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Daniel Craig: Denim Jacket Dude

Daniel Craig: Denim Jacket Dude

Daniel Craig sports a classic denim jacket as he has a talking with a photographer on Saturday (January 8) in Hollywood, Calif.

The 42-year-old British actor has been getting a lot of buzz lately for his real-life romance with Dream House co-star, Rachel Weisz.

Can’t wait to see these two hit the red carpet together!

FYI: As of now, the James Bond franchise is alive and the upcoming installment Bond 23 is still in the works!

15+ pictures inside of denim jacket dude Daniel Craig

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246 Responses to “Daniel Craig: Denim Jacket Dude”

  1. 1
    Tim Says:

    lol…Daniel does not want to talk to the photographer, he is aiming to kick the paps butt. I love daniel and rachel but unfortunately he will be dealing with extra pap attention until they are no longer an interesting story. Everything is still fresh. Paps stink.

  2. 2
    Alicia Says:

    If you’re in hollywood you have to expect this. not to say people dont deserve privacy but its unavoidable in hwood.

  3. 3
    Dan's Fan City Says:

    SCORE!! #1 FAN DAN!!!!

  4. 4
    Dan's Fan City Says:

    CURSES!!! Tim and Alicia!! Too quick on the draw. DRATS!

  5. 5
    Frosty Says:

    He looks stupid. If he didn’t want to be papped, the paps wouldn’t be there. It’s a game – call the paps and then pretend to look like you’re gonna kick their butt. It’s part of acting.

  6. 6
    Amy Says:

    Agh..leave him alone!!

  7. 7
    Amy Says:

    Daniel Craig sports a classic denim jacket as he has a talking with a photographer on Saturday (January 8) in Hollywood, Calif.

  8. 8
    Libby Says:

    Who’s the woman in the pink sweats? Hmmmmmmm…….

  9. 9
    Libby Says:

    Who’s the woman in the pink sweats? Hmmmmmmm…….

  10. 10
    Libby Says:

    Who’s the woman in the pink sweats? Hmmmmmmmmm………..

  11. 11
    Mark Says:

    Jared, I agree with you!!!! We want to see Daniel and Rachel on the red carpet together! And thank you for the new pics.

  12. 12
    Guinness Says:

    Yikes. You will make it someday DFC…I made it once in the number one spot.

    This looks not right. It looks as though Dan came out of his SUV in front of the paps—

    aaawwww! I will chase them for you Dan!! We just want to see you. I am sorry.

    I will stroke that hair of yours until it stays down too. Just call me!


    Mendel,,,give him my number ffs–ya can’t horde him forever!

    awwww…he loooks soooo mad. and hotness.

  13. 13
    to Libby Says:

    You seem to be really interested in it.

  14. 14
    Guinness Says:

    wtf pink sweats?

    did you read my post from last thread Mendel?

    why does a poster not think he is giving a “talking to” to a photographer?

    why is Dan driving his own SUV? is that his with the door open?

    does anyone have the REAL story?

    In this pic, Dan looks as if he is counting to himself to not lose it…or showing how he doesn’t lose it….

    ho hum; sorry dan,” we love you”—that is why we don’t video tape you!!!!!!! *from the St Bart’s videographer in the box*, get it?


    don’t be mad Dan. tomorrow is another day and Rach will call you.

  15. 15
    mimi Says:

    Where is Rachel?

  16. 16
    Libby Says:

    Sorry guys accidentally posted too many times…LOL.

  17. 17
    Guinness Says:

    thats ok Libby–but where do u see pink sweatpants?

    Love it when his neck veins pop. But then the Bond comes out…angry Brittish guy who knows how to fight–no thank you!!!

  18. 18
    Dan's Fan City Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Guinness! lol Hey, this reminded me of the St. Barts pap in the box too!!

  19. 19
    to Guinness Says:
    his assistant?
    his daughter?

  20. 20
    purple Says:

    Homewrecking douche.

  21. 21
    Table 6 Says:

    How to get more free press…

    #1. Become an actor of the #1 franchise. Check.
    #2. Dump your ex of six years and date an equally famous actor/actress.Check.
    #3. Looked p***ed as you go after the paps. Check.

  22. 22
    Deb Says:

    Love his jacket! I think he feels lonely here without Rachel…..

  23. 23
    to 21 Says:

    Hi, Satsuki!!!! LOL

  24. 24
    Bonna Says:

    Daniel looks sooooooooooooooooo hot. Even if there is no Rachel.

  25. 25
    Lakers Says:

    To Table 6
    Why must we check it? it is not unusual in HollyWood. You look a nervous temperament.

  26. 26
    Julia Says:

    JJ, thanks for the photos!! BTW maybe the girl is his assistant.

  27. 27
    LL-J Says:

    Rachel Weisz’s ex takes a shine to Winona Ryder

    While Rachel Weisz has moved on from her nine-year love affair with director Darren Aronofsky – thanks to her blossoming relationship with Daniel Craig – her
    ex has taken something of a shine to actress Winona Ryder.

    Darren worked with Winona on soon-to-be-released movie Black Swan – and is said to want to team up with the 39-year-old again as he’s smitten with her.

    Darren, 41, said he did one scene with her that involved ‘20 or 30 takes’, adding: ‘The reason I did so many was because I couldn’t believe that was all the time I was going to get with Winona.

    ‘I really just wanted to keep working with her.’

  28. 28
    to libby Says:

    could Rachel be the woman in pink?

  29. 29
    Daniel is Hot Says:

    No, not Rachel in the pink outfit. He would look happy if it were. No he is upset the paps are taking his pictures or asking him questions he does not want them to ask. He is unhappy, but keeping his cool. He sure looks good though!

  30. 30
    ilia Says:

    i like this guy a lot. his were the only bond films i actually enjoyed.

  31. 31
    to 27 Says:

    He likes jews?

  32. 32
    Seth Says:

    His hair is everywhere!!!! Like he lives a freewheeling life. LOL
    LOVE HIM!!!!!!

  33. 33
    Yennis Says:

    I love Daniel. You dumped Rachel and should be dating with me!! :p

  34. 34
    to 31 Says:

    do you have a problem?

  35. 35
    LL-J Says:

    Daniel Craig’s friend Rachel Weisz finds that home is where the heart is
    Rachel Weisz, the New York-based actress, says she misses London, where her Christmas companion, the James Bond star Daniel Craig, has also lived.
    Rachel Weisz pledged to continue to bring up her four-year-old son, Henry, in New York when she announced in November that she had split up with Darren Aronofsky, the American film director.

    The Oscar-winning star of The Constant Gardener yearns, however, to return to Britain, where she spent Christmas in a West Country cottage with Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond.

    “I miss home so much,” admits Weisz, 40, who attended St Paul’s Girls’ School in Hammersmith. “Not only my family, but my friends. Also, London itself.

    “I was in London for a long season doing theatre and I was delighted to get to know its parks again and the little shops that are full of charm, and that calmer way of dealing with people.”

  36. 36
    Daniel in LOVE Says:

    Daniel Craig’s friend? Christmas companion?? The telegraph uk reported before that Rachel had fallen “head over heels” for Daniel.

  37. 37
    to Daniel in LOVE Says:

    Daniel Craig’s friend? Christmas companion??
    Daniel Craig’s girl friend. her loved companion :)

  38. 38
    stand by idly Says:

    It looks like The Telegraph wants to calm a situation. Many presses said Rachel was mad in love with Daniel. They are trying to improve their English rose Rachel’s image. OK, she never lost control of herself, right? :D

  39. 39
    C&A Says:

    Jon_Favreau: Saturday in the editing room.

  40. 40
    Neve Says:

    Why must not she love Daniel madly? if I were her, i’d be always clinging to Daniel!!

  41. 41
    me Says:

    Who’s the woman in the pink sweats? Hmmmmmmm…….
    Me, of course.

  42. 42
    Punkie Says:

    he has a talking with a photographer on Saturday
    so he had a talking with “someone”? hmmmmm….
    so he speaks to a photopap? miracle happened. maybe that photopap asked him about Rachel or Satsuki or his work.

  43. 43
    stand by idly Says:

    According to an eyewitness, they were clinging with each other.

  44. 44
    Punkie to Just Jared Says:

    FYI: As of now, the James Bond franchise is alive and the upcoming installment Bond 23 is still in the works!
    Nice comment from you, JJ.
    Then, do not forget post new article about 23.Bond girl Olga Kurlenko. Go to interview her or call to ask her about Camille in 23. Bond. Yes?

  45. 45
    stand by idly Says:

    Aw, my post was sent to Neve.

  46. 46
    Venice Says:

    It’s just a matter of time.

  47. 47
    stand by idly Says:

    to me
    I think you are in Canada. No?

  48. 48
    Neve Says:

    I know, but i meant “ALWAYS”. :)

  49. 49
    Fio Says:

    to DFC
    So close! I’m sure you are going to get a chance someday :)
    Hi, Guinness
    I don’t think he talked with the paps. Maybe the paps asked him about Rachel. He would ignore it. And it’s MGM not the paps butt that he wants to really kick :)

    55 Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies to Watch Out For in 2011

    Could this be the biggest year ever for fantastical movies? It certainly looks like it. The calendar is bursting with films about aliens, weird creatures, superheroes and magical worlds. Here’s our complete guide to 2011′s science fiction and fantasy films.

    We know, 55 films seems like a lot. We aimed to do a list of just 25 or 30 — but when we started listing all the films this year that we could include, we ended up with 64, and had to whittle it down.

    Cowboys and Aliens (July 29)
    Director Jon Favreau set out to make a straight-up Western film — that incorporates alien invaders. The cowboys and the natives have to team up to fight the extra-terrestrial menace, and in the middle of it is a man with amnesia and a weird device on his wrist.
    Outlook: The cast, including Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, is pretty amazing. And the trailer looked note-perfect.

  50. 50
    Fio Says:

    Howell: 11 reasons for cinematic excitement in 2011–howell-11-reasons-for-cinematic-excitement-in-2011

    Cowboy and Aliens (Jon Favreau): Ditto for the repeat enthusiasm, this one for the popcorn joy of a western and sci-fi mash-up that looks like great fun come summer. Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig star as saddle-bound antagonists who have to figure out what to do when E.T. blasts into town. If Favreau does as good as job with this as he did with Iron Man — and the trailer is promising — it should be both a hoot and a holler.

    11 Movies People Will Be Talking About in 2011

    2011 is almost upon us, and for many people, that means it’s time to reflect on the year gone by. And for movies, 2010 certainly had its share of excitement, with unexpected hits like ‘Inception’ and ‘The Social Network’ joining surefire blockbusters like ‘Toy Story 3′ as the most talked about and debated films of the year. Yes, 2010 was pretty cool. But frankly, we’d rather spend our time looking forward than looking backward, because as great as 2010 was, we have a feeling that 2011 is going to blow it out of the water. In fact, the hard part isn’t identifying cool movies to look forward to; it’s figuring out which of the dozens of awesome upcoming features we’re most excited about. But if you’re overwhelmed by the array of sweet flicks on the horizon, fear not, because we’ve sifted through every preview, press release and backstage photo to boil it down to the films you’re going to be talking about all year long. Without further ado, then, here’s our list of 11 Movies to Watch in 2011:

    Cowboys and Aliens
    The premise is so simple that everything you need to know is right in the title. But there are a couple more things about ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ worth noting beyond it’s fantastically simple (and awesome) concept — things like ‘Iron Man’ director Jon Favreau behind the camera and superstars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in front of it. Giddyup. (Jul. 29)

    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
    The hottest book series (for adults) in the world finally gets a big-screen Hollywood treatment in perhaps the most hotly anticipated film of the season. Hardcore fans of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy, of course, are still on the fence over whether this new version — which stars Daniel Craig and the relatively unknown Rooney Mara, who reteams with her ‘Social Network’ director David Fincher — is really necessary considering the epic job turned in by Noomi Rapace in the acclaimed Swedish adaptations. Our answer? Good stories are always necessary in Hollywood. (Dec. 21)

  51. 51
    Fio Says:

    The Lion King!! lol

    Rachel Weisz And Daniel Craig Are Probably Banging .

  52. 52
    yourmama Says:

    eeeewwwwwwwww!! f***ing UGLY!!!

  53. 53
    Fio Says:

    Marcel makes fun of his kissy lips face but Marcel’s an idiot as that is but one of Daniel Craig’s loveliest features. I had never seen a James Bond movie before Mr. Craig came along because a slick man in a suit didn’t do much for me but lordy lordy once I got a gander of this one in 007 mode, suddenly that whole suave image with sports cars (usually a major snooze alert for me) totally made sense. He can do no wrong in my humble opinion.
    Please sir can I have some more?
    You’re welcome.

  54. 54
    to stand by idly Says:

    I think you are in Canada. No?
    You think wrong.
    You don’t recognize me? chacha.

  55. 55
    to 52 Says:

    Agreed, I too think YOURMAMA is f***ing UGLY!!!

  56. 56
    stand by idly Says:

    to 54
    You are Gina, right?
    I know you are in Czech.

  57. 57
    Guinness Says:

    HLY CRAP Fio! thanks for the blog post…did you read the rest? “…I am sure he thinks this is some life contract or something…”

    I just saw that episode with Matt Damon–that was freeekin awesome. And everything she wrote about with the guys–totally agree. (…i am watching Jude Law. its the hair, nothing else)

    just told my 7 year old to get Freezy out of my underwear drawer. yeh. this is how my day is going. and kitty is maneuvering on my lap and i cant’ visit right now…. so keep posting Fio…check in later. BUT, one more thing….

    I agree, his actions to the first person his gaze is at seems as if he is keeping his temper in check because he may have realized the other person with a phone as he approaches–as my caption depicts. However, the pink shirt can be male or female–that is what i saw, not any pink sweatshirt or pink girl shirt. the hand keeping the door open didn’t look femalish—looked masculine–no rings or bracelets. He was disturbed or interrupted or angry enough to leave his Lexus open to approach this person…I dont’ think he knows them. (someone prove me wrong cuz that would be good to get truth, huh?) He just realized not to make a scene.

    His hair…where is this? I will chase them for you Dan!! Stay in the Lexus!!! I could throw things at them… not to hurt, nor damage– but eggs are awesome–love their splatter effect….why can’t celebs do that, just carry eggs and launch them if they know they may get papped? “yur honor, i didn’t know he had a camera/phone, i was just throwin the eggs around to a friend and they just happen to be in the middle!!!” ooooo–his short shirt may come up for a peep at his belly button as he is putting his arm back to launch, ok. too much caffeine.

  58. 58
    Ebi Says:

    I heard Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross reteam with director David Fincher. I think it is pretty good news for Daniel!! Amazing!!!

  59. 59
    Alias Says:

    LMAO at the Canadian Tux (jean jacket and pants)

  60. 60
    patz Says:

    I do not know why people say that Daniel was angry. he’s always in a pout!!

  61. 61
    Daniel is Hot Says:

    I wonder if the paps were following him in the car and he pulled over and came by to talk to them about following him. He was mad but controlled. Must be a guy in the “pink” as you said G. the hands don’t look female. In two of the pictures you see the “guys” jeans and shoe. Not a female shoe. He would talk to a woman in a different way, in my opinion. LA paps are different than other paps, he should get used to it. Maybe get a driver, safer that way. Poor guy, can’t go anywhere without being followed – that’s because we want to know where he is and what he is doing all the time. Our fault I guess. Now if he were to email us or call us and tell us all the details, we would tell the paps to back off. Right?

  62. 62
    ME Says:

    That “me” Is not ME just someone using the same ID

  63. 63

    He’s such a fugly douche with his ugly kissy face.

  64. 64
    OMG Says:

    Even all scruffy he’s sex on legs!

  65. 65
    Maria Says:

    To Daniel is Hot
    That shoe is New Balance. I have two pairs, I wear it when I drive a car or go to the gym.

  66. 66
    to ME Says:

    It is Gina.

  67. 67
    Teri Says:

    the paps may have been trying to anger him, but he avoided the bait.
    so the paps was able to take a more interesting photos if he was mad. like sean penn.

  68. 68
    Domininc Flandry Says:

    How can he play James Bond? The world has gone mad.

