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Katie Holmes: Suri's Got an Eye for Fashion

Katie Holmes: Suri's Got an Eye for Fashion

Katie Holmes strikes a pose in a top from her Holmes & Yang line and Hermes pants on the cover of Elle‘s February issue, on newsstands January 17.

Here’s what the 32-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On filming The Kennedys: “I worked as hard as I could, because I loved [Jackie Kennedy]. On set there was this feeling that we had to create something very special, because these people were very special.”

On admiring Jackie’s strength: “I didn’t realize that she had lost a child in August and then [Jack] was assassinated in November. I couldn’t believe it. She had so much strength….I loved her love of family, how important it was for her to be a good mother.”

On Suri‘s shopping style: “The other day we came out of a store, and she said, ‘I want to go there,’ pointing at another store quite a distance away. In that store was the dress that she wanted. I said, ‘Wow, Suri. You’re something. You picked that out from a football field away.’”

On getting fashion advice from Suri: “She’ll really tell me [what she thinks]. Like today I’m wearing brown suede pants, and she said, ‘I don’t like your pants.’ But then she’ll say, ‘You’ve got to wear these shoes.’ Or ‘That’s so pretty, Mom. Wear that.’ She’s got a great eye.”

On not letting the attention from the paparazzi get to her: “I don’t worry so much. It is what it is, and it’s fine. I’ll go somewhere because I need to get something done.”

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  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks great!

  • Kayla

    1. incredibly photoshopped because her body is nowhere that good and 2. she has got to stop talking about how fashionable that child is. It’s just pathetic and wrong. She needs some adult friends and something to talk about besides the fashion sense of a 4 year old. Must be nice to have someone constantly buy you magazine covers because you certainly don’t merit them on your own.

  • debbie

    Katie looks very natural & beautiful!

  • Jess

    Someone needs to knock her in her freakin head.

  • kookoo

    The things she says are soooo ridiculous it hurts. She doesn’t even realize, she is on another planet now.

  • Jokergurl

    All her interviews sound the same. There’s no twinkle in her eye anymore :( She just looks blank.

  • wow

    And what exactly is she on the cover of a magazine to promote? Her family and a tv series that won’t be released for another few months?

  • Kirsten

    I don’t even know where to start in this interview. Suri demanding dresses and giving her mom fashion device? smh

  • runnergirl

    She acts as if Suri is the only girl to ever have an interest in clothes! My daughter loved it too but I didn’t take her advice at age 4. Poor Katie- she must be lonely. But she looks great. I wonder if Suri picked out her clothes for the shoot! Tom Ford mommy!

  • Kate

    It explains a lot that she’s getting fashion advice from a 4 year old who appears to be feral. It explains her utter lack of fashion sense.

  • missy

    All photo shoots are photoshopped, but this one actually looks more natural than a lot of magazine covers. At least she looks like herself.
    RE: katie not deserving the cover…..Um if people like Kim Kardashian can land major fashion mag covers, I can’t believe people are complaining about Katie Holmes. At least she’s a working actress, who is portraying an icon.

  • M-

    when are magazines going to quit with so much Photoshop…she looks nothing like this and she is basically an idiot…but hey she gets to spend Tom’s millions…I would like to spend Tom’s millions…

  • Louisa

    So, last winter, she ‘needed’ to stop her car blocks from her destination in an NYC street and walk through the snow and ice with Suri to get to where she had to go, all the while being photographed by paparazzi who just ‘happened’ to be there waiting for her? What utter crap!

    The continual comment about Suri being such a fashionista is pathetic. Get a new tag line Katie, that is old and sad. Tiny is obviously continuing to buy her parts and magazine articles to fulfill his part of the contract. I’m sure he’ll be glad when he can finally kick this no-talent to the curb.

    Does this idiot have any idea how ridiculous she sounds?

  • Cheery

    Poor vapid, dead-eyed, soulless woman. Hope it was all worth it.

  • LJ

    I’m normally the first to defend this women but even I’m getting fed up of reading the same interview over and over again. We already knew Suri likes fashion and picks out her mums clothes. How many times do we need to read about it?

  • Annie

    The Suri has an eye for fashion talk is kind of annoying. She’s just a kid – she’ll have plenty of time to behave like an adult when she grows up.

    But I do respect Katie not complaining about the paparazzi and accepting them as part of the game, so to say.

