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Taylor Swift: Top Selling & Most Played Artist of 2010!

Taylor Swift: Top Selling & Most Played Artist of 2010!

Taylor Swift has been named Billboard and Nielsen SoundScan’s top selling artist of the year!

The 21-year-old country cutie was also named Billboard’s most played artist for the second year in a row. Tay had more than 1.128 million airplay detections throughout the year.

Taylor is also the best selling digital artist in music history with 34 million tracks sold. Wow!

Tay will hit the road next month to tour in support of her latest album, Speak Now. Check out Taylor’s tour dates!

Congrats, Taylor!

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  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Who’s win?

  • Bela Lugosi

    A shame, really. Well, at least she’s better than Sh&tney Spears.

  • OMG

    I thought it said Most Played Out Artist! LMAO

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    I fell sick excuse me while I go on the bathroom .

  • Ed

    A sad commentary on our culture.

  • Music died when Taylor came into the picture…
    hopefully this year she will FLOP big time.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Baby What do u do in b ???

  • Gui

    And the most boring too!

  • pickles

    I had no idea there were so many fourteen year olds in the world! Or so many people with really bad taste. The problem is she is shoved in our faces like we are supposed to care or to like her and feel like we are out of step if we don.t That sucks!

    All I can hope is that she goes the way of the Jonas brothers group. They were smokin hot for a few years…then nothing. No one cared. She’s pulling in about $40million a year. Yes. She is. So maybe she’ll go away.

  • laverdadduele

    I don’t know about top selling, but she’s certainly on the top run for sl.uttiest celeb. I mean at just 21, how many boyfriends has she had? Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, and counting. The girl is working the field. I’m not fooled by the cherubic face and curls, she’s a ho.e, no better than Miley Cyrus, Rhianna, or all the other sk.anks out there.

  • cold_zero

    Desent Music R.I.P

  • Mimi

    People love to hate on Taylor swift.. Music died when taylor came to the picture? Are you kidding me? Where were you during the Madonna/Britney /Vanilla ice/ (to mention a few) reign. The US population can accommodate many artists, no need to bring her down. Her music is not my cup of tea but her sales shows that people aka fans love her. Most of you that hate Taylor are older than her yet you’ve not achieved a fraction of her success. It’s not her fault that her fans love her and support her career.

  • DL

    She is a good role model for young girls and writes age appropriate songs, but she cannot sing whatsoever. Out of all the talent that walks into her record label, how did they honestly say she has a great voice over all those other people?

  • pl100

    And she is the biggest slut too! Congrats Swiftie :D

  • toni

    @Gui: Add also the most annoying and most repetitive to gain sales. I would be happy for her success if she at least had a tone and wrote things besides finding her prince charming or getting dumped or hurt.

  • Dean

    I think Taylor needs to send Kanye a HUGE thank you card for this one.

  • Bubbles

    What has Taylor Swift done to any of you guys. You people are just plain MEAN!!! I can tell you one thing for sure she is smiling all the way to the bank. And if you do the math, her true fans are buying her music. There is enough pain in the world–and your hateful words regarding Tayloy Swift is unnecessary and unwarranted. How many guys have you dated in the past?

  • pickles

    @laverdadduele: Actually, I don’t think so. I don’t think she ever had or really wants a real relationship. I think she wants an “Us Magazine “relationship” that she can live out in the Tabloids and a guy she can parade around with on red carpets.

    All those lies about diamond bracelets and private jets! Rock stars like bling. But it was all a lie. It never happened. Her fan sites were spamming twitter every day with new lies and Gossip Cop was exposing them. Check out Gossip Cop. J

    ake’s rep even sent out a direct denial. I think that’s what they meant when they said he was sick of all the publicity. He dated Reese for three years, but we never heard about it for the first 6 months or so. Taylor only lives her life on stage. Sad. That’s why none of her relationships last very long. Guys see thru all that, and they don’t like being pipushed or steamrolled.

  • Elizabeth

    She is not a good singer and I always turn off or change channel whenever I hear her voice. Why people supporting such a singer

  • Mashly

    Not sure why she is selling so much because her songs are pretty immature….I dont hate her, I think she is sweet but she is talentless…cant sing live…sorry, thats the truth. She aint no Celine Dion or Mariah C…..the only ppl I could think of buying her cds are little white kids….

  • zoz

    Think about it. Digital music has only been popular for the last 5 years. Same time Taylor has been around …her teen popularity fan base has come up. They don’t care about talent just what they can sell. Sell bitter 14 yr olds whining cause some dude that probably has an STD doesn’t want them.

  • XYZ

    I told u its a bad joke!

  • XYZ


    Go and listen some real music. Or get a life!

  • jjhh

    @Mimi: i totaly agree with you i mean she may not have the best voice evr but it’s obviouse that her fans love her and that she is successful so why can’t people just back off it’s not like she’s turning into another brittany spears or lindsay lohan so thank you for being one of the few who stuck up for her and to all the others eff off you have nothing better to do than sit behind a computer and talk shit :) <3

  • cammie


    Thank Card for what, He needs to send her a Thank You card for the PR he got, She was selling alot before she met him

  • k


  • eternalozzie

    country music needs to go away … if from a very ignorant racist group of white people. I really have nothing against taylor swift as a person other than she keeps trying to date guys that are in the hollywood closet.

