very young… probably they are having a hard time letting go after all they’ve been through…

  184. 184
    Deb Says:

    “He will turn up at the PCA with some new arm candy”

    Looks like you’re wrong again. He was there with Jason, his agent.

  185. 185
    BOJI Says:

    Yep, Lauren needs to go to Psycho School. She’s delusional like that character in the movie of the same name.

  186. 186
    florence Says:

    @Deb: But could’nt wait to have his photo done with Taylor Swift, maybe she will become his new girl after all there have been things wrote about them before, andf she is no longer with Jake, who persdonally I would take over Zac any day he’s what you call a man. And Taylor is now 21 so that will be the new news soon Zac and Taylor dating.

  187. 187
    tscott Says:

    Hate to say it but Zac looked and seemed weird at the pca tonight. What was with the WEIRD accent he spoke with when getting his award that is not how he normally talks. I missed Vanessa tonight and found Zac to be different to say the least. I hope the best for them both!

  188. 188
    gia Says:

    I to noticed the strange accent and thought he looked and acted weird and none of it was attractive. I hope he knows what he is doing. I also missed Vanessa I really wished she had been there. I loved Zac and Vanessa but I’m afraid that Zac’s need to be a BIG star is going to end up causing him trouble. It seems he’ll be or do anything to be like Leo or whoever and he is selling out what is real and true for a Hollywood dream that for the most part leaves its stars broken and lonely. I truly hope he finds his way and I wish he and Vanessa the best!

  189. 189
    Karen Says:


    As misstrindade said you are on EVERY thread and have been for as long as I can remember—not just the last couple months. You have always had some negative comment. Now you are trying to make it sound like you are studying some kind of communications, etc. Well, I can top you for all that kind of mumbo-jumbo. I may be middle age but I have lived a very full live and am still doing so. However, if you are so young and intelligent and go so much going for you then why would you be on a celebrity site like this being so interested in the likes of me and not being able to resist saying negative things about Zac and Vanessa or about me or my middle age friends? It seems to me that it is time that you get out and find a life. And for the negativity you display all the time it would seem to me that you are the one that needs help or certainly will be you re much older.

  190. 190
    kiki Whitfield Says:

    they were a cute couple and n love. whether they do get bac 2gether or not Zac is supa cute. he’s finally looking like a man! hot

  191. 191
    lauren Says:

    I can see that this is tough for you all but please acknowledge there is more than just one lauren in the world. I feel for all of you, one day you will learn to communicate outside this cyber world x

  192. 192
    YOU Says:

    You are all loser, get off your asses already and stop noseying around celeb lifes. The reason I’m on here is because i was accidently sent her with a link, then saw all your lame comments. Get off your fat asses :)

  193. 193
    hallo Says:

    Hope they will together agian bcos I like them when they are together.We would not know thier future only God know.

  194. 194
    BOJI Says:

    Lauren, pray tell me what are you doing here on this thread and every thread on Zac or Vanessa? On a crusade to purge us fans of Cyber demons, eh?! As I said, look in the mirror and repeat after me,” I shall not preach what I cannot practise myself. Say this at least a 100 times and perhaps you will be exorcised.

  195. 195
    marby Says:

    why is it that when its in the news that they’re not together, people are trying to get them back on, and when they’re on again, they try t break them apart? just let do whatever, its their lives nyways..

  196. 196
    mykamicks Says:

    Boji, its my first time i find you so funny by teaching that girl… I can repeat after you.hahaha! Just breaking some jokes here…

    The more I go through with the blasting comments coming from under 12, under 25 and nearest forty probably. lol! All I can say is to STOP. Im holding my breath stoofing down to some endless idiotic opinions except for the few of course.

    Haters would be haters for the rest of their lives. They may wanted to be unstoppable with their conclusive opinion (s) Its not easy for them to like or love somebody ( especially hollywood celebrities). So I guess, I just leave and let them live that way. Again, one of these days, they’ll get surprised of something from both Zac & Vanessa, same way they will find another loop wholes to atttack these two.

    Same here, I like Zac & Vanesa. . But above all I love both of them as individuals especially Vanessa. Whatever they are right now, its them who are still holding the keys towards their relationship.

  197. 197
    joyfuljm Says:

    they’re great couple! i’m happy if this article is truth!

