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Jennifer Aniston: People's Choice Awards Presenter!

Jennifer Aniston: People's Choice Awards Presenter!

Jennifer Aniston hits stage at the People’s Choice Awards 2011 on Wednesday (January 5) at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old actress wore Dolce & Gabbana and presented the award for favorite comedic star to her Just Go With It co-star Adam Sandler.

Adam joked about the black eye he was sporting, saying, “I wanted to see the Black Eyed Peas and the lady thought I said, ‘Black eye, please.’”

His rep later explained he got it while playing basketball.

FYI: Jennifer accessorized with vintage gold jewelry from Fred Leighton.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston at the People’s Choice Awards 2011…

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jennifer aniston pcas 02
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Credit: Kevin Winter, Jeff Kravitz; Photos: Getty, Film Magic
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  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    from shilou.. @ 01/06/2011 at 7:14 pm -6

    my mom needs to make another baby with my dad ,,,omg …and who is the blonde man??? he looks more beautiful than my dog Jaquac…

  • truth is

    Jennifer Aniston is a no-brainer one. How many times she has been presenting an award like this but she still cannot deliver it right. It just shows how dumb she is period. Like some of the actors who work with her, they said she is the one who always forgets her line that’s including Adam Sandler. Jen has a problem in delivering the line that she suppose to deliver.Maybe, this is the reason why she never work with the big names directors because those directors want an actors/actresses that can deliver their lines right away. Big names directors doesn’t want to hire an actor who had an acting coach in tow. Jen will always get stuck working with unknown directors. And speaking of

  • truth is

    And speaking of being independent, Jen is not. Jen will always be dependent on her PR Huvane either personal or work related issues.

  • the french guy

    Come on guys why be so nasty with a beautiful woman for 41 more and she was nominated and I think you have no reason to judge by his clothes Raport was because his pants as his legs and pretty high and pretty Sexy So before you judge please look in a mirror because my friends I think if you come across Jen someday you’ll definitely want to take a picture with her so think before you talk about a great woman and I know a lot about women I think half the people who write about Jen are dirt ugly.
    Jennifer and I forgot if by chance you read these awful comments that you said … how can I say? oh people just ugly, jealous of someone who has just successful in life!

  • http://none blondie

    Oh. Hey.
    Here is a song dedication, in honor of Jennifer
    who is, imo, behind the Adrien Brody plant and then deny gossip!

    “LIAR” Original 1970 version)
    by Three Dog Night

    The guitars will slay you!!!

  • GG on 1/17/11

    She ‘ll be a presenter at the Golden Globes I hear!

  • to marlene

    y ati que te importa …la skeletina va drogada a las premieres ,no???
    desde luego monta cada numerito ,no te creas tu que el pig esta asu lado por amor ,no,esta para sujetarla.

  • Fan

    black pants and black singlet combo, the white bolero cardingan must be in the bag – lol – try to get your own style instead being a copy cat –
    ellie and yep: awaiting for your rude replies -

  • yep

    @Fan: lol! not rude i leave that to you guys! hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  • yep

    i guess the old saying is true the best revenge is to live well. jennifer is doing great and i am so happy for her!

  • Fan

    Hi yep, thanks for the sooo prompt reply – i know you can deliver (just testing the water whether you are still up to the job)

    geee – dont think thought, its so easy being bait

    Still waiting for ellie

  • Fan

    bet has “reinvented” herself – i can only rely on you and ellie and “others”

  • iris

    Jen looks great!

  • thefrenchguys


    OMG you’re described yourself do not forsake your ugly on Jen and leave your comments in hand, we need not you think that you describe you will receive a prize People’s Choice award you make me the trouble of my dude

  • Dan

    I’ll marry her in a sec!

  • Clairedelune

    no comment on 41 years old trying so hard to keep a 27 years old body and face….more power to her…. but look at that chin, neck, nose… she is not aging gracefully. not sexy. she maybe should move to france (again, angelina is ahead of the curve becuz she is there already!!!!) to learn a thing or two with the French women. the way this lady is showing off says nothing but “I am insecure, I am uptight, I am no fun, I am shallow and I am one-dimensional” Guess what? SHE IS!!!!

  • gorgeous

    Clairedelune, you must be VERY VERY old and in need of glasses as anyone can clearly see Jennifer Aniston looks gorgeous!

  • anony

    very square,boxy curves at all except the thick thighs.

  • Betcha

    Was high as a kite bwahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaha

  • Yep

    I spend my days on the computer defending Jennifer Anuston on blogs because I’m a loser and have no social life.

  • Yep

    Haha, she looks like a little midget wrestler making his enterance to the stage!!

  • to yep

    tu te pasas el dia babeando con los brangelinos y sus churumbeles porque tu maravillosa vida debe de dar asco ,anda vete a barrerle la choza a tu familia…

  • to yep

    tu te pasas el dia babeando con los brangelinos y sus churumbeles porque tu maravillosa vida debe de dar asco ,anda vete a barrerle la choza a tu familia…

  • yep

    had to write a positive comment before my date! jen looking forward to date night with you and adam in february! hey who ever is using my name thanks more comments for jen! see you guys later! (you can tell by the style of writing – me positive!)

  • Fan

    So vain..

  • Stuck@20!!

    Hey Jenny your mouth seems sooo tired su*king all those di*ks and cu*ts in HWood while you did the PeoplesC(PAID)Choice Awards!!!

