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Madonna: Aura with Brahim Zaibat!

Madonna: Aura with Brahim Zaibat!

Madonna steps out for a night out on the town at Aura nightclub on Thursday (January 6) in London, England.

The 52-year-old Material Girl was joined by her new boyfriend, French breakdancer Brahim Zaibat.

“She’s just a woman like all the others. She’s an extraordinary artist and world famous, of course, but a woman above all,” Brahim told France’s Grazia magazine (via ASL).

15+ pictures inside of Madonna and Brahim Zaibat leaving Aura…

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madonna brahim zaibat aura nightclub 01
madonna brahim zaibat aura nightclub 02
madonna brahim zaibat aura nightclub 03
madonna brahim zaibat aura nightclub 04
madonna brahim zaibat aura nightclub 05
madonna brahim zaibat aura nightclub 06
madonna brahim zaibat aura nightclub 07
madonna brahim zaibat aura nightclub 08
madonna brahim zaibat aura nightclub 09
madonna brahim zaibat aura nightclub 10
madonna brahim zaibat aura nightclub 11
madonna brahim zaibat aura nightclub 12
madonna brahim zaibat aura nightclub 13
madonna brahim zaibat aura nightclub 14
madonna brahim zaibat aura nightclub 15

Credit: Will Alexander; Photos: WENN
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  • Eric Gibson Cartman

    He does look French. Maybe you can say “french nationality”.

  • XYZ

    There is a difference between living ur life and being ridiculous. MADONNA doesnt seem to know how to make the difference. She is the female version of HUGH HEFNER. The young men she’s sleeping with are paid huge sums of money. I pity her kids. LOURDES already had an “incident” with an older boy at the elite school she’s frequenting causing scandal but mommy took care and nothing appeared in the official media. Mind u, she has just turned 14, she’s already dressing like a slut, whats next?

  • XYZ

    She’s a woman like all the others? Cut the crap, toy boy! In a few months, she’ll dispose of you, but at least u’ll be richer.

  • DarkEmpress

    She collects young males and tries to suck away their youth. The funny thing us by dating younger she seems so much older. When she was with guy Ritchie she didnt seem so much like the grim reaper

  • anne

    you people are bitter!! Madonna don’t harm anybody for dating younger boys! she didn’t pick teenage boys. All the boys seem liking to be her boy toys, so what’s the problem?

  • j

    Holy Cougar!!! lol i think she is going way too young.. ew imagine all the men or boys she has been with!

  • Lorna

    What a pathetic, desperate old whore Madonna is. She is not like Demi Moore married to a younger man and not spreading it all around town. I saw a tranny talking about how he slept with her last Brazilian boyfriend. She doesn’t care what these real men sexuality is. She just wants to have sex with a virile, young man at any cost. Does anybody have anymore details about Lourdes?

  • jake

    This is disgusting. You can tell she isn’t thinking about her kids. Always showing up with a new boy toy. Why does she need to date a younger guy. I know b/c she wants control.If she dated an older guy, he would def question her life style. I think she just wants someone who won’t talk back to her. This boy toys are no angels either. What do they see in her, I am guessing $$$ signs. They just a step away from being male prostitutes. I doubt they have any type of relationship.

  • K

    I see the bitter hens are out in full force because they probably haven’t been laid in years and are spewing their hate at someone else having a great time. He’s an adult and so is she, so why are you all so concerned over their lives? The pathetic ones are the ones on here using multiple names to attack a woman out there living her life to the fullest while you sit all day spreading hate via your computers.

  • K

    @XYZ: You are so vile and pathetic to spread such lies about a child. You are so consumed with all the hate and obsession you have for Madonna that you must project it onto her child. So sick. You have no idea what you are talking about and it’s clear by your comment that you are completely fabricating all that crap you just spewed.

  • Mia

    H e looks arabian and so is his name.. and yes in France they have many Arabians living there…
    I would tell that too the mags.. hahahaha
    He is smart, she is stupid
    He is just using her for fame and money and she just wants to sleep with him..
    She should really be ashamed of herself she is a mature women
    why does she feel the need to be with little boys?
    I would rather prefer older men who are geniune and love me
    not want me for other things but heeeyyyy… madonna always was a crazy girl

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Threw threw in grabge

  • e

    wow how old is this kiddo? Think he’d be better suited for Lourdes… Madonna is starting to look pathetic. I don’t mind she dates younger men, but this guys looks like a kid. Creepy.

  • Amber

    Funny, his last name rhymes with ‘Jailbait’

  • sarah

    @Amber: no, no it doesn’t…

  • boston61

    She is a huge freaking JERK.

  • TIT




  • kobesux

    love her

  • XYZ


    U are a total idiot, blind, brainwashed to the maximum. U have no idea about whats going on behind the curtains. Im not fabricating anything coz I have no reason to do that and Im not that kind of person. I have my sources, u moron, but ur mother made a huge mistake when she “fabricated” you.