  69. 69
    common Says:

    63, 68
    Same parson. Broken record.

  70. 70
    to 68 Says:

    think no more about it. it’s no use thinking with your small brains. or are you going to cry till the cows come home? LOL

  71. 71
    to 68 Says:

    How can you be obsessed by Daniel that much? Oh, poor guy….get your life!!!

  72. 72
    Eva Says:


  73. 73
    Sara Says:

    oh my gosh. Daniel Craig is just amazing. Mmm yes <3”

  74. 74
    ashley Says:

    Daniel is so damn fine! Rachel Weisz, you lucky girl!

  75. 75
    THIN! Says:

    Does his role require him to lose weight, he looks really thin.

  76. 76
    LL-J Says:

    Trent Reznor set to score Fincher’s ‘Dragon Tattoo’
    By Drew McWeeny – Can you imagine what the Lisbeth Salander theme will sound like?

    This is one of those stories where no one’s going to act terribly surprised by the news, but it’s nice to get it confirmed and official.

    Trent Reznor will be scoring David Fincher’s next film, “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.”

    That’s one of those sentences that just plain makes sense. I was surprised when they hired him for “The Social Network,” but his score for that film is great, and a real confirmation of Reznor as someone who should be working on films. If he knocked an unlikely fit like the story of a bunch of Harvard kids inventing Facebook out of the park, imagine what he’s going to do with a story about criminal conspiracy and missing persons and old mysteries and murder and blackmail and rape and darkness. Trent Reznor composing the Lisbeth Salander theme is one of the reasons to look forward to a movie theater this year. I look at Lisbeth, and I imagine that she’s always hearing something in her head that sounds like a Trent Reznor album anyway. It’s perfect.

    Right now, I think film composition is one of those arts where new blood is incredibly important. The guys who are the most vital and interesting right now are guys who haven’t been doing for decades and decades and decades, but who are still fairly new to it. The work that Clint Mansell did on “Black Swan” last year, for example, is a remarkable piece of deconstruction as well as arrangement and composition, and it’s impressive as a piece of scholarly work on “Swan Lake” even removed from how well it works as complement to Darren Aronofsky’s film.

    With Reznor’s work, in collaboration with Atticus Ross, I feel like David Fincher unlocked something that’s brewing in Reznor’s work as long as I’ve been a fan. I still remember the first time my buddy Keven played me “Pretty Hate Machine.” It was one of the most extreme industrial sounds I’d ever heard, and my first reaction was almost complete rejection. And yet I was compelled to play it again. And again. And eventually heard past the noise and the almost abrasive physically assaultive qualities of it to the composition, and that’s what won me over. Reznor’s always written film music… it’s just that no one was making the movies to go along with it. “Se7en” feels like a movie that could have been scored by Reznor. So does “Fight Club.” Each of those movies have great work in them already, by Howard Shore and the Dust Brothers respectively, but you look at the visual palette and the subject matter, and absolutely I can imagine the sounds of Nine Inch Nails playing under all of that imagery.

    I’m in the same camp as many people in that I don’t think it’s the most artistically challenging moment of Fincher’s career for him to adapt this book to the screen when the Swedish version with Noomi Rapace is still so fresh and the books are still on the charts. But the film’s being made, and since that’s the case, I am interested in the choices they’re making for this version, and everything so far is pretty compelling. Fincher thinks the world of Rooney Mara. It was obvious both times we’ve spoken about her this past year. And Daniel Craig is a great choice for Mikael Blomkvist, the male lead. Smart. Weathered. Visually, the pair of them are so striking that I can understand what Fincher is planning. And with Reznor onboard as well now, I think it’s safe to say that I’m equally interested in hearing the film as seeing it.

    “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” arrives in theaters December 21, 2011.

  77. 77
    ? Says:

    he looks painfully thin.

  78. 78
    to 75 Says:

    Mikael Nyqvist has a paunch. However, the character of Blomkvist which Fincher thinks about is different from it.

  79. 79
    to 75 Says:

    And Lisbeth Salander, too.

  80. 80
    Guinness Says:

    Hi DIH–thx for your support and input…it helps. u make it thru the 1st sickness? There supposedly is 2 going around… i have yet to get the stomach thing but gurls at work havent’ been so lucky, so I am sure I am next. great.

    fio posted the Reznor article or similar, correct, I didnt’ read hers before i moved to this thread. Reznor is someone from the past that i liked before, I think i will research him more. If the author is making comparisons to 9 inch nails in describing Lisbeth–heeelll, that is a great idea. cooool.

    So Darren is in CA, and Dan is in CA, and there is all kinds of awards going on for the next few months…wow, does he have good schedulers or what? And then this begs the question—why isn’t Rachel there? good question. She is a working woman!!! Maybe she is, but if his hair is a muss–maybe she ain’t.

    aaawwwww! Great NYT article on Andy Cohen! I want him to be my brother. for a weekend maybe…he seems way too high strung for me. NY people!!!!

    will you be checking in Mendel? what say you on the angry jeanjacket wearing brit? yyeeee haw!!! man, i would love to saddle that passion!!

  81. 81
    Royal wedding campaign Says:

    Dame Judi Dench is to become an ambassador to the world in a campaign by tourism chiefs to rake in billions for the industry through the Royal wedding and London Olympics.

    Now officially established as a national treasure, the star first trod the boards as a teenager in her home city of York.

    As part of a new campaign by VisitBritain she appears in a promotional film shot at Hever Castle and gardens, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn in Kent.

    VisitBritain says Dame Judi agreed to appear in the film as part of a global marketing campaign based around the Royal wedding and the 2012 Games.

    Officials say they are also in the market to persuade Prince William, soccer star David Beckham and actor Daniel Craig to appear in similar films.

    A spokesman continued: “Hever Castle is a very beautiful place and Dame Judi chose it as a location. She is the leading actress of her generation, world famous and extremely keen on Britain as a place.
    “The choice of the castle was to sum up her emotions and feelings about this country.

    “The whole motion behind the campaign is to say to the world, ‘You’re invited’. We are using the voices and faces or real people to extend the invitation to the world.”

    VisitBritain chief executive Sandie Dawe has already forecast Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton could deliver a major boost to the British economy and the arts.

    Hopes that the Olympics will provide a similar bonus have also soared following VisitBritain research.

  82. 82
    Mendel Says:

    Hi Guinness

    “did you read my post from last thread Mendel?”

    I did just now, and you are right about ‘Dan and sex’ in nearly every sentence, lol.

    “Love it when his neck veins pop.”

    That’s some veins he has! Scary!

    What’s with his hair – it does look different somehow. Still wouldn’t mind running my fingers through it though…

    I think Dan was papped while having a word with a pap – the person in pink is another pap I think, and DiH was right, maybe the pink pap followed Dan’s car and Dan was seriously mad at this. I could be wrong though, but that’s how it looks to me.

    “I will chase them for you Dan!! Stay in the Lexus!!!”

    I think it might be far more effective if you unleash Freezy on the paps! I can see them scarper in no time!

    “what say you on the angry jeanjacket wearing brit? yyeeee haw!!! man, i would love to saddle that passion!!”

    Yeeehaw, now I am thinking of riding…and Dan and riding in one sentence is rather…dangerously hot territory!

    to DiH

    “He sure looks good though!”

    Yes, rough and ready! *grin*

    “Poor guy, can’t go anywhere without being followed – that’s because we want to know where he is and what he is doing all the time. Our fault I guess. Now if he were to email us or call us and tell us all the details, we would tell the paps to back off. Right?”

    Right :)

    to C&A

    I love that pic (even if it’s not Dan)!

  83. 83
    Dan's Fan City Says:

    Okay, I’ve been thinking about this whole scenario. Seems something strange to me. Reminds me of pap in the box episode. Daniel was angry but talked to the guy calmly and admirably. But Daniel was followed and papped alone last May many times and this did not happen with them. So why now? Not just because of the Rachel thing is it? But maybe there was another reason he did not want the paps following and taking pictures this time. Something he did not want to be seen or somewhere he did not want to be seen? Just questions.

  84. 84
    to 83 Says:

    I agree with you, something is not right…………….hhhhhmmmmm
    why get upset. he has been photographed many times and never got upset or never seemed to be bothered by photogs.

  85. 85
    CAR Says:

    it looks like he was in the car that has it’s door open in front, it looks like he got out to have a word with the photogs that were following him.

  86. 86
    to Dans Fan City :) Says:

    @Dan’s Fan City:
    To DFC: FINALLY, the True Blue’ JJ’ers are getting the last laugh! Being right is so Sweet!
    Daniel has woken up and come to his keen senses… ‘breaking up’ with belch barf is such sweet revenge. After all this time, the JJ’ers called it 100% right, from the very beginning!
    And those dunces and dimwits from Fantasyland, they ‘still’ think that Daniel and the belch were so in love (lol!lol!) and doing fine at the Met Gala, last spring, when we know different! And they are so gullible to believe Daniel had dinner with belch during the summer, yeah it was more like he ‘shared’ dinner in Santa Fe with rach. How can they be so thick as to not see the reality of it all?
    You make an excellent point by the way in your post #83 above! There are a few great reasons why Daniel would get so angry , and stop his car right in the middle of the road, it looks like right in the fast lane, and go after the paps. As you have said ,he has been papped so many times before when he has been alone. Not a safe place to stop and get out of his car, and he needs to be careful, but he must have known they were paps following him.

  87. 87
    Guinness Says:

    Hi Mendel—yes, to throw Freezy in their lap! I also like my egg launch idea, i am a damn good shot! CAll me Dan!!!

    Yes, there is something diff with this pap episode… DIH, Mendel, And DFC—-the pap more than likely antagonized Dan, he could have said something….he could have been trailing Dan—(if anything, Dan remembers Princess Di cuz he is British and some Americans dont remember the reason for her death???? and so Americans are more likely to trail or follow celebs?)

    I also thought of Sean Penn, and Alec and other celebs who got arrested for “fighting” back in a Pap episode… I would probably have to be muzzled and smuggled in and out of places if I were a celeb. Or be known for launching EGGS!!! or what ever was in my bag at the time….. …”you dirty rotten picture taker–here, how’d you like some tampoons or a bottle o’ guinness on yo’ azz? In fact, catch this–” (i carry less than 50 pens in my purse at one time–collect them. or horde. that would be fun to throw pens at them).

    ok, surry for the babble. ~Night. thx 4 checkin in……….

  88. 88
    second that Says:

    to Dans Fan City :) @ 01/09/2011 at 8:21 pm

    one of those dimwits and dunces is one of my closest friends. she is absolutely convinced that Daniel will realize his mistake and go running back to Satsuki within a year. Rachel, you see, is just a mistake; a diversion. can’t argue with my friend on this. so, i’ve bet her dinner at the restaurant of her choice that she’s wrong. so at the end of the year, if Daniel is still not with Satsuki then i get dinner at the restaurant of my choice. i’m so looking forward to this.

  89. 89
    to second that Says:

    I cannot understand why your friend says such a thing. Gina always is saying so, too. They say Daniel looks unhappy, eh? So how can he go running back to Satsuki?….make no sense.

  90. 90
    PAPS Says:

    It’s soemthing completely different to be papped while walking the street or to be followed by a car.

  91. 91
    to thin Says:

    He’s back to his normal body shape like in Layer Cake. Lean, but muscular plus the fact that he had to lose much weight for his role in Dream House,

  92. 92
    to 86 Says:

    And they are so gullible to believe Daniel had dinner with belch during the summer
    Lainey said that..

  93. 93
    to 92 Says:

    Yes, but no pics.

  94. 94
    to 89 Says:

    I’ve been feeling about it. They don’t like Sats so much, but they hate Rachel more. I don’t know why. They have surely their reasons.

  95. 95
    second that Says:

    @to second that@ 01/10/2011 at 12:02 am

    my friend is a well meaning hopeless romantic. she honestly believe that Satsuki is Daniel’s soul mate. she says it’s “in the stars”; what ever that means. so, i just smile and think “oh are you going to be buying me an expensive dinner at the end of the year”

  96. 96
    to second that Says:

    Your friend looks like innocent naivete. But, imo, Daniel regard Nicole Kidman as his soulmate.

  97. 97
    to second that Says:

    With friends like these, who needs enemies?
    Does your friend know that you are blabbing that degrading about her on here? I have a friend who think Tom and Katie are a real couple, I disagree when we talk about that, but I would never ever talk that degrading about my friend on the net or elsewhere. I hope you choke when you have that dinner payed by her (I’m pretty sure you’ll win that bet, but that’s another issue)

  98. 98
    Punkie Says:

    she is absolutely convinced that Daniel will realize his mistake and go running back to Satsuki within a year.”
    Attention, althought I too said Daniel will be back with Satsuki by the time Bond re-starts so I can’t say he will stay with her forever.
    My another bet is that he reunions with her but this fall there will be another break-up.
    I said last year that they will split in autumn, we waited almost a year and they really drift apart. now wait a few months and you will see. reunion and break-up – that is what is in their stars destined…

  99. 99
    Punkie Says:

    I cannot understand why your friend says such a thing. Gina always is saying so, too. They say Daniel looks unhappy, eh? So how can he go running back to Satsuki?….make no sense.
    So first, I am Punkie now. I re-named, do you understand?
    Well, Daniel really is not looking happy or we cannot say there is joy in him. Wonder, why? Look, he lived with Satsuki for many years, he misses her “company, not her personally but her company.” if he will be running back to Satsuki so it makes sense that he needs someone stand next to him and sleep by his side… But if Rachel Weisz is a smart woman, so she comes to LA…………………..

  100. 100
    to Gina Says:

    In fact, Satsuki and Olga are never concerned with Bond23. GIVE IT UP!!!!!!

  101. 101
    Why?? Says:

    Why on earth would Satsuki get back together with Daniel after this?? Nothings changed he still won’t marry her and have children with her. She’d still have to give up her career and life to babysit him 24/7. She’s got her life back now why give it back up for empty promises and a man she can’t trust anymore. Satsuki needs to move on and restart her life and career.

  102. 102
    to 200 Says:

    Yas, Satsuki needs to move on and restart her life and CAREER. LOL

  103. 103
    Kitty Says:

    Your friend looks like innocent naivete. But, imo, Daniel regard Nicole Kidman as his soulmate.
    Interesting and credible cause also George Clooney thinks that Nicole is part of his ideal woman of his dreams. If you noticed, she has that smile exactly like a cat. Daniel can also like her cute “crazy smile” as they say so about her smile. Maybe Daniel sees in her the same what Clooney sees.
    Maybe his and Clooney’s stars say for this year they meet their right woman. hm, now that Rachel appeared in Daniel’s life was for reason, it proved “he is able to leave Satsuki” whenever he likes,
    I am glad I believed him and I put bet on that he will dump Satsuki last fall and he really did it. Well done, Daniel.

    he is also able to make a fool of Satsuki and say quietly to her make me company but I do not marry you at all.
    If he will be back with Satsuki and the same time or later meets his Right Woman so he would be able to leave Satsuki again.

  104. 104
    to Gina/Kitty Says:

    No, it is NOT Daniel’s opinion. It is just my opinion. Don’t jump to conclusions.

  105. 105
    Punkie Says:

    Nothings changed he still won’t marry her and have children with her.
    you are right. but Satsuki is stubborn and thinks the opposite. She is hidden but also one day she can go out and fight for Daniel.
    She’s got her life back now why give it back up for empty promises and a man she can’t trust anymore. Satsuki needs to move on and restart her life and career.
    She knows it and also sees reality how it is hard to be back in the game.
    She needs his money to produce her movies or nepotims to get a job as production assistant. she was idle for many years and now she needs money and nepotism. her good past years are gone and situation is more difficult for her to get a job.
    if she realized it so she will call him, get back to him and ask him to arrange a job for her in Bond crew. just wait for her action. Daniel left her but she is not so weak as you think maybe.

  106. 106
    stand by idly Says:

    to Why
    WHAT is her carrier? I want specific information. TELL ME!!!!! LOL

  107. 107
    Punkie Says:

    No, it is NOT Daniel’s opinion. It is just my opinion. Don’t jump to conclusions.
    Hey, do not put your nose up in the air, my conclusion is that was Daniel who liked Nicole and wanted sex with her and then he said she would be his sister…. he winked at her… there were many hints he would like to date her but she has her singer.

