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Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Back On?

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Back On?

Are Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron rekindling their relationship after breaking up only a few weeks ago?

After Vanessa wrapped up her chiropractic appointment in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (January 4), former flame Zac was seen pulling into her driveway.

The pair announced their split late last year, just before Vanessa celebrated her 22nd birthday in Las Vegas.

WHAT DO YOU THINK – are they back together or just friends? Tell us!

Click inside to see Zac pulling up to Vanessa‘s house…

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Credit: Ian Gavan, Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty, Fame Pictures
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  • peggy


    Unlikely she had plenty of time to get her stuff before he came home and she has a key.

    Also they were seen shopping together before Christmas after the suppposed break up so any stuff could have been exchanged then also.

  • Allison

    My ex-boyfriend visits me all the time, means nothing. Not to mention they reportedly are still friends, don’t read too much into it, users.

  • peggy


    I wouldn’t read to much into the “still friends” either every Hollywood couple claims to still be friends whether its true or not

  • Vanessa Hudgens’s Biggest Fan


    Your Comment is so Ridiculous You have no Right Telling Zac who he should date.

  • amanda

    theyre not back together. when you are with someone for 4 years or whatever, you probabl have personal belongings to return to eachother…paparazzi and tabloids are pretty stupid for making up lies

  • let me be…

    zac plz NO !!:(:(:(

  • myheart

    It was all publicity people…dont you see it? Zac has been doing nothing lately..nothing relevant…they need attention..thats it!

  • anh

    yay….Zaness forever pls!!! they are too cute!!! i think they never broke up in the first place anyway lolz :-)

  • tscott

    Kyley First, Vanessa birthday party was announced
    MONTHS before the break up so he knew she would have to be in the public eye and deal with the questions and apparently did not care! secondly, he left L.A. I don’t know if he was with Rumor or not but he was not seen in Hollywood but Vanessa was there and kept up her normal life even though the paps hounded her every move. I loved Zac and Vanessa and still think what they shared was real but I don’t think the way he handled it was very kind. If he was done, he was done but I think he could have and should have cosidered the timeing after all they have been through together! And as for his need for fame I didn’t say it was a need for attention I don’t believe he likes or wants that but to climb the hollywood chain most diffently! He works it to get what he thinks he wants which is to be leo or whoever and I guess there is NOTHING he won’t do or give to get it. That truly makes me sad because nothing Hollywood offers is real and I thought he was and their love was!

  • florence

    @tscott: That’s true but you know what it was lovely to see Vanessa out and about and looking happy and relaxed, which just goes to show that she does’nt miss him and is more than happy with the way things are.

    And again Zc is the one who does’nt want to deal with the pap’s and so like you say went into hiding leaving all the focus on Vanessa, she’s better off without him.

    He is now confirmed at the PCA as there is a photo of where he is sitting over at zanessa sweethearts and Vanessa uit look’s like is not going, or if she is she’s notting sitting by him. I hope she does go and win’s the award that she is up for.

    Zac has turned into pure hollywood and the way that men do things, he lost the one person who was with him for who he was from the begining and nothing more, but that was not good enough for him. So let him go Vanessa and you just carry on being your genuine self. And if she did finish with him then she must have felt something had gone from the relactionship or that it was’nt going to go any further so why stay with someone who is’nt willing to go forward.

    He will turn up at the PCA with some new arm candy and be all smiles and grinning that stupid grin that he does.

  • Emily

    No nessa Zac Efron gay

  • samantha

    yeay the’re never break up

  • florence

    @grace: That could be a very real option. all becuase we did’nt see him put anything in his car does’nt mean that he did’nt. Just like when she went to his house all becuase the reporter did’nt see boxes coming out does’nt mean that she had’nt gone back after and took her things out. It’s a natural thing to do when you end a relactionship.

  • peggy


    I guess you’.ve never been in a relationship either. She had plenty of time to get her stuff and they were shopping together before Christmas so they could have exchanged stuff then.

    You don’t wait a month and still have each others keys when it can be done so easily.

    Also he really is a piece of work if he is already in another relationship after only 3-4 weeks says a lot about the character behind the pretty face and maybe he wasn’t so loyal a boyfriend after all

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever


    You need to Grow the Hell Up already Loser

  • Vanessa Hudgens’s Biggest Fan

    Only Time will tell.

  • http://facebook alexanne

    I hope so!!!! they are made for each other!!!! I love zanessa!!!