  • Sami

    @from shilou..:

    from shilou.. @ 01/06/2011 at 7:14 pm -10

    my mom needs rehab ,,,omg …and who is the blonde girl ??? she looks more beautiful than my mather…

    THIS, is PROOF that loonifers are so low, dispicable and disgusting and will stoop to ANY lows to attack Angelina and to keep the triangle going. Loonifers are disgusting scum who are RESPONSIBLE for Aniston being hated.
    What you need to realise, is that this uprising of Angelina fans is the RESULT of 6 SIX years of torment, harassment, and ugly abuse thrown at Brangelina from ANISTON fans, who now, can’t take their OWN medicine back. If your mob hadn’t started this vendetta against a woman who has done no harm to ANYONE, all on the basis of a trashloid created HOAX of an ‘affair’ that so many were fooled into believing actually happened and thus rushed, foaming at the mouths, to defend Aniston’s honour – Aniston would not be attacked now, in retaliation. After 6 (SIX) long years of seeing a good woman, who has never hurt a flea, attacked for NOTHING, for NO reason at all, and you WONDER WHY people are getting fed up, and FIGHTING *BACK*???
    If your side hadn’t blindly believed the HOAX, and slandered Angelina, her children, her mother, her family,wished her children died horrible deaths, AND tried to kill an unborn child; none of us would care one way or the other about Aniston. Some of us feel PASSIONATELY about INJUSTICE and seeing a good woman who has hurt nought a flea, defamed, attacked, witch-hunted and in one circumstance, her and her fetus PHYSICALLY ATTACKED. If ‘Team Aniston’ didn’t come into existence, there would be no insults heaped on Aniston. You can only kick the victim and the helpless for so long; before bystanders take a stand for goodness and decency and STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK. Aniston’s fans on here who attack Angelina and go into Angelina’s threads and attack her are only causing Aniston to be more disliked.

  • trinilady
  • hatefree

    This is a hateful society. I prefer Jennifer to Jolie but I don’t hate Jolie. I shouldn’t be insulted for making a positive comment about Jen. I speak from the heart when I say she is lovely to look at and there is something about her that I find very appealing.

  • yep

    @Sami: sad most likely a jolie fan writing to make more hate for jennifer – like you guys taking my name and making unkind remarks for the sake of it. anyway have a wonderful week! jen see you at the movies!

  • Ghost

    If anyone has ever read my posts against Jennifer, you can probably surmise that I don’t like her much. This post is about Angie and the deluded moron Sami who believes that Angie is truly a saint and that her poop doesn’t stink. If she is someone that you look-up to then you have some pretty low standards . Every child Phsyc. Dr. believes that she is a poor mother and role model to her children. Children need a schedule and routine, the same one every day in order for them to develop properly from birth to the age of 11. Thinking that her kids are children of the world(Her words not mine). is about as deluded as it gets. Most of all I’m sick of people writing on this blog that posing an opinion good or bad its wrong,or mean. BS… it’s fun. If your idols are reading this crap right now then maybe you should revaluate your choices in Movie Stars.

  • Ghost

    Oh Ya. back to Jen . The facts are she slept her way to the top in Hollywood, a fact that can’t be challenged . Another morally bankrupt person that people seem to mindlessly follow. Shits and giggles all round. TTFN.

  • jenifan

    jealously, is when a person is looking impecable, but anyway, someone finds a glitch to say she’s ugly. haha, fake tan? she lives in the beach! botox? these stupid person don’t know what’s is or what it does, Jennifer looks beautifull, whatever stupid haters say ‘-’

  • ellie’

    Always stunning Jennifer and always will be…

  • ellie’

    Always stunning Jennifer and always will be…

  • bern

    She looks like a man.

  • Courtney

    Most pathetic woman in show business

  • honey

    Why the insults? No need to hate. Love you Jen.

  • honey

    Why the insults? No need to hate. Love you Jen.

  • yep

    @Courtney: have a happy day.

  • BrooklynDekker

    ret@rded middle aged woman

  • yep

    beautiful! just beautiful!

  • brad pitt

    A middle aged loser

  • wanderlust

    This girl worked with Jennifer on Wanderlust and talks about her being super awesome on her twitter!!

    the next big star….

  • Fan

    Ellie’ and yep- no Jennifer the boss?, didnt get an invite or the boss turned it down lol

  • lucy

    You people are so mean! OMG! Old? Since when being FORTY MEANS YOU’RE OLD? I am absolutely sure she looks better than ANY of you here will look in our forties. I think shes gorgeous. And she IS talented, she was a really good Rachel, she just needs to start choosing some better roles. I never understood why people in JJ hate her so much.

  • Surgote Mother

    Jan will probably be a surograte mother like Nicole Kidman. I;m sure they talked about it while they fliming. John Mayer may be the father,

  • schoolmarm

    RE: Lucy @196

    Age 41 is definitely not old for most purposes. But it is well past
    the expiration date to appear in romcoms as a 25 to 35 year
    old woman.

    You think Jennifer should choose better roles. What evidence
    is there that any producer or director would offer her a better

  • Melissa

    Jennifer is as she always is absolutely gorgeous, I adore this woman.

  • carol

    Her hair length changes from week to the next. Conclusion : she wears a lot of hair extensions.