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Kate Gosselin: Zoo Family Fun!

Kate Gosselin: Zoo Family Fun!

Kate Gosselin holds onto her adorable daughter Alexis while enjoying a day at the Australia Zoo with her eight kids on Thursday (January 6) in Brisbane, Australia.

The 35-year-old reality TV mom filmed an episode of Kate Plus 8 and watched Terri Irwin and her children, Bindi and Robert, perform a show in the zoo’s “Crocoseum.”

The day before, Kate showed off her bikini bod in a white two-piece, while lounging poolside at her hotel with the kids.

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  • jaye

    What a happy bunch of kids. NOT!

  • someone

    They all look miserable in that picture!

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    She have more kids

  • DL

    Zoo family fun??? I don’t see it!

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Where other kids

  • Sam

    Wow, I agree with the two comments above. All 8 children and their darling mother look so happy! What a sad shame this is. And of course she is holding Alexis (the one with behaviour problems!!), she is always holding her and she is always sitting with her daugters. The one picture with her hand on the little boy’s arm makes me want to slap her hand off of him! I have never liked this dominating, controlling, unfair woman.

  • sharylmj

    poor kids… fame whore mother.. NO ONE LOOKS HAPPY….

  • KC

    I agree with the majority of the posters here today. What a miserable looking bunch! Maybe the children are just exhausted from all of the traveling but they actually appear to be depressed.

  • Frida

    Yea, they sure look like they’re having fun… not.

  • Paula

    I also agree with the majority here…not too many happy faces:( Kate is probably in withdrawal of manicure or something…then again, the body guard is there for “moral” support:) Wonder why TLC is holding on to this show…why not allow Kate plus 8 to die of a dignified death instead of this slow and painful agony…

  • *~*+*~*

    octomom is prettier. she looks like Angelina Jolie

  • tom

    I liked kate, i thought she was a good mom. i haven’t liked her much since she started going overboard of the publicity things, trying to raise attention for her new show (which i wont be watching). But i’m hoping for the best for them, i’m hoping kate’s still being a good mom, and isn’t letting fame make her a bad mother, and i hope the kids are doing well. her kids are sweet kids.

  • marie

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who notices not ONE person, adult or child, in these photos is having a good time. Not ONE smile, not ONE acknowledgment that something fun is going on. This mother is probably the most controlling, self-serving person we have come across in a long time. When will child welfare agencies (PA?) or TLC finally pull the plug on the filming of these children? Two of them already are expelled from kindergarten, wasn’t that enough proof that they are in need of intervention? Now, the mother takes them all out of school (against the father’s wishes) and flies them more than halfway around the world for weeks. Notice how the kids aren’t even interacting with each other. Plenty of “tell all” books will be hitting the stands in about 10 years. Plenty of rehab stories. Hey, Kate… ever hear of Lyle & Eric Menendez?

  • Stephanie

    The children look miserable. I guess they haven’t called the take yet. They are not on a fun family trip. They are working. They are being filmed every time they have an experience that the rest of us do in private. They are being forced to work through their formative years. Anyone who thinks that they are not working is extremely naive. They have to do things over to get it right for the show. If they are tired or hungry etc, their needs are ignored for the filming to continue. It is not even done out of cruelty, but because there are time constraints. If their mother does not care about them having some privacy and dignity in their lives is there no one who is willing to speak up for them? I understand that their father has tried lately but I still feel so badly for all 8 of these.children. I wonder what they will be like when they are older? If they are getting expelled at 6, the future does not look particularly good for them.

  • laverdadduele

    Family Fun???? Are you on crack, Jared? The poor kids look miserable and depressed. But how could they not? They have the biggest famew_hore POS as a mother. I tell you, these kids are going to be screw-ups when they grow up, just what this country needs.

  • tlc blows

    can’t wait to see the episode where Kate visits the brats in reform school

  • Moira

    Cute picture of Lex and Kate.

    To the negative nellies, you have no idea if the show has started yet or what context the pictures were taken. If you are always looking for the negative in life, you will surely find it.

  • Kelly

    I pray Kate falls in the lion enclosure, gets chewed up and I’m sure, spit out, as she is foul tasting spoiled meat.

