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Daniel Craig: Denim Jacket Dude

Daniel Craig: Denim Jacket Dude

Daniel Craig sports a classic denim jacket as he has a talking with a photographer on Saturday (January 8) in Hollywood, Calif.

The 42-year-old British actor has been getting a lot of buzz lately for his real-life romance with Dream House co-star, Rachel Weisz.

Can’t wait to see these two hit the red carpet together!

FYI: As of now, the James Bond franchise is alive and the upcoming installment Bond 23 is still in the works!

15+ pictures inside of denim jacket dude Daniel Craig

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daniel craig denim jacket 01
daniel craig denim jacket 02
daniel craig denim jacket 03
daniel craig denim jacket 04
daniel craig denim jacket 05
daniel craig denim jacket 06
daniel craig denim jacket 07
daniel craig denim jacket 08
daniel craig denim jacket 09
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daniel craig denim jacket 15
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daniel craig denim jacket 17
daniel craig denim jacket 18
daniel craig denim jacket 19

Credit: Ramon; Photos: AKM Images
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  • Tim

    lol…Daniel does not want to talk to the photographer, he is aiming to kick the paps butt. I love daniel and rachel but unfortunately he will be dealing with extra pap attention until they are no longer an interesting story. Everything is still fresh. Paps stink.

  • Alicia

    If you’re in hollywood you have to expect this. not to say people dont deserve privacy but its unavoidable in hwood.

  • Dan’s Fan City

    SCORE!! #1 FAN DAN!!!!

  • Dan’s Fan City

    CURSES!!! Tim and Alicia!! Too quick on the draw. DRATS!

  • Frosty

    He looks stupid. If he didn’t want to be papped, the paps wouldn’t be there. It’s a game – call the paps and then pretend to look like you’re gonna kick their butt. It’s part of acting.

  • Amy

    Agh..leave him alone!!

  • Amy

    Daniel Craig sports a classic denim jacket as he has a talking with a photographer on Saturday (January 8) in Hollywood, Calif.

  • Libby

    Who’s the woman in the pink sweats? Hmmmmmmm…….

  • Libby

    Who’s the woman in the pink sweats? Hmmmmmmm…….

  • Libby

    Who’s the woman in the pink sweats? Hmmmmmmmmm………..

  • Mark

    Jared, I agree with you!!!! We want to see Daniel and Rachel on the red carpet together! And thank you for the new pics.

  • Guinness

    Yikes. You will make it someday DFC…I made it once in the number one spot.

    This looks not right. It looks as though Dan came out of his SUV in front of the paps—

    aaawwww! I will chase them for you Dan!! We just want to see you. I am sorry.

    I will stroke that hair of yours until it stays down too. Just call me!


    Mendel,,,give him my number ffs–ya can’t horde him forever!

    awwww…he loooks soooo mad. and hotness.

  • to Libby

    You seem to be really interested in it.

  • Guinness

    wtf pink sweats?

    did you read my post from last thread Mendel?

    why does a poster not think he is giving a “talking to” to a photographer?

    why is Dan driving his own SUV? is that his with the door open?

    does anyone have the REAL story?

    In this pic, Dan looks as if he is counting to himself to not lose it…or showing how he doesn’t lose it….

    ho hum; sorry dan,” we love you”—that is why we don’t video tape you!!!!!!! *from the St Bart’s videographer in the box*, get it?


    don’t be mad Dan. tomorrow is another day and Rach will call you.

  • mimi

    Where is Rachel?

  • Libby

    Sorry guys accidentally posted too many times…LOL.

  • Guinness

    thats ok Libby–but where do u see pink sweatpants?

    Love it when his neck veins pop. But then the Bond comes out…angry Brittish guy who knows how to fight–no thank you!!!

  • Dan’s Fan City

    Thanks for the encouragement Guinness! lol Hey, this reminded me of the St. Barts pap in the box too!!