  198. 198
    zanny Says:

    guys there are too laurens can u not tell by sentence structure and plain maturity!

  199. 199
    henriette Says:

    This will be deleted FAST… however… you have to be deaf, dumb and especially blind not to know you are being pranked. Gay + beard = publicity stunt.

  200. 200
    BOJI Says:

    Well, the Fan Lauren would know exactly who we are aiming at, the psycho Lauren, that’s who. If she were to take offence, then she should also realise that she has her alter ego( same name) to blame.

    We have had imposters in the past and we did know who they were not.

  201. 201
    Roadhouse Says:

    Well, It has been 3 weeks and he had to get him some. She is a fool if she takes him back

  202. 202
    Roadhouse Says:

    Well, It has been 3 weeks and he had to get him some. She is a fool if she takes him back

  203. 203
    noni Says:

    I wish it’s ture
    they were so good together
    and I think if u luv some one then u brokeup with him
    you couldn’t be friends any more
    coz u still hurt and in luv
    <~ sorry .. M bad in english =D

  204. 204

    @whatwhat: I know the requirements for Hollywood, but if you choose to participate that way, you can’t stake your claim for being a nice girl and a good role model. You can’t have it both ways.

  205. 205
    lauren Says:

    if i had an alter ego dont you think i would change my name!

  206. 206
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @Lauren #205
    so which lauren are you the psycho doctor lauren or the Lauren that tells people to shut the hell up all the time?

  207. 207
    mklm Says:

    I hope they will be back together

  208. 208
    lauren (psyco doc!) Says:

    Oh dear looks like boji has got her panties in a twist, calm down my lady. Its obvious that as a child you never felt in control, you never had the courage to stand up for yourself, so now you are your very own cyber alter ego. You hit anyone down when your views clash! Your comments worry me why do you feel its okay to battle and insult young girls, if you did this face to face you would be arrested! Boji I’m urging you to get into contact with a psychiatrist asap. Please stop harassing the other lauren, her comments are her point of view respect that!

  209. 209
    florence Says:

    @gia: You hit the nail on the head as they say, Zac has changed more and more and not for the good. He wants to be the next big big hollywood star and as you say unfortunetly he wil;l do and say anything that will help him acheive that. Yes go for your goals but don’t lose your true self in the process or push away your true friends and partner in the process of trying to do that.

    His problem is that he is trying to be like other star’s and not be himself which is what got him attention in the first place, sadly he is becomign more and more hollywood every time he is seen and the way he acts and speaks in interviews weather it be ina magazine or like this one. He’s got himself tangled up in the hype of hollywood and is going to come crashing down if he’s not careful, and end up with a string of bed buddies who will only use him to get in the spotlight and he’ll just use them because he thinks and has no doubt been told by many that he’s the main man, and can get any women and many of them with a click of his finger.

    I’m glad that Vanessa did’nt go and put herself through that, and I hope that he stays away from her preimiers too. And by the time it comes round for him to do his next press tour for TLO he will no doubt have someone new that he will be procaliming his love for like he did with Vanessa, and that only they know him so well. Vanessa will get replaced quick enough if she has’nt already.

  210. 210
    kare Says:

    maybe i do not know because they are young and need time to think about the furture

  211. 211
    BOJI Says:

    Lauren Psycho, not calling you Doc. cause you haven’t earned your degree yet.

    Just to clarify, I wear thongs not panties if you please. You can’t get them any twistier than that.
    By the way, your advice is old, old. You need to attend a refresher course, me dear. I’d fire you if you were my shrink.

    For your info, there’s always JJjr for little girls and this is an adult site. So don’t get all huffy if you can’t take the heat.

  212. 212
    Emma Efron Says:

    some of u guys who post on here must be in ur early teens or like 12.

