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Kate Gosselin: Brisbane Bikini Babe!

Kate Gosselin: Brisbane Bikini Babe!

Kate Gosselin relaxes in a bikini on a balcony with her children at their hotel on Wednesday (January 5) in Brisbane, Australia.

The Gosselin clan is in Australia where they are currently filming their reality show Kate Plus 8.

The day before, Kate and the family arrived at the airport down under en route to the hotel.

Kate‘s ex-husband Jon tried to block the kids from going on the trip, but because it is work-related, the judge allowed it to happen.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin in a bikini…

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kate gosselin bikini babe 01
kate gosselin bikini babe 02
kate gosselin bikini babe 03
kate gosselin bikini babe 04
kate gosselin bikini babe 05
kate gosselin bikini babe 06
kate gosselin bikini babe 07
kate gosselin bikini babe 08
kate gosselin bikini babe 09
kate gosselin bikini babe 10

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  • alex

    She looks awesome.

  • Taylor

    1. Get out of my country bitch
    2. Why is her belly button so high up?

  • emily

    i liked her so much in the early days of her show when she had her brunette pixie cut. it all went downhill when she went blonde.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    She want???
    Come on in my hotle 235

  • Lala

    I get that she’s put herself in the public eye… so pretty much all’s fair. But these pics kind of creep me out. You can tell the one taking the pics is just creeping over the banister. Eee….

  • Dickinson

    Does this woman ever seem happy around her kids? I know kids are overwhelming but damn!

    Look at the pics where she’s around the kids. She looks annoyed and seems like “I’m supposing to be tanning, not babysitting”. And look that pic where she has her shades on tanning with that smirk on her face thinking “I look great compared to my staff”. She has this intense narcisstic vibe which is repulsive.

  • lyn

    Seems like she could care less about those around her i.e her children. This is really for filming purposes, shouldn’t they be in school. I wish she would just go away.

  • bleepbleep

    1. The second pic of her extra flabby stomach skin is gross… nevertheless
    2. She obviously had a boobjob despite her claim otherwise

  • Brightside

    She looked reasonably OK until she made the fatal mistake of standing up.
    Gravity is NOT your friend…Ms Gosselin!!!

    No, it is most definitely not!!!

  • Dani


    I would like to see your stomach when you give birth to sixtuples….

  • Speak Now

    Stop posting pictures of her, you support child exploitation if you do post pictures of her. :|

  • jj1234

    on DWTS she wasn’t in the best of shape but she looks pretty good in these pics

  • Speak Now

    Stop posting pictures of her, you support child exploitation if you do post pictures of her. :|@Dani:

    Please do not defend anything about her. She is an evil, ugly person inside and out.

  • nfhdfj

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  • Seth

    She looks amazing!!! WOW!

    Glad they are enjoying their trip, how nice.

  • karen

    Sad that she’s a fixture on celebrity site, because she is far from a celebrity – purely doing everythig for publicity. It’s also sad that she always seems “bothered” by her children. She never has a smile or looks happy, but then again, neither do her kids.

  • Lily

    The haters are so jealous of Kate.

  • karen

    Sad that she’s a fixture on celebrity site, because she is far from a celebrity – purely doing everything for publicity. It’s also sad that she always seems “bothered” by her children. She never has a smile or looks happy, but then again, neither do her kids.

  • Chloe

    She’s in my hometown and its been overcast and pouring with rain for the last few hours……she’s lying by the pool..really ?

  • XYZ

    She’s a disgrace and a shame. I pity her kids… They are traumatised for life.

  • Amazed

    Shouldn’t the kids be in school???
    And wow Kate’s plastic surgeon did a good job

  • jade

    fame whore.

  • Lucy

    I bet you her little kiwi Lover Steve is taking the pictures!!! Get over yourself Kate.

  • Annie

    Sorry Kate we do not want you in Australia. Maybe try somewhere a little further south – like the South Pole.

  • james

    She’s awesome looking.

  • jesse

    Why aren’t the kids in school?!?!?!

  • Chrystal

    @jesse:Because they have to work to earn Kate a living as their childhoods mean nothing to her. They are there for her convenience. What is best for them doesn’t matter in the least to their mother. Maybe if they all get expelled, she won’t have to worry about that pesky school schedule to get in the way of them being constantly filmed and exploited.

  • mee

    Tell me why we care about her? She needs to go away!!!!! I don’t care about her and her life at all!!

  • SkeevySteve


    I’d bet it’s her ahem, bodyguard Steve taking the photos, ain’t that right JJ?

