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Mariah Carey: We Have Names Picked Out for The Twins!

Mariah Carey: We Have Names Picked Out for The Twins!

A pregnant Mariah Carey puts her sunglasses on as she leaves the doctor’s office on Thursday (January 6) in Los Angeles.

The 40-year-old legendary singer and expectant mama dropped by for a routine check-up!

Mariah, who is giving birth to twins this coming spring, shared that she and hubby Nick Cannon already have names picked out for the babies, but they want them to be a surprise!

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  • gigi

    Note to Mariah- Tight tank tops don’t look good when preggo with twins. And its see- through..ickk!

  • Paulie

    That top is all kinds of wrong!

  • Jubee

    That whole outfit is just sooooooo WRONG!

  • ihateph

    good thing she has all that money cause her body is gonna be recked cause shes over weight and carrying twins.

  • dani

    She looks just fat, not pregnant…

  • Kate

    Horrible outfit!! Eeek.

  • Cheery

    ^^ Exactly. This whole time I’ve been thinking she looks “pregnant” all over. No defined baby bump, just ballooning up everywhere.

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    She smell farts

  • Courtney

    she’s not overweight she’s muscular and besides a woman her height 5’9″ if of normal body weight is supposed to weigh between 129-170 before they conceive a child or in this case children. plus your supposed to gain about 45lbs with twins and she also gained weight before conception because of progesterone her had to take after her miscarriage and the surgeries that came after. the shirt probably went sheer because of flash bulbs not all silk satin and chiffon are sheer in natural light. if you can’t say something nice about Mariah don’t click on the article and leave a comment. in mothers her age twins are more common weather there’s artificial help or not at least her cravings haven’t been self indulgent during pregnancy she’s said she’s craved mostly fruit and the ocassional cup of coffee at her point in pregnancy isn’t dangerous at all

  • haters , the usual

    AS usual the hate comments, for anyone, everyone, Except the couple who travel to different countries constantly with 6 kids, dress one as a boy, and aren’t married, one with a lurid past to boot!
    She’s none of above, and I think she looks VERY happy to finally have children. Good for you Mariah. We can’t all be Skeletons when pregnant.
    She glows since pregnant, that’s what’s important.

  • gain is good now!


    Exactly. If she were slim at this point, her kids wouldn’t be healthy. I’ve seen women starve themselves when pregnant and the kids are still suffering. Let her eat, good for her!

  • qaywsc

    oh mimi. i love but this outfit is horrible.

  • qaywsc

    oh mimi.. i love u but this outfit is just horrible. Her lucky babys can be very happy that they don’t see what her mom is wearing.

  • bae

    No Mariah.. no! Pregnancy is beautiful but that outfit is not

  • Wendy

    Why on earth would fat pregnant lady wear this???

  • Lisa

    Haters, MiMi looks happy and healthy being pregnant and I wish her well who cares about what she is wearing or how she looks as long as she has healthy babys thats all that matters.

  • Lola

    Wow she finally got off the high heels :)

  • StarJacker

    didn’t know she was pregnant, so i was a little disappointed in the article when i initially saw the title

    she does look really good.. be pregnant and proud

  • anon

    I’m happy thigs are going well for her. She is an icon in her industry, a real talent, has all the money in the world, a good hubby (unlike that horrid ex of hers Tommy Mattola) and is about to be a mam of twins. I happy for her. For a minute back in the day, I was starting to worry about her.

  • jesse

    What’s wrong with her outfit?? She looks happy and healthy, more importantly.

  • boston61

    She is still dressing so sexy!! This woman could not dress herself to save her life. She always looks like a cheap trick.

  • Jamie

    Mariah would you wear that if you were not pregnant?

  • madonna

    sorry but she became ugly and her behavior before she got pregnant was like a crazy old woman…she was soo pretty,soo sweet,had the best song ..and now…hope she is happy and her twins are healthy

  • Vanessa

    She’s pregnant!
    lay the f*ck off!
    People are quick to judge girls for being all stick thin these days, if she’s confident it what she’s wearing then good for her!

  • LMAO


  • co

    Pregnant is one thing, a see thru tight shirt and tight leggings are something else indeed. She dresses trashy even when she is pregnant. Mariah needs a make over. She needs to dress like a woman not a teen or a twenty something. Bad taste.

  • XYZ

    Wrongly dressed. Reminder: Mariah, ure not 10 or 20 anymore, u’re 40 and heavily pregnant. Time to grow up before ur babies will show up.