  • lea

    the woman they call mom is insane with power
    she treats us like crap

  • jasmine

    they look miserable, hope that judge is happy! and getting well paid by TLC

  • Dani

    That’s where I thought they might be going if they were in Brisbane, And I think its unfair to comment that they look depressed in these pictures. Perhapse they were waiting for the show to begin. No one is happy before the show begins anyhow. Hope they had a great time at Australia Zoo!

  • Lisa

    The children and the zoo animals have a lot in common. On display for the entertainment of everyone else and with people who still are able to convince themselves that it is a great life, Sad. Also, I love how anyone who expresses concern for the kids is called negative or a hater. Being in denial about how these kids are exploited is just prolonging their suffering. Just like the zoo animals.

  • Jenna

    Those poor kids. John was correct….they never should have gone. This woman is an absolute witch.

  • Janey

    They’re watching a performance. It’s probably not the sort of thing you watch with a smile your face. Those kids look the same as everyone else in the audience. Is the whole audience “miserable” too? LOL

  • Kate Lovers..still

    We only dream we were Kate and had her life, so everything she does is justifiable in our eyes, otherwise we would have to look at our own true natures and that ain’t happenin’.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Lights! Camera! Action!!
    Kate and the 8 take 14!

    They are not having family fun.
    They are having family work.

    It is another day at the office.The kids might look as they do there because the cameras were getting reset. Or the lighting. Or a better boom. Or the make-up crew was getting ready for the dramatic scenes when some of the kids fight, the fither kids, and some cry, the crybabies.
    Everyone knows his , her role.
    Maybe the crew wasgetting ready to move to another location.
    That happens during filming.

    Quiet on the set!
    Kate and the 8, take 15!.

  • Lillianne

    The kids will have plenty of evidence to show their therapists someday.

  • Vanessa

    @Go Ask Alice: Sadly, I think you have just basically described every major and minor event in the lives of these poor children over the last 3 or 4 years. They do not have any idea of what it is to be a normal child who gets to have real every day experiences rather they have scripted, carefully orchestrated facades of over the top holidays, birthdays, and so on. It is the little things that mean the most and I have the feeling that all of those are witnessed by the nannies while Kate gets her grooming done and de-stresses and has the me time that her followers like to say she so richly deserves. She is only really there for the “fun” filmed for the show and even then, I get the feeling that it is in body only.

  • Save the kids

    @Lisa: GREAT COMMENT!!!! GREAT ANALOGY!!! I couldn’t agree more. The people that support this woman by watching the show are definately not thinking of the kids. Kate should try to make it on her own but she can’t because she lacks talent. Why do people have to watch what this family does on vacation?? Its not like Kate is doing it alone. She has a team of helpers so why this is so interesting is beyond me. I watch Cake Boss. Now there’s someone that works hard and has talent.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Ugh! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the animals attack!!

  • MyOpinion….

    It’s not the kids fault that they were born to a “mother” who thought nothing of selling out their formative and childhood years for the almighty $ and fame! Those poor children. Maybe in the beginning it started out for the “childrens’ sake” as far as them earning $$$ to support their large and unconventional family, but it eventually became the “Kate Show” and all about Kate and NOT what was in the best interest of those children- she sold out her childrens’ childhood for fame and wealth for herself. If she was any sort of good mother to those children, she would have started investing $$$ as soon as they started making it, saved enough to last them during their lifetimes and invested wisely to make that happen. Then she should have pulled the plug on this intrusive show and retreated to a private life with her children. She thinks that she is giving her children all of these life opportunities that they otherwise would not have, but what’s more important- fancy trips, $$$,wealth OR having the love, support, protection, stablility of a family unit and good parents’ who look out for the best interests of their children?- one who values their childrens’ privacy and allows them to have a “NORMAL CHILDHOOD”! Kate is doing such a dis-service to her children and unfortunately given her narcissistic personality she cannot see it… SAD!