  • to Guinness
  • purple

    Homewrecking douche.

  • Table 6

    How to get more free press…

    #1. Become an actor of the #1 franchise. Check.
    #2. Dump your ex of six years and date an equally famous actor/actress.Check.
    #3. Looked p***ed as you go after the paps. Check.

  • Deb

    Love his jacket! I think he feels lonely here without Rachel…..

  • to 21

    Hi, Satsuki!!!! LOL

  • Bonna

    Daniel looks sooooooooooooooooo hot. Even if there is no Rachel.

  • Lakers

    To Table 6
    Why must we check it? it is not unusual in HollyWood. You look a nervous temperament.

  • Julia

    JJ, thanks for the photos!! BTW maybe the girl is his assistant.

  • LL-J

    Rachel Weisz’s ex takes a shine to Winona Ryder

    While Rachel Weisz has moved on from her nine-year love affair with director Darren Aronofsky – thanks to her blossoming relationship with Daniel Craig – her
    ex has taken something of a shine to actress Winona Ryder.

    Darren worked with Winona on soon-to-be-released movie Black Swan – and is said to want to team up with the 39-year-old again as he’s smitten with her.

    Darren, 41, said he did one scene with her that involved ‘20 or 30 takes’, adding: ‘The reason I did so many was because I couldn’t believe that was all the time I was going to get with Winona.

    ‘I really just wanted to keep working with her.’

  • to libby

    could Rachel be the woman in pink?

  • Daniel is Hot

    No, not Rachel in the pink outfit. He would look happy if it were. No he is upset the paps are taking his pictures or asking him questions he does not want them to ask. He is unhappy, but keeping his cool. He sure looks good though!

  • ilia

    i like this guy a lot. his were the only bond films i actually enjoyed.

  • to 27

    He likes jews?

  • Seth

    His hair is everywhere!!!! Like he lives a freewheeling life. LOL
    LOVE HIM!!!!!!

  • Yennis

    I love Daniel. You dumped Rachel and should be dating with me!! :p

  • to 31

    do you have a problem?

  • LL-J

    Daniel Craig’s friend Rachel Weisz finds that home is where the heart is
    Rachel Weisz, the New York-based actress, says she misses London, where her Christmas companion, the James Bond star Daniel Craig, has also lived.
    Rachel Weisz pledged to continue to bring up her four-year-old son, Henry, in New York when she announced in November that she had split up with Darren Aronofsky, the American film director.

    The Oscar-winning star of The Constant Gardener yearns, however, to return to Britain, where she spent Christmas in a West Country cottage with Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond.

    “I miss home so much,” admits Weisz, 40, who attended St Paul’s Girls’ School in Hammersmith. “Not only my family, but my friends. Also, London itself.

    “I was in London for a long season doing theatre and I was delighted to get to know its parks again and the little shops that are full of charm, and that calmer way of dealing with people.”

  • Daniel in LOVE

    Daniel Craig’s friend? Christmas companion?? The telegraph uk reported before that Rachel had fallen “head over heels” for Daniel.

  • to Daniel in LOVE

    Daniel Craig’s friend? Christmas companion??
    Daniel Craig’s girl friend. her loved companion :)

  • stand by idly

    It looks like The Telegraph wants to calm a situation. Many presses said Rachel was mad in love with Daniel. They are trying to improve their English rose Rachel’s image. OK, she never lost control of herself, right? :D

  • C&A

    Jon_Favreau: Saturday in the editing room.

  • Neve

    Why must not she love Daniel madly? if I were her, i’d be always clinging to Daniel!!

  • me

    Who’s the woman in the pink sweats? Hmmmmmmm…….
    Me, of course.

  • Punkie

    he has a talking with a photographer on Saturday
    so he had a talking with “someone”? hmmmmm….
    so he speaks to a photopap? miracle happened. maybe that photopap asked him about Rachel or Satsuki or his work.

