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Rachel Weisz & Darren Aronofsky: United Front for Henry

Rachel Weisz & Darren Aronofsky: United Front for Henry

Rachel Weisz and her former flame, Darren Aronofsky, go out for a walk with their son, Henry, on Wednesday (January 5) in New York City’s East Village.

The 40-year-old actress and her longtime love split late last year but have remained close friends and promised to raise Henry together.

Since her breakup with Darren, Rachel was spotted holding hands with Daniel Craig over the Christmas holiday.

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  • Mel Gibson Cartman

    smell jooooooooooo

  • zzzz

    It doesn’t sound like a “united front”, Jared. A “front” suggests deception. As you say, they “remain close friends”, so I think your title is not very nice or correct. Anyway, what a lucky little boy to have parents who can still be united by friendship.

  • zzzz

    Oh, puleeeze, Kaz, do stop with the inane comments.

  • theresa

    this is not a united front. i would bet that this is actually Rachel handing Harry over to his father for a period of time.

  • Liz

    That’s a shame, they look like a nice family together. It’s sad for their little boy…

  • Marieme

    What a beautiful little boy. Sad about his family breaking up.

  • to liz

    this is far better than Rachel remaining in a relationship she no longer wants

  • AidenT

    Her outfit is too fancy.

    I’m sure they are very good parents but I think the reason they stayed together so long was fo their son. They’ve been engaged foreve and still haven’t married so it was always gonna end.

  • lolz

    I think it’s much healthier for a child to see his parents get along well as friends, than be an unhappy couple.

  • *~*+*~*

    i think they are still together and the thing with daniel craig is just a publicity stunt.

  • Dexter

    rachel weicz with her jewish nose.

  • Juicy

    PR damage control.

  • LizaH

    The kid is absolutely adorable. Darren looks depressed though.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    The little boy is gorgeous

  • to 10

    What man would agree to look as if he been made a fool of?
    Male ego’s being what they are.

  • Wendy


    What PR Damage control? You guys really need lives.

  • Wendy

    @to 10:

    Being made the fool of what? They were seperated for months, since the summer. Not to mention the fact that there are rumors of Darren being the one with the wandering eye.

  • Guinness

    Am i wrong? didn’t JJ post Darren clubbing drunk with a hook up?

    sooo–He does something public not caring who is watching and this is no big deal/scandal.

    she walks around with dan—not drunk and definitely not wearing beer goggles and DARREN is devastated?

  • to wendy

    that was my point to 10, they suggested this was a pr stunt. no man worth a dime, would agree to look like a fool. it had been over for a while with Darren and Rachel.,

  • Redd

    There are rumors of Darren running around with other women while he was with Rachel. Anybody who feels sorry for him should be ashamed of themselves.

    By the way, here are pictures of Darren kissing another woman:

  • Darren looks hot

    Sad pictures. Will she be with Daniel for 10 years? for life? I doubt it. Hollywood is just depressing. In the best case when couples stay together for a long time, either they end up breaking up coz de spark is gone or they cheat around and don’t mind. I know it’s almost as bad in the real world but it’s still depressing.

  • Bob

    @Darren looks hot:

    Give me a break, Darren is a loser. The pictured with him kissing a woman in the club is proof positive of who really cheated in the relationship.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Gorgoeus henry!!

  • Darren looks hot

    I never said she’s the one who cheated or that anyone cheated. Chill and read if you can.

  • Q


    Darren looks like a womanizing tool in those pictures. He has no right to be upset over anything if in fact he’s upset.

  • Sandra

    I only hope that both parents and child will be ok.

  • Eric Gibson Cartman

    Nice one, Dexter!

  • boston61

    @to liz:

    She has an obligation to remain with the boys father. You can’t have a kid and walk away from their father. Well, you can if you are getto scum.

  • anonymous

    I’m just wondering if those pictures might be darren trying to move on. It might be difficult for him….I mean look at how uncomfortable and angry his body language is expressing. What if he didn’t know about rachel and daniel? How harsh is that. He is trying to move on but could you when your ex is just coming out with a new man this soon after ending a 9 YEAR relationship. Maybe he is trying to soothe his pain of loosing rachel. It can happen. But glad to see them with there kid. This is my OPNION…please don’t respond.

  • to anonymous

    This is my OPNION…please don’t respond
    write your opinion in the blog of your own if you really want it

  • to boston61

    GOSH, this is the 21. century. You don’t even need a “father” to have a kid nowadays. Some sperm’ll do.
    People like you are just stuck in the 50/60 of the last century, so you call every divorced or just separated mother a getto scum. Nice!

  • Tim


    Word is that this is nothing new for Darren, so that whole “moving on” thing is garbage. Those people trying to defend him should have there heads checked out.

  • entitled

    Famous rich people are entitled to do whatever they want no matter who gets hurt. It’s the modern way. Don’t be stuck in the past.

  • Sam


    Darren does reputation with the ladies, so this is nothing new. Rachel did the right thing dumping him.

  • boston61

    @to boston61:

    Once you have a kid your life is no longer about YOU. It is about what is best for the child. And kids need fathers big time honey!!!