  108. 108
    to Gina Says:

    Calm down, Gina.
    We don’t count your opinion.

  109. 109
    Ideal Woman Says:

    Ah, I would like to read what is Daniel’s definition of his Ideal Woman.
    “Hollywood heart throb George Clooney has let the world know the qualities he looks for in a woman. Speaking to OK! Magazine the bachelor said: “The ideal woman is a mixture. She should have Nicole Kidman’s laughter, then the personality of Julia Roberts and the aspect of Michelle Pfeiffer, the quintessence of beauty. And finally the ambition of Jennifer Lopez. It’s no bad, eh? I’ll buy into the idea of finding the woman of my dreams. Who knows? Maybe one day.”
    Big Luck Clooney, Big Luck Craig!

  110. 110
    Ideal Woman Says:

    Maybe Craig and Clooney “will” want the same woman………..
    where is she?
    Does she have curly hair like had Pretty Woman Julia Roberts?
    Does she look like a cat Michelle Pfeiffer?
    Does she has laughter/smile like Nicky Kidman?
    and is she enough ambitious like Jenny Lopez?

  111. 111
    Ideal Woman Says:

    Then Rachel and Satsuki would be careful of the third Ideal Woman.

  112. 112
    to Gina Says:

    Daniel winked at Rachel. He would like to date her, and then he get his Bond Girl.

  113. 113
    stand by idly Says:

    WOW, Gina is a awful multi-poster!!!! Why are you hyperactive so much? LOL

  114. 114
    to 97 Says:

    To: to second that @ 01/10/2011 at 3:13 am

    What the hell are you saying?! It doesn’t matter to us. It’s annoying to force your ideas on others.

  115. 115
    to 114 Says:

    same with your opinion LOL

  116. 116
    Fio Says:

    I think anyone get angry if chased by car. It’s fraught with danger.
    Remember he even tried to run away from the paps when arrived at LAX. As everyone said, he has been papped so many times, but not that he was chased by car. The paps just ambushed him. Sorry, I might be nervous cuz Guinness mentioned Princess Di…

  117. 117
    Freinkeinstein Says:

    WOW, Gina is a awful multi-poster!!!! Why are you hyperactive so much? LOL
    you write hyperactivelly too when you are here too and many too. lol, look at you and others how write almost fat books here.
    intereresting that someone always does not recognize me when I dont put my nickname and also improved English would confuse.
    Daniel winked at Rachel. He would like to date her, and then he get his Bond Girl.
    EWWW…. now you exaggerated. winking at thick eyebrows is awful. Who says he dated her really? Both looked like they went to a walk, holding hands as two fellas and kissing on the cheek is normal though…
    By the way, Rachel was supposed to play in Bond some Madame Freinkeinstein or how actually, the name was deleted from imdb, so no Bond girl but Madame Freinkeinstein.

  118. 118
    to gina Says:

    Give it up, he made the pay off, once that’s’ happens men do not go back. Men just move on, find another fairytale to console yourself with.
    This one has ended, happily for daniel anyway, but such is life. The look on his face when he was in england with rachel pretty much said it all.

  119. 119
    Threesome Says:


    So the Bond threesome might happen!!!!!?????

    Sam who once dated Rachel will be producing Daniel who is now dating Rachel in the Bond film? All we need is Kate to join in and it will be one big happy pool of sex partners. All that is required is that Danell gets with Kate and Kate with Rachel and Daneil with Sam and the cirlcle will be completed.

  120. 120
    Mendel Says:

    Hi Guinness,

    “Yes, there is something diff with this pap episode… DIH, Mendel, And DFC—-the pap more than likely antagonized Dan, he could have said something….he could have been trailing Dan—(if anything, Dan remembers Princess Di…”

    I also think that the pap was trailing Dan, maybe driving really close – although then if Dan had stopped abruptly, the pap would have crashed into him? I’d say it was too close to comfort, and yes, Dan would have remembered Princess Di – those images of the tunnel are etched into everybody’s mind here…

    to Fio

    “Sorry, I might be nervous cuz Guinness mentioned Princess Di…”

    Yes, it gives me the chills, too…

    to Guinness

    “I also thought of Sean Penn, and Alec and other celebs who got arrested for “fighting” back in a Pap episode… ”

    Yes, no matter how much you get used to paps, sometimes it can get too much – I can understand why people flip…

    “I would probably have to be muzzled and smuggled in and out of places if I were a celeb.”

    I think I’d use disguises, wigs, fake beards, false teeth, the whole lot, lol.

    “i carry less than 50 pens in my purse at one time”

    What size is your bag???

    Here’s something a bit more cheery – and it has a connection to Dan – Gemma Arterton, Bond Girl, has been nominated for the BAFTA Rising Star Award. Eva Green won this award in 2007:

  121. 121
    to 117 Says:

    Who says he dated her really? Both looked like they went to a walk, holding hands as two fellas and kissing on the cheek is normal though…
    Rachel had not told Darren about her relationship with Daniel. But Darren knew Rachel had relations with Daniel for some time back.
    QUOTE: Source said
    ( Weisz had not told Aronofsky about her relationship with Craig. )
    “It’s not the way she wanted Darren to find out about (Rachel) and Daniel. He obviously knew about the rumours they were seeing each other, but he’d rather have heard it from Rachel’s own lips.”
    “Darren is devastated,” says a source. “In no way did he see this coming.”

  122. 122
    Guinness Says:

    Hi! Mendel and Fio…sorry to bring it up…but i don’t want it to be a generational history, only to be forgotten by people who didn’t live thru it in real time—my daughters and i have recently talked about her b/c of all the hoopla about the new “princess” and the ring being passed on…etc. So i had to explain to my girls about how she died and what she meant to people. sorry, but i had it on my mind and then Dan with these pic. really concerned me and if these paps were being dinks and using their cars to chase him. whoa coincidences i have in my head.

    moving on….i finally saw “Inception”. Watch it–it was GREAT!!

    oh mendel–you gave me a mind visual of disguise that Dan did in Our Friends in the North (?) when he got old and those big goofy glasses and his hair and his sideburns and he was talking with the kid…. did NOT know it was Dan. That would be how he should dress if he doesnt want to get papped. And yes, i have a big bag… but i said less than 50, so i have about 7 in there now. :-)

    thx for the beauty Gemma update. she looks so different and all growed up…she looked so young in QofS. And the actor from Inception is HOT HOT , but not HOTHOTHOTHOTHOT like Dan…

    monday is gone! yey! same time, same place tomorrow! (i will chk the news tonight before i log off & let you know if Darren has gotten over this devestating blow with anyone else!!!!! or any new DAn news….. )

  123. 123
    smoother Says:

    @ # 121

    the “source” is hardly reliable because it’s a part of the current Rachel Weisz bashing and it’s only gossip.

    I don’t think it’s new for Darren that Rachel and Dan are together. I think Darren was pissed because Rachel celebrates Christmas with her son and Dan.

  124. 124
    to 123 Says:

    Sorry, maybe you misunderstand my intention. I never blame Rachel.
    Because Gina said Daniel did not really date with Rachel, I posted that. As for causal relationship, nobody knows the demonstrable truths.

  125. 125
    smoother Says:

    okay : )

    I agree with your last sentence!

  126. 126
    causal relationship Says:

    According to TMZ
    Darren and Rachel have simply grown apart, they spent long periods away from each other, moving in different directions.
    And according to The Telegraph UK
    I said that Weisz had fallen “head over heels” for Craig on the set of the thriller Dream House. Sources close to the actor had, however, assured me that he had not played any part in the end of Weisz’s relationship with Darren Aronofsky, the American director.

  127. 127
    Red Light Special Says:

    Rachel is lucky….she now knows the colour of Daniel’s toothbrush. :)

  128. 128
    Guinness-she also knows... Says:

    …and when he goes commando…

    life is good, but soooo unfair sometimes!!!

  129. 129
    Guinness Says:

    He is just sooo cute in this clip. It is one of my fav…and yes, he is continuing “to be handsome” Jon. wow. sweaty palms!!!!

    check ya later~G

  130. 130
    Fio Says:

    From Rooney’s thread…Her eyes, a telling smile, are quite impressive.
    Hi, Mendel
    When Ricky Gervais sang a song of Princess Di in The office, I was not able to laugh at his joke at all! Nowadays? Alright now, so I give a giggle :)
    Hi, Guinness
    Fearless paps learn by experience nothing. The tragedy must have slipped their mind. Hence, I shall have to pray for happiness/safety of Kate…
    to Red Light Special
    You’re romantic :)
    I want to know…yeah, as Guinness said, when Daniel goes commando… lol

  131. 131
    Fio Says:

    BTW, is Hollywood male society as ever?
    When a film ‘flops’, always blame the actress
    hollywood news com: When a film ‘flops’, always blame the actress. If a film doesn’t flop, call it a flop and blame the actress. If a film is a hit, blame the actor.

    The Huffington Post linked to the AP box office analysis piece yesterday with their own headline, titled simply ‘Gwyneth flops’. It wasn’t a surprise, as Huff Post (which I of course contribute to) and other entertainment websites and publications never miss a chance to trash any given actress for anything whatsoever. Never mind that Country Strong was a $15 million picture that opened with $7.3 million in the first three days, guaranteeing long-term profitability. Never mind that the opening weekend of Country Strong was nearly double the single-largest weekend ($4.2 million) for last year’s Crazy Heart. It’s no fun to merely report that Paltrow’s small picture had a modest opening that was relatively successful in regards to its budget and Paltrow’s long untested drawing power. It’s so much easier (and more fun) to just proclaim the film a flop and take the ***** down a peg or two. Because it’s always the girl’s fault, even when there is no fault to be had.

    When The Tourist opened slightly below expectations, the headline everywhere was ‘Angelina Jolie BOMBS’. If you didn’t know better, you’d have no idea that Johnny Depp was the co-star of said movie and thus shared at least partial responsibility for the film’s relative under-performance over its first weekend. And the following week saw the very disappointing opening weekend for the James L. Brooks romantic comedy How Do You Know? The film starred Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd, and Jack Nicholson. Do you think the headlines all screamed about the box office failure of the all-star cast? Of course not, the blame fell entirely on the shoulders of Reese Witherspoon (who received $15 million for the film), as if Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd, and Jack Nicholson had no star power that justified their (respectively) $10 million, $3 million, and $12 million paydays for the $120 million comedy.

    And let’s not forget Nicole Kidman, who got tagged as ‘box office poison’ after a series of uber-expensive (and sometimes troubled) genre pictures only opened to ‘just’ $15-30 million. Did Will Ferrell’s career take any real damage after Bewitched opened to a ‘mere’ $20 million? Of course not. Did Daniel Craig take any of the blame for the disappointing opening numbers posted by The Invasion ($7.9 million) or The Golden Compass ($25 million)? Nope, he’s got a shiny new franchise this summer with Cowboys and Aliens, plus a starring role in David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake (and if that tanks, it will fall entirely on the shoulders of virtual unknown Rooney Mara). Did Hugh Jackman share any of the responsibility when the $120 million Australia opened with $15 million over Thanksgiving 2008? Nope, he still was able to star in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and got to host the Oscars to boot. But Nicole Kidman is of course box office poison.

    But what if the film is a hit? Well, if at all possible, find a way to give credit to the male lead. Sandra Bullock had her (at the time) biggest hit ever with The Proposal in June of 2009, but if you read much of the press that followed, you would have sworn that most of that $33 million opening weekend and $164 million total came from fans of co-star Ryan Reynolds. And The Ugly Truth opened with $27 million later that summer on the strength of Katherine Heigl and Gerald Butler. He may have deserved some of that credit, but much of the press acted as if Gerald Butler was a known entity when it came to opening romantic comedies. So if he gets half the credit for that solid hit, why did he get none of the blame when it was falsely reported that The Bounty Hunter was a flop upon opening with ‘just’ $20 million? Because his costar was Jennifer Aniston, and no one, I mean no one, misses a chance to trash Aniston (notice how Jason Bateman escaped unscathed for the The Switch).

    Call it sexism. Call it laziness. Call it a crass knee-jerk reaction to appeal to the baser instincts of uninformed readers. But pay close attention after this year’s Oscar ceremony. If it goes well, then more power to everyone involved. But if it fails as entertainment, who do you think the press will aim their swords at, James Franco or Anne Hathaway? As always, we’ll see…

  132. 132
    Guinness Says:

    ahoy fio! loved Ricky in the offfice. there are so many amercian knock offs of british humor!! i didnt’ see the episode you refer to…but i love him and i may have giggled too.

    and Rooney looks beautiful in that pic. wow—what a transformation.

  133. 133
    Dreamfactory Says:

    Has Daniel fallen for yet another cold and calculating woman?

    “Rachel’s Vicious Fame Bid
    The star commits adultery to climb career ladder”

    Despite insisting her relationship with long-term partner Darren Aronofsky ended due to conflicting interests, career-driven actress Rachel Weisz was exposed as a liar and an adulterer after steamy images of her and Dream House co-star Daniel Craig revealed they were having an affair.

    Industry sources insist the Mummy star cleverly orchestrated her split with her boyfriend of nine years, producer Darren, and hooked up with the James Bond actor in order to fulfil her career wish of becoming a Bond girl. “Rachel has always wanted to appear more sexy,” spilled an insider. “Playing a Bond girl is the ultimate role for her. Get that gig and you’re guaranteed to be considered a sex symbol and the roles will come rolling in.”

    A close aide added, “Rachel’s very calculating when it comes to her career. Darren helped launch hers and now she sees Daniel as the key to success. She callously dumped Darren to climb the career ladder. She’ll do the same to Daniel.”

    The 40-year-old mum of one made a move on her 42-year-old co-star on set of their forthcoming thriller, in which they play man and wife. Just weeks into the filming, the actress joked to her unassuming husband, “Dan and I have been getting on really well, but I still haven’t had an offer to be a Bond girl.” Yet, Darren didn’t realise how determined his wife was.

    Despite, denying their affair, Daniel, who has a daughter with his ex wife Fiona Loudon and was recently dating Satsuki Mitchell, his girlfriend of six years, was snapped walking hand-in-hand with Rachel as they spent Christmas together in a rented love nest in the English Countryside.
    “He looked incredibly smug,” spilled an eyewitness. “Yet, he should be cautious. Once Rachel gets what she wants from him, it’ll all be over just like it was for poor Darren.”

  134. 134
    second that Says:

    @Dreamfactory@ 01/11/2011 at 1:48 pm

    interesting comments. however, Rachel doesn’t need Daniel Craig to become more successful. she’s an oscar winning actress. i also doubt that the entered into a relationship with Daniel so she could get a role in the next bond film. seems to me that someone in Darren’s camp is angry about the break up and is venting his/her opinion.

  135. 135
    to 133 Says:

    The source bears ill will against Rachel obviously!!
    “spilled an insider”
    “spilled an eyewitness”
    Swallow your stinky spit!! She would be the miserable actress who was robbed of the role by Rachel.

  136. 136
    stand by idly Says:

    I am sure that you were watching for a timing when you post the earlier stories for one week on here. LOL

  137. 137
    FINALLY Says:

    Bond will be back on 9th November 2011

  138. 138
    Kate Says:

    Stop weeping, Darren! What a effeminate man! He doesn’t have enough BALLS. I can understand why Rach dumped Darren.

  139. 139
    BOND IS BACK! Says:

    Thanks, FINALLY!!

    BOND IS BACK! Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes Set For Nov. 9, 2012 Release Date

    EXCLUSIVE: MGM is announcing that “BOND 23″ is set to go into production in late 2011. Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli of EON Productions, together with Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum, the Co-Chairmen and Chief Executive Officers of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., today announced that the 23rd James Bond film will have a worldwide release on November 9, 2012 — just as Deadline last month reported it would. Daniel Craig will be returning as the legendary British secret agent, with Sam Mendes directing a screenplay written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan. That script is being kept under wraps but the story begins after Quantum Of Solace leaves off. The reason for the 007 delay is this: Broccoli and Wilson had been in pre-production on Bond #23 for release in 2011 but then it took almost a year for MGM’s future to sort itself out what with the failed auction sale of the studio, then the pre-packaged bankruptcy getting approval, and eventually Spyglass taking over studio filmmaking.

