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Ellen Pompeo, Gwen Stefani & Jessica Alba: Harlow Madden Birthday Party!

Ellen Pompeo, Gwen Stefani & Jessica Alba: Harlow Madden Birthday Party!

It was a star-studded third birthday party for Nicole Richie and Joel Madden‘s daughter Harlow at the Tree House Social Club on Saturday (January 8) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Ellen Pompeo and husband Chris Ivery took their adorable 15-month-old daughter Stella Luna, who looked positively adorable in a pair of shades and oversized beanie.

Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale brought along their fashionable sons Kingston, 4, and Zuma, 2.

Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren were spotted at the party with their daughter Honor, 2.

Tobey Maguire‘s wife Jennifer Meyer hit up the party with daughter Ruby, 4, and son Otis, 20 months.

Kourtney Kardashian left baby daddy Scott Disick home but brought Mason to the festivities.

Also pictured here: Nicole and Joel leaving the party with their son Sparrow, 15 months. And FYI, Harlow‘s actual birthday is on Tuesday (January 11).

20+ pictures inside of Harlow Madden‘s third birthday party…

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harlow madden birthday party 01
harlow madden birthday party 02
harlow madden birthday party 03
harlow madden birthday party 04
harlow madden birthday party 05
harlow madden birthday party 06
harlow madden birthday party 07
harlow madden birthday party 08
harlow madden birthday party 09
harlow madden birthday party 10
harlow madden birthday party 11
harlow madden birthday party 12
harlow madden birthday party 13
harlow madden birthday party 14
harlow madden birthday party 15
harlow madden birthday party 16
harlow madden birthday party 17
harlow madden birthday party 18
harlow madden birthday party 19
harlow madden birthday party 20
harlow madden birthday party 21
harlow madden birthday party 22
harlow madden birthday party 23

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  • DLim

    Ellen Pompeo is so fugly. Poor baby daughter being paraded like a fashion accessory.

  • Megan

    Just Jared Where are the Jolie Pitts? Its they’re daughters birthday today too.

  • ivanka

    wtf with ellen’s girl? .

    sparrow looks cute

  • grace

    J. Alba forgot to take her happy pills again. She only smiles when she’s promoting her crappy movies. Get a clue, girl. 10 people in America think you’re actually talented, and the rest, not so much.

  • Kirsten

    Adorable kids.

  • BEAN

    LOVE Kingston Rossdale. He’s what like 4? And he’s so fierce and so handsome lmao.

    Ellen Pompeo looks really old. Both Meredith and Mc Dreamy look really old in Greys lately.

  • Honey was the worst movie ever

    Jessica alba seems like a real bitch, like she ever does.

  • grace

    @Honey was the worst movie ever:
    all the guests seem to be smiling, except for her c**t face. I don’t think it would hurt her to smile.

  • kay

    Can someone I.D the red sweater Meredith Grey is wearing? I need it in my life.

  • Erin

    @BEAN: I agree! I liked Meredith’s look in the early seasons. I know in real life she had a baby, but even her hair/general appearance looks reallllly old compared to when the show first started!

  • bella

    @DLim: Since when is wearing sun glasses a bad thing..? get real

  • Honey was the worst movie ever

    I bet she ruined the poor little girls party by wearing her bitchface all time.

  • heybey

    all kids look cute! and @kay: so agree! love it

  • Tippi

    The kids are very cute !!!

  • *~*+*~*

    there are sunglasses for children you know. I hate ellen pompeo.

  • sarah

    Happy bithday Harlow!

  • paty

    What´s the matter with the McGuire´s kids ( Ruby and ???) They look like they just woke up from a nap and are going to play outside wearing what they already had on, they don´t look like they are dressed for a party/social occasion at all. Don´t get me wrong, I like kids in casual and comfortable clothes but these two look REALLY ungroomed, messy and wearing very unsuitable clothes for the occasion. They are very cute though, too bad their mother is clueless……. and what the hell is going on on picture 21 anyways? Looks like mrs.McGuire is squeezing the hell out of the kids butt, the kid also looks very much in pain. Is he being punished for wanting to be held or misbehaving? Sure looks like it…

  • paty

    Ellen Pompeo´s kid…….don´t even let me begin with……LOL or…. not.

  • melody

    I hate when celebrities use their children for publicity.It is a parade for the paparazzi!

  • kara

    why, oh why does Gwen insist on wearing clown clothes out in public? Does she really think it’s fashionable?

  • Mandie

    Kingston has better style than…. everyone i know.