  213. 213
    magda tenšek Says:

    to be honest i thing that its a bit hard for them too move on just like that after 5 whole years cuse there is still love i mean c mon
    i love them both and well you know what they say if its really ment to be then their paths will cross again i belive in them and yes i do want them together but hey thats not for me to juge i thin that also the distance non-stop was a problem you know he was promotinh CSC than she a bit sucker punch them she was filming journy 2 and he the lucky one both for 2 and half monts and thats hard .
    PS. Love you Zanessa 4-Ever
    PS. ZAC congrads on PCA you deserved it

  214. 214
    Melody Says:

    I Knew they were meant to be
    They never break up at all,its just rumors
    Perfect Couple

  215. 215
    Melody Says:

    I Knew they were meant to be
    They never break up at all,its just rumors
    Perfect Couple

  216. 216
    Melody Says:

    I Knew they were meant to be
    They never break up at all,its just rumors
    Perfect Couple

  217. 217
    lauren (psyco doc!) Says:

    BOJI hunny why are you rambling, your a bully and you target is young girls. But we’ve made progress don’t you see, now all the problems are coming out :) well done this is now a healing process. Next step lets analyse all your issues together so you can visualize the full extent of your shortcomings.

  218. 218
    go sox Says:

    @lauren (psyco doc!): I believe YOU are the bully here, my dear. You are the one coming here and spouting your psycho-babble, like you are the world’s authority on psychology. Give me a freakin’ break. Being a student and writing a paper does NOT make you an expert in anything, sorry to enlighten you. Instead, it made YOU bully others here, because they called you out on your behavior.

    A lot of people read celebrity columns for different reasons. I’d say the majority of us post here just for fun. If you think this fraction of our day indicates we have deep psychological issues, then you are stupid and arrogant for making those assumptions. And why on earth do you care? I’d say it’s better to be here, and have a friendly discussion ( until YOU came), than do other dangerous things online, which I can’t begin to name. Please have some class, and back off. Your high and mighty attitude is not appreciated. Others have opinions and daresay, a LOT more education and knowledge than you have. Please don’t assume things about people you don’t know.

  219. 219
    BOJI Says:

    Go Sox, I take off my hat to you. I couldn’t have said it better. Bravo!

  220. 220
    whatwhat Says:


    OH Lawrrrd, little girl wenchie, get over with this role model good girl stuff in Hollywood actresses/actors. Sure they can play ROLES of GOOD character, doesn’t mean THEY are the CHARACTER they play. You are a bigger fool if you look up to these actors for your ‘modeling’ issues. Shouldn’t it be your mom or your dad that you want to TURN OUT when you are 30 or 40 in life?

  221. 221
    whatwhat Says:


    Oh and yes, only nice girls and role models are dressed up to the nines even when they are swimming in the ocean, taking a shower, taking a bath, viewing their bodies for cinematic/magazine/modeling purposes. Yep. that’s why Victoria Secret is selling rather really well.

  222. 222
    whatwhat Says:

    @lauren (psyco doc!):

    Hey Doc Lauren, can you help LIttle Wenchie in her quest for the perfect nice girl and role model? We have to scratch out the Hollywood Actresses/actors in her list because all of them have been in some way naked in their lives. Oh wait, all of us have been naked at some point in our lives. How ever are we going to find wickedwench’s perfect nice girl and role model?

  223. 223
    BOJI Says:

    Whatwhat, you’re a breath of fresh air! Right On, buddy!

  224. 224
    lauren (psyco doc!) Says:

    Well she’s right on celebrities each have the own fans bases who glorify their own role models. Most celebrities are thankful however will let there fans down in some way. Wicked wench look into your life create the perfect role model in your head, and stick by it by allowing your conscience to guide you. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your role model has to be a celebrity because many many people are crushed when the have celebrities they look up to.

  225. 225
    BOJI Says:

    Lauren Psycho, you’re so full of crap you know that!

  226. 226
    lauren (psyco doc!) Says:

    BOJI you just can’t accept the truth hun. But its okay denial is hard to over come.

  227. 227
    zanessalover345678 Says: can you guys watch my video

  228. 228
    go sox Says:

    @lauren (psyco doc!): You know, instead of trying to analyze why people like certain celebs, you might want to try wondering why there are incessant posts on little children on JJ, why young girls like boys like Justin Bieber who look like girls themselves, and why some people like to come to blogs like this and post truly hateful things about people they don’t know, like it’s fun. There seems to be more deep- seated psychological issues there.

    Those of us who root for Vanessa or Zac, because we’ve enjoyed their movies, and see promise in their careers, are not the warped ones here on JJ. Go check out a Brangelina thread….THAT is truly frightening.

  229. 229
    BOJI Says:

    Go Sox, agreed and so true.