    Meanwhile star Daniel Craig filled in the time with various film commitments which he had to finish. The actor began work on the Hollywood remake of the Swedish original The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo as soon as he completed shooting Cowboys and Aliens in a nifty bit of schedule coordination between two studios and James Bond rights holders Broccoli and Wilson.

    Mendes at first was brought on as a “consultant” because of the delays, and is now officially the director. He responded to the Bond delay by setting a feature adaptation of the Ian McEwan novel On Chesil Beach and directing the Broadway-bound musical adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    Yet another James Bond videogame, which also had been held up because of the uncertainty, recently got the go-ahead. Meanwhile, the latest 007 vidgame was for sale this Christmas.

    It’s still not clear who will distribute the next Bond. Deadline’s Mike Fleming reported in November that, if MGM isn’t the distributor, the next installment of James Bond will be “a jump ball”. Expect Sony (which distributed Casino Royale) to battle it out with Warner Bros and Fox, but Paramount could emerge in the thick of it because of its close relationship with Spyglass over the film reboot of Star Trek and sequel.

    Teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and at the mercy of its creditors, MGM was in the news for more than a year because of its financial woes. While the studio’s beleaguered backers unwisely allowed MGM and its library to languish by not making new movies and benching MGM’s creative and marketing/distribution executives while it staged a futile sales auction that attracted bottom-fishing bids, MGM made sure to meets the minimum obligations to its two gems, James Bond and The Hobbit.

    As you know, the James Bond filmmakers operate with great autonomy and watching the MGM situation unfold with a mixture of dismay and curiosity. Dismay because Bond’s longtime studio home was a mess. And curiosity because Broccoli and Wilson hoped to move Bond to a fully functioning studio. Like Sony, where Amy Pascal was dying to keep the famous franchise. Or Fox, which handled Bond’s DVD distribution. Broccoli and Wilson very deliberately made certain they didn’t do anything on Bond #23 which tied the movie further to MGM. (That’s why Mendes was hired as a consulting, not the director. Because once EON hires a director on their Bond films, it triggers a first payment from MGM.) Once the MGM auction apparently busted, EON Productions wanted to keep all its options open.

    Meanwhile, Bond 23 may now be casting. Producer Broccoli has been to see actor Russell Beale twice in his current West End play Deathtrap. Also, the Shakespearean actor is starring as King Lear for Bond 23 director Sam Mendes in a National Theatre production in 2012. And he’s exec producing Shakespeare’s History Plays for a new BBC TV season that Mendes is also overseeing. Beale told a UK newspaper earlier this year that he’d already dropped a hint to Mendes that “every actor wants to be in Bond [and] I’d love to be a baddie.”

  140. 140
    Punkie Says:

    Congrats to Daniel and his Bond back in the game. Now he can give Satsuki a call and ask her to return and make him company again.

  141. 141
    Punkie Says:

    From Rooney’s thread…Her eyes, a telling smile, are quite impressive.
    Yes, she is a bit nice looking but does Lisbeth have shaved eyebrows in the books? still imagined someone differently looking than how Rooney looks now. A girl with more depth, Rooney is too much pale and looking like a ninja. Daniel as Blomkvist has to act next to this without-eyebrowed blank girl.

  142. 142
    Punkie Says:

    So here is it.
    Bond producers announced news first days in January.
    They announced it beautifully 11.1.11. Well done Babs and Michael.

    Now waiting for one confirmation regarding Bond girl.
    I put bet on that Olga Kurylenko has her role Camille in a script, unfortunately for us.
    As for director, I bet that Mendes will be replaced after some changes. Just wait two, three months for it.
    Still betting that Dragon Tattoo will be postponed as Mara will do not beautiful things on the set and as that situation in Dragon Tattoo happens so Bond producers will start Bond earlier. just wait and see.

  143. 143
    Punkie Says:

    if they really could start earlier
    so they would release Bond 11.11.11. Maybe it will be, just see.

  144. 144
    Punkie Says:

    Question: Are you looking forward to see Kurylenko and her Camille?
    I dislike her but I bet they had written her part again.

  145. 145
    Punkie Says:

    In fact, Satsuki and Olga are never concerned with Bond23. GIVE IT UP!!!!!!
    Are you sure?
    Then wait some weeks what happens. cha.

  146. 146
    to punkie/gina Says:

    are you back to this again. Sam Mendes is the official director; it just been announced. or didn’t you read all the article. as for being replaced; Daniel has made no secret of the fact that he wants Sam as director. believe or not, Gina, you do not get to decide what happens.

    as for Dragon Tattoo, well we all know how you feel about the film don’t we. you have a problem with Daniel taking on any project that you personally don’t approve of. We all remember how you went on and on about C&A; it will never be ready on time, it will require many reshoots, the release will be delayed. none of which has turned out to be true. now you’re harping about Dragon Tattoo.

    well, sorry to break this to you Gina but Dragon Tattoo is right on schedule. there has been no, repeat no, postponement of the release date. nor, Gina, will they move up the date for either the start of filming and/or the release date of Bond 23. you just have to accept that you do not have any control over what happens. finally, as for Olga coming back; there’s an old saying “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”.

  147. 147
    to punkie/gina Says:

    if they really could start earlier
    so they would release Bond 11.11.11. Maybe it will be, just see.
    no Gina, It won’t happen. you have no idea what it takes to secure location permits for a film even before it begins. those involved high up in the decision making have just announced the release date of November 12, 2012. that means that the filming will most likely begin near the end of this year.

    that gives, people like myself who work in the department that handles shooting locations, only something on the order of 8 to 9 months to get everything in order. that means that the people assigned to Bond 23 have to get all the permits in order before the shooting date begins. this does not happen over night nor, in some cases, does it happen in just a few weeks.

    depending upon the jurisdiction where the filming is to take place these permits can take weeks to finalize. i know of several films where the necessary permits took months to finalize. many jurisdictions now require an environmental impact study be done first. that, alone, can add weeks to the process. all this just before filming can be started. trust me when i tell you this, it is extremely doubtful that Bond 23 will be ready to even begin filming until at least August or September.

  148. 148
    Mendel Says:

    Hi Guinness

    “i had it on my mind and then Dan with these pic. really concerned me and if these paps were being dinks and using their cars to chase him.”

    Yes, that is worrying. You’d think people would learn…

    “i finally saw “Inception”. Watch it–it was GREAT!!”

    That’s one film I have yet to see…

    “…and when he goes commando… ”

    It’s getting hot in here again… *grin*

    to Fio

    “Fearless paps learn by experience nothing. The tragedy must have slipped their mind. Hence, I shall have to pray for happiness/safety of Kate…”

    I think security is now so much tighter though. I recently saw a clip in the news from the time when Diana was hounded by paps – they just jumped in front of her and threw their cameras in her face. I was really surprised that there seemed to have been no security concerns at the time, I mean, anybody could have jumped in front of her with a knife. I can’t see such lax security happening now with the Royals…although whoever let Charles and Camilla’s car drive through a student demo recently wasn’t thinking…that was really stupid!

    “From Rooney’s thread…Her eyes, a telling smile, are quite impressive.”

    Yes, I think she does look quite the part of Lisbeth. I am really curious about the film. Thanks for the article about Hollywood blaming the women for flops – so if Tattoo isn’t a box office success, Rooney will get the blame rather than Dan or Fincher.

    to ‘Finally’

    YAY! Bond is back! Brilliant! (gorgeous pic!)

  149. 149
    to 147 Says:

    You can’t reason with a fool, but thanks for trying. It’s nice to know everything is moving along with bond.

  150. 150
    elise Says:

    By the state of his hair, he looks like he just rolled out of someone’s bed. Poor baby, nasty paps, looks like he “had a talk” with one photogs and is going after the one who is still taking his picture.

    He is going to have to get used to it dating Rachel though, the paps interest is high and with the year he has coming up he is going to have it tough, now if he would just date me the paps may leave him alone, Daniel, CALL ME, I’ll chase the paps away for you.

  151. 151
    Me Says:


    He would call me first LOL. I would keep him safe and warm :)

  152. 152
    Daniel is Hot Says:

    You girls will just have to wait in line. He belongs ot us.

  153. 153
    to 147 Says:

    well, you know these people who think that a project can be filmed on the spur of the moment with out going through “red tape” to get the permits amaze me. consider the required bond car chase. roads in whatever town/city it’s been filmed in have to closed off to local traffic. that means the city managers have to figure out alternate routes for the local people.

  154. 154
    Amy Says:

    Got it!!!!!!!!!
    Best news this year! It is just 10days ago that this year started though.. lol

  155. 155
    Punkie Says:

    that gives, people like myself who work in the department that handles shooting locations, only something on the order of 8 to 9 months to get everything in order. that means that the people assigned to Bond 23 have to get all the permits in order before the shooting date begins. this does not happen over night nor, in some cases, does it happen in just a few weeks.
    Yes, you are right that things need time to be made or solved but look,
    Producers were ready last year in the summer, they already secured locations, were in process of writing a script, opened castings,
    and all pre-production that time was prepared. Then they postponed Bond. Now with prepared things that were put indefinitely it would be faster now.
    Look, it took months for MGM to be saved but as soon as the money came so everything went quickly. They went to court and solved it during December and now announced their investments into James Bond movie. so when you have the money, you can do all quickly. That is usual. Babs was already ready but only missed money. Now when she got sum of money for Bond so you can bet she will work at once.

  156. 156
    Punkie Says:

    well, sorry to break this to you Gina but Dragon Tattoo is right on schedule. there has been no, repeat no, postponement of the release date.
    Look at this case of Dream House; I said Dream House will have problems now they have problems with schedule for reshoots because of one actor – Daniel. when I say that Dragon Tattoo will be postponed (because of Rooney Mara especially) so give time and wait. Tell me, what happens with your opinion when I will be right if Dragon Tattoo will be postponed in 3 months. After 3 months come here and see what happened to Dragon Tattoo.

  157. 157
    Punkie Says:

    Sam Mendes is the official director; it just been announced. or didn’t you read all the article. as for being replaced; Daniel has made no secret of the fact that he wants Sam as director.
    Yes, he is. But also said he will be replaced as some changes will happen during Bond shooting.
    Sam Mendes made one beautiful movie Road to Perdition and I think gangster genre is his cup of tea or coffee.
    as for Olga coming back; there’s an old saying “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”.
    nice saying. Olga hatched herself long time ago. If you will go to the cinema so you will be watching one chick called Camille. or preferably not?

  158. 158
    Punkie Says:

    wondering who is the second Bond chick in 23.Bond, agent Strawberry Fields was cute. I think they first announce the second Bond girl like they first announced Gemma then Olga followed.

  159. 159
    Guinness Says:

    Hi! Snow-schools cancelled. broke up 3 fights at home already. blah!
    It seems as though Dan has accomplished many things whilst in CA!!!!
    Where is that site that lists the Oscar presenters? hhhhmmm
    Hi DIH–yes, it is a very long line, and “we” are first, because we said it first!!
    Thx for the post mendel–this article is a little bitter and disgusting and he is jealous, but i liked it.

  160. 160
    Guinness Says:

    Fio–thx for that double-standard article about women taking the blame for flops. And we surmised it would be Rooney who would be responsible for the flop way back when it was announced it would be her in Liz’s role. The media has the wonderful power of writting what it wants scewed to how it wants it done. good luck rooney. And of course, if you make it Big, and successful it won’t be YOUR fault………

  161. 161
    Fio Says:

    Finally!! Glad/thrilled to hear it. I’ve missed my Bond, my Daniel!! Life is so much more happiness with his Bond, yeah, Daniel is gonna rock… YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! And he renounce smoking and drinking again for Bond, huh? Good for him/(us) :)
    Hi, Mendel
    Yeah, it’s worth while remembering the moral. And we cannot afford to ignore the lessons of the past.
    “I think she does look quite the part of Lisbeth. I am really curious about the film.”
    Favreau and Fincher are contrary procedure in the way. Fincher wants to keep on having concealed all. Maybe Fincher and Daniel have a strange affinity for each other. lol
    Hi, DiH
    I’m under great disadvantages!! The chances always are against me cuz he almost is in U.S.A. or U.K.
    Hi, Guinness
    Thanks for the article.
    Jon_Favreau: Yes. We’re cutting it now. RT @AustinCFilms: superbowl trailer for Cowboys & Aliens?
    about 10 hours ago via Echofon
    Interesting!! This will make awesome publicity for C&A, right
    Incidentally, my friend has sometimes taken time off work to watch the Super Bowl. lol

  162. 162
    Fio Says:

    Will 2011 Be the Year of Daniel Craig?
    With four movies out this year, momentum seems to be building for Bond.
    Movie stardom is a precarious thing, particularly in these quick-and-dirty days. You are only given so many chances to be A Really Big Name. A headliner. An actor or actress who can open a movie purely by being them, and thus gets their pick of the juiciest scripts. These, we are told, are the people who can get movies made. Hope often rests on them to pick edgy scripts, and fund them on their star power alone.

    What’s always startling about the definition of stardom is that the public’s perception of a star isn’t the same as the industry’s. We think of Hugh Jackman of being a big star. Hollywood considers him a wild card, and unable to open a movie on his own name. (Exhibit A: Fox assuring audiences he was manly enough for Australia.) Gerard Butler may burn up gossip blogs, but he’s not 100% bankable. Neither is Clive Owen, Josh Brolin, Viggo Mortensen, or a dozen other actors we gush over, but are considered impotent when it comes to luring in crowds. But perhaps the biggest shocker of that “big but not a leading man” list is Daniel Craig.

    Yes, that’s right. James Bond is considered a bit of a loser by studio executives. Why? Because he’s Bond. Despite his physique and popsicle-blue eyes, Craig has had little luck with audiences outside of 007 installments. The Invasion, The Golden Compass, and Defiance all fizzled and though that had little to do with Craig, he’s viewed with a bit of studio skepticism. When he was cast in Jim Sheridan’s Dream House, there was a fair amount of critical clucking about how desperately he needed to make his name in something new. When it seemed as though Bond 23 would never happen due to MGM woes, Craig’s slide down the cast list seemed a distinct possibility.

    But that’s so last year. 2011 is going to be the year of Daniel Craig. Again, it seems bewildering to those of us who are fans of movies and the people in them, but Casino Royale was just a starting point. Craig has to prove what else he can do. With four major movies being released into theaters this year, this is his biggest and best opportunity.

    First up is Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens. Daniel Craig was a last minute replacement for Robert Downey Jr., and I can honestly say that from where I was sitting and reporting, no one cared. Craig may have his own creepy popsicle, but no one sparked to the idea of his riding the range and shooting extraterrestrials. (Why not? Don’t men love Westerns? Don’t ladies love cowboys?) That changed once the trailer hit, and he looked so mean and mysterious. The whole mystique — the dust, the hat, the chaps, the squint — fit him like good pair of boots. That’s not a surprise. The Western genre is rather to flinty and rugged blondes. I suspect it will do more to sell him beyond Bond than a dozen romances, dramas, or comedies might, particularly in a post-True Gritworld. Unless, of course, it winds up a disastrous Jonah Hex with aliens, in which case it will set the genre back so far that even the Coens might complain.

    But Craig’s got all genres covered this year. If chaps and spurs don’t sell him, perhaps a supernatural thriller will. Dream House, which hits theaters on September 30, will either build on Cowboys & Aliens buzz, or gently scrub it away. The plot is intriguing — Craig and Rachel Weisz play a couple who find their ideal home, only to find out it’s haunted by its former inhabitants — and the cast is good. (Naomi Watts, Marton Csokas, and Elias Koteas costar.) Jim Sheridan may be its weakest point. It could be on par with his best thrillers, or it could be Get Rich or Die Tryin’. If it flops, Craig takes the hit. It’s not fair, but that’s the way it works.

