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Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Back On?

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Back On?

Are Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron rekindling their relationship after breaking up only a few weeks ago?

After Vanessa wrapped up her chiropractic appointment in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (January 4), former flame Zac was seen pulling into her driveway.

The pair announced their split late last year, just before Vanessa celebrated her 22nd birthday in Las Vegas.

WHAT DO YOU THINK – are they back together or just friends? Tell us!

Click inside to see Zac pulling up to Vanessa‘s house…

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Credit: Ian Gavan, Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty, Fame Pictures
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  • http://ksy_dashkevich Ksusha

    I hope that they still together)

  • ????

    Back on again? …..They were never off……. Jared you need to stop running stories from “sources” and printing rumors. Professional “reps” would never go to a blog site moderator with any “personal” information about their client. It’s unprofessional and most likely cost them their job. Tabloids took this and ran with it, like they always do. Zanessa always proves them wrong at some point, and looks like they’ve done it again.

  • maeli

    whatever they are i dont care as long as it makes V happy !!

  • Ashlee


    A bit of little girl jealously here? Or maybe you are too lazy to read anything over a 5 word sentence? You could have someone read those “essays” for you. Your mom or dad.

  • H8

    It was all a publicity stunt. They never broke up. It was a stunt because people were forgetting about these two. They are cute together, but was a boring couple. That ‘break-up’ story kept them relevant for awhile.

  • pita

    I just seen one pictures here,does Vanessa has a remote control to open the garage?I hope and pray that they still together.

  • lauren

    which lauren are you talking to?

  • lw


  • lauren

    Ashlee I am on here to observe the behaviour of people who have time to get involved with the life of celebrities(specificity zac efron) . I’ve been observing for a few months and I can see that people like you and boji and karen have personal issues that cause you guys to feel the need to constantly defend zac. Basically you live in your ‘zac’ world to get away from reality, and unlike most people you guys refuse to acknowledge this fact. We should talk, I can help you guys move on.

  • kate

    @Ashlee: obviously she can read silly comment, lauren why are you doing that arent you supoosed to have permission

  • rebecca

    hopefully crossing fingers they turn up to the people choice awards together..:D x

  • Ashlee


    Riiighhht. Honey, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. That’s about the lamest excuse I ever heard for being on a fan site. Why don’t you observe your own behavior and dense comments?

  • lauren

    Okay sweetheart, I know you feel threatened but its a psychological thing, if you don’t get it sorted you will have more problems even late in life. I study communication studies and I doing a report on mental health and the link between celebrity culture. I apologise for the way you are feeling and lashing out at me is the first step because soon you will re evaluate and come to an accurate understanding of your just what this is doing to your life.

  • negar

    just friend….that’s it……

  • negar

    just friends……that’s it…..

  • Sina

    sorry JJ but THEY actually NEVER confirmed their split. only zacs rep didconfirm a “break” not a break up, so yeah, neither zac nor vanessa ever announced anything..

    i’d love them to be back. zanessas love has to be back :)

  • Zagiuly


  • Reality

    More than likely he was picking up stuff from there, like any other relationship that ends. Just because he visited there does not mean they are jumping back together. And it is very common for people to grow apart or just loose interest. It’s sad when any relationship ends (famous or not) I wish both of them the best and hope that they can move on and remain friends.

  • mz.cuties

    omg i hope they r back together they r the cutest couple in hollywood

  • mz.cuties

    omg i hope they r back together they r the cutest couple in hollywood

  • Ellyne

    I don’t think they ever actually broke up, did THEY actually announce it? or was it a source? Cause everything I read was from a source close to them, but who knows. After 5 years, their probably just good friends, or, their back together. No on will know but the people close to them lol

  • Ellyne

    @Emily: Yea, I never really thought there were lol No real proof

  • Ellyne

    If their just friends, and actually DID break up, bet they still get it on.. hahahha I mean, if i dated Zac, and we were in love, and we broke up, I’d still be hitting that

  • go sox

    @Reality: If you REALLY want to be realistic, then after a REAL break-up, you would get your stuff out of the other’s house, when they are NOT home to be less painful. Vanessa had a full week home before Zac got home. That’s MORE than enough time to get her stuff from his house, and for her to clean out his stuff from her house.

  • truth teller

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! this can mean anything, they are probably just friends, now don’t get me twisted, i would love to see them get back together but if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be.

  • NavajoTaco

    Ooooooooo i sooooo hope sooo i miss them being together :O !!!!!

  • amelia25

    We must to wait, but Zac always thinks so much his decision, and i dont believe tehy can be together rigth now. Hope they can be together in a future.

  • BOJI

    @Lauren, hold your pipes! Now we’re trying to psycho-analyse, are we?! Well, boo hoo to you. I have alot going in my life but I happen to love this couple and Vanessa and Zac as individuals. This is my respite from the everyday life I lead. Besides, I don’t write essays as you can very well see. Dearie, I only write paras and precis.
    Look in the mirror and repeat after me,” I must practise what I preach or else Karma will kick my pretty little butt.” Amen.

  • Samii

    are zac and vanessa sitting together at the awards?

