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Katie Holmes: History Channel Cancels 'The Kennedys'

Katie Holmes: History Channel Cancels 'The Kennedys'

Katie Holmes goes shopping for books and groceries with her daughter Suri on Friday (January 7) in Vancouver, Canada.

The History Channel has decided to cancel plans to air Katie‘s mini-series The Kennedys, according to THR.

“Upon completion of the production of The Kennedys, History has decided not to air the 8-part miniseries,” a rep for the network said. “After viewing the final product in its totality, we have concluded that although the film is produced and acted with the highest quality auspices, the dramatic license the series takes is not suitable for the History brand.”

Katie recently told Elle magazine that she worked as hard as she could on the project.

UPDATE: Deadline is reporting that the series is now being shopped to Showtime.

FYI: Suri is wearing däv Kids Cowboy Bronco rain boots.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about the cancellation of The Kennedys?

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  • yhjdtjj

    oh no!! :( i feel sad for all the hard work put into it

  • LoL

    She should have done the Dark Knight. All downhill for her after that stupid decision.

  • Lucy

    Her statement said it all” “I worked as hard as I could.” She probably already knew. It’s like saying “I tried, coach, I really did.” She knew it was awful, and wanted to deflect blame. What idiots thought she had the gravitas to pull off that role? Serves them right.

  • Toodles

    you win some, you lose some.

  • sky

    the History channel is full of crap? Why waste all the money and time into doing this project and then say it didn’t fit the image of the history channel? So they can make a movie about hitler and air it but won’t air a mini series about the Kennedy’s.

  • lucy2

    Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark – pushed back indefinitely
    The Kennedy’s – cancelled
    The Romantics – made no money
    The Extra Man – made no money

    Hmmmmm….what is the common denominator in all of these movies? Any ideas?

    Looks like Karma is biting Katie in the a**

    and I heard Josh and Diane are planning a wedding in France. awww…poor Katie!!!

  • @LoL

    Wasn’t the rumor that Tommie boy didn’t want her to do the Dark Knight? Guess he didn’t want her too close to a real man like Christian Bale. Honestly, she was so unbelievable in that role anyway. It didn’t suit her.

  • Ali

    if it’s not good, they shouldn’t air it. in the end, it will just hurt her, and other’s, careers. the country does feel somewhat protective of Jacqueline Kennedy, and whoever thought katie holmes could represent her missed the mark.

  • nicole

    Oh no! I was really looking forward to watching this!

  • Jennie

    was looking forward to this. maybe the story just didn’t have enough of the factual history.

  • Kay

    so is the upside that we won’t have to suffer her promotional appearances in magazines and on talk shows? works for me.

  • Soni

    I am so bummed. I have grown up with the Kennedy’s and I was really looking forward to watching this.
    I think it is so bad for the actors/actress’s that have worked long and hard on this, only to have it cancelled.
    I feel bad for them.

  • [marie]

    Maybe she can ask Xenu for help…

  • Jolly Folly

    I’m sorry, but there has to be more to it than just what the history channel is saying. Probably the series is suffering from poor editing, acting etc. They would have known far before this if it was a conflict with their mission.

  • kizbit

    Ok, now it’s time to stop wasting other actor’s time and talent on projects Tom buys for her. She is NOT a good actress.

  • Joy

    Does anybody know what dramatic license means? Did the mini-series outstretched the truth too much that it has become fictional?

  • Suri Jackson pt1

    That’s what you get for selling someone’s child. (I heard the JJ and DK rumor too and I hope it’s true!!)

  • annie

    I read that it ‘s still going to air in Canada on 6th march and going internationally also. Apparently the same thing happend with the Reagan mini series as well.
    Don’t know how true this is or not, but it could be the bedroom scenes that one article talked about.

  • missy

    I just saw a teaser trailer on deadlinehollywood. It looks really good. I hope it airs on another network.

  • hanni

    What did Katie Holmes do exactly? Why do you all hate her so much and think karma is biting her?

    Are you jealous Tom Cruise married her?

    Please someone explain to me why everyone hates her, i’m really confused.

  • Suri Jackson pt2

    To LOL: Wasn’t Katie let go from The Dark Knight because Tom and her put on such a ridiculous shpw during the Batman Begins prmo tour?

  • GorgeousLatina

    Work done for nothing. Go back were you belong. I mean anywhere??