    However, you don’t get the enviable role of James Bond without a few clear skills, and Craig played his cards right with sheer scheduling. Whatever his buzz is by December, he won’t be resting on his laurels or hiding from the world. Oh no. He’s headlining The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for David Fincher. Despite the talent amassed, many fans are skeptical of this remake, and dubious that it can do better than the Swedish original. But there are undoubtedly just as many fans who feel Fincher can wring new angles out of the story, and many moviegoers have yet to meet Lisbeth Salander or Mikael Blomkvist on page or subtitled screen. Craig has the opportunity to make the character his own, and to carve out a new (if limited) franchise with the Millennium Trilogy. But Tattoo could fizzle simply because of an abrupt Salander burnout (it happens with so many properties) or a sense that Fincher is just echoing an established property. We saw this last fall with Let Me In, which had some fine scenes in its own right, but wound up striking a lot of people as pointless. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo could end up with a very similar fate.

    Craig also is faced with embodying another European favorite: Red Rackham in Steven Spielberg’s ambitious adaptation of The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. He’ll be buried under layers of motion capture though, so it’s entirely possible many will see the film and never realize Craig is Rackham. If the movie is a roaring success, it will be the cherry on top of an incredibly full and awesome year. If it’s a flop, well, the motion capture can forgive a lot of sins. But it won’t help Craig any. He’s going to be seen as a bad penny.

    2011 could find Craig conquering four separate genres in a single year: Western, horror, thriller, and animation That’s the kind of slate any actor or actress would envy, and wins fans from every demographic. That’s the kind of year that makes you a superstar. But if they’re all dead on arrival, then it just looks like bad timing and overblown ego. Just ask Jude Law how it can sting to have bombarded one cinematic year, and then be mocked for the scheduling that’s out of your control. One goes from being a golden boy to being a sidekick in Sherlock Holmes.

    But that won’t happen to Craig. Not completely, anyway. He will either be bigger than big in 2012, anticipating the release of Bond 23 (which is going into production to earn him even more 2011 press), or he’ll have to be content being known only as the world’s sexiest super agent. That’s not a bad way to build a screen legacy (I don’t hear anyone calling Sean Connery a failure). He won’t be hurting for money. The residuals are enough to retire on unless he tries to buy Argentina and a pack of racehorses. And if you’re a man and could choose one indelible image to go out on, it ought to be looking fit in a pair of tight swim trunks. Really. No one is going to be shedding a tear for Daniel Craig.

    Nevertheless, good luck to you, Mr. Craig. May 2011 be your year. From where I sit, it certainly looks as though it will be. You’ve got a good mix, they’re well spaced through the year, and you’re a talented fellow. Odds are in your favor. Who knows? You may even get a new popsicle flavor out of it!

  163. 163
    Fio Says:

    Daniel Craig is the perfect modern James Bond

    Calls to replace charismatic star as 007 are wide of the target, says Mark Monahan.

    Cast your mind back, if you will, to five or six years ago, and the announcement that Daniel Craig was going to succeed Pierce Brosnan as 007. But he’s blond, we gasped! Only 5ft 10, we wailed! He’s not this enough, not that enough – the franchise is doomed!

    In fact, as the sharper-eyed observers among us figured, Craig had precisely what it took to be Bond. He was always been a charismatic actor, with an infuriating number of women over the years saying how attractive they had always found him – Bond does not have to look like a catwalk model, but he does have to be irresistible to the opposite sex. Add to this magnetism a liberal dollop of the devious upper-middle-class ******* he delivered in 2004’s serpentine thriller Layer Cake, and a large dash of his hard-as-nails hitman in Spielberg’s Munich (2005), and wasn’t this, in fact, going to prove a damned fine 007?

    Yes it jolly well was, as both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace proved. (And yes, by the way, Quantum of Solace – oh, it’s often a bit Bourne Identity-ish, but watch it again and you’ll find an unusually punchy and immensely enjoyabe action-thriller, and with the best Bond title-song in decades.)

    And so, let’s cut to the present, and to this week’s announcement that Craig is to return in the 23rd official Bond film. This has provoked an inevitable web-based hullaballoo, with some mealy-mouthed gripers suggesting that this would have been the perfect opportunity to replace Craig.

    To this, I would answer two things. First: with whom? Take the terrifyingly named web site (if you want sensible answers to almost anything, as a woman, for heaven’s sake), which suggests five possible replacements:

    Ewan McGregor – a joke, surely. Why, for that matter, not suggest Ronnie Corbett, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kim Jong-il or Melinda Messenger?

    Joshua Jackson – who?

    John Hamm – oh yes, an American who looks like an astronaut. Great.

    Clive Owen – always a popular choice, but he’d be at least 47 before the film came out. A little old, these days, to be embaking on a Bond career?

    Chiwetel Ejiofor – smooth, charismatic, British, just the right age, and my favourite of the five, though a black Bond would be a brave move on the part of the producers.

    So, for one thing – whatever one’s misgivings about that site – there appears to be no obvious replacement. But the bigger question is: why replace Craig at all?

    He’s just terrific, the first actor since Sean Connery to convey both the charisma and the toughness of a man who, after all, is not a spy but an assassin.

    As Bond, Craig is both eminently close to the 007 of Ian Fleming’s books and an effortless stealer of scenes, and he actually looks like a man built to pulverise baddies rather than sip a martini. Not only did his response, in Casino Royale, to being asked if he wanted his cocktail shaken or stirred – “Do I look like I give a damn?” – mark an inspired piece of writing, and a fresh, harder, rawer departure for Bond, it could not have been better delivered better, or with more Bond-ish menace.

    No, roll on the movie, I say (even if Sam Mendes is directing it…)

  164. 164
    Fio Says:

    Weisz To Star Opposite Alleged Lover Craig In Bond?

    Actress Rachel Weisz is reportedly in talks with director Sam Mendes to star in the new James Bond movie, opposite her rumoured new love interest Daniel Craig.

    Filming on the 23rd 007 film is set to commence later this year and hit cinemas on November 9, 2012.

    Craig will reprise his role as the superspy for the Mendes-directed action movie – and Weisz, who was spotted strolling hand-in-hand with the actor over Christmas, is in negotiations to star opposite her alleged new lover, according to Britain’s Grazia magazine.

    A source tells the publication, “Rachel has been speaking with Sam for some time now about appearing in the new Bond film, long before she and Daniel hit it off.”

    The publication also reports Weisz is planning to leave her home in New York and move back to her native U.K. with her son, Henry, by former partner Darren Aronofsky. The Hollywood couple ended its eight-year relationship in 2010, announcing news of the split in November after several months of separation.

    The insider adds, “Whatever happens, she intends to move back to London this year. She loves her life in New York but she desperately misses England, and is keen to reconnect with her roots there. But most importantly she wants to be there to support Daniel.

    “Rachel and Daniel have become very close and are serious about one another. It seems that being photographed holding hands was their way of showing the world that.”

  165. 165
    Daniel is Hot Says:

    Thanks for the new articles Fio. That would be great if Rachel pays in the new Bond movie. I am happy to hear she wants to move back to London. “She want to be there to support Daniel.” Good for her, good for him. They, with little Heney, will make a cute family.

  166. 166
    to punkie/gina Says:

    you live in a dream land, don’t you. think about this Gina. you are telling someone who works for the department of a film studio responsible for securing filming permits how it is done? almost all jurisdictions give filming permits for a set amount of time only. once the permit expires then the film company must apply for a second permit. that means, gina, going through the whole process again from start to finish. contrary to what you believe, the process will not be faster.

    even babs does not have the power to circumvent the laws in other countries. you, Gina, are just going to have to deal with the fact that any filming for Bond 23 will not even be ready to begin until at least August or September. you are also going to have to deal with the fact that bond 23 will be released on November 12, 2012. get it through your head that there will be no new bond film released 11 11 11. yes, sam mendes will still direct the film. what part of it’s official do you not understand?

    as for Dragon Tattoo, when will you understand that it won’t be postponed. are you such an idiot as to believe that the studios in question will hold back all daniel craig films until bond 23 is released. doesn’t work that way. C&A will be released on July 29, 2011 just as steven spielberg says it will be. as will Dragon Tattoo be released just as spielberg decides as well.

    as for Camille, get over that one as well. Rachel is supposed to be in talks with Sam Mendes to be cast as bond’s love interest. you notice, Gina, in talks with Sam. as director, he will be making cast decisions.

  167. 167
    Libby Says:

    Sorry to say this but I don’t belirve that Darren Aronofsky will allow Rachel to move back to london with their son. I say this because in their official break-up statement they said they would raise their son together and with that darren won’t move new york at all. Earlier reports suggested that friends of rachels were told by Rachel herself that she would stay in new york so that henry could be with his father. Yes rachel has always wanted to go back to london, but on the condition of seperating her son and his father, that to me is a bunch of garbage. And we all know that darren won’t move there because Rachel is having some epiphany or fling.

  168. 168
    Libby Says:

    This statement is SO proof for me…..

    In a joint statement, they said: ‘We remain close friends and are committed to raising our son together in New York City.’

  169. 169
    Libby Says:

    This statement is SO proof for me…..

    In a joint statement, they said: ‘We remain close friends and are committed to raising our son together in New York City.’

    Just sayin’. Lol……

  170. 170
    DtM Says:

    Pics of Rooney as Lisbeth

  171. 171
    Libby Says:

    @Daniel is Hot: You do realize that Henry already has a family….that consist of darren and rachel who already make up a very beautifully exqusite family all by themselves without daniel at all….don’t quite understand why you excluded darren who is and will always be henry’s father.

  172. 172
    Mendel Says:

    to DiH

    “You girls will just have to wait in line. He belongs ot us.”

    Absolutely! *grin*

    Hi Guinness

    thanks for the link – I loved this:
    “here’s another look at Daniel Craig’s butt in leather” – NIIICE!

    to Fio

    Great article – thanks!

    “Casino Royale was just a starting point. Craig has to prove what else he can do. With four major movies being released into theaters this year, this is his biggest and best opportunity.”

    Dan can do it…woohooo, he can!!!

    “Craig may have his own creepy popsicle, but no one sparked to the idea of his riding the range and shooting extraterrestrials.”

    Hold on, are we on JJ no one?

    “If chaps and spurs don’t sell him, perhaps a supernatural thriller will.”

    LOL! I think chaps and spurs do very nicely…

    “or he’ll have to be content being known only as the world’s sexiest super agent. That’s not a bad way to build a screen legacy…
    And if you’re a man and could choose one indelible image to go out on, it ought to be looking fit in a pair of tight swim trunks.”


    “Nevertheless, good luck to you, Mr. Craig. May 2011 be your year…. Odds are in your favor. Who knows? You may even get a new popsicle flavor out of it!”

    HAHAHAHA, I have yet to get my hands on one of those popsicles! Or on the real thing ;)

    to DtM

    Thanks for the pics! Although I find the one with the blood on her hands a bit overdone, the one on the motocycle does look very Lisbeth. So roll on Tattoo!

    More on Bond 23:

  173. 173
    LL-J Says:

    Sam Mendes may have problems directing new James Bond movie
    Director could have to battle for his ‘vision’ if past Bond films are a guide, says Tim Robey.
    By Tim Robey, Film Critic 2:05PM GMT 12 Jan 2011

    It’s a full year since Sam Mendes was first put in the frame as a potential Bond director, in which time MGM’s financial woes derailed the production schedule, allowing 007’s more possessive fans to forget their immediate beef and prematurely mourn the whole franchise.

    Now it’s back on, but they’re still not happy about the (reconfirmed) Mendes appointment. “It’ll be all middlebrow and safe!” seems to be the standard assumption. The Bond they want is gleeful, sly and viscerally over-the-top, qualities it’s fair to say haven’t been much in evidence in Mendes’s movies to date.

    Bond, though, is simply not a director’s franchise. Fans on message boards love to rail against the last one, Quantum of Solace, and throw a lot of blame at Marc Forster, the Swiss helmer of Monster’s Ball, Finding Neverland and other literary Oscar-bait, whose face-value credentials for the job were every bit as elusive as those of Mendes.

    The argument goes that you need a real action-director’s pair of hands, and that Martin Campbell, who rebooted the series twice with GoldenEye and Casino Royale, is the right type of guy. Directors with artistic pretensions tackle Bond at their peril and everyone else’s.

    Because their names carry unexpected pedigree for the task of a mass-market blockbuster, Forster, and now Mendes, become convenient stooges for what’s actually a producer’s logistical nightmare – and responsibility.

  174. 174
    Fio Says:

    Hi, DiH
    Yeah, wherever Rachel lives, she wants to support Daniel. That sounds reassuring to him :)
    Hi, DtM
    Thanks for the pics, and how have you been? Here is more pics…the appearance of Rooney is more faithful to the original than that of Noomi, IMO.

    Rooney’s full cover article…
    David Fincher Gets The Girl – W magazine

  175. 175
    Fio Says:

    Hi, Mendel
    “Dan can do it…woohooo, he can!!!”
    Well, Daniel is the only person that can do it!!!!
    The irresistible Daniel Craig?
    He is to reprise his role as 007 in a new James Bond film and he’s also starring in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    Daniel Craig is going to star in another Bond film. No huge surprise there. But he’s also going to star as Mikael Blomkvist in the Hollywood version of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. So, Craig will be appearing as a spy who is patently irresistible to women at the same time as he is appearing as a journalist who is inexplicably irresistible to women. In other words, all possible flavours of leading man will be simultaneously played by Craig, as if there is no need for any other leading actors at all. And if this Larsson deal runs for the full trilogy, it’s going to seem like Craig’s the only leading actor who exists in the whole, wide world. One can only pray that the irresistibility holds up under the strain.

  176. 176
    Fio Says:

    Daniel Craig’s five best Bond moments

    Five scenes in which Daniel Craig has brilliantly transformed the role of Bond to be truly his own.

    Casino Royale rooftop chase

    Martin Campbell’s 2006 movie opens with a sickeningly vertiginous chase sequence on a construction site. The scene, in which James Bond pursues a Frenchman who has stolen his bag of potatoes, was Craig’s first 007 chase on screen – and he carried it off with aplomb. It features a genuine acrobatic stunt by the actor, which was voted the best James Bond stunt of all time in a Radio Times poll. Craig later says he chose to jump off the crane: “It was important to me that I do as many of my own stunts as possible for authenticity… I didn’t get fit just to take my shirt off.” Watch the chase on YouTube

    Critics claimed that Daniel Craig’s “look” didn’t fit the mould. But when he emerged confidently and impressively from the sea in a tiny pair of trunks, the scene marked a Venus-like rebirth for James Bond. Roger Moore’s retro hairy chest and Pierce Brosnan’s trim lightweight figure were history as the world greeted the protein-shake action-gentleman. In typically modest style, Craig claimed the iconic scene was a fluke: “It happened by accident. Where we were filming in the Bahamas, the beach has a very low shelf and the water is very narrow. I kind of swam underwater for a while and then came up, and of course it’s only up to my knees. So you saw more of me than we were expecting!”

    Casino Royale torture scene

    Otherwise known as the “testicle scene”, it is not only memorable for the highly personal, leg-crossing agony that is inflicted on Bond by Le Chiffre. It is in this scene that Craig most obviously plays up Bond’s iron self-possession. Telegraph film critic Sukhdev Sandhu described the torture scene as the one in which Bond is “happiest, perversely enough, and most authentically himself… His captor ties him naked to a chair and whips his testicles with a knotted rope. “To the right,” he commands his ******. “You’re a funny man,” is the reply. “Yes,” he smirks, “now the whole world knows you died scratching my balls.””

    Casino Royale pre-credits “teaser”

    The young Bond is shown making his very first government-sanctioned kills in this stylised high-contrast black and white sequence. It marks a dramatic break from the past, featuring Daniel Craig in some rather un-007 graphic violence; notably in the white-tiled bathroom scene, where Craig the assassin cranks the head of his victim over a white basin. An effective introduction to a gritty new era of Bond – a transition smoothly made, with the use of an old device: monochrome, which had not been used in a Bond film since Diamonds Are Forever in 1971. Watch the uncut version on YouTube

    Quantum of Solace car chase

    Craig practiced speedboating and stunt driving for this film – and it shows in the slick opening sequence where he takes absolute control of his Aston Martin DBS as it flies around sharp mountainous bends. Telegraph film critic Mark Monahan described it as one of the film’s highlights: “Edgy close-ups of Daniel Craig’s granite features give way to a spectacular high-speed chase around an Italian coastal road. Bullets fly, glass splinters, cars crunch, in a scene that – like many of the film’s best – owes much to the quick-fire editing of the Bourne thrillers.” Watch the chase on YouTube

  177. 177
    Fio Says:

    Would the real Lisbeth Salander please stand up?