  • stand by idly

    According to an eyewitness, they were clinging with each other.

  • Punkie to Just Jared

    FYI: As of now, the James Bond franchise is alive and the upcoming installment Bond 23 is still in the works!
    Nice comment from you, JJ.
    Then, do not forget post new article about 23.Bond girl Olga Kurlenko. Go to interview her or call to ask her about Camille in 23. Bond. Yes?

  • stand by idly

    Aw, my post was sent to Neve.

  • Venice

    It’s just a matter of time.

  • stand by idly

    to me
    I think you are in Canada. No?

  • Neve

    I know, but i meant “ALWAYS”. :)

  • Fio

    to DFC
    So close! I’m sure you are going to get a chance someday :)
    Hi, Guinness
    I don’t think he talked with the paps. Maybe the paps asked him about Rachel. He would ignore it. And it’s MGM not the paps butt that he wants to really kick :)

    55 Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies to Watch Out For in 2011

    Could this be the biggest year ever for fantastical movies? It certainly looks like it. The calendar is bursting with films about aliens, weird creatures, superheroes and magical worlds. Here’s our complete guide to 2011′s science fiction and fantasy films.

    We know, 55 films seems like a lot. We aimed to do a list of just 25 or 30 — but when we started listing all the films this year that we could include, we ended up with 64, and had to whittle it down.

    Cowboys and Aliens (July 29)
    Director Jon Favreau set out to make a straight-up Western film — that incorporates alien invaders. The cowboys and the natives have to team up to fight the extra-terrestrial menace, and in the middle of it is a man with amnesia and a weird device on his wrist.
    Outlook: The cast, including Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, is pretty amazing. And the trailer looked note-perfect.

  • Fio

    Howell: 11 reasons for cinematic excitement in 2011–howell-11-reasons-for-cinematic-excitement-in-2011

    Cowboy and Aliens (Jon Favreau): Ditto for the repeat enthusiasm, this one for the popcorn joy of a western and sci-fi mash-up that looks like great fun come summer. Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig star as saddle-bound antagonists who have to figure out what to do when E.T. blasts into town. If Favreau does as good as job with this as he did with Iron Man — and the trailer is promising — it should be both a hoot and a holler.

    11 Movies People Will Be Talking About in 2011

    2011 is almost upon us, and for many people, that means it’s time to reflect on the year gone by. And for movies, 2010 certainly had its share of excitement, with unexpected hits like ‘Inception’ and ‘The Social Network’ joining surefire blockbusters like ‘Toy Story 3′ as the most talked about and debated films of the year. Yes, 2010 was pretty cool. But frankly, we’d rather spend our time looking forward than looking backward, because as great as 2010 was, we have a feeling that 2011 is going to blow it out of the water. In fact, the hard part isn’t identifying cool movies to look forward to; it’s figuring out which of the dozens of awesome upcoming features we’re most excited about. But if you’re overwhelmed by the array of sweet flicks on the horizon, fear not, because we’ve sifted through every preview, press release and backstage photo to boil it down to the films you’re going to be talking about all year long. Without further ado, then, here’s our list of 11 Movies to Watch in 2011:

    Cowboys and Aliens
    The premise is so simple that everything you need to know is right in the title. But there are a couple more things about ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ worth noting beyond it’s fantastically simple (and awesome) concept — things like ‘Iron Man’ director Jon Favreau behind the camera and superstars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in front of it. Giddyup. (Jul. 29)

    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
    The hottest book series (for adults) in the world finally gets a big-screen Hollywood treatment in perhaps the most hotly anticipated film of the season. Hardcore fans of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy, of course, are still on the fence over whether this new version — which stars Daniel Craig and the relatively unknown Rooney Mara, who reteams with her ‘Social Network’ director David Fincher — is really necessary considering the epic job turned in by Noomi Rapace in the acclaimed Swedish adaptations. Our answer? Good stories are always necessary in Hollywood. (Dec. 21)