  • BostonFan

    Where is Violet and Saraphina? Ben’s Beautiful girls.

  • Frida

    Aw, adorable kids! happy bday Harlow!

  • Erza

    Kids aren’t celebrities, people should leave them out of the spotlight doesn’t matter if their parents are parading them of not.

  • sara

    I guess Suri Cruise wasn’t invited. Poor thing. She wouldn’t know how to act around kids her age.

  • sara

    Yes, very odd. The kids and mom are dressed super sloppy. And it looks like she’ pinching the kid’s butt. Poor thing.

  • Maryann

    BostonFan They probable weren’t invited and why are Gwen and Gavin the only ones that have a nanny with them can they not handle two kids without help? They go to the park, out to eat; store or a birthday party and they have one or two nannies with them are Kingston and Zuma so out of control that Gwen and Gavin can’t handle them alone without help, I mean other celebrities with two or more kids manage to leave the help at home.

  • K

    Wow, people chill. It’s a kids party.

    Who’s to say you people will age well either?

    The parents obv aren’t parading their kids around. The paps are there cause this is LA and it happens to also be America – where you SHOULD have the freedom to walk in public if you want to.

  • Cary

    How are people getting out of cars and walking into a blinding parading their kids around for the paparazzi how else are the kids going to get to the birthday party and how is this different then what Jennifer Garner dose every day which many people don’t consider parading for paparazzi?

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    A shame, Nicol is scary

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    I will give them ,oil and fats , to drink

  • http://justjared BillLuvsSally

    Honor is the ugliest kid i ever seen!!! The other kids are gorgeous though=) It must suck to be jessica alba when your so pretty and you have a ugly kid especially when other celebrities are having beautiful babies left and right. Poor jessica thats what she gets for being a stuck up no good actress! Nicole richie, ellen pompeo ,gwen stefani and kourtney kardashian kids are sooo cute!

  • CaroleS

    Classy party. All those beautiful moms in their tall, sexy boots!

  • ice cream cake

    I will take ellen’s baby anyday over jessica’s HAHAHHAHAH……..I bet all of the kids were scared to get near jessica anyways looking like a hard b!t%h all the time, she prolly made them cried. Wow…I hope they hired someone to do face paints because well yeah……..some of them need it.

  • annab

    Kingston looks so hideous in those clothes….yuck. Gwen should let him wear regular boys clothes.

  • Wow

    Kingston is a f@g already, shame, the clothes, the nails, the kid has a gorgeous face too smfh.

  • pukeonu

    poor kid that Kingston..mommy is dressing him up to look like a fag that his daddy is..they make my stomach turn.

  • Gigi


  • Liz

    Love Ellen Pompeo…

  • Liz

    Ellen looks so lovely, and happy!!
    And wearing sunglasses for a young child is a VERY GOOD thing! They need to have their eyes protected too, you know! Especially with the paps’flashes in their faces.

  • Flo

    Wow you guys are so mean to these kids! They’re all cute kids and I really don’t think that walking the kids in from the car is parading them.

  • Anastasia

    Happy birthday to Harlow!She is such a sweet little girl!
    Kingston and Zuma Rossdale are both beautiful boys and so stylish.I am betting they are the next male fashion icons along with Romeo Beckham!

  • Tina

    Love Ellen Pompeo and her unbelievably adorable baby too cute for words and Ellen is beyond gorgeous.

  • Steph

    Celebs are people too. They are just going to a kids party. Sunglasses on the kids are so the paps camera’s don’t blind them. Ellen is a natural beauty who doesn’t feel the need to red carpet dress for everyday life. You haters don’t look half as good as she does. Jealousy does not become you.

  • Lisa2

    Gwen needs to lay off the strange clothes for Kingston and why is she doing to his hair? I don’t think little boys at his age care what they look like. They just want to be KIDS and play and have fun. I can’t imagine he enjoys having his hair bleached or colored at that age. If he was a girl. he may enjoy a pretty party dress, but boys could usually care less.

  • Lisa2

    To all you Jessica Alba haters….. I think Honor is cute little girl and I love the way Jessica dresses her. I think she and Suri are the best dress girls around!

  • LCgirl

    OMG.. this is the first time I see Gwen going out without the layers of pancake on her face. She actually looked better without makeup.

  • Bja…

    I agree to Steph, Tina, Liz, and all other Ellen Pompeo fans :D
    I just LOVE Ellen Pompeo :D She’s so beautiful, and Stella too..
    Why do you hate her?? There’s nothing to hate about her..?