  • Linda

    The judge allowed this trip because it was “for work”! It would have been more appropriate for the judge to have allowed the trip if it was for a holiday. Goodness knows the kids need one! One day Kate will turn around and see her drug addled, completely disfunctional family and wonder how the hell it happened. People like her have no real insight. She is like the Kardashians – totally addicted to fame and unable to see outside the bubble. Real people know that children need privacy to thrive. Jon seems to have some grip on reality and is trying to turn the tide, but unfortunately Kate has better PR people and Jon’s attempts are being lost. I think it’s already too late for this family.

  • Butterflier

    Just another working day for the Gosselin kids, who have no say in their lives. They are little more than slaves to their mentally ill mother, who has sold them out since before they were born.
    Do you few Kate lovers left get it? The children were not born for your entertainment. Their childhoods are in tatters. They are working to keep their mother in extensions, French nail jobs, tanning, fake D silicone D cups, liposuction and whatever else this narcissistic bitch has indulged herself with at the expense of her children’s souls. Wake up!

  • Paparazzi my @$$!
  • Tootie

    Kate earned 3.5 million dollars last yr. off the backs of her children. She only has a handful of supporters and I bet they are paid lackeys by TLC. This show should have ended when Jon and Kate divorced. These kids are already so messed up, 2 expelled from kindergarten is a disgrace. Kate blames everything on the divorce. Even if that were true, it’s still her fault, it was her idea. I hope people will stop watching this tragedy. I stopped after the first episode of Kate plus Eight because she is so obnoxious. Now all she cares about is showing that gross body. This woman is sick and needs to be off TV. These kids need a normal life before it’s too late. She has made more money than most of us in a lifetime..She doesn’t deserve 1 penny of it, and the kids only get 15%. Just watch, she will blow through all that money and be back begging churches for money when the show stops. She is a money-grifting, child exploiting slut.

  • Jokergurl

    Unfortunately lions don’t like the taste of WITCH! This person is just EVIL!

  • Janie

    This is the children when they are having a good time? Which should I believe, the ridiculous tag line or the unhappy/bored faces of the little kids, made to work on their break from school? Well, Kate needs more luxuries, so off to work go the kiddies.

  • MooCow

    Everyone involved looks abjectly miserable!! Why aren’t these children in school?

  • MakeherStop

    @Tootie: Right on! The show should have ENDED when Jon and Kate got divorced!!!!! Maybe Kate is pissed because no one cares about her in Australia but Steve.

  • Picture worth 1000 words


    “Those kids look the same as everyone else in the audience. Is the whole audience “miserable” too? …”

    So you agree they look miserable, with the same expressions as audience members?

  • momof2

    The kids look sad and she looks ticked off— what a sourpuss she is.As for the rockin the bod bikini look I thought she looked like an idiot and a diva.

  • Kristine

    What a joke. The kids are NOT having fun, as they are with their lying, exploiting, abusive, grifting, greedy mother! Wake up!

  • cvonne

    Someone needs to put this B**** out of her misery!

    Child Abuser! Gag Me!

  • Steve&Katesellpics
  • mary

    are any of them Happy ?? queen kate…when you are sitting and getting your nails done …keep telling your self this is all for your kids..

  • Mindy

    Maybe Katan is getting ideas for her own Gosseleum… She can put the kids in an enclosure and people can pay money to watch them beat the crap out of each other. They can fight for week old sandwiches and beg for water. Then the audience can make bets on which kid will get their clothes messy first. Kate can lounge in a bikini and ignore them as she stares at her fake boobs and wrinkly belly until one of them gets dirty. Then she can whip out the wooden spoon and go nuts! After all, she is a single, working mom, right? This can be the next stage of her career.

  • jane

    Kate is a disgusting piece of trash. Raising those children in a fish bowl. Greedy hag.

  • Gloria

    People please don’ t watch that show. People who are watching the show is aiding in the exploitation of these children.

  • Dan

    I bet this is the episode where Terry Irwin slaps Kate when she says something stupid like “Isn’t it great being single?”, “There’s plenty of other fish in the sea.”, or “I can’t wait till their dad comes and takes them for visitation.”

  • Allen Nyhuis

    I don’t know much about Kate Gosselin, but I do know that going to the Zoo truly is one of the best things you can do with your family! I’ve heard wonderful things about Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo — a place I hope to go someday.

    Allen Nyhuis, Coauthor: America’s Best Zoos