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Natalie Portman: Airport Baby Bump!

Natalie Portman: Airport Baby Bump!

A pregnant Natalie Portman makes her way through LAX airport on Tuesday (January 4) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old Black Swan actress carried her beloved dog, Whiz, with her as she made her way through the terminal.

PICS: Natalie Portman Covers Entertainment Weekly’s Oscar Race Issue

Nat announced her engagement to beau Benjamin Millepied and her pregnancy late last year.

So excited for Nat and Benjamin!

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  • Wendy

    I’m really happy for her. They seem like a good couple. (And it’s absolutely adorable that she brings her little dog with her everywhere, lol.)

  • Sabrina

    I like Natalie. Besides being beautiful she is very talented

  • Cheery

    Dumb, dumb, dumb. That guy is straight up using her. Will they be together in 5 years or even 3? Doubtful :(

  • DreamAngel

    Adorable as usual and love Whiz..

  • Emma

    Congrats to Natalie and Benjamin. May they have a healthy baby!

  • Mel Gibson

    aw, 2×1 Oven dodgers…

  • Beth

    oh come a ballet instructer (or dance?)
    LMAO, he’s thinking of those young boys in tights.

    I never cared for Portman as an actor. sorry.
    Pretty? more like dirty looking & sloppy, unless they
    prop her for the red carpets.

  • cathychatty

    What a cute dog!!!! What a funny and cute name!!

  • Dexter


  • Alias

    Obviously her previous statement about never getting married, didn’t include her getting knocked up! Pathetic!! and Hypocritical!! What else is new!

  • to beth

    jealous are you? let’s see, Natalie is only on step away from winning the oscar for best actress. with the win, she will have her choice of projects. she also has a profitable career, lots of money, access to the power brokers and a man who loves her. tell me, beth, what exactly do you have?

  • sea

    JJ, “baby bump” is a strong word :)
    Lovely girl!

  • Courtney

    it’s her first pregnancy so it’s going to show later even though she’s only 5’3″ and there hasn’t been complications either. besides before she wins the oscar if she’s even nominated she has to win the Golden Globe The New York City Film Critics Award and The Kansas City film critics award and even if she wins all three it still doesn’t mean she’ll win the Oscar for example Joanne Woodward won all three of those for Rachel Rachel in 1969 but lost the oscar to one of her idols Katherine Hepburn and a dear friend Barbara Streisand

  • Nic

    Seriously baby bump? Lmao!

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Ooh no go away

  • Frommage

    Natalie is in LA to attend the People’s Choice Awards tonight!

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    she like small bad i wana give cleaning tools for her ,,cute dog

  • DreamAngel


    What’s exactly your real issue b/c as everyone knows ppl can and will change there minds. She made that statement 5 years ago and really she wasn’t dating anyone serious at the time. Now things are different, she is different more mature and is ready to settle down. She is happy and so is her fans. She is private unlike the ppl you must adore who press out there life 24/7 who need the media as their life support system in order to remain famous Natalie needs none of that.

  • naydena

    Love Natalie and hope that she has a healthy baby. But it’s just a damn shame that she got knocked up by ballerina Ben instead of hot hunky Hayden. HC and Nat would have made a gorgeous baby together. :D


    @to beth: Well, Beth has already acheived 2-3 hateful comments under different names on this thread, and she is probably the lgreatest scum, the lowest of the low, on this site. So that’s quite an acheivement!

  • the truth

    @Emma: Yes congrats to her only. The she’s with is a loser. He did have the to come with her and carry her bags for her. Don’t think she is going to marry him anyway. what man don’t help his girlfriend out? she soon will be rid are home soon. hope so) He did only carried about the attention he was getting from her that’s all. Still a talented and pretty girl to me. Still she don’t beg no ma to be with her. Hope se win a golden goble award or oscar. love her still.


    I hope is a girl.
    Do you remember that she signed the pro-Polanski (pedophile) Petition?


    Simy A. is a repressed lesbian lying to her family. :)

  • Alias

    @#18 – the article is dated Feb 2008, by my math and obviously math wasn’t one of your strongest subjects, that’s just a couple of yrs ago. Natalie should’ve just kept her mouth shut at the time, she can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.

  • Alias

    I meant 3 yrs ago LMFAO , maybe math wasn’t my best subject either, but you get my point, it wasn’t that long ago

  • @alias

    Either way if it 3 or 53 years ago the idea here is that Natalie is allowed to change her mind. I’m sure you do all the time there is circumstances that do make ppl change options. Guess that wasn’t one of your strong suits either. I don’t hold her to it as I don’t hold to many things actors say I can give you a list of actors who make up stories for the press or just flat out lie. I don’t hold natalie to something she said at 25 or 26.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Poor Natalie. Now that she announced her pregnancy and wedding the press are going to stalk her!
    Hopefully she’s going to rest up for the Oscars!

  • boston61

    That guy Benjamin is totally USING her.

  • mattchew


    That is a myth. She did not sign that petition.

  • mattchew

    I could be wrong, but Im pretty sure her dogs real name is Charlie. The name Whiz was part of a comedy skit she did a couple of years ago.

  • Carmen

    Wasn’t she suuuper smart?
    Well, she got knoked up by a choreagrapher/dancer. Sounds like Britney Spears story to me, haha, I never thought I will compare them.
    And, how classy is a shotgun wedding?

  • Jime

    natalie is gorgeous! she’s like a little doll.
    One of the prettiest faces in HW :)

  • kiki Whitfield

    She’s such a beautiful and talented young woman. I hope she gets the Oscar this time. The golden globe 2! Black Swan was just fantastic!

    I hope everything works out with her and Ben. I think she’s gonna make a great mom! I’m rooting 4 u Nat!

  • Alias

    @26 – and I guess reading isn’t one of yours, like I said, only AFTER she got knocked up, she becomes all of a sudden a believer in marriage and a license. I guess she should have mentioned that when you made those comments in 2008!