  • Jamie

    WTF are haters doing here anyway? Seriously, go rant to someone who cares.
    Anyway, I hope Zanessa is back on. They’re the only hollywood couple I still have faith in.

  • Vanessa Hudgens’ Biggest Fan


    Because They have nothing better else do with their time

  • BOJI

    They are friends with benefits if it pleases everyone to hear that. Just kidding, they took a break to be with family, friends and focus on their current work commitments. In Vanessa’s case it was some TLC pampering ie retail shopping, nail salon, spa and the gym besides having some bffs time. Never thought anything less, their so-called final good byes in Hawaii showed alot of passion and love, so unlike a split, amicable or otherwise.

  • suzy

    who knows?

  • rio


  • ash


  • Ashlee

    Are they “together” or just “friends”? OMG, it’s gonna be just like it was back in 2006. Everyone will be asking that question for the next six months? “So, are you guys dating or just friends?” *SCREAM!!!!*

  • Abby

    See Jared this is where you’ve got it wrong. NEVER once did they announced their split, you simply are going off so called “sources.”

    IF they are infact back together GREAT for them, they truly seemed to love eachother VERY much any time we’d see them. I just hope the press lets them be and gives them some space to figure all this out.

  • mitCh

    I hope so coz I really love both of them. They are so cute. . I hope they will fix their relationship. . .

  • brittany

    Probably not back together just friends with benefits.

  • joan

    OBVIOUSLY They Never Break Up

  • Alison

    gag! I hope not!!!

  • Athenais

    I hope it’s true, i dream they are together again ….

  • babyg

    *happy dance!*

  • HannahKay

    i hope it’s true!!! i love them so much

  • Daniel Tang

    Right. When were they ever “off”? I thought that was a rumor E! News started and their source was “sources” close to the couple.

  • Katarakta

    maybe he wantshis stuff back…theywillbe good friends, i’m sad that they break up…but its life,noone das that life can be easy

  • Loca

    I really hope so … <3

  • iris

    I hope they still are together. I can’t stand those stupid rumors for Zac starting a new relationship with someone else.
    I love ZANESSA <3

  • cequejaime8

    Their break was never confirmed. I know that you shouldn’t speak too fast but when I saw photos this morning, I was great happy ! That puts in a good mood for day !

  • BOJI

    I’m sticking to Friends with Benefits for now. He still has his key to her house and vice versa.

  • afan

    i hope so too………fingers crossed!

  • Ange

    The first question iswere the first rumors about the break-up true?? Maybe they have bene together all the time I mean what do er know?? Anyway I hope this show that they still are together but of course maybe they just are friends……..Ss long they are happy, it’s good!!!!;))

  • http://krazykikikiari Kiki

    I sure do hope so… I do hate celebrities break up and I was devastated with these two’s separation. *sigh*

  • stacie

    BOJI— yea because zac and vanessa don’t have more class than that to use each other as objects to fulfill sexual pleasure, in turn turning whatever relationship they have completely cheap and selfish! I am very surprised at you!

  • tina

    “Friends with benefits” means the girl has no pride and is willing to sleep with a guy with being in a relationship. Nothing about Vanessa suggests this is true. If my ‘friend” had been with as many different women as Zac has been reported to be with in the last two weeks (Rumor , Terry, and some random chick in NY) he wouldn’t be benefiting from me. The only statement made by their people was ‘not to believe the media’

  • moe

    OMG i really hope zanessa is back (if they actually broke up)!

    and please if you zanessa (or just zac or vanessa) haters why waste your time and post stupid comments? you have to be really unhappy or actually jealious!!!it’s just hilarious!

  • kyle

    This is good news- I’m happy to see that they are hanging-out again.

  • BOJI

    My terminology of Friends with Benefits is that they are “Friends” but they have have access to each others abode and there is nothing wrong with that. Where in the dictionary does it say that one of the friends of different sexes or both of them have to be in a relationship with someone else? It is how you perceive this terminology.They are very close friends, if that makes you feel better. Why does it have to be cheap? I’m just taking the mickey out of the tabloids, saying that they remain friends. Nothing has been confirmed in black and white.
    Quit preaching.
    Am still a fan, and by the way be dissappointed all you want. I’m no Mother Theresa.

  • Denise

    BACK TOGETHER?!… oh come on!.. THEY NEVER BROKE UP!!!!!!! ..

  • mike

    it wood be great to see them back together

  • blair

    Of course they are back together….after taking one look at Rumer Willis he went flying back to Vanessa!

  • Willy

    light up my day…