    It’s just the first peek inside the multimillion-dollar Hollywood adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy, but I swear I can already hear the ill-fated author spinning in his grave.

    It was always going to be a tall task to properly render such a detail-dependent thriller in stripped-down U.S. box office form, but now it appears that what audiences in North America might get is a comically distorted rendering of the original.

    Exhibit A, the starting point:

    Lynn Hirschberg, who you’ll recall from such 2010 dust-ups as “hey everyone, M.I.A. hates me cause I called her a poser!” describes Lisbeth Salander’s transformation at the hands of David Fincher:

    “[He] has taken that gamine, biker-chick, downtown-girl template and tweaked it. Now she’s his”

    Uh-oh. Not sure Hirschberg read the books before penning the article. If she had, she’d have known that, although Salander rides a tiny, almost comical motorcycle (a toy, really, as described by Larsson), she’s hardly “a biker chick.” Gamine? Sure, she’s got short hair, but she also hardly fits the description of a downtown party girl getting into trouble. Again, a quick look at these addictive thrillers would have lent the insight of Salander as the abused and desperate loner, simply trying to get by without being noticed in a corrupt Swedish political milieu that’s taken every opportunity to torture her at various stages in her hapless upbringing. But hey, “gamine, biker-chick” has a better ring for a feature article with glossy photos of a starlet-to-be, right? Right.
    Exhibit B, the director:

    Hirschberg isn’t waiting for after the Oscars, she’s ready to begin full fawning right now: Fincher is, she writes:

    “like all great directors, [and] has a God complex, a need to create people and worlds. … He has made challenging, idiosyncratic movies within the increasingly homogenized and limited studios. While most studios are pushing superheroes and animation, Fincher is directing The Social Network.”

    OK, full disclosure, I, like many, was surprised that The Social Network ended up even being watchable, let alone as entertaining as it was. Taking what was obviously a boring, non-linear story of mega-nerdery morphing into big business and managing to give it a plot, cohesion of meaning and some sort of value beyond a complete fabrication of events was surely the cinematic magic trick of the year (let’s not forget Aaron Sorkin’s script’s role in that chicanery, either — more than almost any other major release this year, The Social Network was at the mercy of its dialogue — without the flow Sorkin imbued, the end product might have ended up the dead fish many of us were expecting).

    But The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is not Mark Zuckerberg and The Facebook’s Wikipedia entry. It’s a work of art that already exists, a trifecta of novels, and a trifecta of Swedish film versions already well-received. And all that’s left is for Fincher to place his creative stamp on things and sell movie tickets to philistine Americans who don’t like subtitles. The trouble is, it’s hard to imagine any of the millions of readers who’ve loved the trilogy understanding Fincher’s Salander. And it’s tough to get why Salander needs to be “Fincherized” at all … Hirschberg seems to think she fits neatly into the filmmaker’s already established oeuvre of badboy heros and heroines, but for again, anyone who bothered to read the books closely, it’s obvious by the midway point of The Girl Who Played With Fire that Salander is NOT first and foremost a rebellious attention seeker attempting stir things up — she’s a victim of abuse doing anything and everything she can just to survive. It’s probably worth noting, too, that she hardly figures in the narrative of the first book at all, and when she does, she isn’t some kickass b*tch riding to Mikael Blomkvist’s rescue — she shocks even him, who knows her as well as anyone, that she’s able to save him.

    To subsume those key character traits in a maelstrom of style clichés and recognizable, easily digestible American pop culture tropes is literally to steal a piece of Swedish pop culture — and it proves just how clumsy Hollywood is with the stories of other cultures. In a sense, Fincher and Hirschberg are showing themselves to be a lot like the mainstream Swedish press in the third book — searching for any and all reasons for why Salander is the way she is — without ever bothering to get to know the history and essence of the character.

    And it’s too bad: He may not be great (we prefer to hold that term for the likes of Scorsese, Coppola, the Coens, even David Lynch), but David Fincher has made some entertaining films in his career — interestingly enough, most of them Se7en (an original script) and Fight Club (an adaptation of a mostly under-read 1996 satire) tilled from creatively rich soil.

    Mucking about in an already grown garden seems to be something new, but hey, it goes with directorial ego, right? As Fincher himself puts it:

    “I didn’t really doubt myself after Alien 3 … I have 380,000 things on my mind. It’s an air traffic control tower in there. I can’t really imagine anything else gripping me the way directing does. This is all I can do.”

    Exhibit C, the star:

    I have nothing against Rooney Mara. I didn’t see her well-received turn in last year’s Nightmare on Elm Street. And she delivered probably the best line in all of The Social Network with the dressing down of Jesse Eisenberg’s Zuckerberg character:

    “You’re going to go through life thinking that girls don’t like you because you’re a nerd. And I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that that won’t be true. It’ll be because you’re an *******.”

    Ahh, once again, the refreshing script-writing of Aaron Sorkin (see above).

    But the “makeover” that Lynn Hirschberg fawns over (and which W magazine obviously paid dearly for the exclusive rights to?) PUUUH-LEEZE.

    “Mara’s long brown mane was dyed black and cut in a series of jagged points that looked as if she had chopped it herself with a dull razor. The bangs were cropped very short and uneven, and the rest of the hair was layered into an extended shag. The final result was a mash-up of brazen Seventies punk and spooky Eighties goth with a dash of S&M temptress. That look, which could also describe Salander’s nature, was echoed in her wardrobe—a collection of ripped stockings, low garter belts, skintight leather, and heavy-soled boots. In all the angry, attractive darkness, Mara, who is 25, lithe, and petite, radiated an intriguing mix of menace and vulnerability.”

    S&M temptress? It’s unclear if Salander (the book character, that is) really has a full grasp on those nuances of sex at all till she becomes the erstwhile girlfriend of Miriam Wu in the second book — how her style could reflect that in the first movie, well, that’s the magic of Hollywood, folks. Larsson had deliberately painted her as an outsider, in dress, in style of speech, gait — everything — but channelled by Fincher and his team of blockbustering studio blusterers? That adds up to a pastiche of the last 30 year’s worth of subcultures.

    So far, I’m not buying it. It’ll be interesting to see if the millions of other fans of Stieg Larsson’s thoughtful books will, either. After all, we already have the books themselves and three great films.

  178. 178
    Libby Says:

    Hey didn’t Rachel have a relationship with Sam Mendes before he was with Kate Winslet…..for her to be shooting a film with her current boyfriend while sam is directing…….a uber awkweird!!!

  179. 179
    to Libby Says:


  180. 180
    DtM Says:

    JamesBondde: Daniel Craig visits Palmers Green charity centre

  181. 181
    Libby Says:

    @to Libby: all I said is that’s gonna be a little weird….didn’t ask if anyone cared or not.

  182. 182
    Libby Says:

    I mean under those circumstances in no way should these three be making a film when their is another EX involved. Totally against this whole idea…’s already weird that mendes and craig both were or are with the exact same women….imagine what it would be like if craig and weisz did a love scene while sam directs. Again uber awkweird!!!!

  183. 183
    sam and dan Says:

    Sam and Dan can compare notes on Rache’s abilities and techniques.

  184. 184
    to 181 Says:

    okay.okay, you engages in soliloquies not conversations. don’t care a brass farthing.

  185. 185
    Rachel or Monica Says:

    Other rumored Monica Bellucci. Maybe Mendes is of two minds about which to choose.

  186. 186
    noomi/libby Says:

    so what is your point? are going to cry over this? worry yourself sick, Lets hope you get soooo sick that you finally go away for good..

  187. 187
    guinness Says:

    THx DTM…that was sooo totally awesome. aaawwww….look at the girl with her hand on his arm. wow. I would be squealing!!! (like i did when he was 20 yards from me onstage!!! How incredible. )

    will he be doing anything for any award shows in between negotiations and working with Rooney?

    And yes, all of us “who know him intimately” know this is the year–the BADDAZZ year of DAN!! Finally the article gets out. He is looking forward to the biggger spotlight than his Bond movies gave him, si?? It will be more difficult to quit that addiction he has going…unless it is herbal or electrical!

    Hi Fio—you are doing a brilliant job, my dear, don’t evah stop.(jj should commission you).

    And my dear mendel—your last post would have been the exact same quotes i would have pulled…excellent. But do you believe that his coming out of the ocean as an accident? that he insists the water was supposed to be up to his waist? ah, it is called editing Dan, and it would have been done had it been the wrong scene to keep. As it stands, wow, i wish it was!! and me next to it!! *nah, nah, i got to say it cheeky brit** hahahahah! As it stands–you were made a star from what us women have been doing for centuries…getting famous for our bods! yeeee haw!! (we know you got talents other than those in your speedo!!! just kiddin)
    anyhoo…. see ya if you are around—oh, wait, it is thursday night. happy thurs!!! this article is what fio posted, correct…and they don’t understand the role of Blomvkist–cuz he is the opposite of what they write…and Rooney doesn’t look scary enough or bitter enough…she gotta work on that. she looks as if she is modeling her clothes…and damn, love that leather she is hardly wearing!!

  188. 188
    guinness--oops Says:

    …on a diff note, what if Rachel gets the Bond part, then they break up…THAT is gonna be awkwurd!!! aahh, such is the lives of the rich, famous, world-traveling beautiful people. (transition girl, mind you)


  189. 189
    Dan's Fan City Says:

    @Rachel or Monica: Wow! Monica Bellucci is HOT!! AND she’s 46! I like where Hwood is going with the sexy 40-something women thing! Keep it up!

  190. 190
    to Dan's Fan City Says:

    Monica Bellucci – ideal Bond girl

    Survey finds Monica Bellucci is the preferred girl for Bond 23

  191. 191
    second that Says:

    Monica Bellucci is a wonderful actress. she’s beautiful, talented, and intelligent. i would really love to see her as Bond’s nemesis. Monica would be so good.

  192. 192
    LOL Says:

  193. 193
    Fio Says:

    Hi, DtM
    Thanks for the article/pic. Awwwwww!! I love that pic, and his comment was NICE!! Was it at that time taken pic? Or another one?
    addersop: @Crystal_Spirit_ Thanks – Daniel Craig visited him and some other ill children earlier in the week; apparently he was lovely to them :)
    9:43 PM Dec 19th, 2010
    to Dan’s Fan City and second that
    Yeah, Monica is as beautiful as ever. Monica and Rachel are a bit old as a Bond girl, they look younger than they really are tho… So they could be playing the villain…or Moneypenny :) BTW, Michael Sheen is rumoured to be playing the villain Blofeld…AGAIN.
    Michael Sheen poised to be Bond villain Blofeld

  194. 194
    Fio Says:

    Hi, Guinness
    You may have already known this if you read W Magazine. So read these anonymous comments :)
    Dragon Tattoo Directer CHANGES ENDING

    It is still 11 months from release but The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo director David Fincher has already caused controversy — he’s completely changed the ending.

    The film, based on Stieg Larsson’s wildly successful novel, stars Daniel Craig as reporter Mikael Blomkvist who investigates the murder of a girl on an isolated island.

    By his side is the roughed-up and unapologetic Lisbeth Salander, played by relative unknown Rooney Mara, who helps Blomkvist unravel the mystery.

    “The script, which captures the novel’s bleak tone, was written by Academy Award winner Steven Zaillian, who wrote Schindler’s List, and it departs rather dramatically from the book,” Fincher told W Magazine.

    “Blomkvist is less promiscuous, Salander is more aggressive, and, most notably, the ending — the resolution of the drama — has been completely changed.

    “This may be sacrilege to some, but Zaillian has improved on Larsson-the script’s ending is more interesting.”

    Mara’s transformation into the role of Salander was also dramatic — she had her eyebrows bleached, hair chopped and her lip, brow, nose and nipple pierced.

    Fincher is well known for his dark thrillers, which include Se7en, Fight Club and Zodiac. He recently directed The Social Network.

    The Dragon Tattoo, part one of Larson’s Millennium trilogy will be released in the US on December 11 and in Australia on January 12.

    There is already a Swedish version of the film and its sequels The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest.

    I wonder what he changed the ending to? I like the way he said that he’s made it more ‘interesting’.

  195. 195
    Fio Says:

    Daniel seems to have been funny on set as ever :)
    Harrison Ford – Harrison Ford: ‘Cowboys And Aliens Is Bang-On’

    Harrison Ford thinks his upcoming film ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ is the type of film people will see ”more than once” – and says he loved working with Daniel Craig on it.
    Harrison Ford thinks people will like his next film so much they will see it “more than once”.
    The actor, who is starring in the up-coming ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ said he is “delighted” to be involved in it and particularly enjoyed working with his co-star Daniel Craig who he called “a funny smart guy.”
    The 68-year-old ‘Morning Glory’ star told BANG Showbiz: “It seems to be the kind of movie people go to these days more than once. I’m delighted to be involved in one of those and I think everyone involved did a bang-on job.
    “It was wonderful working with Daniel Craig who is a funny, smart guy and the director Jon Favreau who did the two ‘Iron Man’ films.”
    The ‘Indiana Jones’ veteran added that he enjoyed filming scenes on horseback and hinted that his role is similar to his ‘Morning Glory’ character Mike Pomeroy, who is a “grumpy old man”.
    He said: “It’s a very different kind of movie and I was very happy to do it – and it was great to be outside the whole time on a horse. and I play a grumpy old man in that as well.”

  196. 196
    Fio Says:

    MORE PICS! His smile’s cute!!!!!

    Daniel Craig Visits Barnardo’s Charity Centre

    The star took time out from his busy schedule to learn about the Barnet and Enfield Children’s Rights Service and meet some of the young people who use it.

    “Barnardo’s is such a worthwhile charity. I really enjoyed meeting all the children and young people. It was good to hear first-hand about their experiences and the important role the service plays in their lives.”

    Daniel, a regular supporter of Barnardo’s, was keen to see for himself how the charity works to help make a difference to children’s lives.

    Barnardo’s Barnet & Enfield Children’s Rights Service is for children & young people from the London Boroughs of Barnet and Enfield. It aims to promote Children’s Rights, including children & young people’s right to be involved in decisions that affect them.

  197. 197
    Fio Says:

    Kim Kardashian wants to star with Daniel Craig as a Bond girl.
    Kim Kardashian: Licensed to thrill – Now Magazine UK
    The wannabe pop star has now set her sights on becoming a Bond girl.
    Kim Kardashian has come a long way since her, ahem, intimate on-screen debut with ex-boyfriend Ray J.

    But despite earning a mint from her reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kimis desperate to kick off a film career – and has her heart set on being the next Bond girl.

    ‘She’s really eager to branch out into movies and she’s been campaigning to be cast in the next James Bond film,’ a source tells Now.

    ‘She knows her limitations and is aware she’s not a great actress, but she’s hoping her figure will make an impact on studio bosses.’

    Kim, 30, is taking things so seriously she enrolled in acting classes last year with Hollywood’s top acting coach Catlin Adams.

    ‘She’s dying to do a movie, but she doesn’t want to get cast in cheesy films just to get on the big screen,’ a pal says.

    ‘So she started taking private lessons last August with Catlin, who’s considered to be the best.

    ‘Even though Kim doesn’t party, she knows it’s important to be seen out and about and network in order to be considered for a role in the next Bond flick.’

    Wonder what Daniel Craig’s new squeeze Rachel Weisz has to say about it all…

    Read the full story about Kim Kardashian in Now magazine, dated 17 January 2011 – out now!

