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Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Back On?

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Back On?

Are Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron rekindling their relationship after breaking up only a few weeks ago?

After Vanessa wrapped up her chiropractic appointment in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (January 4), former flame Zac was seen pulling into her driveway.

The pair announced their split late last year, just before Vanessa celebrated her 22nd birthday in Las Vegas.

WHAT DO YOU THINK – are they back together or just friends? Tell us!

Click inside to see Zac pulling up to Vanessa‘s house…

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Credit: Ian Gavan, Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty, Fame Pictures
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  • go sox

    @BOJI: Boji, here in the states, “friends with benefits” specifically means friends who do hook up in THAT way. Just clarifying that. Still love ya!! :o)

    @tina: And I’ll agree with you, tina. First of all, I think Vanessa has more self-respect than that, and I believe Zac would be gentlemanly enough to not ask that of her, if indeed they broke up. Let’s remember why we were fans in the first place; we admired them for being DIFFERENT, and that included the enormous respect and admiration they had for each other. I don’t think that’s changed.

    As far as being seen pulling into her driveway, honestly, it could mean absolutely nothing. He could even have been asking her opinion on what he’s wearing tonight. LOL Let’s also keep in mind, we had no official confirmation of anything. The status of their relationship is between the two of them. I’m sure we will all see in time, what that is.


    Um, aren’t the People’s Choice Awards tonight? Yep. Aren’t both of them going to be there? Yep. Does this visit help generate interest? Yep. Is it a booty-call with an ex? Happens all the time.

  • Narmina

    I think,they are just friends,i hoped they will be together,but now i want see them staying on their own feet and making good relationships)I love both of them and to me Vanessa loved Zac more than he loved her) I wish them the best

  • http://twitter/dereon3 mira

    i will be like soooo happy if they get together.the perfect couple :))

  • whatwhat

    As Zac was driving right straight into Vanessa’s garage:

    Inside of you
    I could cross this desert plain
    Inside of you
    I can hear you scream my name
    Inside of you
    All the stars unfurled
    I’ve cross me heart
    Ive cross the world
    I need you here
    And I need to be
    Inside of you

    Ykno they did.

  • joy

    sorry, but i don’t get it…

  • whatwhat


    Watch this: Infant Sorrow song Inside of You


    @go sox: Oh pulease. A woman with self-respect doesn’t take nudie pictures of herself with a cell phone and have them spread all over the internet. I’m just short of twice her age and I haven’t done that!

  • whatwhat


    Yes cause you don’t need to see your body for your work. All actresses and actors in Hollywood do those nude pics and videos. Some like Vanessa are unfortunate to be laughing stocks of the world when all of Hollywood do take nude pics and videos. Why you think them actors going to the gym and work out don’t view their bodies in any way they can?

    Face it, accept it, that’s how Hollywood works.

  • BOJI

    GoSox, thank you for being so understanding. I have to say that we do not use the term where I’m at.
    Tina, I should also thank you for your explanation. I only came across this when I was watching Cougar Town. Of course, I know that Vanessa has more self respect than to do that. I was just referring to the Tabloids(Report).

  • ANNE.

    THEY NEVER BROKE UP!! when do u get it?

  • whatwhat

    Shhhh, shutup! Fangirlbitches needs the lie to sleep better without taking medications and dream that Zaccy boy robot is inside of them.

  • BOJI

    Wicked Wench, quit being such a prissy prude and enough already with your witch hunting.

  • BOJI

    You know WhatWhat, you make sense and I’m inclined to agree.

  • whatwhat


    Thank you. But at what exactly? Against witchy wenchie?

  • BOJI

    Hollyweird and just about everything else, ironic don’t you think, the poster referring to herself as Wicked Wench. Witchy Wenchie, hahaha, I like it.

  • whatwhat


    Well, wenchie’s a bit deluded about Hollywood being roses and sunshine. Wenchie forgot that rose stems have thorns and the sun could actually burn you to death.

  • BOJI

    Roses are Red, Violets are blue,
    Witchy Wenchie is deluded,
    HollyWeird too.

    Gawd, my rhyming’s so bad!! hahaha, Sounds like Wenchie here just came out of the nunnery.

  • whatwhat


    Nursery I think. Not the nunnery.

    Boji, I gotta go now, Ima go hunting.

    Hi ho! Hi ho! gonna find me some tasty tarts. (my attempt at doing Hollywood verses, lol)

  • http://@DemiJonasS2 cdc


  • Silvana

    No! I think she is better off without him !!!
    I wish to remain just friends. :)

  • cequejaime8

    They are so cute together thus I hope !!!

  • mhay

    according to the paps zac stayed 4 hours in van’s house.
    i wonder what happened inside.

  • tina

    So they stayed outside and watched for four hours? creepy

  • ????

    Back on again? …..They were never off……. Jared you need to stop running stories from “sources” and printing rumors. Professional “reps” would never go to a blog site moderator with any “personal” information about their client. It’s unprofessional and most likely cost them their job. Tabloids took this and ran with it, like the always do. Zanessa always proves them wrong at some point, and looks like they’ve done it again. Go Zanessa!

  • Sarah

    maybe he went to pick up stuff from her house??

  • Oille

    really? how can u get the data from the paps?
    i really hope that is true, i love them so much

  • pop86

    I hope they are still together

  • lauren

    some of you fan girls need to chill out,
    seriously why do you guys think that their getting back together? when its just him going to her house.
    maybe they hang out for a bit? or maybe there returning their crap? who knows.

  • celestine

    @lauren: Seriously if they wanted to return their stuff , they could have done it a while back! 4 hours just to return someone’s stuff back?! I know if I return someone stuff back it only takes 10 minutes tops! They never even broke up! The haters need to get it into their thick skulls that Zac’s publicist actually confirmed that they were taking a break and not breaking up! Those two are totally different!

