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Avril Lavigne: 'What the Hell' Video Preview!

Avril Lavigne: 'What the Hell' Video Preview!

Check out this preview of the upcoming music video for Avril Lavigne‘s new single “What the Hell.”

The song, off her forthcoming album Goodbye, Lullaby, recently debuted after Avril performed it live on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

The video was shot in 3D and during the preview, Avril and her band watch the footage with their 3D glasses on, to which Avril shouts “look, it’s like you can touch it!”

Watch the preview below…

Avril Lavigne: ‘What the Hell’ Video Preview
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  • Joie

    can’t wait!!

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Excuseme . . . . . . . I said excuse me! ! My hair now better look

  • i say what i want

    When this girl will grow up ? and make good music

  • OMG

    she’s very annoying , How did she become so annoying ?

  • no way

    What do you expect from a girl who’s dating brody jenner ??
    Nothing special :D

  • hollywood

    britney spears she comeing back , there is no room for the wanna be , GO AWAY AVRIL :p

  • dido

    The song sucks and also the video will suck .

  • i am how i am

    i liked this girl but now she become so fake and unreal , arrogant so i don’t like her anymore :(

  • Roar

    no one cares about Avril and her shit pop song

  • Dita

    I really don’t like Avril Lavigne for her whole divorce/Brody Jenner thing and ‘What the hell’ is forgettable and disposable kiddy pop

  • fake

    i don’t know why she wants to be something obviously she’s NOT .

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    Haha, this girl thinks she is so edgy. Well, she’s not.

  • Masoud

    I’m SOOOOOOOO excited!!!!

  • Marcus

    @hollywood: Haha,in case you need reminding,Avril can sing,live or otherwise.Britney’s just a lipsyncher who gets booed out of countries these days.

  • Patty

    She looks so full of herself and silly. I dont think we need more of this stupid personality teen girls anymore.

  • lola

    i liked her before… but after HEY HEY I DONT LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEEEND – she just became a product of hollywood..
    which is sad :/

  • Reality Bites

    My God, she’s such a DORK…

  • ANNA


    But Britney is not a liar like avril , B she never said that she won’t do this or that and she did it after all , but avril did now she just another popstar she got lost in the hollywood scene, i hate to say that but like it or not it’s true , B knows how she is and didn’t lie about it

  • Kar

    I love what I see, this song looks is going to be a huge hit.

  • XYZ


    Hit and miss more likely.

  • Marcus

    @ANNA: You have a valid point and I won’t argue it except to say 17 year old teenagers say and do alot of things they regret later in life.Avril went from small town Ontario to the IT girl in 2002 and reeled off 5 years of phenomenal success before contradicting herself.God knows she paid the price even with her most devout fans.She’s 26 now and trying to win us back and if you believe like I do that going on stage and giving anything less than your best is nothing more than spectacle and trickery, then you’ll understand my support for her.
    That being said,Avril sings live 100% of the time and doesn’t need the gimmicks, which is more than I can say about
    most of todays female “singers”.

  • handledatruff

    That’s right Marcus, tell these haters what it is! They can’t respond to the truth!

  • Danny

    I don’t know why everyone is hating on her, but I’m sure this song will be a hit. So will Britney’s, but I haven’t even heard it yet.

  • Justin

    JustJared are full of haters ! I hate it !

  • mel

    all u guys r jealouss…!! so ur comments show tat..!!! … tellin hr 2 grow up??… i tell u guys 2!!!… ters ntg kiddish than commentin on others…!! so GROW UP!!…. if u ssly wanna COMMENT do it after u match her PROFILE!!!…!!!
    AVRIL U ROCK!!! :D …im ur FOREVER FAN!

  • Evan

    AVRIL IS THE BEST!!!!!! I really don’t know why you are all hating on her.. Her label made her write this song anyway, Her album will be freakin awesome and super personal. But this music video looks like it will be fun. And hey, she hasn’t fallen into the hollywood scene. She’s always herself. And she’s no a skank. She is always clothed and isn’t sexual. I am glad she is still around. We need more celebrities like Avril that don’t sell sex. She is awesome.