  • Mia

    @sky: It’s defenitely something bigger going on I guess

  • shenanyginz

    ugh who cares about katie? I wanted to see Barry Pepper in this! He’s entirely underrated.

  • Mia

    No everyone here just hates Tom cruise I guess hahaha
    I always loved Katie! Since Dawson’s Creek.. Tomboy on the other hand……

  • Morse


  • missy

    Here are more details from deadline
    I hear the stunning cancellation, which was done after the mini had been completed, was done under political pressure from the Kennedy family who were not comfortable with the project coming out in the year of the 50th anniversary of Camelot. MORE Here’s an extended teaser:

  • TGIF

    I was like, “why all of the thumbs up for Katie?”. Then I realized that we are thumbing up the fact that she will not have to be seen on our televisions and we don’t have to endure another round of “Suri dresses me” interviews! YAY!

  • Ginny

    Not buying it. Katie sucked and The History Channel did not want to look ridiculous.

  • busted

    I’m not a fan or nonfan really..but man that is really crazy.

    What in the world will they do with the film. Will they try and sell it to another network. I mean the movie had a script so they knew what the film was going to be.

    This is just insane to me.. All that money down the drain..

  • Courtney

    the thing with the Reagan Mini Series was some of the things he says in the movie he never said in real life and when it was made he was Dying of Alzhiemers disease. Kennedy has been dead nearly half a century and Ms Holmes was totally wrongly cast as Jackie Gemma Redgrave would’ve fit better even though she’s far older than Jackie was when she was first lady. though Gemma has much more in the means of acting chops than Katie ever will well yeah she comes from a dynasty of great actors/actresses Including her aunts Vanessa & Lynn infact one of her break through roles in film was opposite her Aunt Vanessa in the 1992 film Howard’s End for which the elder redgrave was oscar nominated as best supporting actress

  • J

    Ha ha hee hee ha ha HO HO HO !!!!!!!!

  • I LOVE IT!
  • Cheer up Katie

    At least you have a passionate sex filled marriage.

  • lacey

    She didn’t do the Dark Knight because she was pregnant.

  • lucy2

    @Cheer up Katie:
    ROFLMAO!! ahhhh, I needed a good laugh!

  • frick

    @Cheer up Katie: That comment is even more hilarious than the subject of this thread!!!

  • corrine

    @lacey: yeah, you’re right. she’s not a terrible actress, just not a superstar. she’s better on TV than in movies

  • frick

    @lacey: She was canned from the Batman franchise. The “sceduling conflict” with another film, Mad Money *rolls eyes* was just an excuse to save face.

  • StuckBeing20!

    Thanks be to God the movie is Cancelled!!!!

  • Barbara

    I think the Kennedy family had a lot to do with it.

  • OkIgetIt

    Money will never buy you CLASS!

  • Suri Jackson
  • Toodles

    not a fan of katie, but legit question: why do people not like her? is it tom? did i miss some huge thing that she did? fill me in.
    i don’t like her bc she’s boring…

  • mary

    It will air. DId you ever think this was about money ? It probably turned out great and they are selling it to showtime.

  • frick

    @Toodles: Yes I agree with you. I do not hate her but she’s just not talented at all and she’s a bit of an idiot. Have you seen her on interviews? Just airhead and full of herself. On Letterman it’s a PR disaster how stupid she is.

  • more @ Toodles

    people are annoyed because she continues to get jobs that she does not deserve b/c she is mrs. cruise. she cannot act yet she takes jobs from broadway actresses. she has her own clothing line yet she is one of the consistently worst dressed actress. she has nothing to say in interviews of any interest whatsoever – nothing – yet she keeps getting interviews. she seems like the village idiot.

  • frick

    @more @ Toodles: Well she’s not getting any success with her latest “work”. Her two last movies did very poor ,300 000-400 000$, at the box office, her appearance on SYTYCD was a disaster, and this cancelled…?

  • Sara

    HAHA, She SuckS, lol!!!!!

  • Love Katie & Suri!

    Haters! She’s so pretty, keeps to herself, low key, nothing NOT to like about her! Suri is a little doll, and she’s dressed as a little GIRL should be. never see Shiloh in these adorable pink boots. For some reason Ange is bent on making her a boy, and it’s past cute at this point.
    Katie would have been great as Jackie! too bad……….. and the haters here saying she can’t act? HA! Like you have to be a terrific actress for Tomb Raider! all of her other movies weren’t anything to write home about either! Meryl Streep , Angie is not.