  198. 198
    to FIO Says:

    “Hi, DtM
    Thanks for the article/pic. Awwwwww!! I love that pic, and his comment was NICE!! Was it at that time taken pic? Or another one?
    addersop: @Crystal_Spirit_ Thanks – Daniel Craig visited him and some other ill children earlier in the week; apparently he was lovely to them :)”

    no this pic was taken at Barnados, the twitter was about his visit at Gt Ormand St Hospital

  199. 199
    Fio Says:

    to to FIO
    Thanks for the info :)

    Stieg Larsson’s partner plans to complete final Millennium novelEva Gabrielsson, late author’s partner, says the pair ‘often wrote together’ and she will finish the hugely successful crime series

    Stieg Larsson’s partner Eva Gabrielsson plans to finish the fourth novel he left uncompleted on his death. According to early details culled from Gabrielsson’s memoir of her life with Larsson, Millennium, Stieg and Me, which is set for publication in France and Scandinavia next week, Larsson had written 200 pages of a fourth novel in his internationally successful Millennium series before he died. Gabrielsson wants to complete it because, she says, “Stieg and I often wrote together”.

    Larsson’s partner has refused to reveal details of the partially completed novel’s plot, but promised that its charismatic but damaged protagonist Lisbeth Salander “little by little frees herself from her ghosts and her enemies”. And, she said, she will only finish the book when she gets undisputed rights to Larsson’s work from his family, who inherited the author’s assets when he died intestate.

    Swedish journalist Larsson died in 2004, aged 50, before any of his three completed Millennium titles – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest – were published. The crime novels featuring crusading journalist Blomkvist and punk hacker Salander have gone on to become a publishing phenomenon, with approaching 50m copies sold worldwide. But Gabrielsson is involved in an extended dispute with the author’s father and brother over the proceeds from the books because the couple remained unmarried, despite being together for more than 30 years, leaving her with no rights to his assets under Swedish law. Reports of an uncompleted fourth novel, left on Larsson’s computer and in Gabrielsson’s hands, have been circulating for several months.

    Millennium, Stieg and Me chronicles how the couple met and their struggles together at Expo, the anti-fascist publication Larsson founded in 1995. Larsson and his staff “moved around constantly to escape the Nazis who were harassing them”, Gabrielsson writes.

    And in a criticism of the Larsson family’s handling of the estate, she sounds off about the Millennium “industry and brand”, saying: “I don’t want to see coffee mugs and other ‘Millennium’ merchandise; I want to see the ‘real’ Stieg respected.” She has previously complained about the parasitic industry that has grown up around Larsson, describing the “mythology” as unbearable.

    Given Gabrielsson’s concerns over how Larsson’s legacy is handled, she is unlikely to be impressed with news emerging of the forthcoming Hollywood version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, set to star Daniel Craig as Blomkvist and Rooney Mara as Salander. The latest issue of W Magazine reports that the new film departs “rather dramatically” from the book, including alterations to its two main protagonists (Blomkvist less promiscuous; Salander even more aggressive) and a “completely changed” ending, which the magazine does not reveal but votes “more interesting” than the original. The new film, which has already attracted controversy for recasting the role of Salander, taken in the Swedish film version by Noomi Rapace, with an American actress, is expected to be released late this year.

  200. 200
    guinness--post # 200 Says:

    200 just because!!

  201. 201
    Mendel Says:

    to DtM

    What a great pic! Love it!

    Hi Guinness

    “But do you believe that his coming out of the ocean as an accident?”

    No! He had that sexy swagger – that was deliberate, and no accident. He was posing and showing off what he got!

    (“So you saw more of me than we were expecting!” I’ve been expecting you, Mr Bond. Is this a gun or are you just pleased to see me! *grin*)

    “As it stands, wow, i wish it was!! and me next to it!!”


    “if Rachel gets the Bond part, then they break up…THAT is gonna be awkwurd!!!”

    Yes, I think it is always tricky to cast couples, because the real-life relationship can interfer and make things difficult. I’d say they should go for Monica Bellucci, she would be a great Bond girl and give Dan a run for his money!

    to Fio

    “Again, a quick look at these addictive thrillers would have lent the insight of Salander as the abused and desperate loner, simply trying to get by without being noticed in a corrupt Swedish political milieu”

    I think the writer doesn’t quite get Lisbeth either. It’s not that simple – and she’s certainly not a desperate loner. A loner yes, but not desperate, and she’s not just simply getting by – she lives by her own rules.

    “Monica and Rachel are a bit old as a Bond girl”

    Not at all. It’s time that at least some of the Bond girls are closer to Dan’s age, makes it far more interesting!

    “I wonder what he changed the ending to? I like the way he said that he’s made it more ‘interesting’.”

    Wasn’t the ending of the first film different from the book as well (I still haven’t seen it)? Maybe he’s already bringing some elements of the second book into the ending?

    I hope Eva does publish a fourth book, but if she waits until she gets undisputed rights to Larsson’s work from his family, I fear we might wait forever.

  202. 202
    guinness Says:

    thx fio! i was excited i had an article you didn’t post yet…but then you did!! the 2nd pic at the charity! he was smiling brighter then! so, i guess i won’ t post anything when you are on the job!!! yey.

    thank you. and yes, Indiana Jones was gracious to even mention Dan. thx Harrison, you are an icon for those who like your genre. whatever that is.

    wow for miss Stieg…i knew she couldn’t refuse to write it…she did help him! interesting chain of events for her. but a lot of time spent on her past. he has been gone 6 years for her. whew.

    and yes, if anyone finds out the “new” ending, please let us know ASAP. I was disappointed in the original ending…unless they were to be together..why couldn’t they be together? damnnn steig!!

    rooney looks like model. she needs to be, I dont’ know.

    Night Fio, hi Mendel!

  203. 203
    Libby Says:

    Listening to “Breakeven” by The Script…totally makes me think of this whole aronofsky-weisz, craig-mitchell thing…no matter how these four broke off their relationships.

  204. 204
    Fio Says:

    Hi, Mendel
    I just hope the Fincher’s ending doesn’t rubbish. And you’re right, maybe it will fill with priming next movie… But there was one comment that bothers me.
    “Blomkvist is less promiscuous”
    Daniel…woops, Blomkvist won’t f**k every girl? Ugh!! Oh well…but, IMO, it’s significant that Lisbeth who hated men wanted to sleep with Blomkvist. I’m not sure if you will take to this idea, but I like it :)
    Re: Blomkvist being less promiscuous and everyone in this post being all “YEAH IT MADE NO SENSE THAT HE SLEPT WITH EVERYONE”
    I’m trying to articulate why this bothers me and here it goes: the point of Blomkvist’s extensive sexual liaisons was that they were all based on consent, respect and reciprocity. He is the foil to the dozens of ‘men who hate women’ after whom the book is named and who are shown to be present in all areas of society: business, government, the police, the criminal underworld. Against that backdrop, I found it really refreshing to have an unapologetically sexual male protagonist who engaged so honestly with his female cohorts. Stieg Larsson’s oeuvre critiques a hypermasculinized, predatory version of male sexuality, and the inclusion of Blomkvist’s character underscores the centrality of respect and mutual consideration in intimate affairs: he’s a feminist, AND he gets laid (a lot). Thus, the series also kicks back against the ‘Emasculated Modern Man’ that feminism has supposedly created. Maybe it’s a better directorial choice to spend less time on his love affairs, and if it betters the film I’m all for it, but yeah, those are my thoughts.
    Hi, Guinness
    Nahhhhhh, not that I’m always working. I have no time to be digging news today. So I expect some cooperation of you!!
    In addition to yesterday’s article…we can lean on this man. Yeah, It’s Daniel!! :)
    Harrison’s next role is a return to large-scale action – with a twist. He plays a 19thcentury wild west landowner whose cowboys join forces with a set of rival Indians to defend themselves and their land when a batch of menacing aliens attack. Harrison’s posse includes Sam Rockwell, Keith Carradine and 007 star Daniel Craig. the film opens next year and already there’s talk of a sequel. “It seems to be the kind of movie that people will go to see more than once,” he said. “Daniel Craig is a STAND-UP guy and very funny too. I’m delighted to be involved and everyone was great.”

    Hot List—hot_list_1-14/

    Daniel Craig wants another James Bond film. The people want Daniel Craig in another James Bond film. Heck, Sean Connery wants Daniel Craig in another James Bond film. Hopefully, filmmakers can draw enough inspiration from a yet-to-be-named Ian Fleming short story to make the film really sizzle.

  205. 205
    guinness Says:

    wow! thanks for those 2 articles…it really supports Mendel’s idea of Blomvkist being more than one dimensional. I just thought Mikel was Steig and hypermasculinized–that is a great word that i will use for my agenda!! I didn’t think of a character that would “offset” the other one during a movie so much, but the article really made sense, and if they dont’ do that in the hollywood movie, hell, it is gonnna be different..

    though someone needs to explain this for me cuz i am lost in the author’s point….”Thus, the series also kicks back against the ‘Emasculated Modern Man’ that feminism has supposedly created…” OH! Does it mean that this movie de-emasculates the modern man that feminism wanted to emasculate. yeah, because us feminstic bossy (assertive) women wanted equality so it made the men feel bad so they bowed down to us…or something…. and now with the BOOK, Mikel is made into a manly man because he beds all the women that sniffs his masculinity, therefor and hence once again, man is de-emasculated.
    BUT with the movie hollywood version–if they dont’ make him bed all the women he is supposed to, then they will regress and make all the men emasculated again because that is what makes a man–sleeping with every sniffing woman that lets him(and we are desperatos arent we women. well, for Dan we are….)

    did i get that correct? wthevr.

    ok. i will do some due diligence…. (sp?). and ***** bells–if shun cunnery wants Dan—so shall it be done.

    i will return……..~G

  206. 206
    guinness Says:

    irresistable? yes
    2011 Dan’s Badazz year? yes
    irresistable? affirmative captain
    multi-performer? yes *wow, my palms get sweaty just writing this*
    irresistably sexxsee? that is a yes captain
    do we ever get tired of seeing that particular pic of his fine muscular pinnacle when not smoking and lifting his body weight? NO
    irresistable? definitely
    would we appreciate him straining over us? Are you daft stupid girl writer? THAT is the only strain he will be over, i mean under—-



  207. 207
    guinness Says:

    uhm, there really isn’t anything to report Fio…this article is just funny—to say that Dan is “happy” is definitely wrong–have you seen any of his real life pictures? he shows a smile 1 out of 10. AND Clive? woow! that sounds like a great movie.
    *snarky* snarky* snark snark*

    OH!! that guy that plays your prime minister…Sheen? LOVE HIM…he was on a 30 Rock episode–very excellent. He will be great in Bond!!!

  208. 208
    Libby Says:

    This is the seconf time that I’ve heard such rumours of Daniel being gay…..Hmmmmmm. Wheather it’s true or not it’s definitely interesting. Wonder what rachel thinks.

  209. 209
    to 207 Says:

    I read just now.
    The CraigisnotBond members seems to have begun to work again.
    However, the cinemablend denied a pretty wild rumor logically.
    That is well said.

  210. 210
    to 208 Libby Says:

    Wonder what rachel thinks.
    Rachel did not break off relationship with Daniel after the May either. She knows well Daniel is not gay.

  211. 211
    Daniel in LOVE Says:

    That blogger (Mastracci) is unpopular with his fellow workers.
    The only blogging cliche bigger than telling your readers to take a rumour with a bucket of salt is citing unnamed inside sources as the root of an exciting and unexpected (read: improbable sounding) story. Well, okay. Things are about to get mighty cliched round here.

    Recently, Armond White has been the critic it’s hip to hate, but before him, Fiore Mastracci was the cult “Best Worst Reviewer”. He became infamous for his catchphrase “cinematic excrement”, and for cutting against the grain with a lot of popular movies. I was almost quite astonished that he headed up his review of Underworld: Evolution with the title “War Should Be This Much Fun.”

    And it’s Mastracci who is reporting to have the inside scoop on what’s going on with James Bond right now. Take his rumours with a bucket of salt.

    Here’s what Mastracci is claiming:

    The first battle staged over BOND 23 had to do with its star, Daniel Craig. There was a concerted effort to oust Craig as Bond and insert Clive Owen. Owen has coveted the role for some time and was on the original short list of possible Bonds before Craig was selected. Craig fell out of favor with Broccoli and MGM with two ill timed incidents.

    He then details these incidents. I’m not going to. I don’t know if they ever happened. I don’t think it’s very important. Ignore them. Let’s pick up the story a little further down the line:

    After the success of Casino Royale, MGM signed Craig to a two picture contract extension. To dump Craig now would have cost the financially strapped MGM an unacceptable amount in a buyout. BOND 23 keeps Craig as Bond, the majority of the public unaware of the PR snafus and the cost reasonable. Pundits within MGM are alluding to this being Craig’s swan song however, and Owen as the front runner for his replacement in BOND 24…

    Owen is said to be asking for a three picture commitment for Bond, something MGM may not want to do. So, while BOND 23 is now set, all the hoopla may commence again for BOND 24.

    Can we take this on face value? I sincerely doubt it. Pundits within MGM? No, don’t buy it.
    Can we take this on face value?
    No. Owen is simply too old, Bond 23 comes out in 2012, if the next one hit 2 years later, Owen would be 50 – way too old to start out on the franchise, he’d be about 56 by the time the third film rolled around. I think that Craig has maybe one more Bond in him after that but whoever replaces him is going to be mid to late 30s.
    Originally Posted by Charlesknight
    No. Owen is simply too old, Bond 23 comes out in 2012, if the next one hit 2 years later, Owen would be 50 – way too old to start out on the franchise, he’d be about 56 by the time the third film rolled around. I think that Craig has maybe one more Bond in him after that but whoever replaces him is going to be mid to late 30s.
    I’d expect you’re a lot closer to the truth than Mastracci.

  212. 212
    Amy Says:

    Clive Owen????? Oh, come off it! He is already 46!
    Is Owen said to be asking for a THREE picture commitment for Bond?
    But something MGM may not want to do?
    Come on! That makes no sense at all.
    Mastracci, your source gave you a bum steer!!!

  213. 213
    Daniel in LOVE Says:

    In fact, every his fellow workers ignore Mastracci completely. Why he always behaves like a clown?

  214. 214
    to 213 Says:

    Because he is an Italian! LOL

  215. 215
    Mark Says:

    I am a longtime Clive fan. Sorry, the anti-Craig Bond people are
    gross/stupid. They always want Clive as Bond, but it is a classic case of one‐sided love. Clive keeps denying the rumor every time because he wants heoriginality by virtue of being unconventional. He says that he will not clearly want the image of Bond for a long while.
    Give it guys, he never will do the foolish things undressing at 56 years old.

  216. 216
    second that Says:

    it’s no secret that this blogger Mastracci has never liked Daniel Craig. he is a long time fan of Clive Owen. Every time you turn around there’s Mastracci writing that Clive is the next Bond. the only problem is that i don’t that Clive Owen ever wanted to be Bond in the first place.

  217. 217
    by the way Says:

    where has “Daniel Fan” gone? after christmas of last year, she is not seen.

  218. 218
    by the way Says:

    it’s no secret that this blogger Mastracci has never liked Daniel Craig. he is a long time fan of Clive Owen. Every time you turn around there’s Mastracci writing that Clive is the next Bond.
    what a sordid political campaign! mastracci is campaigning in his own behalf. i am sure his source is himself.

  219. 219
    Mark Says:

    Honestly, it is a perishing nuisance that Clive gain support from Mastracci!!!!!

  220. 220
    second that Says:

    by the way@ 01/16/2011 at 2:26 am

    you know you’re right. Daniels fan has been pretty quiet. let’s hope he/she stays that way

  221. 221
    not missing Says:

    Don’t worry. She has been here several times this year.

  222. 222
    Fio Says:

    What an unreliable source!! It’s funny a negative rumors comes out after EON makes a statement. Remember the Daily Mirror reported it last July:
    “Members of the production crew have been told the Bond film has been canned.”
    The tabloids always insists that they heard it from the source within MGM. What is the inside of MGM? lol Yeah, we have already known it’s not true. IMO, the journalist whom I trust is only Nikki Finke.
    I agree with the Cinema Blend – Why would anyone in Pittsburgh of all places have this information? lol They wouldn’t. So toss this rumor in your circular file.

  223. 223
    Fio Says:

    Jory: Dragon Tattoo a damn good read

    Don’t like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? You don’t know what you’re missing, writes Rex Jory.
    YOU have to feel sorry for people like Stephen Matchett. Mr Matchett writes for The Australian, a sister newspaper to The Advertiser, and from what I’ve read of his jottings, he’s a jolly good journalist.