  • The Truth

    If I can recall, in an interview a while back (maybe three years ago), I remember V mentioning that Zac likes his space sometimes. She also stated that she knows how to back off and give it to him. I don’t think this is uncommon in relationships. Sometimes two people can spend too much time together. I think the time apart will serve the both of them good. Sometimes you can be up under each other sooo much that you can literally get sick of each other. Maybe they are starting to miss each other and will start spending more time together while they can. Whatever the case may be, its a good sign that they are still on good terms. Depending on what happened, they can very well start being together again soon, if not already. Looks to me like they can’t stay away from each other for too long… Even when the space is warranted.

  • http://twitter annie

    they seemed so good,hope so its hard to find a good mate.they both r so likeable.

  • vanessa

    i think its hard t move on for both

  • Samm

    please be together! PLEASE BE TOGETHER! I don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t see some Zanessa cuteness soon! They are made for each other! COME ON!

  • amanda


    he had to give her her final paycheck for being his beard for 4 years…..

  • Karen

    Just some random stuff:

    1. Zac was in NO filming his movie when Vanessa was in Vegas having her birthday party. Vanessa even said she was lucky o have some time to be able to get her girlfriends together so they could have the “girls night out” type fun. SO, it would seem that she knew Zac would be working and took the time to make it fun with just her best girlfriends. The 18th was NOT Vanessa’s birthday anyway. That was on the 14th.

    2. Vanessa was NOT in NO on Zac’s birthday either this year. She was there the week before but was ALSO at work in Hawaii on his actual birthday.

    3. IF these pictures were actually from 12-31-10 it would put to rest many a rumor that has been swilling around about Zac. All the places he has been rumored to be—in T&C, SLO, NYC, even MIAMI—get crushed. It shows that people should NOT be so quick to jump on the “belief” bandwagon as soon as something is printed. Most of it is false and meant to cause “talk” and get hits.

    4. Some say the date is wrong and that it is definitely from yesterday. Either way, it is a good thing and proves so much of the gossip in the past couple weeks is lies.

    5. NOBODY in the know actually and undisputed confirmed any COMPLETE breakup. At BEST it was SUPPOSEDLY said they were “on a break” and even if you are one who wants to believe that means “breakup” the phrase still leaves it open to doubt or that something else was going on. Most couples who really BREAK it off completely make it known. And why would just ONE side of this duo make a statement and not the other? They are/were in it together. Just one doesn’t break up and the other one not.

    6. They may have been having any number of situations come into their lives at the time where they needed to have time apart. BUT there were many people who saw them together shopping in the mall before Christmas—just about 24 hours of Zac arriving back in LA which said they looked happy and very much as a couple. Then he left for SLO.

    7. And those people who want to claim all couples who stay friends after a breakup and hang out together are in most cases fooling themselves. Once you have had an intimate relationship for a long time you may very well want to split on good terms as it makes it easier and it helps one to “save face” BUT in all actuality it is very difficult to be with each other JUST AS FRIENDS too quickly as there is way too much water under the bridge for that. There are just too many emotions that have to heal or get used to the new situation. I mean, if you suddenly want something else or new in your life then you feel the need to be away from the source of your deepest emotions. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure that out—especially IF you have lived any length of time and had these relationship experiences. I have had bad breakups and I have had relatively mutual breakups and it still is uncomfortable to be around that person.

    Bottom line. IF this “break” had been in the most serious way—as some wanted to believe it was and reported accordingly—then we undoubtedly would have gotten that type word from their reps.

    Let’s not forget they are under an enormous amount of pressure in their careers right now and NOW is when they have been having to deal with it. So, it has taken some of their attention and time away from each other. Let’s give them a “break”. Let’s not believe EVERYTHING we hear or is written about them. We should have learned all that with this situation. Let them be normal people in the ways they can be normal.

  • Emma Efron

    I think Zac was just visiting (don’t get mad at me). After they broke up he went to her house & gave her a birthday present.

  • jazmin

    Its their life and both seem happy that’s all that counts. Friends or more than friends they dont need to explain anything to anybody.

  • Ashlee

    What are those poor, desperate, lonely Zikki fans going to do now? Crawl back into their dark holes? Boo Hoo.

  • siori1987

    4 YEARS of fu***ing the same girl…i think that’s enaugh !!

  • Vanessa Hudgens’s Biggest Fan

    @Emma Efron:

    Emma They Never Broke Up Get thought your Hand.

  • Vanessa Hudgens’s Biggest Fan


    HAHA Right on.

  • Zac Efron’s Biggest Fan

    @Emma Efron:

    Emma Zac was In New Orleans on Vanessa’s Birthday How do you know he want to her house He was Filming the Lucky One and Vanessa was in Hawaii filming So I don’t Understand how you know that.

  • J

    LOL! I think they are going to get back together. They just needed some time apart. It happens in pretty much all relationships.

  • lauren

    eugh people like boji and karen need to stop with the essays and get on with their own middle age life!

  • orionsbelt

    He’s gay..they were never on or off.

  • lauren

    @ lauren
    i know its very annoying to see how ppl can write a essay on this.

  • ivanka

    they were never off obviously

  • Allie

    Unortunately I don’t think Zac will make any comment at the PCA’s tonight to make it any clearer.

    And I agree with Karen. You can’t stay friends with an ex after a long relationship. Short one yes, where you were better off as friends. My ex and I tried to say friends after 6 years together, mostly because we had a lot of friends in common. And it just doesn’t work. However, Zac and Vanessa are in a situation that work will force them still to see each other at award shows, etc.

  • ewwwwwwwwww

    you need a new BEARD.