  • fortunately

    You can tell Suri didn’t pick the outfit on that cover coz it actually suits her body shape: focuses on her slim upper body, narrow waist and hips, hides her stumpy legs. Take a hint sweetheart!

  • candy

    Am I the only one who sees her as the pathetic one instead of Tom?
    I mean she is always fussing about how “stylish” Suri is.. really? You have nothing else to say about your daughter?…
    She is so blaaaaaah.. Her acting and.. all is plain bad.

  • Haters here they go..

    Boy is she beautiful!! The haters on here started already! she’s not a bag of bones either like Angie!
    So what;’s wrong with Suri being a little fashion plate? Is is better she would be encouraged to be a BOY with ALL boys clothes down to shoes and swim wear? I’ll take Suri and Katie ANYDAY!
    You are all so jealous that this family is happy, georgeous and MARRIED.
    She’s stunning made up as she is here. What a beauty……….. haters be damned.

  • *~*+*~*

    Jared, do you realize that you are supporting Scientology with this crap?

  • Katie is OK!


    really? really? Like angelina’s acting in that Tourist where Americans didnt go see her? LOL
    Katie is the ‘girl next door”.. Angie is the woman in the Gothic Castle in France, some prefer normal to kings and queens. lol

  • All american gal


    Idiot, she’s all made up! She’s plain with no makeup and beautiful with makeup, like many. Ohh, she’s not “perfect” as your Godess huh?
    You have so much hate for her, what did she do to you?
    Sorry, we can’t all be in love and obsessed with Pitt/Jolies as most here. I’ll take katie/tom anyday! at they don’t ‘prefer abroad” to the USA either.
    Katie is a beautiful woman, end of story! “photoshopped” what Morons!!!

  • Sarah

    The stuff she says about Suri is absolutely ridiculous – I know every parent thinks their kid is amazing, but a 4 yr old with an eye for fashion? Please! And she’s been saying that about her since she was two! She’s just a little girl, like every other little girl and she’ll end up a much more down to earth and well rounded teenager is they stop worshipping her and just treat her like a normal child.

  • bubbaness

    Last time I checked, children didn’t need to approve of anything their parents do, much less give them a wardrobe check. All you’re doing is creating a child with way too much opinion on things that don’t concern her.

  • Delphic

    “…how important it was for her to be a good mother.”

    Sounds like something crazy Tom Cruise forced her to say.

  • ck

    Suri will need a ka-trillion dollars worth of therapy when she goes out into the real world in 15 years and nobody will put up with her crap like her nutjob parents.


    To # 19, 21, 22 (all the same scum), people who just don’t like Katie are not Jolie-Pitt fans. Just look on some other actresses threads, they are not all despised as is Katie Holmes. Most negative comments on successful actresses as Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz, Rachel Mcadams, etc get thumbs down and positive comments thumbs up. It’s just that Katie is despised by people in general, not by the J-P fans in particular. You’re delusional to think the comments here on Katie’s threads are all made by fans of the Jolie-Pitt. And you are the jealous one.

  • Marta

    most ridiculous cover ever

  • Go Ask Alice

    On Suri’s shopping style: “The other day we came out of a store, and she said, ‘I want to go there,’ pointing at another store quite a distance away. In that store was the dress that she wanted. I said, ‘Wow, Suri. You’re something. You picked that out from a football field away.’”

    On getting fashion advice from Suri: “She’ll really tell me [what she thinks]. Like today I’m wearing brown suede pants, and she said, ‘I don’t like your pants.’ But then she’ll say, ‘You’ve got to wear these shoes.’ Or ‘That’s so pretty, Mom. Wear that.’ She’s got a great eye.”

    Read more:

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

    Did Iread thiscorecclty.

    Oh as Jess and all of you said,it is so ridiculos,your head hurts!!

  • To Katie

    Katie is OK! @ 01/05/2011 at 7:04 pm

    FYI – TT was not made just for Americans to see. You don’t really believe the studios exec. only care about tickets sales in America only, do you? They care about the final global numbers. So far, TT has made 120 mil and it got back to top 10 in the U.S. BO. It hasn’t open yet in many other markets.

    Yeah, Katie is the girl next door for T.V. When was her last successful movie. Batman Begins where she played a supporting actress. Michelle Williams is more talented & successful than this girl next door. This woman is a Stepford wife to tiny Tom.