  • XYZ


    I love her music too, but Im telling u if I told u the truth about ur “queen”, u wouldnt be able to handle it. So according to ur non-logic, if smb doesnt asskiss a celeb, is a patethic hen or bitter or a hater? OK, shoot urself. Im sure u cannot believe that MADONNA, years ago used to visit Hispanic neighborhoods, looking for Latino studs and paying them for sex with her. Thats not a bad thing at all, but soon she got STD and gave it to others…

  • Anka

    She just want to stay in a young frame, her and her music stop growing, she likes to play the “old” Madonna

  • LOL

    @XYZ: “Elite school”? “Older boy”? “Incident”? OMG, you are SO dumb and it’s so obvious that you don’t know her daughter at all! So, so clueless! Wow, how sad. I actually KNOW HER daughter and can tell you for a fact that what you are saying is complete BULL. You probably just hate her mom and are taking it out on her daughter. I can’t believe you are a grown up because you are making sh** up about a teenager. How low. You really are a POS. You should be sued for defamation. What a loser. I hope you get bad karma, but based on your angry comments, it seems like you are already miserably there.

  • laverdadduele

    The queen of pop and, without a doubt, the queen of s.k.a.n.k.s. Can’t she live without spreading her legs all over town?

  • ihateph

    he’s a man not a boy. if Madonna were a man it would be ok

  • ilia

    why so much hate? she is awesome, i would do her in a heartbeat, and she is 22 years older than me.

  • Castle

    The “sources” XYZ claims to have are the voices in her head. She can continue to live in her little fantasy world, but no matter how many times she screams that the fabrications are true, they remain figments of her imagination. What a sad, hating liar. Instead of wasting time online hating and spreading lies about people she doesn’t know, she should invest in some English courses to correct that “patethic” (pathetic) spelling. It says a lot about her character though that she’s telling people to kill themselves simply because they out her as the real liar that she is.

  • Hara

    Please there are more pressing issues. So what? Her and Hugh Hefner have one key element, large amounts of fame and money. When you have money you can go college sophomore level, too. We don’t know what will appeal to us until we get OLD and where there’s a willing younger person who needs the name and dough connection, there’s a way.Don’t worry these people don’t just hook up with Joe and Jane nobody. So they’ll never proposition any of us. Try to get over this. This too shall pass.

  • Junoreactor

    Jesus Luz was WAY HOTTER. this loks like just some other man of undeterminible nationality. Like from her young days. Could be arab, could be hispanic. Nothing special but it doesn’t matter none of these gusy/young women can keep the charade going long enough for it to matter. This one won’t either. He’s having FUN with MADONNA!!!!!!! Hello? MADONNA? Everyone calm down. For young men and women, most of this is respect and admiration NOT sexual attraction. Duh? When there’s that wide of an age gap there’s more likely the possibility that there can be no substancial and normal relations between the two people, unless there’s a serious contract involved.

  • dee lyles

    For Madonna, just some more sandy brown bone!

  • Silky

    Well I am married to a man 30 yrs younger than me.
    I’m not rich, he is self supportive, we don’t have children and we love each other.
    I don’t love him because he’s younger, I love him because he’s wonderful.
    My husband is old enough to die for our country, so he’s old enough to choose who he is with.
    He and I have issues like any couple, and no there is no guarantee, that he will want me in 20 yrs anymore than a man the same age will want his present wife, or partner..
    He could die before me or vice versa.
    Similarly he and I could divorce but then again people the same age do that all the time.
    Age has nothing to do with maturity or how one views marriage.

    So all you age bashing people are not seeing how many everyday people are dealing in relationship where one is younger by a large margin and basing it on the artists who constantly divorce, or jump from one person to the other to gain attention in the media.

    My mother in law and her husband have 9 children and her husband is about 20 yrs older. We don’t live in trailer parks.
    We are educated and so truthfully age means nothing if it happens to be what you want.
    Likewise some of you will always prefer someone your own age and that is fine.
    Still no guarantee it will work or he’ll be there tomorrow or in 20 years.
    So………………………………………Don’t be so quick to judge everyone!

    However, I will say that Madonna, and lets mention Hugh Hefner are ruining it for others who actually love their partners and aren’t looking for eye candy.
    Madonna has children to think about and should make a stable home for them. So I do disapprove of her in that sense.

    Even if she were bringing men her own age in like she has been lately I’d disapprove as its not healthy for children to see a woman doing that, or a man in that case!
    So age aside in that vein she isn’t being responsible at all.
    I hope Madonna will cease this for their sake and be with someone stable whether he be older than her, her age, or younger.

    At least Demi and Ashton are responsible in that regard such as other people with an age difference who do have children are.

    As much as I respect Madonna as an artist and the freedom of choice we should all have in life, one has to think twice when children are involved!
    Discretion until she’s found the one and then the world need not say anything as we don’t have any right to decide whether she has made the right choice or not.
    Time will tell in everyone’s relationships by the love they have for one another, whether it will work! A lot of work!!! . Not age!

  • kari

    well i prefer Jesus