  230. 230
    zanessalover345678 Says:

    :( please watch my video

  231. 231
    BARBARA Says:

    Just wanted to tell you, E party girl an people mag. said that Vanessa and Zac, Brittany snow, were at a new place call Eaton, it was there grand opening last night Zac, vanessa, and Brittany arrived about 12 o’ olock Vanessa and Zac looked very happy, they were making out, they were all over each other, I always felt it was only taking a break, the media went crazy, making up storys up just to get hits.God Bless them both, See true fans like Karen, Go Sox, Boji, and me always believe in them.

  232. 232
    lauren (psyco doc!) Says:

    If your worried about that then go save the children, there is already a lot of focus on the issues ‘go sox’ you have brought up, but I believe in actions, if your believe something then stick to it. I go by the motto stick and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me!

  233. 233
    go sox Says:

    @lauren (psyco doc!): lauren, why don’t you just finish your research, do your paper, and be done here? With maturity, you will find that you can’t control what other people do, their thoughts, or their feelings. I know you don’t get why people are here discussing these celebs, but it is, what it is. Belittling others, or trying to get inside their heads, is just an exercise in futility. You can’t change others. People are here, for their own reasons, whether it’s just to escape from everyday life and chat, or sadly, some are truly obsessed with other’s lives. I won’t go there! But please don’t lump everyone into the same category. I’d say most of us just have a healthy interest in seeing Vanessa and Zac succeed; that’s all. We see something good in them, instead of the bimbos and slimes I see prevalent in Hollywood. Let us have this one “guilty pleasure” without criticism. Peace out.

  234. 234
    Talita Says:

    I am Brazilian, I use the Internet program to translate my language, but I love the couple, they came out in the November edition of a popular magazine here in Brazil …
    I’m hoping they come back

  235. 235
    lauren (psyco doc!) Says:

    I understand and respect your opinion, but still disagree! I’m very involved with my work and I feel that why do something if you don’t believe in change and shaping opinions.

  236. 236
    Miomiemiemie Says:

    I am sure. They will get back together soon.. Zanessa Indeed!

  237. 237
    alena Says:

    I hope they will come back a few :)

  238. 238
    zanessa4eva Says:

    zanessa is still together. believe it. it´s true.

  239. 239
    xoxoamm Says:


  240. 240
    Miriam Says:

    I think that Zac and Vanesa belong together and I believe in them and their love for one another.

  241. 241
    zanessa4eva Says:

    zanessa is together believe it now

  242. 242
    mIRIAM Says:

    I believe in Zanessa. I believe in their love for one another. I believe that God will reunite them someday!

  243. 243
    zanessa4eva Says:

    the sights on zanessa are true. tre love never end.

  244. 244
    zanessa4eva Says:

    they are together the media should be show the real sights of love

  245. 245
    anna Says:

    F**k what those other ignorant people think. Zanessa will make a comeback

  246. 246
    loventhezanessa Says:

    zanessa will be back soon! they belong together forever! they no that we just have to believe

  247. 247
    joanahsm14 Says:

    Stop with all this negativity, keep the faith and the hope. Don’t just rely in what media says, rely in real facts and in proofs. If you believe in God and (or) believe in love, you should believe in Zanessa too.
    We fans believe in them.

  248. 248
    Faye Says:

    The only thing that everyone need to know is the Zanessa are togther.

  249. 249
    Faye Says:

    They’re already together they took a break in december (see DETAILS Magazine) but new sightings show they still on. Without Zanessa its hard to find love.

  250. 250
    Faye Says:

    They’re already together they took a break in december (see DETAILS Magazine) but new sightings show they still on. Without Zanessa its hard to find love.

  251. 251
    Faye Says:

    They’re already together they took a break in december (see DETAILS Magazine) but new sightings show they still on. Without Zanessa its hard to find love.Zanessa Forever

  252. 252
    Faye Says:

    They’re already together they took a break in december (see DETAILS Magazine) but new sightings show they still on. Without Zanessa its hard to find love.
    Just because you see something or hear something doen’t mean its true until you hear it from the person,

  253. 253
    Zanessa army Says:

    zanessa is and will always be in my heart love them together!

  254. 254
    rawanny Says:

    is this the end of the story >>sad end

  255. 255
    vanessa garcez Says:

    Eu sou surda.
    Eu sou fã da vanessa hudgens e zac efron.
    Saudade é solidão acompanhada.

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