  • LALA

    Her top looks slim from the angle, but the bottom is definitely photoshopped…Katie has always been a bit bigger on the bottom (I don’t like Katie, but I’m not criticizing her body shape…it’s just a fact).

  • Kate

    They couldn’t have photoshopped away that stupid smirk?

  • pr person

    UGH!!! Blah…blah…blah…. rehash of Suri’s style (who cares?)….. blah…blah… blah… another rehash of Suri picking out her shoes (she obviously didn’t get how “lame” that sounded the first time)… blah…blah… blah… blah…

    So sick and tired of her and her freak of a husband.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Sick woman on cover ??why ?

  • zzzz

    I find it hard to believe she even has conversations with Suri, who always looks so detached and “lost”-it seems like they never look at each other smile at each other, etc. Very strange.

  • Rosie

    She takes and follows fashion advice from her 4 year old daughter? WTH? Time to return to the nutty farm and join your equally demented hubby!

  • zzzz

    #19,21,22: what exactly does Angelina Jolie have to do with this cover and interview w/Katie? Your remarks are very strange.

  • zzzz

    #19,21,22: what exactly does Angelina Jolie have to do with this cover and interview w/Katie? Your remarks are very strange.

  • Lucy

    zzzz, you nailed it! I totally agree. I fail to believe that the child speaks in sentences.

  • Eresyn

    NO WAY that’s her real body!!!! why they are giving her an interview????she sounds like she’s been lobotomized…it’s so sad…

  • Gab

    Can people please stop photoshopping them to be stick thin on the cover? She looks like she has the torso of a 10 year old boy.

  • People’s Choice: Katie Holmes!

    That is what Teenie Weenie will buy for her next!

  • to Gab

    But Gab, they HAVE to photoshop if it’s Katie on the cover-Elle may be bought by Tom, but they still, sort of, care about their image!

  • jolly folly

    Sounds like a brainless twit. Nothing she says in Elle would convince me to buy her uninspired Holmes-Yang line. Saw it at Barneys and it is a bunch of overpriced boring pieces that Town and Country or Pendleton does just as well or better for a fraction of the price.

  • …and Tom said,

    “I don’t care if it’s only a part in a TV movie, I want her on the COVER, dammit! I want her smiling, wearing a top from her fashion line…I don’t CARE if it looks like a leotard-do what you have to, put it with Hermes pants or something, just MAKE HER LOOK GOOD, and happy, really happy, and say something about ME on the cover while you’re at it….Oh yeah, if you don’t do it my way I’ll buy your stupid company and fire you all!”

  • LALA

    @People’s Choice: Katie Holmes!:
    Tom will have to buy Katie one of those awards – Suri’s real Daddy’s show (FRINGE) won a People’s Choice Award tonight!!!! Love you Josh!!!

  • Romeo

    You’re not promoting any creed by simply featuring a member of a certain religion, #21. It’s completely irrelevant.

    So it’s crazy to say that it’s important being a good mother, #25.

    It’s a TV miniseries actually and a very big role, #45.



  • annie

    I’ve always loved Katies photoshoots, she’s stunning. The thing with Katie, as is with Jen Garner, they are comfortable enough with themselves to go out in pubic with no makeup, hair just pulled back, doing errands. I’m not saying I agree, but they are just like you and me , a little make up and styled hair does wonders—–for everyone.
    I love the pic of her in the black dress, and her longer hair is just beautiful.
    A few years back she was voted as having the best hair in Hollywood, and it seems to be her own, not extensions.
    As for Suri, and fashion, Katie just answers questions that are put to her.
    I’m sorry for her , that Scientology clouds everyones thinking all the time, she deserves more, but thats the way it goes I guess.
    I would love to see her, in a dark seductive type role, she ‘d put any other actress to shame. It’s sad that Katie Holmes, has gotten lost , along the way and people concentrate on other aspects of her life.
    She’s still Katie, and she’s still gorgeous, and I love how she does television, movies and theatre. Hope to see more mag covers and interviews, she’s stunning!

  • annie

    Also loved the rest of the interview, that her husband and daughter accompanied her to the shoot, and Tom and Suri were playing tag. That Tom Ford popped in to say hello, as he was in the next studio, and Katie wound up wearing his black dress.
    There is more to the interview than just Suri’s fashion.