  • eatyourheartout

    Congratulations,Taylor! Well deserved. :) Only true artist in pop today.

  • gio

    are u kidding meeee?????? ppl are really dumb , playing and listening to this werdo

  • darla


    Right now don’t believe “what the world said” if its coming from any sort of American media. Because American media can be manipulated for any sort of self Aggrandizing agenda . For example my son’s French friend said that Lady Gaga is not really that famous or well liked in France. As for Taylor’s overrated talent, we’ll always have her Stevie Nick duet, with her using a real microphone.

  • zack

    well critics beg to differ dear darla…and i bet their view on things matters more, as they are probably not 14. and i kinda see their point. who else in the mainstream pop music industry can create so universally relatable songs besides taylor? noone.

  • Jaime

    Tay? what you and Swifty are BFFs now Jared? You know she is on an older man kick so watch out you might be her next victim!

  • mary


  • Gab

    I am SO done with this girl.

  • yes




  • ywhatthehell

    I don’t know why people love to hate taylor. she’s doing her thing and doing it without ever changing her self and morals.
    the music industry died because of her? she’s a who**? she’s talentless?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? she’s a songwriter, producer, can play instruments, create her own tour, basically just running her career by herself.

    sorry but you can hate her if you can accomplished at least half of what she accomplished in just 21 years of age.

    not much of a fan but i know she’s the real deal and super talented. that with great love and appreciation to her fans.

  • Anya

    why is this squinty eyed bitch everywhere?


    @pickles: That’s because the masses are mindless minions who buy what they are told to buy and wear what they are told to wear and haven’t had an original thought in their quitodian little heads. Marketing has figured this out and now has a plan to destroy The Arts through the sheer force of publicity and capitalism.
    Those who matter, who will change the world, are independent thinkers who judge based on their own values and the value of the work itself, devoid of influence. If these people are unable to make a difference, then all is lost.
    Personally I’m moving to Europe as soon as possible. They have a long, rich history in the Arts, and their work is impressively superior to anything here (perhaps because they aren’t all greedy capitalists.)

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    I don’t get her appeal in “my times” we had people like Britney Spears ,Christina Aguilera hell even Jessica Simpson,Ashley Simpson and Mandy Moore this mediocre chick makes me miss them and those times sad to see what has come of music today and what it takes to be a “star” this girl can not
    2. Perform (to save her life)
    3.Write decent music that people beyond 13 can relate to
    4.Has no charisma whatsoever

  • ewwwwww

    People pay to listen her lame songs?
    Americans are really stupid.

  • duh!!!

    “I don’t know why people love to hate taylor”
    Because Taylor Swift is shameless publicty who**** who is using everyone and everything for selfpromotion,
    she can’t sing,
    and her songs suck.

  • eatyourheartout

    I really love what you did here . Let me explain.
    All i had to do was to post these ignorant hate posts on Taylors homepage and let me tell you…the answer was delicious. I bet you helped her sell like crazy . Thanks for the promo, guys. LOL

  • Raining Men!


    Ha right! Start with Angie, Jennifer, men galore. (and a woman in AJ’s case! ) Short Memories.She’s young, give her a break. She sure CAN sing!

  • nes

    sorry to hurt ta supporters of taylor, but she just sucks BIG TIME if ya wanna go waste ya money on her, well go ahead. But me nah cuz her songs are lame, she can’t sing for shit, this gal has just got no talent!

  • Sierra

    Well, we now know that the world of music has gone downhill. When someone that has no singing ability is the most played artist of 2010 and the biggest selling digital artist of all time, we know we have a problem. Where’s the talent nowadays?! ANYONE could be a singer with the autotune stuff. We need talent, we need to show all of these teenage girls out here that Taylor has no talent! Have you heard her sing live, girls? Yeah, she does suck! And as much as you and Taylor like to believe she’s some fairytale princess… she’s not. Listen to some real music, please. Listen to someone who can go onstage and deliver the song just as it sounds on the radio. This is coming from a fourteen year old girl that is fed up with Taylor getting praised for all these years. I know good music, now why can’t the other teenage girls out here? Listen to the legends… they’ll show you real music.

  • HonestyPolicy

    @DL: No she has a good i just don’t really like her cuz she quite BORINg and really ( way too ) skinny …. Oh and i hate country but ther’s actually nothing wrong whit the person only THE MUSIC IS HORRIBLE !

  • Zeek

    wow you people are really arrogant. I guess thats what I would find at a gossip site… self-centred hate spreaders…
    Youre right… there aint that many 14 year olds in the world.. ye t she has become the top artist of the year… guess she is just talented.

    taylor is making music and the world a better place.
    you just cant bear it, can you?

  • Mumford&fans

    @ywhatthehell: Um Laura Marling is 21 years old too and A BETTER ARTIST who isn’t writting music too sale to 13 years old.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    @47 LOL OK .

  • lila

    @: how so? Shes a great writer and has a nice voice. Shes a hell of a lot better than Lady Gaga who would be nowhere without this crazy image(if her first album tells us anything) and Katy Perry who cant sing to save her life. Shes an incredible artist. Get over it.