  • michelle

    @tscott: zac not a jerk. you don’t even know him. and how do you know that he left her. you clam you know everything but you know nothing

  • lauren

    Boji calm down the more you lash out at me, the more you believe its okay to continue your addiction. Dont worry it a very treatable issues, with counselling you can get to the root of your problems, be strong my friend! With my case study I not only see the issue but the cures are what finally set people free. Its never just a hobby when you feel involved in a celebrity’s life. I wish you success in coming to terms with this xxx

  • misstrindade

    @lauren: looool! you’re funny, you are talking like you are not here in every post commenting sh*t! you, my dear, are the one with the problem! and you say you are studying something pretty important,why dont you go do that,you know get a life,seeing that you are oh-so mature and doing grown up things! because you ;obssessiveness’ with zanessa comments are a really creepy! when you are a fan, you can understand!you have an adoration and its pretty normal to comment on their lifes… its the hollywood ideology! now talking trash just because you feel like! that,honey,is a problem

  • annie

    they’ve been together for four years, and that’s a lot if you think they’re still very young… probably they are having a hard time letting go after all they’ve been through…

  • Deb

    “He will turn up at the PCA with some new arm candy”

    Looks like you’re wrong again. He was there with Jason, his agent.

  • BOJI

    Yep, Lauren needs to go to Psycho School. She’s delusional like that character in the movie of the same name.

  • florence

    @Deb: But could’nt wait to have his photo done with Taylor Swift, maybe she will become his new girl after all there have been things wrote about them before, andf she is no longer with Jake, who persdonally I would take over Zac any day he’s what you call a man. And Taylor is now 21 so that will be the new news soon Zac and Taylor dating.

  • tscott

    Hate to say it but Zac looked and seemed weird at the pca tonight. What was with the WEIRD accent he spoke with when getting his award that is not how he normally talks. I missed Vanessa tonight and found Zac to be different to say the least. I hope the best for them both!

  • gia

    I to noticed the strange accent and thought he looked and acted weird and none of it was attractive. I hope he knows what he is doing. I also missed Vanessa I really wished she had been there. I loved Zac and Vanessa but I’m afraid that Zac’s need to be a BIG star is going to end up causing him trouble. It seems he’ll be or do anything to be like Leo or whoever and he is selling out what is real and true for a Hollywood dream that for the most part leaves its stars broken and lonely. I truly hope he finds his way and I wish he and Vanessa the best!

  • Karen


    As misstrindade said you are on EVERY thread and have been for as long as I can remember—not just the last couple months. You have always had some negative comment. Now you are trying to make it sound like you are studying some kind of communications, etc. Well, I can top you for all that kind of mumbo-jumbo. I may be middle age but I have lived a very full live and am still doing so. However, if you are so young and intelligent and go so much going for you then why would you be on a celebrity site like this being so interested in the likes of me and not being able to resist saying negative things about Zac and Vanessa or about me or my middle age friends? It seems to me that it is time that you get out and find a life. And for the negativity you display all the time it would seem to me that you are the one that needs help or certainly will be you re much older.

  • kiki Whitfield

    they were a cute couple and n love. whether they do get bac 2gether or not Zac is supa cute. he’s finally looking like a man! hot

  • lauren

    I can see that this is tough for you all but please acknowledge there is more than just one lauren in the world. I feel for all of you, one day you will learn to communicate outside this cyber world x

  • YOU

    You are all loser, get off your asses already and stop noseying around celeb lifes. The reason I’m on here is because i was accidently sent her with a link, then saw all your lame comments. Get off your fat asses :)

  • hallo

    Hope they will together agian bcos I like them when they are together.We would not know thier future only God know.

  • BOJI

    Lauren, pray tell me what are you doing here on this thread and every thread on Zac or Vanessa? On a crusade to purge us fans of Cyber demons, eh?! As I said, look in the mirror and repeat after me,” I shall not preach what I cannot practise myself. Say this at least a 100 times and perhaps you will be exorcised.

  • marby

    why is it that when its in the news that they’re not together, people are trying to get them back on, and when they’re on again, they try t break them apart? just let do whatever, its their lives nyways..

  • mykamicks

    Boji, its my first time i find you so funny by teaching that girl… I can repeat after you.hahaha! Just breaking some jokes here…

    The more I go through with the blasting comments coming from under 12, under 25 and nearest forty probably. lol! All I can say is to STOP. Im holding my breath stoofing down to some endless idiotic opinions except for the few of course.

    Haters would be haters for the rest of their lives. They may wanted to be unstoppable with their conclusive opinion (s) Its not easy for them to like or love somebody ( especially hollywood celebrities). So I guess, I just leave and let them live that way. Again, one of these days, they’ll get surprised of something from both Zac & Vanessa, same way they will find another loop wholes to atttack these two.

    Same here, I like Zac & Vanesa. . But above all I love both of them as individuals especially Vanessa. Whatever they are right now, its them who are still holding the keys towards their relationship.

  • joyfuljm

    they’re great couple! i’m happy if this article is truth!

  • zanny

    guys there are too laurens can u not tell by sentence structure and plain maturity!

  • henriette

    This will be deleted FAST… however… you have to be deaf, dumb and especially blind not to know you are being pranked. Gay + beard = publicity stunt.

  • BOJI

    Well, the Fan Lauren would know exactly who we are aiming at, the psycho Lauren, that’s who. If she were to take offence, then she should also realise that she has her alter ego( same name) to blame.

    We have had imposters in the past and we did know who they were not.