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Alexander Skarsgard: Gym and Groceries!

Alexander Skarsgard: Gym and Groceries!

Alexander Skarsgard does a bit of readjusting as he heads to the gym for an afternoon workout on Thursday (January 6) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

After his workout, the 34-year-old True Blood actor changed into a sweater and jeans and shopped for some groceries at a supermarket.

Looks like Alexander is working on keeping his body in shape to stay comfortable with being nude on set.

Co-star Kristin Bauer recently told E! “he was once naked for about eight hours and he’s completely comfortable with it. He’s Swedish… There’s no puritanical background there. It’s nice because it makes all of us more comfortable with it.”

For more pictures, visit X17!.

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alexander skarsgard gym and groceries 01
alexander skarsgard gym and groceries 02
alexander skarsgard gym and groceries 03
alexander skarsgard gym and groceries 04
alexander skarsgard gym and groceries 05
alexander skarsgard gym and groceries 06

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  • Monica

    Naked for 8 hours?! Cannot wait to see that scene!!!

  • *~*+*~*

    hello? Jared?
    Just Jared readers have the right to know that Orlando Blooms baby boy is born.
    I held him in my arms yesterday and he’s so cute :)

  • Peanut Gallery

    Wondered how long before this appeared on JJ, now just wait for the BoHo post at Samy’s.

    Sit back and munch my nuts for this one.

  • Mel

    is he, errm, scratching his balls in that photo? classy.

  • *~*+*~*

    his name is Orlando Jonathan Francis Bloom-Kerr.

  • sexy man

    poor Alex, i feel sorry for him so many paps around him and he just trying to go shopping and gym bet his woman called them again…he looks hot with facial hair love it!

  • Kim

    Again. Your source:TUMBLR!!
    these pics are from yesterday and from tumblr and theis quote from Kristin is for Season 3 and before Christimas!!i!!!!

  • ?????????????????????????

    Why exactely are there orlando bloom fans posting on Alexander Skarsgards thread?
    Go to an Orlando Bloom fan site, no one gives a sh!t.

  • MlleF

    I didn’t like his caracter and his long hair on the first season of TRUE BLOOD.

    I just saw the last season this week, now I just want Sookie to cheat on Bill with him…lol

    He’s not particulary perfect, not an “easy beauty” and that’s what makes him attractive, especially when he is sassy…;)

  • *~*+*~*

    here Orlando Blooms baby Orlando so adorable

  • nicole

    Ugh he used to be so cute until he got his name associated with Kate. Now not at all!!!
    Happy to hear that Orlando had his baby. I know that is going to be a beauty!!! Miranda is GORGEOUS, smart, and grounded!!
    Also, where is JOEL KINNAMAN. Heard he was in Mexico for the New Year’s!! That man is so beautiful and TALENTED and can’t wait for his new show to start in April.
    He also just got a nomination for best actor for Snabba Cash for the Swedish version of the Oscars!! Knew it was coming!!!

  • Hmmmm

    He should see a doctor about that continual itch. Lay down with b*tches in heat you get STDS.

  • Frosty


  • nicole

    Why isn’t Joel Kinnaman mentioned more? Joel Kinnaman is just as handsome and far more talented. I want Joel Kinnaman inside of me and I think if a lot of you thought about it, you would want Joel Kinnaman inside of you!

    Joel Kinnaman

  • Katie

    Who cares about this piece of trash!

  • Tanter

    Bill Skarsgård was nominated for a Guldbagge too. I hope he wins. . Alex was nominated once too, and Stellan has won two and Gustaf one. Pretty impressive.

    I’ve read that he’ll be on screen more the next season – I really hope that. Bring on the amnesia!

  • Journo-Gee*8

    His chacracter Eric….was waaay better looking in first season with LONG hair…he’s cute but the shorter hair ..not digging it.

    BUT Joe Manganiello…aka Alcide stole the hotness last season and made everyone step up their workout game. Manganiello’s body is sick..and his messy hair …just wanna run my fingers through it.

    Sookie needs to be with the warm-blooded Alcide.

  • NEXT

    Besides being naked, what other tricks can he do?

  • Cheryl

    Nice to see some pics of Alexander. Haven’t seen him out and about for a while and I wondered where he was. He looks well. I hope he’s also happy.

  • Positives

    I’m going to look on the bright side here – he’s by himself. And there’s some skin showing. All good.

  • Loling

    @NEXT: lol!
    He can be naked, he plays he’s own douchbag side and… I don’t know.
    He’s the male version of Megan Fox or the bimbo you want.

  • NEXT


    They’re well matched. Vapid, shallow famewh*o res. Not buying that at least 3 photogs(2 in pix and 1 taking pix) just happened to be at Bristol Farms. Not buying she was also papped at camera shop(?) same day he was papped at gym.He can play Alex the Grouch all he wants, he’s in on it.

  • Cecile

    The Skarsgard family must be so ashamed of this fame-whore.

  • true blood

    Alex looks good.
    Thanks, Jared.

  • Aliens are coming!

    @?????????????????????????: They do it because Bloom used to be Kate B.’s boyfriend

  • Wumby

    Why is he scratching his privates in public? Gross!

  • itch

    @26 he is not the first guy to scratch in public. Look more often you will see it just that normally guys done have the paps hiding and snapping away. Plus it’s not like he did it infront of old ladies or kids, calm down already, probably from all that work out it wanted some attention. God knows it look like he ain’t getting or giving any from/to KB. He should find some to help him out with that.