  • caroline

    I’m a big fan of rachel’s and have been since she first started out. Over the years her choices in men have only ended in disaster….she needs to either be single and find out what she wants or start picking a man who is not in the same profession as she is. Other actresses are doing it. Love her and aronofsky keeping the family together. But the whole daniel craig thing will never work out.

  • mary

    to boston61
    She has an obligation to remain with the boys father. You can’t have a kid and walk away from their father. Well, you can if you are getto scum.
    where do you get off telling Rachel, or for that matter any other woman, that having a child with a man automatically obligates her to remain with that same man even if it’s against her will?. here in the 21 century a woman is not FORCED NOR REQUIRED to remain in a relationship that she no longer wants. and for the record, Rachel and Darren share joint custody of the child.

    so any woman who leaves the father of her child is ghetto scum? well, then in your diseased mind the late princess diana, susan sarandon, former first lady betty ford, barbara walters, just to name a few would qualify. Grow up! and for once, stop passing moral judgement on how other people live their lives. you are not God!!

  • to bonston61

    This child has a father who seems to care. So what?
    Seeing his mother and/or father unhappy would cause much bigger damage to Henry.

  • to boston61

    where would all of us be without you!! you are so much fun to read. the previous poster, Sam, is right. actually, i think he/she is being nice about it. a reputation with the ladies? oh yeah! i’d say he has a reputation. and you’re upset that Rachel left him? i’m surprised she stayed with him for so long! hopefully, she can find true happiness and love with Daniel. now be a good little troll and go back to your bible class. i’m sure they miss your self righteous moralizing.

  • s

    @entitled: i have to agree with you.

  • caro

    who cares about their private life? they’re low-key

  • cathy

    I don’t understand why supposedly intelligent women want to throw nice, decent chaps away and go after the brooding types. They always make lousy mates and are generally emotionally stunted. I feel like I’m watching Meg Ryan/Russel Crowe all over again. And her son might not suffer from this if they keep him guarded. But as for Craig,he would never let a child in on his getaway with his lover. What would he do in everyday life? Can he share anyone? And he’s a crappy Bond….give me Sean Connery anyday. While I’m on the subject was there any photographed evidence of aronofsky cheating on rachel while they were together….when and if I see it I’ll believe it until then those are rumours that are baseless which make me feel sorry for him even more.

  • to cathy

    H E L L O !!!!! the anti‐Craig!!! LOL

  • mary

    i have an idea. why don’t you go and visit that D2D site. a friend of mine, who visits the site from time to time, showed it to me this morning. they have this thread called DC & RW. from what i read, those people posting and you will get along. you all have the same crazy ideas. the posters there cannot believe that Daniel and Rachel are actually happy with each other. nor can they believe that Rachel would willingly leave Darren because, you know, they were supposedly so perfect together. but the best one is that these posters actually believe that come red carpet time daniel and Satsuki will be back together again. it’s all very funny.

  • to mary

    Don’t know why you are telling lies here, but you are. For what purpose, I can’t understand.

  • mary

    sorry if it upsets you but i’m not telling lies here. but why don’t you go over to D2D and look it up yourself. it’s all there in black and white so to speak. all you have to do is click on the head title “newsroom” and it’s the 4th one down. go check it out!!

  • to mary

    From what I read over there only a few are talking about Mrs Mitchell. Even those who used to have a avatar showing the couple have changed it and moved one. Only very few are not fond of the new couple.

  • Libby
    Have been reading all your comments…FOUND THIS!!!
    Aronofsky has a low public profile, and is usually talked about only when he has a film out. But he suddenly found himself in the media spotlight in early November last year, when news broke of his split from his partner of eight years, the actress Rachel Weisz, with whom Aronofsky has a four-year-old son, Henry Chance Aronofsky. Gossip columns speculated about Weisz’s closeness to her fellow British actor Daniel Craig, but neither partner has commented on the break. Their official statement reads, quite simply, “Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky have been separated for some months. They remain close friends and are committed to raising their son together in NYC.”

    If they were already apart, it is hardly evident when I meet Aronofsky in October. In fact, he is the first to drop Weisz’s name casually into the conversation when I ask him about the European influences on The Wrestler. “Rachel, my partner,” he says, “is in the European Film Academy, so we get a stack of DVDs.”

    He talks about Weisz in the present tense, hardly suggesting any split is actual or imminent: of their living arrangements, he says, “We have a home in Camden,” and when I ask whether the couple will be giving their son a Jewish upbringing, again it’s in the present. “We haven’t really figured that out yet. We celebrate the holidays, and just hang out, and he knows he’s Jewish.”

  • Sam


    Darren talking garbage and lying through his teeth. The pictures with him kissing another woman was taken 3 weeks after they announced their break up. He’s playing the poor victim act, especially when word is going around about his reputation with the ladies.

    Look at the pictures and check the date:

    You don’t get that into someone with out knowing them for quite a long time.

    Darren is full of it.

  • Libby

    Just putting it out there sam….relax