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Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Back On?

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Back On?

Are Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron rekindling their relationship after breaking up only a few weeks ago?

After Vanessa wrapped up her chiropractic appointment in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (January 4), former flame Zac was seen pulling into her driveway.

The pair announced their split late last year, just before Vanessa celebrated her 22nd birthday in Las Vegas.

WHAT DO YOU THINK – are they back together or just friends? Tell us!

Click inside to see Zac pulling up to Vanessa‘s house…

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255 Responses to “Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Back On?”

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  1. 26
    Soni Says:

    #10 Loveinlove:

    The link does not work.

  2. 27
    Flor Says:

    They never came out to say they had finished. Vanessa just said: “We’re fine. ” You can not take speculation that they are settled. And for me still together, until they do not say anything I do not think so. The press has lied much always, do not expect that we all:) bye

  3. 28
    Soni Says:

    #10 Liveinlove:

    The link does not work.!

  4. 29
    gracemarie Says:

    @emily h:

    My best friend doesnt have a key and garage opener to my house

  5. 30
    43 Says:

    they are both young. you cant expect them to be together forever. now is the time to date other people and figure out who they are

  6. 31
    Alicia Saechao Says:

    I want them back together!

  7. 32
    tscott Says:

    Zac is a jerk! The way he left her to deal with the press while he was hiding out, I was so disappointed in him. He is so obsessed with fame he is willing to do ANYTHING to get it. What he shared with Vanessa was real and true you could see it when they looked at each other. I don’t think he’ll find that again and the way he acted I would say he doesn’t deserve it! Hollywood is fake and few if any are true to anyone but themselves so I hope he enjoys that life!

  8. 33
    lei Says:

    pls Zanessa tell the truth i really want to move on if you don’t love each other anymore…

  9. 34
    peggy Says:


    Funny many say it was her who ended it. Some of you are so dumb you think being handsome makes a man ideal.

    And he flew all the way to Hawaii to see her maybe you should put your faith in just a picture

  10. 35
    Jenny Says:

    I miss Zanessa!!!!
    they r the best couple in the world:)))
    no matter what happened I will support u 2 4ever
    u 2 happy and i’ll be happy 4 ever 2 :p

  11. 36
    grace Says:

    maybe he came by to pick up his stuff and give hers back …. thoughts???!!!

  12. 37
    Jane Says:

    Who cares?

  13. 38
    mysteryperson Says:

    i doubt they broke up. all we see on magazines were all SOURCES REPORTED. not ZAC or VANESSA who announced it. zac cant make it to vanessa’s party might be a coincidence that happened at the wrong timing. maybe he had to continue filming.

  14. 39
    rh Says:

    yes yes yes!!!!!!back on.zanessa forever

  15. 40
    kelly Says:

    PR stunt. Couples break up all the time to get press coverage for the breakup and the makeup. typical.

  16. 41
    rh Says:

    hope they go to pca together

  17. 42
    ZanessaNY Says:

    OMG!!! Jared… is this true or just playing around with Zanessa Fans. I hope your not doing this just to make stories and make people come here or else they wont beleive you anymore.

    On the bright side… its good to know that they are back on..if its true coz this couple has been through a lot and they deserve to be together…gosh, I will be heartbroken again if this is not true but we have to be happy with them coz its their life not ours. We wanted them to be happy so no matter what happens we the FANS should be happy for them….

    ZANESSA will always be the best couple in hollywood.

  18. 43
    lei Says:

    i miss our old Zac!!!

  19. 44
    andrea Says:

    @liveinlove: the link doesn’t work

  20. 45
    Kyley Says:

    @tscott: First of all, when was Zac “hiding out”? He was in New Orleans filming, and the day he came back he was seen out. The only reason Vanessa had to “deal with the press” was because she happen to have a birthday party that included a red carpet a few days after the news broke about their split. And that is literally the only time Vanessa has said anything or had to “deal with the press” in regards to the break up. I don’t see where you’re getting that Zac is “obsessed with fame” considering that he tries to the avoid the paparazzi and being in the public eye whenever he can. When he’s not filming he seems to be trying to live as normal of a life as possible. Sometimes relationships end, regardless of how “true” or “real” it may be. That’s just life.

  21. 46
    Ashlee Says:

    “The pair announced their split.” When/where did “they” announce a split? I read lots of places that “according to sources” they had split. So are you saying ZV were that source? I’ve yet to read anywhere that Zac and Vanessa announced the split.

  22. 47
    Mac Says:

    Alright…I’ve said this on JJjr. and I might as well comment here as well…

    Frankly, his visit could mean anything. But the mere fact that he visited her house means that they are in good terms and are still talking. Whether they broke up in the first place and will eventually get back together or did not break up at all will remain a mystery to us. But I’ll take this as a good sign any other way. :-)

  23. 48
    Vanessa Hudgens's Biggest Fan Says:

    I don’t want to get my Hopes Up so I’m going to take this as a good sign Maybe they are trying to work things only time will tell.

  24. 49
    Ana Says:

    I hope not, he’s better of w/out her. He could do so much better and he’s a better actor than her.

  25. 50
    Novellin Says:

    IS IT REAL!!

    i hope yes!!
    come on zanessa you r the best couple on the world.!!!

    keep your relationship!!
    until you marry guys!!

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