  • yo sista

    Still love ger <333333333

  • Courtney

    shut the hell up those aren’t leggings they’re stretch pants big difference and she’s more comfident in her body since she’s been pregnant and it’s going well so loosen up your comments. Mariah is still as sweet as she ever was I should know I’ve met her once and she signed autographs for every fan that had something to be signed and hugged a number of them including myself. calling a pregnant woman overweight is tasteless particularly if she’s struggled to have children as Mariah sadly has give the woman a break

  • um

    the reason you can see a little is because of the blazing lighbulbs. Don’t you see even with the sunglasses on she’s almost covering her eyes the lights are blinding.

  • Iffy Miffy

    It’s see-through due to the flashes you mor.ons! And she went to a doc’s appointment, she is not dressed for the red carpet! She had huge health issues so why all the bs talk?! Let her enjoy her pregnancy and hopefully all goes well and the babies are healthy. So many bitter people…

  • kitkat

    OMG!!! Come on Mariah!! Being pregnant does not excuse everything!!! This outfit is wrong!!!

  • y do i bother?

    yea i would hope they had names picked out already. idiot. i think she looks no different than she did a yr ago. im jus happy shes not wearin stilettos & booty shorts.

  • helen

    weight-wise she is looking pretty good considering she’s carrying twins, but the outfit is not flattering one bit!

  • reba

    Pregnant women are beautiful, but why these tight outfits lately? They look horrible on any pregnant belly!

  • Lillie

    ok so pregnancy doesn’t agree with everyone and some people dont suit see-through tops either or curly hair! shes got it all wrong

  • Courtney

    jackasses Mariah’s hair is naturally curly because she’s part black she couldn’t help it. it’s not the 50′s anymore where you had to wear a mumu when you were pregnant. she has said that pregnancy makes her feel more secure in her body so what if she’s secure enough to show off her growing belly carrying her and Nick’s precious babies. don’t begrudge the woman wanting to celebrate the blessing of being able to have children with the man she loves. these two little ones don’t replace the one they lost it’s only a rekindling of broken dreams

  • Nobody of consequence

    Giving this woman props for carrying some weight during her pregnancy unlike most celebrites who eat only the bare minimum to keep themselves and the baby alive. She just jumped up immensely on my respect meter where I really never gave her much thought before. Bravo Miss Mariah!!! I hope you have happy healthy babies! Now about that outfit……..

  • mary

    note to gigi
    it’s none of your business what mariah wears. she can wear what ever she wants; mariah does not need your permission

  • Gab

    So she’s pregnant, everyone has bad pap photos when they’re preggers. Would like to note that for someone who wears a ton of high heels, she’s still got great feet. Have you seen the feet on some of these other celebrities? Look up Oprah and Paris Hilton. Eek.

  • janet

    who cares this has been


  • Annabelle

    I am the one who is usually harsh commenting, but this time I must say I like how Mariah doesn’t give a s*it about what people might think. She is happy, healthy, pregnant and looks comfy.And yeah, you should gain certain amount of weight when with twins so leave her alone!!!

  • Diana

    Mariah has gotten really fat before several times. She better watch her weight with the pregnancy. I wonder if her baby will plagiarize songs the way Mariah did. I’m glad to see her real hair for a change, even though it looks like stringy crap. She does love her extensions and wigs most of the time.

  • Lalalove

    Aww, she’s wel preggers. Good luck to her and the baby

  • Annie

    Uh…she’s pregnant…with twins…yep, I think I’ll just leave it at that.

  • Clairedelune

    same “zip” fashion sense. but really happy for her and nick. what is that “slash” on her chest? it the harry potter’s forehead scar in “spandex viscose acrylic magic cloak” made mariah stye.

  • ilia

    this cow gets on my nerves…

  • jj

    Ihateph and kate being a mum of 5 month old twins myself….layoff her, i have a flat tummy now and i have 5 children, she does not look fat just pregnat – i can’t believe how horrid you people can be to a woman who has gone through so much to have the gift of children, i just hope she and her twins are healthy and she carrys to term. Good luck to her and her family.

  • Jennifer

    It’s obvious she was surprised by the paps because of her outfit and appearance. Love Mariah! Good to see her healthy, happy, and pregnant.

  • Neil n Kansas

    Go Head Mariah & Nick….Lawdy haters will hate no matter what!