    But last Monday Mr Matchett wrote a scathing analysis of Swedish author Stieg Larsson’s remarkably popular thriller, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Fair enough. He is entitled to his opinion. Mr Matchett says the story is a shocker, the plot is narrow, the writing style is clunky and the characters are a middle-aged man’s fantasy of the way the world, and women in it, should be. In short, it’s a crook book.

    To be fair, I agree with some points he makes. But what concerns me with critics of the The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – and let’s now excuse Mr Matchett from the debate – is that they have chosen not to like it because it is so popular.

    They seem to be saying that if the masses enjoy it then it must be flawed. If we don’t like this book then our choice of literature must be superior.

    It is intellectually sound to trash it. This has more than a whiff of literary snobbery.

    Many years ago I was humiliated by a colleague when I mentioned that I was reading one of Ian Fleming’s James Bond thrillers. He muttered words like shallow and puerile, although I’m not sure if they were levelled at Fleming or me. What my literary detractor seemed to have missed was that Fleming and his creation, James Bond, were part of our culture.

    Forty years later they still are.

    I may have been shallow to read this boy’s own adventure stuff, but equally to refuse to read it on the basis that it is perceived to be simplistic and poorly crafted is to foster ignorance by omission.

    I’ve read three of the Harry Potter books not because I was expecting scholarly excellence but because I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. They are dull but I can at least understand why the emerging generation finds them exciting.

    I found in my Christmas stocking the Larsson trilogy, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.

    I steamed through them in a couple of weeks and enjoyed all 1853 pages. They weren’t War and Peace or To Kill a Mockingbird, just a bonny holiday read. Ironically, before that I had read another trilogy – the political memoirs of former prime ministers, Malcolm Fraser, John Howard and Bob Hawke. Now there’s a seriously boring read.

    Marking down the Larsson books is a bit like comparing The Beatles with Mozart, Tchaikovsky or even George Gershwin. Musically The Beatles had their limitations yet they are the most popular musical performers in history. Popularity is not a sin.

    Agatha Christie whodunits have no more literary merit than the Larsson books but, dare I say it, they are universally popular. The masses love them.

    I know of people who refuse to watch Twenty/20 or 50-overs cricket because it is a sideshow compared with Test cricket. Ah, but here we go again. The short forms of the game are popular.

    I love Test cricket and freely concede that the hit-and-giggle version has its limitations.

    But that’s no reason to blank them from my mind, to make out they don’t exist.

    Yet that is what the Larsson deniers seem to be doing. His books are popular so don’t read them.

    I don’t criticise anyone’s right to ridicule Larsson. Freely expressed opinion is one of the concrete pours which make up the foundation of democracy.

    But I feel vaguely sorry for them for not giving the books a fair go. It’s a bit like saying merry-go-rounds are rubbish because they haven’t got real horses. That you can’t ponder a print of the Mona Lisa because it is not the original.

    I was embarrassed, 40 years ago, to say I enjoyed the James Bond books. No more. I think The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and the sequels are great fun and I’m happy to admit it.

  224. 224
    Fio Says:

    On how The Girl Who Played with Fire is like The Empire Strikes Back

    Spoilers ahead.

    1.There are long, intense periods of hiding to avoid authority figures.

    2.Lisbeth exhibits Jedi-like talents such as “invisibility” and stealth (would ninja-like be more appropriate?).

    3.Tasers display similarities to lightsabers, in an abstract way. Mace is also illegal (in Sweden), like the lightsaber’s underground status in the Empire.

    4.Lisbeth experiences a transformation/maturation of sorts like Luke’s on Degobah.

    5.The whole sex-trade plot (Han, Leia, and team escaping the Empire) serves as a distraction/foil to what’s really going on with Zala (Luke’s training, transformation, and ultimate revelations of family).

    6.Lisbeth nearly dies in the end (though sadly does not gain a mechanical hand).

    7.Strange and unexpected revelations of parentage for Lisbeth.

    8.There is a fight to end all fights between Lisbeth and her evil father.

    9.Zala = Vader/Emperor; Neidermann must be a Sith lord in training.

    10.Berger is a practical hardass, just like Leia.

    11.Lisbeth is tiny and mysterious, just like Luke. (Similarities end there, I am sad to note.)

    12.Blomkvist is…ok, I just like imagining him like Han since I picture him as Daniel Craig and Daniel Craig has a movie coming out with Harrison Ford, so that’s three degrees. Plus there are cowboy-esque qualities to Blomkvist.

    13.But relative to this, Blomkvist has this tendency to end up in troublesome spots. His sister could be his Chewie as she pilots the car.

    14.The entire novel has a sense of darkness, holding space, and creating characters, and a plot that seems secondary to the advancement of the overall plot.

    Unlike The Empire Strikes Back, I didn’t really care too much for The Girl Who Played With Fire. If there are no Ewok-like characters in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest I shall be extremely, extremely disappointed.

  225. 225
    Fio Says:

    That site has obviously a bad reputation name for its poor work.
    Sorry, I was not able to post the direct link…
    Daniel Craig to be replaced as Bond?
    Although, this should be taken strictly has just a wild rumor for right now. The site has been known to spread wild rumors such as The Joker appearing in The Dark Knight Rises (here), Harrison Ford wanting Indiana Jones to be killed off (here), and most recently with the rumor that two Godzilla films were in the works (here). All of which were shot down.

  226. 226
    Fio Says:

    This is the indirect link…

  227. 227
    guinness Says:

    Hey Fio! Glad you liked my post…1 of my posts out of your 10 articles isn’t bad!! But i don’t understand the negative 14 down thumbs on mine…the article was making fun of the rumors, not perpetuating them. ho hum. it has scarred my likability for this site. (wouldn’t be the first time for me on a site!!!)

    thx for more…and the Empire strikes Back comparisson to the GWTDT is reallly reaching for relationships. it was funny. Who would ObewanKanobe be in GWTDT? Her mother? and who is Yoda? (her computer geek or the head of her security gig?) It was downright silly.

    and this is just too hysterical for words…I think Pee Wee definitely got a raw deal. He had a great interview a few months ago…I really respect that he could do it again not for himself so much, but for people he made happy(ie, laughing releases endorphins that make you live longer)

  228. 228
    Daniel is Hot Says:

    Thanks for your hard work Fio. Great articles. Hi guinness and the rest of the “gang”. All is quiet on the Daniel front. So were is he? London? LA?

  229. 229
    Daniel is Hot Says:

    Thanks for your hard work Fio. Great articles. Hi guinness and the rest of the “gang”. All is quiet on the Daniel front. So were is he? London? LA?

  230. 230
    Fio Says:

    Hi, Guinness
    Don’t lose heart :)
    Maybe not thumbs down on the article. Maybe everybody objected to your opinion for Clive Bond.
    Hi, DiH!!

  231. 231

    I notice this gay rumor thing started right after he was no longer being photographed with the EX, maybe this is her revenge .

  232. 232
    this might be it Says:

    for daniel, not because of the gay rumor but because they have already said to be working on the next Bond book where James bond is much younger, around 30 years old, the reason for this has to do with the younger generation of movie goers. They want to capitalize on a younger crowd, after they saw the success of movies like Twilight.

  233. 233
    Mendel Says:

    Hi Guinness

    “wow for miss Stieg…i knew she couldn’t refuse to write it…”

    Yay! I wonder if we ever hear about Lisbeth’s sister. I kept expecting her to turn up somehow towards the end of book three…

    to Fio

    thanks for all the articles!

    ““Blomkvist is less promiscuous”

    Shock, horror!!!

    “I’m trying to articulate why this bothers me and here it goes: the point of Blomkvist’s extensive sexual liaisons was that they were all based on consent, respect and reciprocity. He is the foil to the dozens of ‘men who hate women’ … I found it really refreshing to have an unapologetically sexual male protagonist who engaged so honestly with his female cohorts.”

    Great quote! I think that’s it. Blomkvist is sexual, but not in an aggressive way. My guess is that Lisbeth wanted to sleep with him because he made her feel comfortable and relaxed. I like the expression ‘unapologetically sexual’ – yes, Blomkvist is confident and comfortable in his own skin, and that is very sexy…

    to Guinness

    ”Thus, the series also kicks back against the ‘Emasculated Modern Man’ that feminism has supposedly created…” OH! Does it mean that this movie de-emasculates the modern man that feminism wanted to emasculate.”

    I think the book shows that a man can be feminist and not lose his ‘masculinity’ – or what society understands as masculinity, ie strength, attractiveness to women, plenty of action… Basically, Blomkvist doesn’t lose his mojo just because he supports women’s rights and equality.

    “multi-performer? yes *wow, my palms get sweaty just writing this*”


    I thought the article you linked to was rather funny. All those rumours are just coming up because Bond23 is back on the agenda. And some journos and bloggers are desperate to cash in on it, but there is no info. So hey, just let’s make it up…

    to DiH

    “Hi guinness and the rest of the “gang”. All is quiet on the Daniel front. So were is he? London? LA?”

    I think he’s still in LA, working on ‘Tattoo’

  234. 234
    Mendel Says:

    Now this is funny:

    Do read the comments, they crack me up:

    “Have Assange as the next baddy, threatening to embarrass M to death by Wikileaking that she’s not very good at her job. ”

    “think we all know it’s time for:
    James Bond – The Musical.”

    “How about Bond as an undercover agent spying on environmental campaigners? It would mean Daniel Craig would have to have dreadlocks and a generally crusty look. Obviously, there’d be lots of sleeping with pouting female (and male – good idea Malkyboy) activists. Perhaps the film could be titled ‘To live and let tie-dye’?”

  235. 235
    Dan's Fan City Says:

    Everyone is speculating where Daniel might be because of the Golden Globes. Darren Aronofsky is in LA for the awards and David Fincher has probably taken a break from filming because of Social Network being up for so many awards also. No sightings of Daniel anywhere so he may be laying low, maybe outside of LA also to avoid any potential “scenes”.

  236. 236
    to 235 Says:

    When he was shooting C&A in LA in Last Sep, he was spotted only once. Instead, he was spotted in NY several times. He must have gone to see Rachel.

  237. 237
    to this might be it Says:

    in any case, the campaign of mastracci was failure. clive is too old to play the bond.

  238. 238
    guinness Says:

    Yo DIH—were you on vacation again? Nice to see your post. I think he hit the islands around the equator…Hawaii is what, a 3 hour ride from LA? There are some serious “secret” million dollar hideaways down there… and Fiji and I bet he went for a fly. In between working and NOT shagging every women character in TGWTDT!!

    Ok, thx Fio & Mendel–i thought it was great too, without dissing his hotness. good. i got scared there for a minute in maybe losing my Danness.

    I love your explanation of not losing his mojo and still be a feminist. I do find that shocking when i meet men who are feminists….I married one thank god! And it is a VERY Big turn on when guys mention inequality because it shows his intellegence is in the biggest sex tool ever–his BRAIN. yey Dan!! i can’t wait until he begins to get interviewed and talks about this big subject.

    i liked the comments better than the article Mendel! they were so cordial and actually funny with some good ideas! But they seemed to want to bring Bond hip, and Mendes can, but there still has to be tradition…. I think they should intro Moneypenny in a fantastic and harrowing way—like she had to be saved and we dont’ learn her identity until the almost end.

    oh well—night, same time same plc,,,

    OH! SHOES!!!! these are da best

  239. 239
    to Dan's Fan City Says:

    Everyone is speculating where Daniel might be because of the Golden Globes.
    Everyone? Who?? At least, nobody on this thread guessed that Daniel might attend the Award.

  240. 240
    Golden Globes Winner Says:

    Congratulations, Fincher!!!!!

  241. 241
    second that Says:

    i thought Daniel wouldn’t attend the Golden Globes but i wonder if he will attend the Oscars with Rachel.

  242. 242
    Fio Says:

    Best Director, Best Motion Picture, (Best Screenplay)…oh, Fincher totally beat others. Congrats, boss!! But Fincher seems not to have attended the Golden Globes…

    Alec Baldwin: Rooney Mara Is Going To Be ‘The Biggest Movie Star Of Her Generation’
    LOS ANGELES, Calif. —
    She may not have had a leading role in but Alec Baldwin thinks Rooney Mara has an astronomical career ahead of her.
    “This girl’s going to be the biggest movie star of her generation,” Alec Baldwin told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush of the actress, and football dynasty daughter (she has ties to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Rooney family, as well as the New York Giants on the Mara side), who is currently filming her starring role as Lisbeth Salander in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

  243. 243
    Fio Says:

    Rooney Mara is a very, very bad Girl with dragon tattoo
    With The Social Network driving full-steam-ahead towards a big night at the Oscars in February, director David Fincher is taking a break from filming the American film adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo to make the obligatory pre-Oscar press rounds. Lucky for us, that means lots of Fincher interviews, including a rather extensive one with Steve from earlier this month. Recently, Fincher and Dragon Tattoo star Rooney Mara sat down with W magazine (via JoBlo) to discuss their film adaptation of Larsson’s “Millenium Trilogy” and give us our first official look at Mara as the heroine of the books, Lisbeth Salander. Among the details offered up on the film, they revealed that their version of Tattoo will have a few differences from the book:
    The script, which captures the novel’s bleak tone (its original Swedish title was Men Who Hate Women), was written by Academy Award winner Steven Zaillian, who wrote Schindler’s List, and it departs rather dramatically from the book. Blomkvist is less promiscuous, Salander is more aggressive, and, most notably, the ending—the resolution of the drama—has been completely changed. This may be sacrilege to some, but Zaillian has improved on Larsson—the script’s ending is more interesting.
    For more from Mara and Fincher, including who might’ve directed The Social Network had Fincher passed, hit the jump. [Update: We have updated this article with five new images]
    One of the main things that grabbed Fincher’s interest when reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was that the villains in the film are big businessmen:
    “Fascism has worked its way out of politics,” Fincher said, “and gone into high finance. Today Woodward and Bernstein would be investigating corruption in the financial arena. I was interested in that. And, of course, the girl.”
    The role of heroine Lisbeth Salander is no easy task, and Mara definitely had her hesitations before actually reading the material (an “androgynous, bisexual computer hacker with multiple piercings and a distinctive tattoo on her back” doesn’t exactly sound like a cake walk):
    “Before I read the book, I didn’t think I could do it,” Mara said. She was calling me from Zurich, where the production moved in early December. “I locked myself in a room for a week and read all three books, and decided I really wanted to be Lisbeth. But I thought I had no shot at it.”
    For Fincher, Mara was always the perfect fit for Salander:
    “I wanted her from the beginning,” Fincher stated. “Rooney may be a trust-fund baby from football royalty, but she’s levelheaded and hardworking. It’s so odd how who people are comes out in auditions. We didn’t make it easy for Rooney, and there was no way to dissuade her.”
    As you may recall, there were a large number of actresses vying for the part of Salander. Regarding the rigorous audition process, Fincher talked about how he sprung one of the most difficult scenes from the film on each actress to see if she could handle it:
    An interesting tidbit about The Social Network gleaned from the article was the fact that, had Fincher passed, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin would have made his directorial debut on the project:
    “I read it on a Sunday night, and e-mailed Sorkin: You’ll have to put your directorial debut on hold.”
    If you’ve checked out the special features on The Social Network Blu-ray, then you may have seen that Fincher did eventually give Sorkin his shot at the director’s chair. When filming a couple of pick-ups on the very last day of production on The Social Network, Fincher left the set and told Sorkin to direct the scene himself (Sorkin will indeed get his directorial debut sooner rather than later, as he’s currently set to write and direct the John Edwards biopic The Politician).
    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is currently filming in Europe and stars Rooney Mara, Daniel Craig, Stellan Skarsgaard and Robin Wright, with a release date set for December 21st. The Social Network is out on Blu-ray and DVD now.

  244. 244
    Re: Rachel Says:

    Rachel is just a rebound for Daniel. He will move on sooner of later.

  245. 245
    to 242 Says:

    Why do you think Fincher wasn’t attending!
    Sure he was

  246. 246
    new thread Says:

    Daniel Craig: Bond Returns!

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