  • Erika

    True Blood is promoting again? nice, I like the show, but I wish they don’t use this nakedness guy always. It’s getting boring.
    Alex was interesting when he was refreshing and different, now he is just another actor trying to make fans by being naked or talk about it.

  • caroline

    Why some people hate him? I swear I do not understand, someone explain to me!………

  • The doppelgängers

    A good thing about this drama is the doppelgängers of Kate and Alex on twitter. Funny stuff.

  • Tippi

    Sexy Skarsgard!!!

  • KB papped

    the famwhore was papped at a camera shop with alex’s pals the one standing next to the famewhore is the one that accompanies alex and the famewhore on there PR date arclight outing anyone! I think people call him surfer dude on forums don’t ask me why?.

    it just shows that the famewhore has no friends so she steals alex’s pals. maybe they are dating? why hang around your BF mates?. why have you not accompanied your BF on a grocery shopping date you missed out on that GREAT PAP OPPORTUNITY! I don’t think alex is playing along with the PR game anymore with the famewhore. he is keeping a low profile first time I have see alex in weeks on JJ—at-Sammys-Camera-in-L.A–01-06-11-.html

  • chelle

    A@Cecile: people will like him again when he stops association with the bosho. Just give it time. Personally I like him for his skills not his really crappy taste in fwb ……just saying

  • Nevermore

    He’s skankwrecked. Even after Bosho is no more, the fact that he went there and stayed will always stay in people’s mind.

  • Erika @Nevermore 34

    Skankwrecked is right. When you see/read an interview of Kate Bosworth, you know she’s… dumb and she can’t even be funny or get the jokes.
    Would a smart man stay with someone like Kate? That was a big disappointment.
    He was fine before, keeping the mystery. Now I can only see him as a musclehead.
    (yeah, I still care, but in a bad way: a musclehead fooled me! :) )

  • veruca

    @Erika: Alex has actually said in European interviews that it irritates him how US interviewers focus on the nudity, because ONCE he said he had no issues with it, now it’s all they want to talk about. If you read any of his European interviews, rarely do they ask about it, and usually they ask pretty interesting and refreshing questions. US ones have no creativity.

    In any case, at least he isn’t wearing the ratty boots! Apparently he does own other footwear… we got two pairs of shoes in this photo set!

    IMO, Alex isn’t really a famewhore – usually he’s photographed only at events or when out with Kate – not when by himself, doing normal things, which seems to indicate that he can lead a private life and chooses to do so, whereas she is photographed on her own and with him, seeming to indicate that something fishy is going on with her publicity.

  • 0901

    HOT ! Love Askars and love a man in shorts!!!

  • caroline

    Oh gosh, all this sh*t because he is with kate? I mean, i hate her too, I think that is a skinny and silly person xd but… I just hope that they broke
    (Like every kate’s ex-boyfriends, by the way.)

  • caroline

    Oh gosh, all this sh*t because he is with kate? I mean, i hate her too, I think that is a skinny and silly person xd but… I just hope that they broke up, and he can be with someone better.
    (Like every kate’s ex-boyfriends, by the way.)

  • Frosting

    Haters R Always Gonna Hate And ASkars Really Brings Out The Crazy From The Crazies …

  • They are not together anymore.

    They’re are not together anymore. The last time they were actually photographed together was in October. Everything else has been alluded to. While he was working out and grocery shopping, she was seen at Joan’s on 3rd with a “Dreamy Guy” and then later at Sammy’s
    Camers shop with a few friends. Seems like if they were together they would have spent his time off together. Just Sayin.

  • kitx

    obviously called the paps himself this time. birds of a feather flock together. such a waste.

  • Sasha

    Who cares who he’s ****ing or isnt , the man is FINE !!!

  • kv

    @They are not together anymore.: Afraid not… The camera shop pic shows her with Swedish surfer dude who is Alex’s friend. They’re still together…unfortunately.

  • They are not together anymore.

    @kv Swedish surfer dude didn’t start showing up until after Kate was in his life. Who’s to say he’s not her friend. Also don’t you find it strange that she would be hanging out with his friends and Alex not be there. Just sayin.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Hes My bodyuard

  • cami

    @They are not together anymore.:
    When Alex and Surfer dude were seen at Doughboys they were having a discussion is Swedish. Also Surfer Dude attended the Esquire house party with Alex and not Kate. Quit trying to stir the pot or act like you know what you are talking about. Just sayin’.

  • GreenCAT

    Can’t wait for season 4!!

  • They are not together anymore.

    @cami Retract your claws little kitty. To each their own and all that. Just Sayin.

  • veruca

    @They are not together anymore.:
    They may not have been photographed together in a bit, but she’s been seen out with his brothers, and I doubt they’d be that chummy with their brother’s ex. Especially since I’d bet they’re probably bunking with him since they’re both new to LA.

    Besides, he was filming Battleship until he returned to LA at the end of Nov, where he was spotted entering her trailer, and he’s now back to work with True Blood, where if season 4 is anything like the books, he’ll have a lot more screen time, meaning less time to be out and about.

    And don’t forget the rumours of late that he wants to move in together, have her prove she’s ready to settle down, and then propose to her. I’m not sayin’ the rumours are true, but I could see an engagement happening this year.