  • raid

    I met Avril and her douche of a boyfriend a couple of months ago and I have never met such a stuck up little bi tch in my life .
    She really thinks she is something special , a BIG star that should be treated like one , I hope her album bombs and she goes away for good – and i say that from someone who was a big fan before she became the Paris Hilton of music .

  • Please wake up


    ( avril trying to win us back :D ) , You have got to be kidding me , she just want to takes your money THE fans money and spend it on her boyfriend and his mother and his useless friends , WAKE UP .

  • weak

    lol bieber and avril are canadians they are both crap musicians ,annoying and short like fukc !!

  • the people

    Cute girl who could be a beautiful woman but she has to realize she comes across as a POSER. The fact that her clothes didn’t sell should have been a sign. I remember her taking shots at people who wore extensions and now look at her. The transition to serious artist and possible actress is way overdue. Its just more of the same.

  • Marcus

    Earth to@Please wake up: @Please wake up: You’re kidding right?Do you think Britney is releasing her new album to prove to the world what a deep and creative artist she is?Everyone knows she’s neither.It’s for the money.That’s what they do.It’s their careers.In Avril’s case,she lost so many fans due to poor decisions and being inactive, she won’t have a music career if she doesn’t reach out to her old fanbase.
    I know this is all pretty deep for you hater simpletons to comprehend,but you’ll get it one day.In the meantime,stay in school.

  • anon


    Everyone hates on her because they HAVE ALWAYS hated on her. I am not a fan but being Canadian I happened to watch a recorded concert of hers on the TV and I was mildly surprised to be impressed by her stage presence and talent.

  • Linda

    Avril is having serious trouble transitioning to adulthood.

  • physco

    aa aa…

  • physco

    AVRIL IS THE BEST !!!!!!
    I’m Your FOREVER FAN !!!!!!!!!

  • mykeboi

    would you people just shit the hell up about her. When she comes out everybody complains “she’s not punk she’s pop” and now she’s doing pop music and you all complain “wa wa she use to be so punk” and if you actually knew shit you would know that as she said this song is the least personal to her on the record, what is wrong with writting a song about having fun? nothing
    get bent all of you
    and while you keep bashing just look in your room
    how many albums have you all sold?


  • TH

    Just great pop music.

    I’m so sick of this “grow as an artist” snob nonsense. Avril has grown to the point where you she does what she likes, and that’s the growth any artist aspires to. She is pleasing herself and obviously a lot of other fans. There’s room in the world for pop, and always will be thank heavens.

    Not everybody wants to listen to rap, hip hop, or John Mayer.

    You go girl!

  • hatersucks

    u mfu*** haters sucks if u dont lyk her then hu cares we love her (though i lyk her more when she was at her 1st album) dont make such nonesense comments it sucks!!
    Avril rules!!

  • Daniel

    For those bad cms about the singers. You think you know it all, but are you? ARE YOU? You have the ability to feel what’s the singer feels, haven’t you? You are NOT EVEN HER FRIEND! How could you say bad things about someone you are not? I think you are just jealous about the shining of someone else, it’s so simple, because you want your words to make sense and you want people to feel the way you feel, but in fact, you don’t know what do others feel. You want the real thing, right? then LOOK BACK TO YOUR SELF! Everyone have bad times, are you? Have you been through one? So you just JUDGE people because they do something you hate. let me ask you, is hate lead to a good thing, like… a fight? or even a war? Are these things good? Use your brain with your heart together. Those singers or whatever they are, are people too. And you know what, A lion doesn’t kill another lions, they LIVE TOGETHER and protect others. What about us? What is right?

  • http://facebook watever

    you r a stupid bitch u ass

  • Tiffany

    I love reading all of these comments and not being able to stop myself from laughing. Do you honestly think any of YOU could be any better? Probably not, so quit your childish whining and if you don’t like her, why did you even view this?

  • http://MySpace Hotkitten7

    Avril rocks so get over it bitches

  • evekat11

    If you don’t like her music, its simple DON’T LISTEN. We’ve all grown up since she first came out. Her sound may not have but thats what sells. Get over it!
    If you don’t like her sound anymore find a new one – no ones forcing you to listen

  • april

    @Joie: all right love the new song and single .. woohoo “WHAT THE HELL” … f**k !@