  • SkeevySteve

    You need to ask the judge in Berks County PA who allowed this trip that question. Clearly watching mom sun her leathery skin with her lover taking photos is more important than being in school.

  • Britt

    I don’t know why she won’t admit to having a boob job. It’s like Octomom claiming she didn’t have any plastic surgery….

  • TRP

    I hate the mother she has become. Hollywood has definitely gotten to her head. She continues to expose her children for money, it’s a shame. I liked her better when she still wore those ugly sweaters, and had hanging skin from birth.

  • vool



  • kizbit

    Wow. Those boobs are fantastic. No way did she have 8 kids and come out with those boobs! Just admit it, Kate. And tell us the name of your surgeon!

  • Kayla

    Nasty piece of work – go away, kids. Mommy needs her sun time. You’re here to work, mommy is here with her boyfriend to get some sun and to relax.

  • KC

    Her body is odd. She’s no Giselle that’s for sure! Cover it up…yikes.

  • sullivan

    Jennifer Aniston should befriend Kate. They have so much in commmon. They both love to bake in the sun in tiny bikinis – provided there are cameras around. They both love to blame anybody but themselves for their problems. They both seem to hate children.

  • darla

    Whenever I see this tweet. It makes me puke how she pimps her children so she can have a good life. She has no excuse for all the wrong thing that happen to her. Her ambitious lifestyle will destroy her children and she has no one but herself and TLC to blame with. This Christmas NBC
    made a Documentary about the 13th birthday of the famous septuplet of Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey and how they’ve grown it made me realized that they are no difference from this bitch’s situation when it comes to the number of children they have. in fact Bobbi’s situation is more difficult because two of her septuplet has health problems. But the difference didn’t end there. Bobbi and Kenny are sane , mature individuals who put their children first before fame and money. Bobbie maintain her dignity and grace despite the hurdles she succumb. its hard to believe that she raised her 8 children on 300 dollars a month on cheap food but they manage to grow p healthy, strong and level headed individuals to compare with Kate Gosselin expensive organic food feed children. who are now exhibiting from emotional and behavioural problems. Someday she will have her comeuppance and its not gonna be pretty.

  • laverdadduele

    Repulsive POS.

  • dawne

    TART. A real mother figure………hangin’ half n*ude in a bikini, annoyed by her kids looking for a real mother, bleached blonde extensions…..spends her free time jogging and working out so maybe some producer will spot her and take her to HW.

    That’s what this is really all about……….she even admitted in an interview that she would ‘like to act.’ ……….FAMEH******** OF ALL FAMEH*****S. Seriously she even makes J. Aniston look secure and talented and that is a mouthful! I have posted on JJ’s repeatedly over the past year that the two of them should be besties. They are narcissistic twins. A match made in tabloid heaven.

    I am beginning to boycott TLC who continues to promote this bish. Must be who she knows or who she blows, cuz I cannot figure out, with plunging ratings, why they continue to flog this half baked bish.

  • Sandy

    @Lily: Sorry as hot as you are for Kate; she is not gay.

  • Lucy

    @darla: excellent post!!!! I watched the show too and I agree those parents are amazing. Its called sacrifices people. I am a pet-sitter and I can tell you that the customers that have lots of money have the shabbiest looking pets. They come here with their designer clothes, jewellery and fancy cars. There dogs look homeless. I always give the dogs back bathed, brushed and if hair is covering their eyes (some cannot even see) I trim it free of charge. I do it because I love animals. There are alot of people in the world like Kate that are so into themselves they can’t make sacrifices. There pets and children are more like objects to them. When children see parents make sacrifices they realize how much their parents love them. Your children grow up being selfless instead of selfish. Kate should never have had children. She doesn’t derserve them.

  • Janey

    She looks fantastic! Kids are cute!

  • Sheila


  • Moira

    She looks amazing. Some jealous woman on here, apparently.

    Oh and the kids are completely adorable too. Thanks for the pics.

  • Janey


    Well, gee, how do you explain that? Hmm…maybe they were by the pool BEFORE it was raining! LOL

  • Jennifer


    Dickinson, PA ROCKS!

  • Ryan

    Kate Gosselin has a rockin bikini bod! For having 8 children she is hot! If only more women would take care of themselves after having children.

  • Laney

    There are a lot of jealous women leaving some distasteful and obvious jealous remarks.

    Get over it, go workout and you too can be in great shape and relieve some of that Mommy stress.

  • mary


    I couldn’t agree more.. she never looks happy around her kids ( well accept when filming) and the kids never ever look happy with her …
    pictures don’t lie !!!!